Bushmaster 7.62x39mm Carbine

Bushmaster are now selling a AR-15 chambered in 7.62x39mm. The carbine takes 7.62x39mm specific magazines that hold 26 rounds. From its 16″ M4-profile barrel Bushmaster say it will achieve 2300 FPS velocity with 122 gr. bullets.

It is available with either a 6-position M4-style stock or a fixed A2-style stock.

Caliber 7.62×39 mm
Magazine Capacity 26 Rounds
Overall Length 32.75″
Barrel Length 16″
Rifling 1:10″
Weight w/o magazine 6.5 lbs.
Weight of empty magazine 0.25 lbs.
Weight of loaded magazine 1.0 lbs.
MSRP (Price) $1330

Steve Johnson

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  • I believe you mean 12.2 gr, not 122 gr bullets.

    best regards

    • Nick, you are confusing gram for grain. I mean 122 grain.

  • Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why a person would want an AR-15 chambered in 7.62X39? Why not just go with an AK-47 and be done with it?

    • bigbrad

      Because some peoole like that round but want precision shooting also

  • Ok Steve, sorry, my bad.

    so, we are talking about 1.88 grams bullets ?

    best regards

  • Wrong again…..

    122 grains are 7.92 grams ?

    correct ?

    • Nick, thats right. Some countries use gram, but grain is a more traditional measurement of gun powder and bullet weight. 1 grain = 0.06479891 gram so its an easier measure (without resorting to many decimal places).

    • chris

      I just noticed that the pic at the start of this thread actually either isn’t a 7.62×39 ar or it has a .223 mag in it. Guessing its a picture of a .223 ar15. Just thought id points that out if anyone didn’t notice

  • Ok nice.

    When we want to write gram we are using the symbol gr, for kilograms the symbol kgr, but the correct is g for grams, kg for kilos and gr for grains.

    and for grains we are using all the letters.

    That’s why i have been confused.

    Thanks for the conversation

    • Nick, no problem.

  • Vak

    I don’t see why one would buy that, except maybe as a novelty item.

    – It will have the same problem the SR47 had : 7.62×39 and direct impingement do not go well together, and using non corrosive clean ammo will mean that any money you could have saved from using 7.62×39 instead of 5.56×45 is void.
    – Any accuracy gained from using the AR platform will be thrown out of the window because of the low quality of most of the 7.62×39 on the market. And again if you want to use quality 7.62, you might as well just use quality 5.56, you will have better accuracy anyway.
    – It doesn’t even use AK mags. And it uses proprietary magazines that are going to be overpriced. Well, the rifle it’s not like the rifle was cheap to begin with.

    So, who could have a use for something like that. Someone looking for a rifle that will jam often, be inaccurate, use rare and hard to find proprietary magazines and that will have several parts that won’t be interchangeable with other rifles from the same family. So it fails as a range carbine, as a survival rifle and as a tactical carbine.

    tl;dr : just buy an AK and put some rails on it, it will be cheaper and more efficient. Looks like the asshat that is responsible for the ACR fiasco was made president of the R&D department.

    • Vak,your a complete f**kn idiot.you kno nothing.I own a rock river arms AR in 5.56 and a bushmaster AR in 7.62×39.they both function flawlessly and are incredibly accurate.its best to keep your mouth shut when u have no idea what your talkn bout.VAK????go back to ur own country quit suckn off mine.

  • B Woodman

    I wasn’t going to go into as much bashing as the above commenters.
    But for $1330+, I could buy several SKS’s at even today’s inflated prices, plus ammo, and have a rifle that’s much simpler & possibly less prone to jamming.

    All in all, it looks like a nice novelty. But not for me.

  • btr

    I have no opinion about how well it will perform, but there are 2 points in its favor:

    -Even non-corrosive Russian 7.62×39 is still quite a bit cheaper than 5.56.

    -Some people prefer the 7.62×39 cartridge. It is better at going through brick walls anyway…

  • Lance

    Useing 7.62×39 is not too cool it has to use specle mags and parts. A 5.45 AR is much better since it use standerd AR parts.

  • Marshall Mathers

    I agree. If you are going for cheap plinking/training, I’d go for a 5.45 upper like what S&W makes. I’m all for variety but this appears to answer a question noone has asked. After all, 7.62×39 and 5.56 steel cased ammo is nearly identical in price.

    One other thought: 7.62×39 would be a decent <100yd hunting round.
    Perhaps the thinking is that this gun could also double as a hunting AR?


  • Tony

    I think you guys are misunderstanding this gun. Poodleshooting cartridges are all fine and dandy for shooting poodles or cardboard, but for generic combat use .22 rounds are too small. The 7.62x39mm gives you more punch. On the other hand, the ergonomics of an AR are superior to those of Russian designed rifles. Hence, a combination of the two makes sense.

