Taurus / Rossi Circuit Judge

The November issue of Shooting Illustrated published a letter from a reader who suggested Taurus make a carbine version of their Judge revolver and name it the “Supreme Court Judge”. Gary from Oklahoma has had his wish come true. The new Taurus Circuit Judge is a revolver carbine that can chamber .410 shotshells (2.5″ and 3″) and .45 Long Colt.

The design is very similar to the Russian KBP MTs 225 revolver shotgun. The Circuit has a very attractive Monte Carlo stock (I guess a synthetic stock will be introduced at a later date). A cylinder guard on the left side of the gun prevents gas and flames from scorching your arm.

Caliber .45 Long Colt, .410 2.5″ and 3″ shells
Capacity 5 rounds
Action SA/DA
Finish Wood / Blue
Barrel 18.5″
Overall Length 38″
Weight 4.75 lbs
Front Sight Fiber optics
Rear Sight Fiber optic
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

The Circut Judge will be avalible with either a rifled barrel or a smoothbore barrel. The smoothbore version will only be able to fire .410 rounds.

I really look forward to shooting the new Judge. It looks nice, feels nice and I am sure is a lot of fun to shoot.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Only 5 rounds? I guess that way they can use the same cylinders as the Judge. I’d prefer a larger cylinder though.

  • Dom

    I’d be curious to know the rifling twist rate. Any shotgunners with a Judge out there who can speak to how it patterns? That aside, in .45 Colt (or better yet .454!) this will make a great alternative for pistol caliber carbines. Ideally I’d like to see them offer .44 Mag and .357 Mag versions as well.

  • Sam

    I agree about the .357 and .44 idea. I was just going to post the same thing.

  • Mr. Y

    Looks great I think this is going on my want list. I think it looks lot’s better than the Saiga .410 I was looking at.

  • Tony

    “A cylinder guard on the left side of the gun prevents gas and flames from scorching your arm.”

    …Unless you happen to be left-handed.

    • Rst

      There are guards on both sides so leftys are ok

  • Maybe the “Supreme Court Judge” suggested name is being reserved for a .454 Casull version (ala the “Raging Judge” noted in the nex post).

    (Is a “Hanging Judge” in the works? 🙂

  • I kinda want one… it’s just dripping with Steampunk Wildwestness.

  • Jay

    This is an illegal assault weapon in California. I’d like to see the argument justifying THAT.

  • Bob

    to Paul_in_Houston
    there is a “Hanging Judge” in the works, but it’s a rope…………… 🙂

  • Matt Groom

    The .410 shell is like a shape shifting demon from hell! The only action I’ve never seen it in is a bolt action!

    I like it. It’s so weird as to be desirable. It should also be relatively short compared to a pump action or a semi, most of which also only hold five rounds (with exceptions like the AT-14). Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much.

  • Tony: Yeah I was just reading that.

    Shame. As if ambidextrous safeties aren’t enough to worry about.

    Huh… so there’s a limit to how far “judge style” rifling can go. Though it would be very embarrassing to keyhole using a 18.5 in barrel.

    One wonders how easily it would be to change the barrels. That could be a neat version. Have the gun and both barrels.

  • shankbone

    I am holding out until the Raging Judge is put in a similar carbine configuration.

    .454 Casull + .45LC + .410 shotgun + 16.5″ barrel = the most versatile get ‘r done gun out there

  • Maigo

    The stock seems a bit low, but knowing Taurus the price will be too good to pass up

  • Henry Bowman

    Anyway, Supreme Court “judges” are technically “Justices,” so the name doesn’t really work.

    • Henry, good point!

  • Shankbone

    When are we going to see a folding stock version of this rifle. In the .454 Casull, .45LC, and .410 configuration, I would have a perfect truck gun for roaming around the hills in my area.

  • Cymond

    “The .410 shell is like a shape shifting demon from hell! The only action I’ve never seen it in is a bolt action!”

    In the old days, bolt action 410s were made by Savage, Stevens, Mossberg, and probably others. (search ‘bolt .410’ on gunbroker). Also, worn out Enfields were sometimes converted to shoot brass 2″ 410 shotshells for back line troops.

