Blackberry stops .32 bullet

Blackberry stops a bullet after boyfriend negligently discharge pistol at a restaurant. The Dayton Daily reports

The sleeve got caught in the coat, and as Holtvogt reached down, he noticed the slide on the .32-caliber handgun was pulled back. The gun then discharged.

The slug put a hole through his coat and his girlfriend’s jeans, but struck the BlackBerry in her left pants pocket dead center, Bush said. The bullet caused only bruising, and the woman declined medical treatment, Bush said.

“The BlackBerry saved her absolutely,” Bush said. “It could have been pretty serious.”

Walker, Texas Ranger fans may remember, in the first season, Walker chastising his partner for using an electronic organizer. He claimed a phone book had once saved his life by stopping a bullet, something a electronic gadget could not do. Good to see cell phones have finally caught up with the ballistic protection offered by phone books 😉

[Hat Tip: SayUncle]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    A lot of this story just doesn’t add up – why would the pistol discharge with the slide pulled back? How does a sleeve both pull back the slide and depress the trigger? How did the pistol end up pointing at the girlfriend as it went off? Where can I buy a magic coat that cocks, shoots and aims for me?

    And obviously, if the gun was in a decent holster, none of this would have happened.

  • “The sleeve got caught in the coat, and as Holtvogt reached down, he noticed the slide on the .32-caliber handgun was pulled back. The gun then discharged”

    That statement confuses the heck outta me. Is he saying the slide became caught in the tangle of cloth, racked, and then slam-fired?

    Anyone know the make and model of the .32 pistol?

    • Yea, it also confuses me. I think by slide they may mean trigger (or hammer). Or as Zach said, maybe a slam fire.

  • Pete

    I think this is the only story I’ve read on both the Firearm Blog and !

  • Matt Groom

    Very odd, but as SpudGun noted, it does point out the necessity for a proper holster! I wonder if they were hollowpoints or FMJ?

  • Jeremy

    So much for Surefire’s claim of stopping bullets…

  • MibZ

    Perhaps it was either a shoddily made gun or a shoddily made round? My guess is the person reporting it didn’t know what they were talking about.

  • Francis X

    Lucky. Most people shot in the Blackberry suffer stroke and death within 24 hours from being unable to check e-mail.

  • Y-Man

    @Francis X:
    ROTFLMAO! VERY funny. I feel you. I feel the same way when I dont have my BBerry Vitamin fix.