Taurus’s new Raging Judge Magnum

Taurus’s Judge revolvers have proved to be incredibly popular. Not resting on their laurels, Taurus has introduced the gigantic Raging Judge Magnum. In additional to the standard Judge cartridges, the .410 shotshell (2.5″/3″) and .45 Colt, the Raging Judge can chamber the .454 Casull! Outside of Africa there is probably nothing that cannot be taken down with a Raging Judge Magnum.

Kristin Hunt and the Judge
Raging Judge Magnum (6″ barrel)

The handgun will be available with either a 3″ or 6″ barrel and in either a stainless or blued finish. The 6″ version includes a vent-rib for use with a scope mount.

3″ barrel model

Like the Taurus Raging Bull line, the gun is big and it is heavy. The advantage that the Judge has over similar .454 chambered guns is its ability to chamber shot shells. A hunter or fisherman can load a shotshell in the first chamber for snakes and .454 in subsequent chambers to defend against bears. The cylinder holds six rounds.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Griffin

    if ya miss your target you can always beat them with it…

  • Hammerhead

    “Raging Judge Magnum”; sounds like a sex toy to me.

  • subase

    Dirty Harry ain’t got nothing. Bring on Dirty Harry 2011.

  • Carl

    That’s one really long cylinder for the bullet ammo. Almost like those really old revolvers that only used the cylinder as a barrel.

    It seems the bullets will have to fly unsupported through all the rest of the front of the cylinder until they enter the barrel. Isn’t there a chance of something going wrong there, like the bullet yawing and hitting the barrel sideways?

  • Sian

    Whoa, I think Taurus has officially jumped the shark with this one. Just attach a two foot sword blade to that Raging Judge and you’ve got something any spiky-haired anime hero would be proud to use.

  • CinSC

    The Tarus website lists a 3 pound 5 ounce weight for the Raging Bull. I’m guessing the Raging Judge would weigh at least 4 pounds unloaded – pretty hefty. Even so, it’s still lighter than a long gun.

    • Eric

      It weighs 3lb 12oz in the 3″ bbl model. The 6″ model is So unballanced it’s uncomfortable to aim due to 12 more oz of front weight with that massive barrel

  • Beamwalker

    That looks like the cartoon gun from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  • Vtoroy Ruchey

    An excellent choice for hiking in our forests.

  • gunslinger


    I can’t be sure, but it seems that the cylinder is about 2 inches long, and the 454 Casull is about 1 3/4 inch long. so it looks to be the same. but i can’t say for sure.

  • Bandito762

    “Outside of Africa there is probably nothing that cannot be taken down with a Raging Judge Magnum” Yeah, including the shooter!

  • Eldon Hoke

    Oh I want! I already have a Raging Bull Casull, but man oh man!

  • zach

    You call that a gun? THIS is a gun!

  • jdun1911

    I wouldn’t mind adding the Raging Judge Magnum to my collection but then again I refuse to buy any products that has integrated locks on them.

  • Zach

    This is about as useful as a single-shot rifle that’s chambered in .22 short and weighs 20lbs.

    Some great comments here, most of all Sian’s. Yes, they have jumped the shark. I want to know why it doesn’t have a bayonet lug and a quadrail.

  • Komrad

    I like it. It adds a little more practicality and flexibility. Still pretty hefty , but a little more justified. If someone made some new shotgun ammo in say .357 caliber…

  • CY

    We had a similar weapon in the Army. We called it the M1 Abrams tank.

  • Elvis

    Is the accuracy with the .454 going to be as bad the the .45 Long is in the rest of the Judges???

  • Kyle Huff

    W. T. F.

  • Vin

    Holy Crap!! That kinda looks like the revolver from the hellboy movies… I want one πŸ˜€

  • Elvis: Yeah, one wonders when that sucker would start to keyhole.

    Judges have to have shallow rifling.

    Interestingly, the Circuit Judge gave it up and just comes in two barrel versions.

  • Al T.

    After the first cylinder full, the barrel will launch down range as a diversionary tactic. Maybe Taurus could machine the muzzle like a SureFire DNA collection device for the full harpoon/spear effect.

    Folks, buy three – one for use, one getting repaired and one for when the first one breaks again.

  • Crapsworth

    This just looks like compensation for something else.

  • SpudGun

    Hmm, what can I buy the video gamer / rapper / Mexican Crimelord in my life?

    Not that I believe that the size of the pistol is inversely proportionate to the dimensions of an individuals reproductive organs – but if I saw a guy pulling this out at the gun range, then I would imagine he’s smooth down below, like a GI JOE.

    I look forward to seeing this pistol on the front cover of yet another Steven Segal straight to DVD ‘effort’.

    BTW Steve, I liked your rationale for such a pistol – .410 for a snake, .454 for a bear – it made me think of some dude going mad in the woods, double action shooting anything that even remotely crossed his path. πŸ™‚

  • Maigo

    I know it’s a huge gun… but darn she’s small

  • Gotta get me one of those!!

  • Raymond

    1. I agree, it looks like the Samaritan from Hellboy but less Webley-ish.

    2. What about Kodiak Bear? They’re not in Africa and I’d bet it would have a tough time with that.

    3. I have long been an opponent of crazy big bullet pistols, the .50 AE, the .454 Casull, the .475 Linebaugh, the .500 S&W, etc, but for some reason that I just can’t explain…part of me wants this gun…

  • I shot a .454 once and see no reason to do it again. Should I move to Grizzly Bear country I will get a .44mag but other than that I see no need.

    • I was watching the animal planet years ago about a bear attack that happened. I think it may have been a black bear, but can’t really remember, could have been a brown bear, but the bear tore into a mans daughter and he tried getting the bear off of her so it turned on the man mauling both very intensely. The guy fell off a cliff and landed some distant below, and the bear returned to the daughter, but some hikers came along to the scene and heard screaming and rushed to the scene and yelled and threw rocks and such at the bear. The bear turned on them and I think it killed both. Then a hunter came along with a .30/06 rifle and the bear attacked him. He fired 0ne round close range into the bears head, and the bear furiously ripped him up, killing him then ran off into the woods and died. The father and daughter in fact did survive, but three people died I thought. .44 mag? .454 mag? A .30/06 didn’t drop him in his tracks, what makes people think that such hand guns would do the trick? Fact is, either cal. may do the trick and probably have killed many a bear. But are you going to bet your life that a .44 mag will do the job? A well placed shot into the brain with a high powered rifle cost a man his life. With every one talking about the raging judge or a .44 mag being a bear gun, when coming between a mother and her cubs, you can have an enraged bear on your hands and very little time to react. So when your talking bear, be prepared and have the proper high cal. rifle or the highest cal. hand gun on you. I have a S&W .500 and not to sure if that alone would make me feel safe.