    • Cymond, thats right. I believe India (or their British overlords) invented their own .410 shotshell (not compatible with the standard .410) for the police’s Enfield rifles.

  • Squidpuppy

    From what I understand, the Taurus Judge handgun is illegal in California because it’s classified as a “short barreled shotgun”; this might not fall into that category because it has a legal 18.5′ bbl. Anyone know for sure?

  • Squidpuppy

    Heh. I meant 18.5″, not eighteen and a half feet ^_^

  • Aleksandr Mrevinsky

    Would the rifled version constitute a shotgun under Commifornia law? The AWB bans all ‘shotguns’ with cylinders, but I think that it defined ‘shotgun’ as smooth-bore.

  • It is not hyperbole to say that buying this will be the single greatest moment of my life.

  • Wuulf

    Very nice, I’ve looked at the Judge for a while now, always liked the concept, just not the pistol format. This is definitely going on my wishlist.

  • I do wish those in the business would answer a few questions
    like what chokes are available in the .410? Are the barrels
    readily interchangeable? What sights are available? Is the
    rifle tapped for a scope? Is there protection for both hands/arms from being burned by cylinder gap gasses? If so, how is this accomplished. I’d kill for the .410 shotgun
    setup. What does the piece weigh? Help please!



  • Buffalo

    Reading through I see that most like what they see when they look at the Circuit Judge. So I’ll add my two cents.

    Now you take the part of the country I hale from and you’ll find we have a few nasty critters that are best dispatched with a shotgun. Like the one that near bit the wife about four years back. Come close enough so’s she felt its scaly hide aginest her leg. It left fang juice on the side of the feed cart. At the time all I had with me was a .357 but I sent that thing to the infernal regains where it belonged. Turned out to be 6’7″ long with 13 rattles before they was busted off. Now a shotgun would have been nice.

    So if Taurus would quit drag’in their heals, I’d buy three. One for each ranch truck. Might be will’in to buy four and put one on my saddle.

    Just thought, the Circuit Judge aught to be good for them two lagged critters what might come in your house plum unannounced.

    Think about it!!!

  • jacob

    454 Casull/45 Colt/410 shotshell 2 1/2″ or 3″ would be the best! I would bet they will come out with that next year, just like they did with the pistol. I am going to wait until they produce that to buy one.

  • jacob

    The Judge (handgun) is not considered a short-barreled shotgun because of its rifling. It is still illegal in California, though. To the best of my knowledge California is the only state it is illegal in.

  • Buffalo

    I see most like what they see when they look at the Circuit Judge. I’ll add my two cents.
    The part of the country I hale from and you’ll find we have a few nasty critters that are best dispatched with a shotgun. Like the one that near bit the wife about four years back. Come close enough she felt its scaly hide aginest her leg. It left fang juice on the side of the feed cart. At the time all I had with me was a .357 but I put it out of action. It was 6′7″ with 13 rattles. A shotgun would have been nice.
    So if Taurus would quit drag’in their heals, I’d buy three. One for each ranch truck. Might be will’in to buy four and put one on my saddle.
    Just thought, the Circuit Judge aught to be good for them two lagged critters that might come in your house plum unannounced.
    Think about it!!!

  • Its a great gun, and I little late in the game, my boys already say they want one It would be a noce field gun for dove,squirel…

  • minibuilder

    This will be a very fun gun if it works out here in California. I purchased a single-shot Rossi with both the .410 and .22 barrel for my daughter and we have been having a great time with it. It is smallish, but it feels good. I have a feeling that his gun is going to be the same.

    It has been 25 yeas since I have fired a .410 and I forgot how much fun they can be. The squirrel population is suffering here. Sure wish they had a six-shot cylinder, but I believe I can give these rodents a pretty good run with just five.

    I will have one if rules/regulations/laws allow it.

    By the way, if you’re thinking about moving to California, don’t

  • funtimes

    I have a .410 bolt action. it is single shot and is so old it doesnt have serial numbers, but it is in great condition regardless. I think its Sears and Robuck.

  • cannonfodder

    i’m getting one of these when they come out with the raging version that can take .454 casull. its very versital gun, you’ll be able to hunt squirrels and deer all with one gun that weights less that 5 pounds!