  • D

    AIM surplus has 1080 rnds of 5.45×39 for $130, corrosive tho?

  • Jeff M

    If it used AK mags, it would be a contender for my money… why don’t any of these ar-15’s use the AK mags? Is there some technical difference that makes it impossible?

  • Peter

    It would have to be a specially designed lower in order to use AK mags.

  • I’d much rather a 5.45 if I wanted an AR that shot cheap commie ammo, but this does answer my question of can we shoot x39 through an AR15 lower.

  • TheGreatWVU

    Guys, guys, guys….. U have got to try this gun! After firing bout 200 rounds (mostly bump firing), I must say I was impressed. So much so that I got one (at Cabelas for $999). Comparing to my Bushy .223 this gun packs twice the punch, and blows entirely through a foot diameter tree at 500ft. No jams, but I clean my mine after each session. I hear u guys bout the mags. Shame on Bushmaster for overpricing the mags (currently they r the only ones selling em) at $40 dollars (a’holes). I southern engineered a few bushy .223 mags and BOOM…like a charm. Oh and as with all XM bushys the uppers and lowers are interchangeable. Btw, I buy American Eagle (brass and USA made). Stay away from anything steel casings! Trust me, try this gun! I plan to sell my SKS to buy the .450 Bushy upper (now that’s novelty!).

    My blurb to Bushmaster; start selling the 7.69 mags for $19 (like the .223)…….WTF? Then again my retrofit of the .223 mags would be valueable on the market (eBay) compared to what u mental midgets (Bushy) are selling ur 7.69 for. WAKE THE Fuk up BUSHy!!

  • JoeB


  • Chief K

    Wow, VAK must be an expert. I own this very weapon, and it NEVER JAMS, 30-round mags from C-Products not only work perfectly, but cost around $20 apiece. Non-corrosive Russian-made ammo is plentiful, cheap, and has not caused a single malfunction for me. Cleaning isn’t difficult given the chrome-lined barrel. What problems with direct gas impingement? Hell, clean your weapon after firing it – it’s that simple. I shot a 5-shot group using Winchester 123gr. soft point ($27/40 rds) that measured 5/8″ center-to-center at 100 yards. I shot just under 1 inch using Barnaul Golder Bear 125gr. soft point that cost $6 per box ($150/500 rds). How in the hell does this weapon fail on any point? Mine is target accurate, easy to carry, accessorize (it’s an AR15), and the 7.62 cartridge packs more punch than a puny .223. I routinely shoot feral hogs out to 150 yards (or more), and I’m planning on using this weapon on whitetail deer this fall. Don’t let someone who’s never owned or shot one convince you that it’s not a good idea. I have nothing against a .223, but’s it’s a varmint round in my part of the world. If you’re a fan of the AR15 platform but want something more powerful for taking medium game out to modest ranges (150-200 yards) than a .223, give this weapon your consideration. It “passes” the test in my book.

  • David

    I think that this could have a very useful LE role, as a way to get officers better penetration without having to use the .308 and having the problem of as much over penetration and still maintain the politically correct look that the liberal media requires. Most shots taken by Law enforcement are fired at less than 50 yards even in a standoff situation, combine this weapon with something like Hornady 7.62×39 TAP rounds and I think that you would have a very good combination. As far as reliability is concerned if Bushmaster sells it is will probably be a well designed weapon.

  • Jake Colorado

    I’m planing to buy a Bushy AR-15 model with interchangable 5.56 and 7.26 uppers. I love the idea and the versitility. Shoting 7.62 through a platform I’m so familiar with is very apealing. Any one have exerience with package or heard of 5 round Bushy 7.62 mag?

  • TheGreatWVU

    C-products has all the mags you will need for the new Bushy 7.62x39mm…..and decently priced! I personally love my Bushy 7.62….after putting 2k rounds through it I am a true believer of this new cal! That pussy ass 5.56 shit just doesn’t cut it…..even in Afghan old WASR AK’s used by the towlheads are proving to out gun the 5.56-M16…..thus this new caliber for AR-15 platform. Now, I must say….for home defense I’m grabbing my Saiga Ak47 over my Bushmaster due to the AK’s history of proven reliability. My main point is this New Bushy 7.62cal AR-15 is awesome…..fuk that 5.56 shit, and outdated and ineffective round (from personal experience).


  • txhunter50

    i bought this weapon friday june 4 and went out and fired 100 rds never had a problem fired a tight group at 100 yds like the man said if you have not fired this weapon then keep your opinions to yourself i love it i also have an ak and a bush 223 they are all fine weapons

  • txhunter50

    i dont guess my note made it so here goes i bought a bush in 7.62×39 i have only fired a 100 rds but it was very accurate no problems at all i do have an ak and a 223 bush and an m1a they are all fine rifles i would recommend this gun to anyone

  • txhunter50

    ok so it did make it

  • Sean Ingram

    I liked this weapon also but there is a problem with the magazines for it so I traded the upper for a 6.8 SPC, which also takes it’s own mags but it’s accurate as hell(1/2 moa). It will be the gun that I start this year’s deer season out with.