      • Brian P.

        That story sounds a bit farfetched. A .30-06 in the head, and it didn’t die right away? The odds of that happening sound extremely slim. Generally, if you shoot something in the head and scramble its brain, it dies.

  • Carl

    Gunslinger, the cylinder looks more like 4″ long to me. It’s about as long as the the width of the hands of the guy in the suit and tie holding it. Or about 2/3 of the barrel length of the 6″ version from measuring on my screen. So a bullet from a cartridge with over all length of 1 3/4 inches would have to travel more than 2 inches before entering the barrel.

  • B Woodman

    When I first saw the picture, I thought it was an oversized plastic model, not the real gun. Either that — thing — is HUGE, or that woman is small.

    I don’t know if Taurus had actually done it yet, but they really should / need to come out with interchangable barrels for their “Judge” line — a smoothbore for when shooting the .410 shotshells, and rifled for everything else. Something similar to the Dan Wessans?

  • Cymond

    Seems to be a more practical woods gun than the original judge, except for the weight. I always found the idea of 45LC in such a long cylinder to be a funny though. I wonder how long it will be before Taurus makes a Raging Judge snubbie? I once shot a snubbie 454. Recoil was stout but managable. Follow up shots were slow and unpleasant, but possible.

    B Woodsman, a smoothbore would be illegal. Handgun-sized shotguns must be registered as an AOW with the BATFE. Too much paperwork. Technically, the Judge is a 45LC revolver that just happens to also chamber 410 shotshells.

  • B Woodman

    “Are you happy to see me, or is that a Taurus Judge Magnum that’s Raging in your pocket?”

    Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the BAT-F***k’s regulations on this. Too bad about the smoothbore barrel. Seems to me that somewhere I’ve read several articles about the effects of shot coming out of a rifled barrel. It tends to throw the shot into a doughnut pattern, reducing its effect.
    Soooo, considering that, I would want to limit myself to shooting 45LC and 454 Casull through the Judge. And I were going to limit myself to that, I’d want to go to a better looking, better handling gun then the Judge series.

    Like so much stuff that one sees on the airwaves these days, a solution in search of a problem.

  • bob

    This gun is a beauty, Any word about the price. I think I want one πŸ™‚

    • Eric

      I currently have the least expensive version laid away. Got it for $699. The stainless ones cost about $100 more on average

  • Kempy

    This gun isn’t really practical at all. Taurus made a gun that will appeal to people who just like the way it looks.

    That said, some of you are missing the point of the original Judge. The gun was never supposed to be accurate, whatsoever. The gun was designed to defend against carjackings. It doesn’t need to be accurate; it needs to deal as much damage possible to a target 3 feet away, or less. The shotgun shell increases the odds of hitting the target. The barrel needs to be rifled for the gun to be legal. but it also helps the shot pattern expand rapidly.

  • Sian


    ever shoot paper with a .410 at 3 feet? it makes about a three quarter hole as opposed to the .45 inch hole a long colt round would. I don’t see how that can help you hit the target. It also delivers less energy than the pistol bullet.

    Mind, birdshot delivered to the face can be devastating, but so can a 230 grain hollowpoint. I just don’t see the point.

    • Sian, the judge is designed to spread the shot (or so they say, I think the fact that the barrel is rifled helps spread the shot) but I don’t know how much.

  • Kempy

    There used to be a video at Taurus’s website of the Judge shooting a paper target about 3 feet away, through a car window. The shot spread out about 12″ already. The majority of it was concentrated within a few inches in the center, but the twist of the barrel rifling helps it spread out quickly. Now, imagine a 2 1/2 inch .410 shell with three 000 pellets in it from about 3 feet away.

  • Kempy

  • Big Jay

    I LOVE it!

  • Clark

    I have a Judge 410-3″/45lc. I am pleased with the penetration tests I have done and the accuracy is good enough for me. When I shoot 45s and have a couple of Winchester 000 in the other chambers the shot doesn’t stay tight, it’s loose. I don’t know what will happen if you mix 454s and 410s, maybe they will come uncrimped from the recoil. When I bought my airweight 38, Smith & Wesson warned in the manual to watch for bullets becoming unseated. I hope Taurus did their homework. If the Raging Judge turns out to be a good gun I’m definitely getting one.

  • SteveH

    I’ve got two Judges – love ’em both. Got a 454 Raging Bull too. But that Raging Judge Mag is just WAY to big! It looks like something The Joker would use against Bat Man! But to each his own…
    “Yup that is pistol in my pocket and you’d better hope I AM to see you!

  • Willy The Saw

    I absolutely love giant wheel guns as I fish on the rivers of Kodiak Island, AK and nothing is quite as reassuring as a .454, .460, or .500 mag on the hip.

    I have over a dozen .44 mags, (3) .454 Casulls, a .460 S&W and (2) 500 Magnums, one snubby and one 8.3/8″.

    My favorite is the S&W .460 Performance Center 3.1/2″ with muzzle break. It’s a snoozer with 45LC, a little “peppier” with .454 Casull loads and the .460 just flap rips the air in half like a top fuel dragster. The first sensation after torching off a 200 GR Hornady SST @ 2200 FPS is……grin, giggle, cock, do it again.

    I do wish I could shoot .410 shells out of it though so the RJ Magnum will prolly find it’s way into my collection after all the dust settles.

    Like Michelle Pfeiffer said in Scarface, “nothing exceeds like excess”.

  • Ethan

    While I don’t think this would be a good gun for concealed carry I think it would be a great option for outdoorsman. While it is truly a massive revolver you could easily stick it in a backpack or shoulder holster and take it hunting, hiking, fishing, or whatever. Should you head into bear country the .454 casull would be a great bear defense round and should your adventures turn into a survival situation the ability to shoot the .410 shells would truly aid in the hunting of smaller game for food. While I don’t think it is for everyone I think outdoorsman will be drawn to it for it’s versatility. I myself love the look of a big revolver and will be looking forward to seeing how accurate they shoot the .454. I would definately consider buying one.

  • Brad

    Bad-ass not to practical but a hell of a fun gun to shoot probly

  • Harvey Henkelmann

    Never mind the gun, I just want the girl πŸ˜‰

    Actually, I do own the 3″ chamber ‘magnum’ Judge in stainless, fitted with a LaserGrip… plenty of gun for me.