  • Shadow Warrior

    I want one, but guess I’ll wait for the Stainless Steel version with weaver equipped top strap. As far as twist rates, I’d like to see someone come out with a defensive 20ga slug matched to the optimum twist rate for 230gr Colt or a light weight 454 Casul defensive bullet. As far as scattergun uses, at close range who needs to worry about patterns. Out to 15 yds, typical close in engagement range for a carbine, who cares? If they’re further, candy strip your cylinder so that the buckshot can be used as suppressive and the next round is a slug or .45/.454 for precision. Now thats a home defense gun!

  • Spence Cocherl

    I have a Judge Ultra Lite that I just love and I will buy a Circuit Judge when they become available. Not a big fan of the Federal .410 shells, however. The last box I had would jam the cylinder because the primers would moved back after firing. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • minibuilder

    It is funny that you mention this (the jamming primer situation). When I use federal 3″ in the little single-shot .410 that I spoke of in one of the entries above, the entire brass coponent expands and jams better than 20% of the time (break out the cleaning rod or long straight stick). I would assume the primer maybe backing out a little also, but not an issue for us, I’ll have to take a measurement and see.

    A jamming gun is not a good situation, spoiling a good time plinking or worse. If you find that the problem is not brand-specific and more an issue with revolving shotgun shells, there maybe a fix.

    I shoot Cowboy fastdraw and we use a 209 shotgun primer in a modified 45Colt casing w/wax bullet for ammunition. Everyone in the sport knows of the situation you face. What some people have done is to take a Thousandth or so from the part of the frame that the primers jam against. I have seen this done in many ways: fine maching techniques to a file and emory cloth. Pretty drastic but it works. The firing pin is right there and you don’t want to flatten that out.

    I personally haven’t done this because we can remove the spent cartridge and rotate in the next live load; it works fine in this sport. It seems a little laborious as I write it out, but it becomes automatic. Nothing worse than to grip n’ rip that smokewagon from the holster and not have it go bang.

    If I buy this gun I want it to work near-flawlessly everytime I pull the trigger. Actually I want it to work flawlessly, but I am a realist. I’m just wondering if other people may have these problems with revolving .410 shells? Answer back people I don’t want to buy a problem. A jamming gun isn’t fun.

  • mike bradley

    hot damn thought i was going to have to hack a revolver to build a shotgun when can i get one ?

  • Spence Cocherl

    I’ll be going to the range next weekend and I’ll be trying some Rio Shells and I hope that the new Winchester Personal Defence .410’s will have come in by then. will keep you posted.

  • JeepNut101

    I’ve put a few hundred rounds through my DAO Judge and thankfully haven’t experienced a jam as described above. I’ve tried a lot of different loads in the gun to see what kind of pattern they throw down-range and how they feel when they go bang. I have learned that Sellier & Bellot brass expands considerably in the cylinder and must be forcibly removed. Not good. Remington and Federal #4 shot both tend to have three or four poorly packed shells per box – you can see pellets dimpling the plastic and the shell will not go into the chamber unless forced (which I won’t do). I haven’t had that problem with Winchester. I’ve used both Winchester and The Federal 000 Buckshot. The Federal is a whole lot less expensive, but the shot rattles in the shell when you shake it. I don’t know if that really means anything. But I use the Federal for play and keep the Winchester loaded for defense. One more observation: a .45 Colt JHP looks mean as hell next to a .410 cartridge on the bench but .410 slugs actually seem more accurate coming from the barrel.
    And yes, I can’t wait to try a Circuit Judge.

  • joe wood

    the state of illinois requires a shotgun to be limited to 3 rounds for hunting. so do federal migratory bird regulations. so it looks like a straight ,410 version wil be for targets only.unless you weld up 2 chambers…..or have plugs in 2 chambers held in by set screws ???????????

  • Gunbear

    I like this gun. Hope it’s going to be legal in Mass. I just read about this in the Navy Times. Somebody (damn this old brain) has made a home defense .410 round for the Judge. It has 3 disc shaped slugs with 12 shot encased in the shell. Sounds Nasty.

  • Spence Cocherl

    That would be the PDX1 410 – Stop the Threat by Winchester. I’ve been trying to get a hold of some to test out but have not been successful yet.