  • rob

    Can i buy this rifle with a gas-piston system??

  • Mike N

    Does anybody really like AK mags? I mean, other than the fact that they are made of thick steel, the actual method of attachment/detachment to/from the weapon kind of sucks. The AR mag-well is a much better design, and will work great as long as you have quality mags. Hell, I even found some nice heavy steel ones from IMI for pretty cheap.

  • K Gent

    It is clear from reading these posts that some folks (VAK for example) have no experience with the AR/7.62X39 combination. I have been shooting a DPMS for several years with excellent reliability and accuracy that the AK platform typically doesn’t achieve. C Products supplies good mags at very reasonable prices that work great. The 7.62X39 is a much more versatile cartridge than the 5.56 and far more effective at realistic hunting ranges of up to 150 yds. People who apparently only know from second hand sources should be cautious in citing their “facts”. My opinion is based on substantial personal experience and coincides with that expressed by Chief K above.

  • BongHitMyAK47

    Just like GWVU said, uv got to try this gun. I still love me some AKs, but this holds a very, very, very tigh group pattern at 100yrds! Now if I can just fugue out how to take a bong
    Hit through it! Yum, yum……get some!

    I are with Kent sum of u Fukkk’s are stupid.. Mr. 6.8 lover……u queef

  • txhunter50

    guys i got on here in june i just got the ar in 7.62 i have since ran at least a 1000 rds and have not had a problem at all this is one hell of a weapon besides ammo at 5.50 a box thats pretty damn good i have an ak also but i am the only kid on my block with the ar in 7.62 try it youll like it

  • Yankel

    Sounds like a great compromise between AK form factor vsAR.
    My problem is I live in NY and would be limited to 10 round magazines

    That hurts when I have AK 30 and 40 rounders.

    Anyone have a work around? I have pre ban AR mags to play with.


  • roy

    Finally some comments about the ar platform 7.62×39 and not the ak or sks. I have a dpms and several ar 223`s, and will shoot against a 223 any day. I love my dpms x39 , bigger round with same accuracy up to 300 yards.


  • BongHitMyAK47

    I still love my ak over my bushy 7.62. Less to clean, more reliable and I don’t give a FUK about putting 500rds through it at one time, whereas the AR u would have to clean it after 100rds. I love me some muthafukkking Russian engineering….just like ‘TheGreatWVU’ stated. And on that note I need to order sum more ammo from my friends at cheaperthandirt.com. Fuk Cabelas and Gander Mth with their mark up on ammo prices!

    Now all we need are drums for our 7.62×39 platforms. Hopefully C-products starts to make them for us azzholes that can own high cap mags! Here is laughing at u all u NY and Cali, people. Dezzz Nutzzz

  • Chris

    i am in the market for a ar rifle and i have been looking around at all the different kinds they make and so on. I really dont want that pussy little .223 caliber ones, they are just too weak for me. When i saw bushmasters 7.62mm it really caught my eye as the perfect one for me. The only problem is i cant find anywhere to buy it. I have had my local bushmaster dealer try to look it up to order it and nobody can find it listed anywhere. Anyone have the correct part number for this or where exactly you can purchase it? Any owners of this gun i would really like to talk to you about this gun, not everyone that wants to bash it.

  • One bad mutha

    Cabelas has them! They don’t show online, but if u walk into the store they have em in stock. That’s where I got my bushy 7.62×39. Also I just bought a DPMS 7.62×51 carbine for some serious long range action! I agree fuck that pussy .223 bullshit. Can u say overrated!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the reply. How much did they charge you for it? I have some other questions for you since u have one. Could I email you some questions about it

  • Chris

    I called and talked to bushmaster today and they have a 5,10 and 26 round magazine available as of right now

  • One bad mutha

    C products sells the mags for $17 for 7.62×39

    What’s ur questions? It’s a great gun, but for 1k, I’d rather buy two AKs and still have enough left over for ammo.

    The question to ask ur self (for any AR) are u willing to clean it to keep it functional, whereas an AK u can abuse the shit out of it and keep firing away!

  • One bad mutha

    Dont pay bushmaster for mags, they will rip you off. C Products has milspec products

  • Chris

    My first question is how much are they selling for? I really want a bushmaster ar and i really like this caliber. The only thing that i have been second guessing is i have read that this caliber doesnt work great with the ar family and this usually has alot of jamming problems and there arent parts for them. Is any of this true? All the other ar accessories will work with this gun as well except for bigger magazines correct? I honestly dont like the look of the ak near as much as the ar which is why i have been considering this so much. I usually clean all my guns after shooting anyways but i dont wanna have to worry if its gonna jam or have a problem after owning it for a year or two but i would figure if bushmaster makes it then it should be a quality firearm.