  • Harry J Reeves

    I have a good number of hand guns and the judge is the only one I would grab in case of an emergency. I guess that is why I have four of them. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know there is always one close at hand.

  • Sometimes I just like the recoil and boom of a fire breathing hand cannon. The shallow rifling and too long chamber is unlikely to stop me from destroying some water jugs to the amusement of a all my marginally endowed anime-loving hipster friends.
    As for a practical purposes it will sit in my car- with .410 in there for poaching roadside grouse and with casull written on the side for making me feel like a big man whenever road ‘rage’ threatens my sense of security and well being.

  • beantownshootah

    Silly gun. . .

    The combination of the long “jump” the .45 caliber bullet has to make to hit the cylinder gap from the extra long chamber, combined with the guns’ shallow rifling (to help pattern shot) means it will be inaccurate with .454 rounds, the same way that the ordinary Taurus judge is inaccurate with .45LC rounds.

    This effectively invalidates this gun as a serious hunting handgun, let alone as a silhouette, target, or match gun.

    Its also much bulkier and offers poorer balance than most .454 guns.

    The short rifled barrel means that patterning with .410 shot is terrible. Past only 5-6 yards, the pellet spread is so wide, the gun isn’t effective on anything.

    In short, you have a poor .45 revolver wedded to a poor .410 shotgun.

    As a novelty, this gun is fine.

    If you want defense against bears and snakes, in my opinion, you’d be better off with pretty much any conventional big bore revolver (eg .44 magnum, 454, .460, etc) loaded with pistol shot shells.

    • I have owned the Taurus Raging Judge, 6″barrel for a while now and sold my old 3″ Judge to a friend. I absolutely love it. I did not buy it for hunting bear and your right, if I was going to use a hand cannon for hunting purposes I would take my S&W .500 magnum, or my Magnum Research BFR .45/.70 with a 10″ barrel. But I agree, I bought my Raging Judge for two purposes, #1 because I love large hand cannons, and the style of this Judge is very impressive, it came across to me too as I got to have one. And #2, it’s a great home defense gun, not the .454 unless you shoot through the intruder and the walls and across the street; not the .45LC because awakening from a sound sleep and in the dark, how accurate are you going to be? I use Winchester PDK 3″ .410’s alternating them with Federal 3″ .410″s. So the first round their going to get hit with 4 .32 cal. discs followed with 16 B.B”s, and if they want more then the Federals will hit them with 5 .32 cal. discs. To add to the fear factor in, I installed a lazer light on so darkness works out in my favor. PS I love shooting the ….454 at the range and it is very accurate, I have put 6 rounds within a silver dollar with the target all the way back against the back stop. I haven’t found much use for shooting the .45 LC though. If I want to shoot that round, I’ll grab my concealed carry Kimber .45 acp, and it is deadly accurate.

  • handymanherb

    My buddie has the judge and says unless you stick it in their belly, your not to going hit them with the 45 long, they wouldn’t let him shoot the 410 at the indoor range ???

  • Kempy

    Well said, beantownshootah, the gun is basically a short barreled shotgun. The barrel is rifled so that they can call it a pistol, and so it’s legal to sell. They say it’s for defending against carjacking, and I imagine it would work well in that capacity. Trying to hunt game with it would be an exercise in futility.

  • Hicus Dicus

    I have 4 judges two 2,5 and two 3 inch chambers and I have shot them a lot. It is the only gun I would grab in case of an emergency and I have a lot of guns. In fact one in each hand will immediately end all erectile dysfunction except for the one looking into the barrels.


    I just bought a taurus magnum judge with a 3 inch barrel and got great accuracy at 50 feet with both 45 long colt and winchester 000 buck.

    I love the gun.

    My only concern is the manual said the gun was built to handle only 800 ft per second ammo.

    I want to use plus p ammo in 45 long colt which has about 1200 ft per second velocity.

    That was a dissappointment. (:

    I have read you can use plus p ammo sparingly in the magnum judge.

    I dont want to damage the gun.

    I have a 454 raging bull in 454 and will buy the 454 raging judge when it becomes available.

    What are your thoughts on firing plus p ammo in the magnum judge “sparingly”?

    Got to ask the factory that one.

    D Victor


    Thats D Victor

  • Harvey Henkelmann

    According to the manual for my ‘Magnum’ Judge, use of +P ammo is to be avoided.

  • Rozyredtoes

    If you carry plus p ammo in the judge and your life depends on it fire away its not going to fail. A steady diet of of hot ammo in any gun will shorten its life. I am pretty sure that all modern hand guns are designed to handle store bought ammo.

  • Rozyredtoes

    One more point I would like to bring out. A fatally wounded person can function for up to ten seconds or longer if they wish to. About the only thing that will offset this is a head shot, most any kind of head shot. If you don’t believe go check out the forensic sites. Read the black water tactical weekly or an article by Armando Basulto.



    I agree, which is why I am intersted in the raging bull 454 judge.

    I want it all. If I get the same acuracy with the raging bull judge that I get with with my raging bull 454 and my magnum judge, I’ll be one happy camper.


    Any idea what the cost will be for the raging bull judge 3 incher?

    D Victor

  • Wow, wish I was not a felon ,I can still look as these great toys

  • Does anyone know when the raging bull judge will be available?

  • dano

    I have a public defender (snubbie judge) wouldn use the bird shot for self defense spreads very rapidly but 000 buck with no follower spreads great 12 in from 7ft usually. federal selfdefense 000 has four pellets with a follower thats what i use stays together in a tight group out to 25ft with the first pellat wandering about 8 in

  • Rozyredtoes

    Dano! With ooo buck you will have a good chance of a complete miss and then you will die. Some of the #4 buck will hit their face and cause them great pain and you will live. # 6 might be better than #4 cause their is more pellets and therefore more hits to the face. Do you really think that anybody is going to take a load of bird shot in the face and continue to fight.

  • Terry

    when will rjm be available and price

  • james

    The Judge was specifically made for self defence using 000 buckshot..the colt45lg is just to make it legal. AT 25 ft the 4 buckshots hits in a 4″ pattern…it would be like getting shot by 4 36 cal. bullets each pull of the trigger. It easilly goes through 2 sheets of 3/8″ plywood and damages a cement block wall at that 25 foot with the 3″ barrel ultralight. In all practical purposes it would be murder to head shoot anyone at 25 yards in the state of Mi.
    This was useing Federal Premium Personal Defence 2 1/2 ” 000 Buckshot. (MUV VEL 1200 FPS)
    I’d hate to try to claim self defence to some prissy Prosecuter at 25 yards myself.
    Yep..it is the preferred self defence weapon in my house and when I go walking.