  • Gunbear

    Thanks Spence. Sounds like a very promising round.

  • arleigh

    I have to agree with many folk here, as a matter of fact I have been trying to put the bug in the ear of several manufacturers about this very concept. How many rounds can you think of that have the same bullet diameter, that all you needed was a different cylinder to accomodate the variety. H/R made a .22 that you pulled one pin and the cylinder fell out to load it. I think all of us understand the losses between the clinder and barrel and still we buy the wheel guns any way.


    IS GOING TO BE MSRP:$618 . NOT A BAD PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    An answer in search of a question.
    This firearm is pointless.

  • Rowdy Girl

    So cool, can’t wait to get me one!

  • Spence

    Pointless? How so?

  • When This Judge Rages I think it will be much sought after her in Alaska. In stainless it will fly off the shelves. Folks that go in the woods for non hunting reasons are going to snap these up. Hikers,gold panners, bush pilots etc. This will be a hit in Canada too I’ll bet where handguns are big taboo. I can’t see it for hunting but for survival big game protection? This is going to be huge. Hurry Stainless steel 454/45LC/410 I’m waiting!

  • Keith

    Okay I’ve read this with great interest. My question’s are, will shooting shot out of a rifled barrel hurt anything? Will this cylinder hold up with some of the hot .45 loads that are out there? Grizzly, and Buffalo bore make stuff that is par with a .44 mag(at least). that’s some good short range, east coast deer medicine.

  • JeepNut101

    Spence, Gunbear: The Winchester PDX1 410 is currently available in Central Ohio. I picked some up at Vance’s in Columbus for $14.99/box of 10.
    Looking forward to shooting some this weekend from my Judge and Bond Arms Snake Slayer. Need to find someplace I can try it out on something other than paper. Unfortunately the range I go to won’t allow us to blow up fruit and vegetables. Still waiting patiently for a Circuit Judge to get my hands on…

  • Killian

    Neat weapon. The light weight (even lighter w/a short barrel) and big stopping power would give this potential as a SHTF weapon. Once the .454 Casul/.45 LC/.410 shotshell variant (rifled bore) is available, and once they make one with a six or seven shot cylinder, I’ll get it. Currently, the future holds too much to jump on the wagon now. A Picatinny rail up top would be great too.
    I’m betting some company will get very rich with a polymer stock design for this…



  • Spence the Elder

    Two of my favorite photographs, “Welcome to New Jersey” and “Welcome to California”, in my rear view mirror. Maybe it’s just me but……… I think I like livening in Tennessee.

  • Spence the Elder

    Liverning? Living in Tennessee. Spell check sucks sometimes.

  • Azrael

    Interesting…. I’m a lefty looks like a rifle I could shoot with little problems.

  • micah

    In 545 casual and incorporating a lazer sight. You have a carbine that could drop a grizley on the spot at 125 yrds and a pure ugly home defender with 410′ 000 buck. As a carbine it can have a 16 not 18 inch barre llike shotguns. It has a faster rate of fire than a pump or lever gun and is more reliable than a simi auto. Heck of a brush gun for pig or a backpacker in bear and snake country. real potential. You coul also have speed loders made too. No replacement for a real rifle or a good shot gun but a nice compromise

  • Spence the Elder

    I was thinking that it would be a great “Grab & Go”, gun. Great multi purpose weapon for survival, natural disasters etc. While .45 colt is not as easy to get as it once was, .410 is both easily available and inexpensive. As for the .454 option, oh baby, oh! While it might not cover the need every of a specific rifle, shotgun or pistol for a give task, it should cover all of these areas in a more than adequate fashion.


    i am not an expert gun nut, still a nut, what about maybe a 308, 4570, 3006, maybe a 12ga, etc etc? just sitting here thinking. i wonder how far rossi will take this concept.

  • the texan

    looking to buy a rossi circuit judge in the houston, tx area

  • Lazy B

    Great idea for cowboy action shooting but the recoil pad has to go. I shoot a Rossi 45 lever now and love it.

  • Danielle

    This one has just been added to my wish list, as I already have my Judge revolver. LOVE IT!

