Franco Beretta presents Bush with shotgun

Dott. Franco Gussalli Beretta, whose family owns Beretta, presented GWB with a high-end Beretta SO10 EELL Shotgun.

The shotgun was made exclusively by master craftsman at the Beretta firearms factory in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. It is inlaid with 24 carat gold and features traditional quail hunting scenes on both side plates. The top lever is adorned with the number “43″ and the bottom of the receiver shows the Presidential Seal. President Bush’s initials and an image of his dog are also engraved on the gun. More than five hundred hours have gone into the engraving of the shotgun. The stock and fore-end are carved from the finest walnut.

The SO10 EELL Shotgun was presented to President George W. Bush by Dott. Beretta. A custom Italian leather gun case with handmade gun accessories, as well as a Damascus steel knife with engraving and wood matching the gun, were presented to President Bush by Mr. Peter Horn, Vice President of Beretta’s U.S. retail sales corporation.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nas

    Nice gun, just be safer with it than Cheney was.

  • Matt Groom

    Good on Beretta. Let the Dick Cheney jokes begin!

  • Dave

    Well, Obama has done more for gun sales than Bush…

  • KTB

    Better Bush than Cheney 😉


  • brian

    damn, that makes me want to go out and become president 🙂

  • Very, very nice! And, knowing that President Bush does hunt quail, the gun is certain to be used.

  • Vak

    I hope Cheney will get one too.

  • President B+’s potato gun will take 20 minutes.

  • Todd

    I agree 100% with DaMan. GW was and is a good man. I went to sleep every night knowing that he and Cheney cared about the security of our nation. I can’t say the same about the new guy. I firmly believe history will vindicate him. God bless G.W. Bush. Let’s hope he has many fond memories hunting Texas quail with his new shotgun.

  • Supposedly they had it on display at SHOT Show but I didn’t see it. Last January he received a custom CZ 550 from the Czech Prime Minister…must be nice!

  • xstang

    IMO, this probably has something to do with the contract for 400k more M9 pistols that were ordered during the twilight of his presidency.

  • Dan

    I have to agree with xstang, but lets ignore the politics.

  • Destroyer

    xstang, spot on. money talks.

    todd, please tell me you are being sarcastic.

  • Todd

    Jim, I wasn’t insulting anyone. I was simply stating my opinion. If you are happy with BHO then you are entitled to your belief. I happen to like GWB and I like his dignity and his respect for the office he held. I’m glad Beretta recognized him as a sportsman and presented him with that fine gun. it is good for all sportsmen and sportswomen to have our interests well represented in DC. While I may be a little slow to change course, I am not stupid and I would appreciate not being referred to as such.

  • Komrad

    @ Jim
    Don’t be a jerk. I don’t agree with Todd either but insulting him just makes your side look bad.

    @ DaMan
    I happen to be one of those “Dumb lefties”. I believe very firmly in gun rights and I would appreciate your refraining from insulting and grouping all those left of center together as paranoid and arrogant.

  • People, it is possible to discuss the former president receiving a fancy gun without throwing around insults. I would expect the same courtesy shown to other commenters if Obama was given a gun (not that he would accept such a gift).

    • Sam Suggs

      yes its possible but no fun

  • Canti

    All I can think about now is “It’s good to be the king!”

  • Todd

    Here is our former Commander in Chief getting his CZ 550.

    • Todd, I want that gun!

  • .

    Steve, Obama would accept such a gift, and then hold a press conference where he would hand it over to one of those tax-payer funded “cash for guns” (even toy guns) programs.


  • Destroyer

    id like to see president obama receive a AR15 or AK47 as a gift. That would be poetic justice since he is opposed to “assault weapons” and helped drive their sales through the roof. Hahaha, the irony.

  • Interesting photo op for the company.