  • Chris

    If i wanted to also purchase a .223 top for this gun, would it be compatible with the bottom?

  • One bad mutha

    Hey Chris, they cost around $1300, but often Cabelas runs a special. I picked mine up at Cabelas for $999. Next, don’t believe all u hear about the jamming, however stay away from steel cases ammo as they will jam….remember this is not an AK. Good quality brass and I have had zero FTF’s or Jams, and I’ve put over 5k rds through mine. As far as parts, the only diff is the bolt carrier group….parts are available either through bushy or cheaperthandirt.com. Ok, next if u get the bushy with the xm-15 lower, they are interchangeable with the pussy ass .223 bullshit. My bushy .39 is the M4A4 variety and has the xm-15 lower. As far as mags, same mags but the curve of the mag is different to fit the .39 case sit in the mag. If u look at .223 the mag is not as curved (think of a banana curve). I have to put my 2cents in here….I firmly believe the AK design is far superior to an AR. An ak uses a piston, an AR uses direct impingement which blows dirty gases back into the chamber…..hence why u MUST clean AR’s more frequently. So never ever buy cheap dirty ammo for an AR. Any other questions, keep em rolling. I really do like this gun, make no mistake about it. Btw Cabelas, Hamburg, Pa store has em in stock for $999 right now ….till 12/28

  • Scott

    What doesn’t interchange on this with the rest of the ar family

  • One bad mutha

    Oh and Chris, read the string of blogs above….some people have very good opinions. If u are looking for cheap but good quality brass for x39 MFS2000 makes good shit

  • Chris

    Thanks so much for all your help. How is the accuracy on it? I haven’t found anything on that or its range, 200 yards? I actually called cabelas today and they have 4 in stock and they told me it was $1080ish? I think I am going to go up Friday to check it out and put a deposit on it! I agree with not using cheap ammo with it and I only planned on using good brass ammo like American eagle. What do you need to mount a scope on this beast? I’m new to ar’s as this will be my first

  • Chris

    What ammo have you been using and u know of any good places to get good deals on ammo for it

  • Chris

    Thanks I Have read as much as I can find. How far is this accurate to yardage wise?

  • One bad mutha

    Put it this way if u are looking for long range get a 7.62×51 (ie .308lr). The x.39. Is good to about 300 yards then bullet drop factor comes Into play. This is the ONLY reason a 223 is preferred over a .39…..but then again u can’t shoot through brick walls with a 223. As far as accuracy I hit groups of leas than 2 inches at 100yrds with my bush .39. Scope eh? Depends… If u get a flat top it’s no problem, if u get the m4a4 with carry handle just get the rail that screws onto it an tada! Ammo, cheaper than dirt or like I said b4 Cabelas has the MFS2000 brass for 6.99. @ 20rds. I prefer cheaperthandirt.commwhen orsering in bulk. Cabelas still has a 10-20% mark up on ammo prices. Also check out Natxhez and Midway. If ur in/around the eastern PA area lete know as I’ll hook u up with some mom and pop shops that have stellar prices….always looking to help out a fellow shooter. Also, Cabelas runs coupon deals so u may able likely to save a $100 depending on sale special….. Do check out cheaperthandirt.com for there prices. And if ur looking for ultimate long range get a 7.62×51, ammo is more $$$. And like I said b4 for mags go to C products, fuck bushy and their 40$ per a mag bullshit

  • Chris

    U can use 7.62×51?

  • Chris

    I went and put a deposit on one today! It was $1099 though not $999.

  • One bad muthaf

    No x51 is an entire different lower

  • Chris

    I am located in northeastern pa, I live in danville,pa if u can give me some good places as u stated before. Also how do you convert these to fully automatic? Someone sell the kits or someone that does these conversions?

  • One bad muthaf

    Yea there is Eds in Tamaqua and several other gun shops in Pottsville and shYkukill haven. Word of advice, if u fuk with this gun and make it full auto be prepared to risk serving some serious jail time….no BS, read up on ATF regs Chris. For instance, if u take this gun out to a range and u get pulled over in transit by a cop, or a park ranger u will go to jail, u will be charged with a felony, and u will no longer be able to own any gun what so ever, so think twice. U know if ur good at bump firing it’s just like full auto. I have two full autos and that just because they are preban and I have tax stamps for them, of which I have paid the fed govn a large fee to be able to legally own them. Just that fact that u mentioned wanting to make them full auto on this blog has already opened u up for risk under the very watchful eyes of the ATF. Let me know how u like ur new gun when u pick it up!