  • I have the Public Defender, as well as 2 Kimber 1911’s, a 3″ and 5″, I carry the Judge! I load it so I have a #4 1300fps defense load, then 2 4 pellet OOO buck shells, then 2 45LC hollow points. I specifically like a revolver for striking since the chances of something unintended happening are much lower then say if you hit them with a glock and half eject a round or break the f’ing plastic. I think the accuracy with all of the ammo I have tried is more than acceptable at defense ranges, the recoil is very manageable and the damage is amazing. In my experience the #4 shells make a pizza box sized pattern at about 10-15 feet or less, so that is the attention getter or the middle of the night no glasses on spray and pray. If 50+ pellets traveling 1300 fps don’t do the trick, the OOO is like shooting 4 .38 specials at the same time. There seems to be less chance of over penetration…

    I am sold. It is just a hard choice. Pistol or Carbine or Both?

  • WeMee

    I love how all you winers out there are talking smack about the size of this pig. If it was a .50 cal you’d be wetting your pants. The judge isn’t suppose to be accurate at a distance. This isn’t the wild west where you are going to be gunning people down from a saloon across the street. Its close it’s in your face. This just makes it more fun to put a bigger hole in someone at 5 feet. Pull it and watch a hood pee his or her (I’m not sexually bias) and you may not even need to shoot it. And at the 3″ barrel I think it could be even more intimidating.
    But that’s just my opinion and that’s not saying much is Uncle Sam had me for 12yrs.

  • Fred Weems

    This is a weapon for manly kind of men. Pencil-necked geeks need not apply.

  • johnny f.

    I like guns some just for their practicality and some for their ability and some because they look and seem awesome and some because they are inexpencive to shoot which makes them good for practice. so I feel like i have something in common with people who also like guns. Some of the opinnions about the raging judge magnum seem like people just want to be sarcastic I for one just dont get that but hey to each his own that is a cool thing about a place to post your opinnion like this one . Gun owners unite because America is the greatest country in the world and at least here you can have and voice your opinnion


  • Big John

    I own a 6.5 inch Judge with 2.5 inch chamber.
    From my shooting birdshot spreads too much because of the spin from the rifling to do much good at over 2-3 feet. I have mine loaded with pdx1 or federal 000 buck. At 7 yards the 4 buckshot hit about a 5 inch spread. That equals 20 9mm hits in 5 shot at 7 yards. The muzzle velocity is around 800 FPS out of my 6.5 inch barrel. That seams to be a lethal load to me. It is my bedside gun.

  • When can we buy one???

    Is this ever going to be for sale?


  • Superman

    Anyone calling the Taurus Judge or Public Defenders less lethal is less smart. I’ve fired these hand guns and they are impressive. So go stand on the business end of one these and I’ll pull the trigger. Any volunteers? Plus the abilty to pull your trigger 5 times and make 15 9mm size holes across a wide pattern is just a crowd pleaser. Nice to have in backwoods Arkansas after dark. By the way…the biggest baddest most expensive cannon in the world is completely unlethal in the hands of less smart people.

  • Tony

    Why not just chamber it in 2.5″ only and make it in 460? Then there’s nowhere near as much jump, and in a pump or lever gun, such a combination would be the most versatile firearm u had ever seen. R&D it somebody please!! In a 20″ barrel the 460 keeps up with 45-70s, if u developed a choke tube that were, say 8″ down inside the barrel, or more, with an additional two or three inches sticking out, it could be potted to reduce recoil, and knowles to facilitate easy changing. Then u could have a rifled choke for the 460 and a smith choke for the 410. If we can ha e a shoulder fired fifty bmg and 20 mm and we can get 45-70 caliber revolvers, why the hell isn’t somebody trying to build this thing?! Maybe it’s not possible…. Yet! But that’s just my two cents.

  • Tony

    Sorry my iPhone doesn’t recognize the words knurled or ported.

  • Tony

    And.. If it were to be developed, why not a pistol to match?

  • jrix189

    Ahh the Taurus Raging Judge Magnum. I have had one on orger for months myself. The last I heard the Raging Judge Magnum should be out in December now. I have called Taurus several times and they have been pushing the release date back for a while now. Everytime I felt like a kid who got his christmas presents taken away. So the latest as of last week is that Mid December seems to be the newest release date. I have inquired about why this was the case and have been told (rather consistantly) they just have not made it into production due to manufacturing delays. A pretty broad reason however I was reasured it was not going to be a scrap due to lack of interest and that the delay was not due to some sort of manufacturing defect. I already have a pelican case and three boxes of ammo riding on the release of this puppy, not to mention in Maryland we have a three month wait for the State police to make sure it is legal to sell. Did I mention we are a spent casing state too?? Hope alls well out there… I am entertained by the feedback!!

  • Mickey

    I am getting this gun and don’t care one bit about anything except how my buddy’s react when I pull it out.

  • Spence the Elder

    Now a Raging Circuit Judge Mag, sounds like the next in the series. Any takers?

  • Jerky

    i have had a 3″ Judge chambered in 2.5″ and its my favorite protection handgun. i just bought a Circuit Judge. my first shot yesterday was a 200 gr JHP 45LC at a 6″ pumpkin 75 yards away and was a hit with open sites. all the shots i fired were that accurate with the 45LC (that is also a 3″ mag cylinder) all day. i love it. i will be the proud owner of a Raging Judge when they come out.

  • danmill68

    Alotta people are forgetting what purpose this gun serves, its not a race gun, its not a concealed carry gun,its not a spec ops close quarters combat gun, its simply a first choice self defense gun,ooo buck is devatating at close range,45lc is very very deadly at close range, even with cowboy loads.this is a perfect nightstand glove box or backpack gun.keep shooting till the perp doesn’t move!! Simple as that

  • jrix189

    Called Taurus yesterday…. The Raging Judge apparently is still due to be released sometime this month!! I have shot other judges but dont have shooting time experience with a 454. I already have a box of 250 grains waiting but I have to say they are pretty damn intimidating to look at while contemplating recoil. Cant wait to pull this thing out while my buddies are plinking with 9mms. For all of you that have a down payment down on a Ragin Judge, you may be able to drag your Christmas tree outside and take to ornaments of Taurus style! …unless you live in MD and have to wait 3 months for it to be added to the state registry πŸ™

  • Anachronite

    everyone’s talking about defending with 6 .410 rounds. how about just hitting them with 1 .454 Casull round. they wont be getting up from that. 1 shot defense. wont matter where you hit them. even a shoulder hit will blow their arm clean off.