  • DON


  • Dan V

    its interesting that no one has pointed out the potential possibility of removing the wood stock and replace it with a pair of grips for the judge revolver. I 1st saw this in the July issue of American Rifleman and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I know for a fact I will purchase one from the local gander mountain as soon as it hits shelves, and bet your bottom dollar i’ll be trying to put pistol grips on this. Now that would look pretty damn sweet.

  • Croc Killer

    Is this in circulation yet? Why doesn’t Rossi have more info on this bad boy!

  • Croc Killer

    Im in Malaysia right now and im seriously dying to get back home to get one. Info please

  • Spence the Elder

    Latest news is that it will be out in October. I figure that November or by Yule is more likely.


    went to an outdoor TURNERS SPORTING GOODS gun show in Riverside Ca weekend of 4/5/6 june 2010. did not shoot a judge, but picked up a great catalog by Rossi. you may try to order it. Rossi is charging down the road with some very fantastic toys. i really really hope they UP CALIBER the CIRCUIT JUDGE.

  • Jason W.

    Damn, this is the first forum I’ve found with people actually excited about this cool little gun. And that makes me happy. I want one too! People raising concerns over the gas reflecting back off that shield has got my attention a little bit, but I still think I’ll end up getting it. I’m just waiting for some actual hands-on reviews. That, and for it to actually hit the store shelves. I asked the Cabela’s guy the other day if he knew when they were getting some and he just stared at me like I was speaking greek.

    I wonder if it will take +P loaded .45s well.

  • JeepNut 101

    This month’s “American Rifleman” features an article and advertising for the latest drool-worthy Rossi/Taurus offerings including the Circuit Judge and The Ranch Hand (too bad the Ranch Hand doesn’t take the .410/.45 combo too): http://www.americanrifleman.org/ArticlePage.aspx?id=2447&cid=1

  • James

    Looks like a fun gun but I’m more interested in The Ranch Hand in the 44mag….

  • Lizardo

    Does anyone know if it is legal in California?


    can not say for sure about being legal, but the trend is to deny the public each and every time they can. we are in a living example of excessive socialist/communist/government repression. pray for arizona.

  • Will

    I’m curious as to what this gun offers that couldn’t be matched by a good lever-action, pump action, or semi-auto carbine/shotgun? Also, does the Circuit Judge have some kind of safety? If not, I’m not interested because a weapon with a trigger guard that is exposed 24/7 practically requires a safety since it’s be a matter of if something gets caught in the trigger guard, but when.


    from my view, there is not any other rifle that offers rapid fire 410 ga/45 option right now. a lever is nice but just not as efficient in the rapid fire mode. do not know of a pump 410 or 45 on the market. the safety issue is the same as any revolver that i know on th market. not really a problem, once you are familiar and comfortable with the gun. i really hope Rossi up guns this baby in the near future. i see this beauty being promoted for ladies home defense. point it at center mass and pull the trigger until you hear the empty chamber go click. simple and very efficient. hollow points and mini buck shot should solve the accuracy problems in the dark. love the concept.

  • Spence the Elder

    There has been much talk and speculation in blogs and other sites about the “Raging Judge”, version that will fire both .410 rounds, .45 Colt and the .454 Casull. It seems to me that that is a quite logical extension of this firearm. Has anyone seen or heard anything from the manufacturer about this? Or is it just wishful thinking? I would be seriously annoyed if I forked out $600 for one version and 6 months later the .454 Casull option went into production. Inquiring minds want to know!


    i agree about buying now and then what you really want comes on the mkt. i think by christmas things might be more clear what rossi is going to do. one thing i like about the circuit judge is it is a nice size to be used as a club when empty.


    mr lizardo, i recently picked up a book “how to own a gun & stay out of jail” by john machtinger for we mexifornia people. on page 141 it says “all shot guns wilth a revolving cylinder” is decalaired to be an assualt weapon (must have known the CIRCUIT JUDGE was coming)and therefore the ROSSI CIRCUIT JUDGE is probably illegal in mexifornia. i already knew we could not buy the little JUDGE guns in mexifornia.