  • One bad muthafukka

    Oh and no gun shop will convert it to full auto for you. U can ask them but they will probably laugh at u and tell u no way as they will never be willing to risk loosing there FFL license. If u rally want a full auto u have two options 1.) be willing to pay 5grand for an old M16 Or 2.) join the military…..other than that ordinary citizens can’t legally/easily get ahold of full auto carbines. Ak’s well that’s another story

  • Chris

    Yea I would never do it especially with this gun just more so like knowing its possible haha. I saw signs for places in pottsville along 61 but never found the actual shops

  • Chris

    just incase anyone orders any magazines from C-Products beware that they take forever to recieve. I placed my order almost 2 weeks ago for 2 magazines and they all say “in stock” next to their availability and when i called today to check on my order they told me they are still being made.

  • Chris

    well i went and picked up my bushmaster 7.62 thursday and so far i absolutly love it. Shot 20 rounds through it so far and it did jam once or twice but they were user error being the first time firing a AR and i didnt clean it before i shot it cause i was to impatient to try it out. One little question i have is the dust cover only able to be closed with the bolt locked opened? Seems kinda pointless if thats the only time it will close, thought the purpose was to keep it closed while being stored and what not. Anyone know?

  • Chris

    Nevermind I just wasn’t pushing the dust cover hard enough

  • One bad muthafukka

    Hey Chris! What ammo did u go with? Yea, always clean and lube a gun b4 you fire it….especially an AR, lube up the bolt carrier group very good. Also, pay special attention to the 3 piston rings making sure the gaps are alternating….very important! I know it’s hard, but stay away from that metal cased ammo….I.e., the Herters 7.62×39 that Cabelas religiously sells for dirt cheap. Not only will metal casings fuck up ur ejector pin, but the herters shit is very dirty and will plug up ur gas tube….good ammo for AK’s, but trouble for AR’s! I just got home from Cabelas after buying 500rds of MFS 2000 brass….my ammo of choice for my AR x39, especially at the sale price right now of $6.99! Rock and Lock….and keep that AR well oiled and it will take care of u (and when the Zombies come)

  • Chris

    I bought a bunch of the mfs ammo since it was on sale but I agree I would never use steel casings. What do you use for lube? All my cartridges that are ejected have been flattened on one side Where the bullet is, this normal or a issue. I’m going to take it apart tonight and give it a good cleaning. How far do you have the ring gaps set apart?

  • One bad muthafukka

    I use all Hoppies/hoppys cleaning and lube these days. I also use Rem oil at the range. The case neck flattening on the one side is normal, no worries there! The good thing about MFS is that it’s reloadable brass…and good quality brass at that. Even with the neck flattening I reload my MFS cases about 4 times before I pitch em. Sellior also makes good brass ammo but a bit more $. I’ve learned to only buy the MFS stuff at the Cab’s sale price, fuk paying 10.99 vs. 6.99. I keep the piston rings each spaced evenly apart…think 1/3 all around, use a pin needle(s) to do this, it will save yourself alot of headache, I promise. With the lube, lube everything liberally. Clean after every use and like I said it will love u forever! PS…when buying ammo at Cab’s, use their rebate offers or mail coupons (it will save you shit loads of $$$)…I think right now if u spend $150 (ex ammo), u save $20. Ive seen them at spend $100, save $20. What I do is when I get rebates and the ammo is on sale, I load up…via Internet Cab’s orders with free in store pickup! Then again I live south of Reading and quite a bit closer than Danville, pa! Btw, I am work for an engineering firm that is currently building the new Danville elem. School (by that mental hospital)…..I hate that drive up to D’ville so I feel ur pain!

  • One bad muthafukka

    Chris, one other thought for u…..www.cheaperthandirt.com and http://www.midwayusa.com also sells the c-products mags. http://Www.natchezss.com is also a good site but last time I checked they didn’t have the mags yet. C-products just got bought out, so that could be the cause of the backorder, great mags nonetheless!

  • mike

    Bought a bushy 7.62 x 39 in the fall, shot about 250 rounds thru it, had a problem with about 1 FTF out of every clip, called Bushmaster and they said they had an issue with the firing pins not being long enough on some of the earlier models for the steel case ammo (all I’ve shot thru it so far), they sent me a new slightly longer firing pin at no charge with a call tag to pick up the old one. Shot several hundred rounds of Cabellas steel case thru it since and its been flawless! Putting a TA11 scope on it this weekend (merry xmas to me) and will be burning some more ammo!

  • mike

    Correction to previous post. Was a different BOLT not firing pin that corrected the problem. Rep from bushmaster said the different bolt allows for more firing pin protrusion. Sorry about the mis info. Getting old, memory is getting bad. BTW also had a few instances of jamming before replacing the bolt, no problems at all since.

  • Mike B

    Mike, Can u tell me exactly what u told them, so I can get mine replaced aswell? Thank you so very much! It is much appreciated!

