AWC M91 BDR (Breakdown Rifle)

AWC Systems M91 BDR is a breakdown rifle based on the Remington 700. The conventional approach to breakdown rifles is to have a detachable barrel. AWC have instead made the butt stock detach. While this is going to be less compact than a detachable barrel breakdown rifle, it will be more accurate (in theory anyway).

The AWC M91 BDR is available in .308 Win. or .223 Rem. and with a 16.5″ or 18.5″ barrel.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ben C

    While I like this idea, I do wonder how this fits with BATFE “policy in place of law” and NFA law.

    Is the rifle capable of being fired with the stock removed for storage?

  • Matt Groom

    I’ve wanted a rifle like this since I saw “The People Vs. Larry Flint”, and the sniper who shoots him has a badass take down rifle, but I looked it up, and it costs, like $4000 to do a set up like this. AWC doesn’t have their prices listed, since it’s based on options, but the rule of thumb is: “When the price isn’t listed, it’s too expensive for most.”

  • Spiff

    How does this rifle compare to the Steyr SSG 08 with it’s folding stock?

  • p3dal

    Your images are broken.

  • p3dal

    Oh, now they appear to be back, sry, nvm.

  • Lance

    Cool it looks like a Mod 700 Police when assembled.

  • I’m guessing it’s harder to get, and more expensive than more AR-15 or AR-10 rifles, both of which can be broken down into two halves.

  • Jared

    That’s a HUGE case. If I’m shelling out for a break down rifle I want it to come in an amazingly small package.

  • Actually, i just bought mine from Buds for $800. There was some debate between me and Bud’s and Ruger customer service as to the bipod coming with the package or not, but this image solves the mystery.

    Now Im just curious to see this distance limit with the right scope.

    PS the new Hawkeye line up has scope mounts built in. No more rings.

    Do your homework.