  • hicus dicus

    Anachronite; Yes you are right. And after blowing his arm off it would continue on its way and hit the passing car killing the child in the front seat then the driver and continue through the window of the house across the street blowing the head off daddy while he playing with his son. The felony criminal charges and the lawyers fee’s would be so high you would you could do with fives with the space shuttle. I hope you don’t own a gun.

  • JRix189

    Called Taurus the other day. The raging judge mag has been again postponed for release until “the first quarter of 2011”. Has anyone ever heard of a firearms company putting off a release date for over a year? My problem is I have money tied up in a gun that perpetually keeps being delayed in production for some odd reason. This seems to be one broken promise after another. Man I hope this is worth it. I am starting to have serious doubts regarding the structure and customer service of Taurus as a company. The representatives keep giving me the run around saying they don’t have any information. How can this be??

  • dozer

    I can tell you that the problem is exactly what it appears. No one knows what is going on. This gun was shown at the shot show last year and there was still a lot of manufacturing and production engineering left to be done. While it is true this weapon has been tested in prototype they still require to do full production testing. Furthermore, they intro several new weapons last year and this model got the least amount of β€œbuzz” therefore they have put considerable amounts of efforts into getting the other models built and into their customers hands. This is low on their radar so the timeline keeps getting bumped because other things keep coming up that are more important to them. I am like all of you I have had my money in since Feb 2010 and I am really considering trying to get my money back. This run around is getting ridiculous….but its still a sweet looking weapon!

  • jrix189

    As has become a exceedingly necessary habit, I called Taurus a second time to see if I couldn’t talk with a supervisor or someone that knew what was going on. Surprisingly and rather pleasantly I talked with a rep that was pleasant to talk with and who actually had some “good news”. In her words I should “go buy a lottery ticket” because she said the first shipment of Raging Judge Magnums had shipped the day before. It seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel however I am still a bit weary. Dozer, I seem to have come up with the same conclusions you have. It seems the raging Judge is almost the last of the new guns for 2010 to be released. I just wonder to what scale these Judges are going to hit the market. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll update here as soon as I have any additional info.

  • jrix189

    Got a call today from the sports shop. The Raging judge has arrived! I am going Thursday to take a look before it gets shipped off to the state to be placed on the registry. Estimated time until I will be able to bring this puppy home is the beginning of March. Hope the rest of you are getting calls to and dont have the 3 month wait. Let me know how it shoots. From what the rep at Taurus told me the other day, this gun must be one of the first ones off the line! Cant wait.

    Good shootin.

  • I have the judge and found it to be bery accurate at 50 feet with 45 long colts.

    good group, I was surprised.

    Taurus, when is the raging bull magnum judge going to be available for purchase???

    My gunshop was not hopeful.

    It’s not right to announce a gun is available and then not have it available.

    Were there design problems Taurus???

    shame shame Taurus.

    Can’t wait to get mine. πŸ™‚

  • I contacted my gunshop today and they said another month.

    Ive been waiting since March.


  • Ethan

    You could always get a raging judge on gun broker; they are going for about $750 right now ,but I have only seen the short barreled versions for sale.

  • jrix189

    Just visited my Raging Judge Mag at the gun store…. Holy Sh!t. Trigger is very nice. A little forward heavy but not bad. The sales person got a 454 shot in for a casing for MD’s casing law said the recoil was not bad at all. I am stoked! Now it is off to the state to get put on the registry and then about a month time for appeal. I’ll be shooting by March hopefully. It is very well built and everything feels precise. Seems so worth the wait! More on that when I get to shoot it….

    Good Shootin


  • jrix189

    Just got back from a visit to my Raging Judge Mag at the gun store…. Holy Sh!t. Trigger is very nice. A little forward heavy but not bad. The sales person got a 454 shot in for a casing for MD’s casing law said the recoil was not bad at all. I am stoked! Now it is off to the state to get put on the registry and then about a month time for appeal. I’ll be shooting by March hopefully. It is very well built and everything feels precise. Seems so worth the wait! More on that when I get to shoot it….

    Good Shootin


  • Jesse C

    Wow, just saw mine at the store, filled out my paperwork and can pick it up on Weds. Oh my gosh what a gun, I bought it sight unseen, I knew it was big but WOW.I wish I could load a couple pictures.. unbeliveable… I had every guy in the shop wanting to hold it. I can’t wait to go shoot it.

  • rozyredtoes

    Jesse C; I know how you feel I just received two days ago My public defender SS ultra light weight. I have been waiting over a year and had orders in at several gun stores. When I shot it the .45 cartridge did good enough for me it hit with in 2 inch’s of center at 35 feet. If I could aim better it would have done better. The bird shot at 25 ft gave me about a 3 ft spread which is what I wanted for scared crapless self defense. The buck and ball at 35 ft gave me about a 3 ft spread with the BB’s the three 3 slugs hitting about 2 inches from center with a 3 inch spread. The recoil is sharp but not uncontrollable. It is small enough and light enough [1 lb 4 oz] to carry comfortably in my pocket. I think this is about the best personal self defense weapon the average non shooting civilian could have. I believe this enough that I have a judge in every room in my house including one bathroom. They are concealed but easily attainable. We shoot usually twice a month and sometimes just for the fun of it. [we live in the country] and are quite familiar with the judges plus and minuses. The pluses far outweigh the minuses and any body thinking these are trinket guns that can’t stop somebody could have gotten the lead role in the movie Being There.

  • Shannon Coffee

    If you want to know what I think . Why would people even ask that ? It is what it is , some like it, some don’t. some don’t have an openion either way. But if you want to know what I think (lol ) It’s a good self defence gun at short range period . Thats a fact no matter what you think of it.

  • Jrix189

    Jesse C let me know how it shoots. I am very curious. I bought a box of the new judge rounds because they were on sale not thinking if the new raging mag could shoot the 2.5 inch shells. Cant wait to hear. Thanks!

  • evang

    I have a judge mag. And love it. Can’t wate to get this gun too.

  • muck

    Too much freebore for me. 454 got a lot of CUP in it.