  • Chris

    Do they make different hand guards for the barrel that u can mount Scopes or anything on? Always thought of putting a bipod on but there is no way to mount it. Anyone know any solutions

  • One Bad Mutha

    Chris if u look in the handle there is a hole u can bolt a rail to. Also u can get rail attachments that bolt in ur handguard. It both cases check out cheaperthandirt.com. I have a scope mount on my handle with an acog scope and a bipod (quick release). Both of which I got from cheaperthandirt.com. Or u can get a barrel mount bipod that clamps on. With ARs the possibilities are endless! Hope this helps!

  • Chris

    yeah i ordered one of the rail attachments for the carry handle, i was just looking for a different hand guard i could attach a bipod to without changing the look of the guard to much if thats possible. I know there are a bunch of different sizes of the hand guards thats why i wasnt sure which one exactly fits. Thanks again for all your help. I would really like to see some pictures of your gun One Bad M

  • mike

    Mike B., suggest you email Erik at Bushmaster and describe your symptoms, his address is ewinter [at] bushmaster.com
    I tried their customer service email from the website but took 3 weeks to hear back, Erik was very prompt after the first reply.
    I just told them the symptoms already described above and he said they had designed the bolts on this model to allow for a little longer firing pin protrusion (to shoot Wolf and other steel case ammo) but some of the bolts were not machined to the correct spec. and they were replacing them under warranty. He gave me a phone number to call and said to make sure they told him to hand select a replacement bolt. He did warn that they are seeing problems with some of this ammo having the primer recessed to deep for even the new bolt, he suggested checking that the primer is no more than slightly recessed. I personally have had no problems since and finished off the ammo that was previously giving me trouble. Hope this helps.

  • Chris

    cabelas still have the MFS ammo on sale or $6.99?

  • One Bad Mutha

    With the handguard u can keep the stock one on there and order the bolt on rails, they bolt in/under the holes in the handguard and come with a grip, all for 14.99! It looks sweet, I also put a bipod on that rail. Also check out the Mako grip that goes on the mag well, it bolts on and adds another front grip option. I’m not one for aftermarket handguards as there is alot of junk out there! Magpul, Mako, CAA makes the best aftermarket parts.

  • One Bad Mutha

    Ps, Cabelas just took their sale of MFS ammo of special! Give it a month and it will be back on sale! Never pay 10.99 for it, for that price I would buy American eagle (federal) brass

  • Chris

    Do you have a link for those bolt on rails for the hand guard

  • Chris

    Is anyone’s brass deflector all scuffed up? Mine was scuffed pretty bad out of the box and bushmaster keeps telling me its supposed to be which I don’t agree with. Why would u make it and sell it where it gets scratched bad from shooting? Anyone else have this issue?

  • One Bad Mutha

    Interesting….mine isn’t scuffed but noticed brass markings from where the shell hits it and deflects. To save it from further wear and tear and keep it looking pretty (funny I know) I stuck a piece of black electrical tape on it when shooting. I cut it to size using 3m quality electrical tape. It’s a deflector, so overtime it will wear the black off to where u can see bare metal, as is the case with another, older AR of mine. This my sound funny to other people, but I want my shit looking good and using my engineering skills
    to elimate/reduce a potential problem….even though it’s only cosmetic! If it was scratched before hand, I would be pissed but not much u can do about it now…..cause as we all know Cabelas are douche bags on non-returns for guns! Chris, what Bushmaster phone number did you call?

  • One Bad Mutha

    Chris, btw, ur rail part number for the handguard is Arr-051 or as known as AR15 Verical System. Take care my friend!

  • Chris

    yeah all the rounds i have went through so far i havent made any additional marks on the deflector so i dont know how they made it that bad with only 30 shots in the factory. Anyone i agree with you as i would also put something on there to protect it from getting screwed up or buy one of those brass deflectors, but i wanna be the one who choices to scrape it up or not. I am gonna make Bushmaster fix it or give me another one that isnt screwed up, im just gonna be pissed if im gonna lose my gun for a month to get it taken care of. I called the 1-800-883-6229 customer service number. I have talked to 3 different people about this and the last guy seems like he is gonna help me out so i am waiting to hear back from him today to see what my options are. Thanks for the part number, ill go order one. BTW, what is your name? I never did get it and this way i can direct these to you directly. Thanks again man! Happy Shooting!

  • mike

    Reply to Mike B.
    Have tried to reply twice, not posting, hope this one works.
    I suggest emailing bushmasters customer service (can find it at their web site) and giving them the exact symptoms you are having. It took about 3 weeks to get a reply but got a direct email address on their first reply and he was quick to answer after that. New bolt cured my FTF and jamming problems. Hope this helps.