  • pappa

    Concerning accuracy. Both rate of twist for the rifling and/in conjuntionwith the velocity, need to be optimized to be accurate. Even without excessive leade before the bullet strikes the rifling, bullets of widely varying velocity will not prove to be accurate. We all know, also, that rifling twist/velocity must be matched to bullet weight. There is a point at which a .223 or 6.5×55 for instance will not stabilize heavier bullets, and a quicker twist rate must be used. It all goes back to moment of inertia about the spin axis. Truth is, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. While I’d love to have a Judge for the “fun factor”. for normal self defense I’d choose a 1911, possibly with DS mag of 14 rds, or a Tauras 8 shot .357mag. For bear I believe a short (16″ bbl) lever action Marlin in .444, .450 or 45-70 will do a better job.

  • For what its worth, I get excellent accuracy at 50 feet with my short barrel judge with 45 long colts. I used hand loads and loved the accuracy.

  • Tom Lockhart

    Use the Winchester PDX-1 ammunition in the weapon. It contains three wadcutter type discs, and 12 BBs per round. That is some good spread there. I keep it under my pillow.

  • Mickey

    I am curious as to what prices everyone is seeing out there. I noticed that a Stainless one was going for $950 with six inch barrel and the 3 inch barrel was going for $740 on gun broker. Seems a bit high for me I think I’m going to wait and see what they come down to.



  • Pappa

    Rozyredtoeson 22 Apr 2010 at 3:31 pm link comment
    Dano! With ooo buck you will have a good chance of a complete miss and then you will die. Some of the #4 buck will hit their face and cause them great pain and you will live. # 6 might be better than #4 cause their is more pellets and therefore more hits to the face. Do you really think that anybody is going to take a load of bird shot in the face and continue to fight.

    I agree with you about the #4 buck. Years ago I bought my first 3″ 12g dbl bbl. I found some #4buck 3″ shells w/41 pellets. Needless to say, firing it was punishing on both ends. There was a place in the woods where some knotheads had dumped old washing machines and dryers. The #4 buck was just as devastating and penetrating on this heavy sheet steel as was 00 buck. Some felons wear protective vests these days, so a head shot with a shotgun is the best way to go home to your family at night.

  • Hicusdicus

    Pappa, That is why I got so enamored with the judge. Its rather difficult to stick a full sized shotgun in ones pocket. Being an old person who does not really enjoy shooting, noise, cost and cleaning. The judge of which I have 6 seems quite appropriate for my elderly needs. At 20 to 35 feet I have to work at missing and the recoil is of no consequence. The results are quite pleasing and give me feelings of reassurance.

  • OK, it came in. This is a big gun!

    I mean, this is a bigggg gun!!! πŸ™‚

    This is not a concealed carry handgun.

    I bought it soley for the purpose of having a 3 inch bear gun when the family and I are in the woods and that is what it is.

    If I may be so bold, I suggest that if you are going to buy one, you should see one in person first, because, this is a big gun. lol

    I have a magnum judge, which can be carried concealed, but the magnum judge is pretty useless against a bear.

    Will let you know how it shoots.


  • vash

    holy crap looks like somethig strait out of vash the stamped

  • gunslinger

    don’t you mean Trigun? Vash the Stampede is the main character in the manga/anime.

    Vash’s gun is actually a 45 Long Colt. (plus the barrel is on the 6’oclock chamber, not the 12.) That gun (Angel Arms?) is one i’ve been wandering if it was technically possible to create and be completely functional.

    Nowsome of the baddies could possibly be using something as large as the 28ga.

  • Mark S

    I own one and these are my impressions. 454 casual actually shoots pretty well and at 20′ with the 3″ barrel its pretty darn accurate (about 5″ pattern shooting unbenched-offhanded). The 410 with the disc self defense rounds by winchester was also pretty impressive at about 15 feet. You will definately lay waste to anything that gets into that cone of destruction which was about 6-8″ with the three discs and about 2 feet with the shot pellets. Now using 410 2 1/2 rounds with 4 shot at about 15′ threw a pattern about the size of the standard man size sillouette making it pretty worthless at self defense unless your are about 4 feet from the target. The big question is why would you own this weapon? Short of being in the Alaskan bush where you need a survival gun to knock down hares as well as Bears there really isnt a good answer other than its Big, Loud, and just dam riduculously cool to shoot. For some thats enough.

  • Going tomorrow to shoot the raging bull judge.
    Will shoot 45 long colt, 410 Winchester 000 and 454 casull.

    Will let you know how it does.

  • This gun can also safely fire .45 Colt+P and .45 Schofield for those who are interested

  • Went to the range today with my new Raging Bull Judge.

    I was amazed. I shot Winchester 410 000 and handloaded 45 long colt. I didn’t want to shoot the 454 casull inside, I’ll shoot that outside when the snow goes away.

    The 45 long colt groups were under 2 inches at 50 feet. I was very pleased with those results.

    With the Winchester 410. shells:

    At 10 feet 4 inch groups

    At 15 feet 4 inch groups

    At 20 feet 6 inch groups

    At 25 feet 6 inch group

    At 30 feet 6 to 8 inch group.

    That really exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased.

    So much for the claims that you need to be within
    5 feet from the target for this gun to be effective.

    Also because of the weight of the RBJ, recoil was negligible.

    Bottomline, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

    When I shoot the 454 casull rounds, I’ll post the results.

  • big sam


  • Joey

    Say what you will…I own one and I love it! Very accurate even with a 3″ barrel. Not a chore at all to shoot. Heavy yes, but it absorbs the shock of the 300 grain Casull rounds very well. Try one, then criticize. Before that, STFU!

  • Tim

    I’ve never seen a bear or a snake try to car jack someone. Maybe you folks should do some research at the Taurus website and learn what you’re fussing about before you start fussing. Watch some of the videos….then complain all you want about how it does the job it was designed to do. It wasn’t meant as a hunting gun…it was a self defense weapon.

    • red26

      Marketing is wasted on the stupid.

  • John

    I just purchased the Raging Judge Magnum with the 6.5″ barrell. Picked it up and went right out to the range. Shot from 15 yards, first the .45 long colt, very smooth and accurate. Not much kick at all. Then I shot the .454 C. that had a little kick but still very accurate and fun to shoot, got everyones attention around me including the Range Master. Last I shot a 410 2.5 6 shot and it splattered the whole 4’X3′ target board. Extremely a blast to shoot and the trigger after being cocked back is very sensitive. Can’t wait to shoot again!!!!!!!!!!! It just is what it is!!

  • SM

    Usually I would think a gun of this this size is compensation for something, but three different rounds out of one gun is awesome. Definitely on my list of to buy guns. Revolving carbine anyone?

  • Doc

    I just bought one. Had to do it. The 454 is way more impressive of a round than I ever thought it could be. The 3″ shot is pretty fun too. The 45LCfeels pretty tame. I am not sure about this gun as a home defense weapon just because the 410 is more of a stun gun and the 454 is good only if your house attacks you. The 45 LC may be effective as a back up gun. This is purely a fun gun. One thing though is the craftmanship. If you are buying a Taurus, you will notice the difference in quality. Its not a well made gun and based upon that, I would never buy a gun from Taurus that my life may have to depend on. But fun for the range. Lots of people wanted to see what the hell was making that loud boom when I fired the 454 rounds.

  • Spence the Elder

    You need to look in to the Winchester PDX .410 ammo. It will change your whole outlook on the .410 round.

  • Aaron

    I own a Raging Judge Magnum, so I can say that no the bullet is not unsupported the cylinder is choked slightly towards the front portion. The accuracy of this fire arm at 25 yrds is dead on!

    I have fired the 45 colt with a 2.5 in. group at 25 yards, and a round of 454 and kept it in about a 2 in group at that range.

    I have fired many pistols before, but this one is by far now my favorite, it do go back for repairs as a typical taurus right off, but then again this is a new line, and I feel it is like buying a new model or line from an auto manufacturer

    I expected there to be some trivial problems, and would from any maker of anything on a new line.

    she was shaving a little lead on the 45, and 454, and binding a bit after 410. rounds. Every one I have talked to said it is just a slight timing issue simple fix but no one wants to touch a taurus so it went back for the repair.

    She does awesome regardless. I was even able to shoot the Golden bear 410. rounds with out an issue perfect no sticking or binding on those, and they left huge holes in the target thought it might be key holing but it was perfectly round once you got all the shreds back together rofl.


    I have been shooting revolvers for many years. The Taurus
    Raging Judge Magnum is now my favorite. First time shooting
    at 15 yards all 5’s and head shots with the 45lc. Very controllable and fun to shoot. Still on of the loudest on the range. Then I switched to the 454 casull. Holly $#!#,
    by far the most powerful thing on the range there in a while. Some shooters stopped when the 45lc went off. Everyone including the people in the shop stopped when the 454 said boooooom. I had a smile on my face that lasted for hours. I’m 200lbs and found the recoil very pleasing,
    not everyone will. But I like power. To know that one shot when you need is it, no matter size or what there on
    when they break in, they are down and not getting up. A 9mm? I was once told from a friend of mine ex-!!!!!!! that
    with a 9 or the like, you keep firing and walking forward
    until you can touch them with the barrel. That’s fine for pro’s, not the everyday joe’s. One shot, one kill with a 454 for self defense. Not a spray of bullets in a dark home
    when your scared as ship for the unpreparred. Bottom line,
    the taurus 454 casull is awsome power. It can stop a grizzley, it can stop an intruder.
    Hemikiller, out.

  • hey folks, i bought the rjm 6″bbl. it is very heavy and much more loaded. i am going to spend a month in the back hils of alaska this summer and it seemed to be the gun for me. i have a 44 mag 8 1/2″bbl that my ol lady will carry. they shoot bout the same as 44 to 45 cal. but stick a 454 in the chamber and the animal comes alive. i can tell you all that if any of you are addicts of any type, dont do it. i found myself having to go buy much more ammo for that big gun. and yes you can hit what you aim at 50 yds , 100 yds, but wear year protection and advise others as to the fact that they may want to also. but most indoor ranges wont let you turn the big boy loose, so i had to do it out side. my ears rang for a day. wish i had gotn the ss instead of the blued, but i hadnt planned on it being a keeper, but i am addicted. big gun big bang.!!!!! get one.

    • Uncle Jack

      I think I got the gist of what you were saying; however, grammar and spelling would help. No hate — just saying! πŸ™‚

      ‘Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your your uncle jack off a horse.’

      • Stevo

        Just saw this. One of the funniest grammatical critiques that I have read!

  • Brian

    This thing supposedly chambers 3″ shot shells, so I’m guessing the cylinder is about 3″ long? I don’t know. I like the idea of it because of the wide range of ammunition it accepts. I’m just wondering if it’s safe to fire .460 S&W Magnum rounds with it too. Given how long the cylinder is, it seems that you should be able to load it with the .460 S&W. If you can safely load and fire that, then that adds to it’s versatility. And hell, I don’t care what anyone else thinks if I pull one out at a range. I just like the gun. It’s one of the few revolvers I’ve seen that doesn’t have an adjustable rear site, which I like. I can’t stand seeing adjustable sites on a revolver. In my opinion, they ruin a revolver’s aesthetics, and make aiming too technical. I like a simple, fixed site. The vented barrel and “HI-VIZ” front sight are also nice pluses, to me.

  • Brian

    @gunslinger: Actually, there have been revolvers made like that. I actually found out for myself earlier today. Google Mateba Arms (or Ma.te.ba.) and you’ll see. They’re pretty unique, as far as revolvers go.

  • Thomas

    A very interesting weapon, I seen one today at the Prescott Arizona gun show, if I were living in a remote area of Alaska this would be a great weapon to own, but down here in the lower 48 I feel the regular Taurus Judge is enough weapon for me, as it can be shot with everything from .410 #8 snake shot thru .410 buck shot , slug or .45 Colt, I myself like the Taurus Judge “magnum” as I can use the 3 inch .410 as well as the 2 and a half .410 giving me that additional power edge if needed, the Judge is a great trail gun or a home defence weapon when used with the #4 .410 shot or the buck shot ! And my own personal opinion during these unstable times a Taurus Judge is a very good survival weapon because of the varity of rounds that can be fired thru it , .410 #8 thru #6 for snakes , game birds at close range, #4 shot, buck shot for varmits or self-protection, .410 slug and .45 Colt hunting larger game deer, and self-protection from animals four legged and two legged ! Heard that Taurus is coming out with a new Judge called the Raging Judge 28 gauge ! Has anyone heard anymore about this weapon ? Will it become avilable to the public ?

  • i bought one its awsome the 454 round i have a 3″ patern at thirty yds you people need to shoot it befor you judge the judge.