  • Chris

    Can someone give me the length of the stock handguard

  • Brad R

    My nephew, stepson and myself each bought one of these, plus about 5000 rounds of Wolf ammunition. Imagine our surprise when we found out the gun wouldn’t fire it due to recessed and harder primer. When called the Bushmaster gunsmith said they only test with Remington ammunition – $15 per box vs $5. My nephew sent his gun into Bushmaster for the gunsmith to repair. When returned to him, the gunsmith said he fired 90 rounds of Wolf withno misfires. My nephew tried it and got about a 30% misfire. He returned his and I think we are returning the other two. Bushmaster quality has dropped like Remington since Remington took them over.

    • tom

      I have 7.62×39 ar that I pieced together( colt barrel, yhm upper, spikes lower) I only shoot wolf out of it and have had zero problems. I used all mil spec parts with no special springs or firing pins. The only mags I have ever used are the cproducts 10rd. with no ftf’s or fte’s. I actually prefer shooting it over my 5.56 AR!

  • Chris

    Never shoot steel ammo out of your ar period especially wolf. You’ll damage the gun quick doing so. Shoot brass cased ammo and you’ll never have problems. I love my gun and has worked excellent

  • Brad R

    Thanks for the tip, Chris. My stepson and I bought some relatively inexpensive AK’s to run the Wolf.

  • Chris

    If anyone is having trouble finding magazines let me know and ill help ya out. Been working on this for a few months trying to get some companies to produce some. I was able to find a bunch locally and a company with tons of the 10 rounds and some 30 rounds. Feel free to contact me if ur in need of mags

  • Chris

    So is bushmaster no more? I see they closed there main plant

  • incubus7248

    I have had this weapon for 6 months now. I love it. I have cycled well over 3,000 rounds of American Eagle, brass casing, through this fun as hell rifle. It has a very decent “punch” compared to the .223-5.56 rounds. I was followed home after a bar fight. The “other guy” showed up at my house at 4:11 am. My pup alerted me to his presence and I announced that I had a high power rifle in my possession and that if he didn’t refrain from kicking my front ( my wife had already summoned for the police) door down he would be shot. He didn’t listen. I was forced to fire my Bushy 7.62 x 39mm at him. His head exploded upon the direct hit of roundy #3. I have been seeing a physcologist to help with the trauma of seeing his brain matter scattered for 15 feet. But, my family was safe and my Bushy proved reliable and on target even with the adrenaline

  • ScoutSnipe

    That’s fucking awesome! I wish I could have seen that…brains in all! I wish that would happen to me so I could bust a 7.62 round in someone’s skull at close range! My only experience is using a .308 at 500+yards in Iraq and having 8 confirmed kills, 3 head shots. Man up, with the posttramatic stuff! You did what u had to do to stay alive, fuck it better him than you. G

    • M4

      That’s not how a soldier talks, go back to the food court Mall Ninja.

  • One Contract at-a-time

    WOW..! How ironic that the first few posts are by people that not only DON’T own one, but never have even shot one, yet they’re Internet Experts on how bad they are.
    In the ‘Real’ world, the 5.56 doesn’t do the job any more. NOBODY is simply wearing a cotton or wool shirt with an old-style LCE etc. They’ve got something whether it be a vest or even plates, that a 5.56 has a VERY hard time penetrating. In this SAME world 7.62.39mm ammo can be found by the thousands damn-near laying on the ground, and you’ll find someone who will let you borrow spares and/or optics for the AR/M4 platform if you’re in a pinch. And the only thing that’s different between a 5.56 and 7.62x39mm magazine is the follower. Unless you have no choice or LIKE having to hit your ‘target’ multiple times to knock him down, the 7.62x39mm round is FAR superior to the 5.56. Accuracy is as good as the 5.56 at REALISTIC distances(where firefights actually take place), and since the redesign of the round IIRC in the early ’70’s, you not only get armor ‘piercing’ AND tumbling all wrapped up in one package. It punches through the exterior, and tears up the interior. i.e. your ‘target’ stops firing at you, and that’s what it’s all about.

  • One Contract at-a-time

    BTW… ‘C’ products seem to produce the best(non-problematic) magazines for this round.

  • One Contract at-a-time

    And if you’re firing Wolf or other steel-cased rounds(cheap), you NEED to purchase(and install) a heavy duty hammer spring. About $3 from Galati International (dot com IIRC), but Cabelas may carry ’em too. Replacing the firing pin isn’t the problem, unless there’s a problem with yours to begin with.

  • Chris

    Out of all the magazines I have tested, the asc mags are built the best, with tighter tolerances. Also my factory bushmaster magazine is perfect!

  • Shiznit

    Yo brotha, u got a website addy for those ACS mags! Thanks

  • Chris
  • Buck Adams

    Why an AR platform over an AK platform for the 7.62X39mm caliber? I was interested in buying a Remington R15 in .243 but this 7.62 offering makes me hesitate. I feel like the 7.62mm caliber may be better for hunting and self-defense should the need arise. The 5.56mm can be effective at the right range or you have some kind specialized ( fragmentary ) projectile whereas the 7.62 is a consistent performer, up close and far away. But why the AR system? Number 1, most of my experience with military-type rifles has been with AR15. Number 2, accuracy and the AR’s unique type of recoil, that’s kind of hard for me to explain but if you have shot ARs you probably know what I’m talking about, Number 3, ergonomics; I love the way an AR is set-up, the charging handles, the selector switch, magazine release, bolt release, that’s my personal preference. Plus, if somebody wants to use it in a law enforcement it would not have the cultural stigma as AK. Could you see some law enforcement officer removing an AK47 from his patrol car, how would the bystanders “witnesses” react? Probably not very well, remember the AK47 was the weapon of heavy-handed communist totalatarian leaders for decades.

  • Shiznit

    Buy a Saiga, if ur worried about the stigmata. It is an AK but it’s not ur typical ‘terrorist’ AK. I have 3 AR’s, 5.56(Rock River), 7.62×39(Bushmaster) and 7.62×51 (DPMS and my personal favorite). That being said I own 4 AKs platforms from a WASR to a Yugoslav to Saiga (one of which is the 12ga S12). So here is the bottom line, if you want reliability buy an AK, if u want ease of maintenance buy an Ak, if would want accuracy ARs top they average junk AK however Saiga are top notch performing AKs, if you want a gun that rarely needs cleaned buy an AK, if you want to save urself money on ammo buy an AK (the AR 7.62×39 should never shoot steel case Russian ammo). If you want to buy 2 guns for the price of one AR, buy an AK (two infact). If that doesn’t help you than I don’t know what will……and that’s my professional opinion.

  • Rata TatTat


    Firing so much steel case, wolf ammo how worn down does your extractor look? This is the main problem (over time) with shooting steel cases out of Aluminum(AR’s), it wears the shit out of the internals. My motto is, spend a lil more for brass, avoid excessive wear & tear. Now my AK’s it’s Steel all the way cause I don’t give a fuk, that’s what they are made to shoot! Fuk Cabelas too, overpriced Nazi’s

  • Vak sucks fagcock

    Vak sucks dirty AIDS cocks and likes to be double fisted up his poop shoot.

  • ExSargent

    All AR rifle manufacturers should be offering this chamber. The 5.56 round is nothing to trust your life with, PERIOD. There are too many variables that make that puny round ineffective at eliminating your target. If the bad-guy is dressed in a t-shirt and flip-flops, then the 5.56 will be effective LOL. If the bad-guy has thicker clothing on or hides behind cover, your 5.56 round is a joke. Combine those variables with the enemy having a rifle chambered in 7.62, you better run like hell. The 5.56 is a JOKE unless you are shooting at a beach-bum in flip-flops who isnt behind cover. The 5.56 round was really brought into service to make life easier for the girly guys of today who wet their panties at the thought of having to carry a rifle and ammo that is slightly heavier than their stick-arms can handle. LOL, those fellas (borderline girls) need to start hitting the gym or doing some push-ups. The 5.56 is a FAILURE, period. DISMISSED!

  • SID

    Im looking at getting an upper 7.62×39 and build my lower i know the mags are diff but i am also looking at building one from scratch and can get the barrel, uppper etc . My question is the furniture is it straight ar stuff or is it spexidic like the upper and bolt group is or can i just but regular AR D-ring sprong and slip ring for the barrel attachment. Sorry if this sounds retarded but im new to this and really wanna stept it up from the 223. I would love a thumper upper but no hogs agound here ( well fat chicks!!!!! Do they count…lol) thanx for any help

  • M4

    The bolt, barrel, and may are the only things that are different from a standard ar. Also, if you are going to be shooting Russian surplus you may want to get a heavier hammer spring, as those primers need a heavier hit.

  • M4

    IMHO the concept of a 7.62×39 ar is great. I prefer the ergonomics and handling of the ar over the ak. The miss with this gun was that Bushmaster didn’t extend the feed ramp into the upper receiver m4 style, which would have solved the jamming issues I encountered with mine. The nose of the round would squarely strike the upper, and the barrel extension was a hair longer than the upper, creating a snag point. I found a weaker recoil spring / lighter buffer combo lowered the frequency of jams, but never eliminated them. Problems were worse with cheap ammo, so I assume the bolt was short stroking. Rather than grind out the ramp and buying different mags to see if I could fix the gun, I ended up selling it. If I were to try the combination again I would spring for a Meark lower that accepts standard ak mags and an upper with extended ramps. Hope this helps.

    • chris

      Ive never had a single feed issue or jamming problem with mine

      • M4

        Lol, maybe I just got a lemon, it happens with guns.