  • Doc

    So, I didnt elaborate on why I made the comment about poor craftmanship. I had bought mine new and only got a box of ammo through it when it stopped indexing. I was only able to manually index to the next round. The cylinder was moving forward and backward allowing too much play. This was pointed out to me by the gunsmith at the range that it posed a serious saftey threat they if the play allowed the chamber to misalign with the barrel when fired, it could blow up and cause serious injury. I didnt think something so thick could shatter but I have since met a local that is currently one testicle short because his judge (older model) blew up and sent a “oo” pellet into his groin. I can’t elaborate on the specifics of the lawsuit involved and he may be more to blame than the gun as far as I know. That all being said, I sent mine back to Taurus and they paid for everything to fix it and return it. I am still skeptical about this as a primary weapon but it sure is fun to shoot and if zombies ever attack, this one will remove their head easily. The customer service at Taurus is great and being a new product right out of R&D, I kinda expected a few things to need tweeking. As for the claims people are making about accuracy, this gun in no way compares in accuracy to my Kymber or my S&W but for a 3″ barrel, it does just fine. Even if I miss, the bang alone will knock an opponent down. Its fun if you can find one. I am using Hornady 454 rounds. They have big bang! And when I shoot it, no one has accuracy at the range unless you count letting a little pee out in their pants as accuracy.

  • Spence the Elder

    While it’s an interesting concept it would not be useful for me, too heavy to carry and nothing within a thousand miles that a well loaded .45 couldn’t take out in a pinch. Now, having said that, when Taurus comes out with the Supreme Court Judge, the often fantasized about carbine version, that’s a different story and I want one! Considering how well the Circuit Judge is selling I’m sure that we will see a Magnum version in the next few years. Heads up to Taurus! When you do come out with the Magnum Carbine, do a better job on the stock than you did with the Circuit Judge. It would have been nice if I could use a speed loader with it.

  • hicusdicus

    To Spence the Elder, A .45 is seldom instantly lethal, can miss or over penetrate causing collateral damage. A Judge ultra light weight public defender will put a blinding extremely painful load of bird shot in the attackers face with a follow up of four 000 buck or buck and ball. We are talking about personal self defense of 30 feet or less any farther than 30 feet would possible ruin your self defense plea. We after all do live in a heavily populated civilized society not on a battle field.

  • Austin

    I am pretty sure that the chamber is 3″. It fires a 3″ 410 shell

  • Spence the Elder

    I generally carry Winchester PDX in the .410 and Silver Tips in the .45 LC.

  • Tb

    Owned mine now for 3 months. Outstanding weapon, but not for the faint at heart. Recoil is managable, but two hands always. Depending on where you get your 454 bullets, the load can be painful to some. I bought what I thought was a average 30 count box that was loaded with over 400 grams og Gp
    At the range, you will get everyones attention. I suggest you consider the blue steel color. I bought the grey and it really gets dirty. Especially when using the 410 shot. The empty weight is just over 4 pounds. Not sure where the 3 pound comment came from. Accuracy is great as well, but again…how do you miss when using this cannon.

    • Nick

      I was wondering if a rail could be mounted on the bottom for a light at all I see it has a groove down the lower side of the barrel wondering if there is use for it

      • Brian P.

        If I remember correctly, Taurus already makes a few models of the Judge with a small rail mounted underneath the barrel.

      • If you have found a barrell mounted rail for the 6.5″ Taurus Rageing Judge Magnum would you give me the information contact. THANKS!!

  • Hicusdicus

    I now am totally ready for the zombie attack. 5 Judges and two keltec PLR 16’s. If that won’t stop them we are all doomed.

    • red26

      Can’t prove that Noah existed and how he got two of every animal (all 25 billion types) on one arc from 7 continents. But Zombies! They are real! LOL

  • Ryan

    I am getting one for Christmas. It’ll be my first revolver (something to have fun with and carry while hog hunting). Any idea how much accuracy you lose by going with the 3 in barrel? I wouldn’t mind doing a little hunting with it. Thanks.

    • Josh

      I have fired almost all the versions of this gun and the shorter barrell greatly reduces the accuracy of the gun, but if all you want it for is shots within 30 feet then you’re fine.

  • I understand http://www.unclechucksstuff.com is about to release a crossdraw holster and cartridge belt for the Taurus 6.5″ Raging Judge Ultra Light 513 revolver, I can hardly wait. I have beeb unable to find a holster period for my cannon.

    • A short barrels are not less accurate. They are often more accurate due to being stiffer.

  • Unhappy Gunlover

    I purchased my Raging Judge in January and was very excited to finally get it after a near 2 yr wait.. The accuracy was great, but after firing less than 25 rounds through it, the cylinder fell off, so I sent it back to Taurus, they repaired it quickly,but when I received it back there were scratches all over the barrel, the grip was dirty, the ejection rod was bent and the knurling on the injection rod was marred. I sent it back a second time and it was sent back quickly again, this time the grip was even dirtier, the grip was also left lose, the ejection rod was still bent all be it not quit as bad and the accuracy was totally gone.. Each time I had a problem I called Taurus and they were quick to respond. I have yet to receive my Raging Judge back, I have requested it be replaced with a new one since I no longer have any confidence in this one and the fact that Taurus has had the firearm more than I have since I purchased it… I hope no one else has had the issues I have! I have several other Taurus firearms and have had no issues with any of the others. They are usually a good weapon for the price you pay, just glad this wasn’t my first Taurus as it would be my last, although if it’s not replaced with a new one it will still be my last…

    • Strontium90

      I agree with you and would caution anybody looking at buying a Taurus to turn, run, and never look back. I made the mistake of buying two of them very close together and the first one was messed up including a bent jagged edge on the Side Plate

      and it was filthy caked with grit. I cleaned it up, fitted the Side Plate properly, and sent them a letter inquiring about this gun and the other. The reply was a recorded phone message “you voided your warranty” and that was where they stood fast.

    • justin

      I had the same problem with my 3 inch raging judge.. The cylinder was off and I was shooting with a friend he was behind me to the left I fired and shavings hit his arm…this was 3 cylinders in and the gun was broke. I sent it back they did fix it quickly and no more issues now

  • Samdromeda

    I am impressed. But I would like to purchase the Raging Judge Magnum with a ported 6 inch barrel wit the four porting holes on either side of the front of the barrel just like my Taurus 500 magnum. This is the only change that I would make in the gun to improve marketability of The Raging Judge Magnum.

  • Samdromeda

    It reminds me of the Raging Bull 500 Magnum. Nice looking gun. Will it chamber the 44-40 round?

    • lisad

      Any suggestions for a nice protective case for raging judge magnum 6″. I would like to get one for my husband for christmas, since he bought the gun for himself lol!

  • mike laidlaw

    I was assaulted by a ganbanger with a snake around his neck and was happy with the 410 first followed by 5 454’s

  • mike laidlaw

    Just got a holster from out of the bag .com. Learned my lesson that it is a 6.5.

  • Peego

    It should be possible to fire a S&W 460 in the Raging Judge Magnum. Has anyone tried it?