  • Will

    Dave, the lack of safety on a long gun can be exceedingly dangerous, and I’m not talking about the “just keep your booger hook off the bang switch” bit. Crap can get caught inside the trigger guard of a long gun and cause a loud unintended noise. As for rapid fire capability, I can get a Benelli M1 Super 90 12 gauge for 700 bones or a Norinco reproduction of the Winchester M97 (can slamfire if it doesn’t have a trigger disconnect) for 500 bones. I’m not saying the Circuit Judge won’t work, but I feel there are better options out there.


    ok will, i never thought about all the possibiities of the unintended bang. accidents do happen, even among good experienced gun people. here is a long story short version. a co-worker shot one of his toes off, last year, while he was deer hunting with his brothers in WEST VIRGINIA. it was a borrowed family gun, because his personal gun got messed up enrout to the hunting area. now this guy has many years of gun experience and is no fool, but it happen to him. one can never be too safe. pray for arizona.

  • michael van

    it actually uses a choke tube to protect the rifling not interchangeable barrels. same concept as the 357 mag.. its a great gun for the price tag ie around 640 dollar

  • Will

    For 640 I can get a Remington 870 12 gauge and a case of shotgun shells/slugs… Not trying to bag on your decision, but just trying to put things in perspective.

  • Spence the Elder

    No offence however, I love my 870. I can blow up rabbits and squirrels all day long with it and I can hunt deer out to about 60-80 yards with a little luck. With a .410 I have a bit more meat left on small game and a much better chance of bagging a deer out to about as far as I can see, (all things considered about 150 yards). While the Circuit Judge does not speak the international language the 870 does, (i.e. chunk-chunk), I think that it has it’s own place as a duel purpose home defense and walk around weapon. Or as I call it, a ‘Grab and Go’, firearm. Now, if it does come with the .454 Casull option, well, that’s a whole other ball game. My two Pfenning’s worth.

  • michael van

    im not telling you its for everyone but for something that can go from my bedside as home defense and turn around and go bag a deer or knock off one of these infernal copperheads and moccasins here in east texas im sold

  • Will

    If this weapon fills a role for you and it actually works (I’ve had multiple bad expriences with Taurus and Rossi so I’m hesitant about any of their products) then by all means go for it. More people excercising the 2nd Ammendment is never a bad thing. For my purposes I feel I’m pretty well covered with a Remington 870 12 ga, Mossberg 500 20 ga, a Winchester ’94, a Ruger Super Redhawk, and Glock 19.

  • Will

    Spelling error above… exercising*

  • Jack

    I would like to start by saying I really like this weapon!! When you Hod a revolver you hands stay behind the cylinder. I am curious to know if there would be any danger of an accidental discharge of any rounds in the cylinder from constant firing heating up the cylinder, which would not be very much fun if your other hand is in front of the cylinder holding the front grip? I don’t mean to ask stupid questions, I just would want to know before i bought it.

  • Spence the Elder

    By the very nature of modern cylinder based firearms I don’t think this would be a problem. There were numerous problems with this in several models of the black power/cap and ball types before advent of cased ammo. As for the cylinder getting hot enough to cook-off a round, you would have to be throwing a great deal of lead down range in a very short period of time. Let’s face it, revolvers of any type are not practical assault weapons because of the comparatively low rate of fire and the longer reloading time. Could it happen conceivably, yes. Is it likely to happen? I seriously doubt it.

  • Dallas

    This looks like a wonderful all around, Grab ‘n Go, weapon. Obviously, as some of your purists have pointed out, this is not a true shotgun or rifle. I dont believe that is the point. The point is versatility in small caliber. As stated above, this thing will be fantastic for home defense and still be functional in the field. Snakes and thieves, beware. I will be purchasing one when they hit the shelves here. Now, as for you people in that infernal state of Commifornia: move, move, move! Why would you stay in that worthless state? I have lived there. I do NOT live there, now. I moved to Alabama. No gun registration. Concealed carry permits for anyone that can legally own a gun. Housing is cheaper. Jobs pay about the same. People are nice. Sweet tea at every restaurant. The list goes on and on. Let the commy pigs have that state. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

  • Will

    Not to be a buzzkill, but I just noticed that Arsenal is selling a .410 bore AK-pattern shotgun with 10-round mags for 699.00…

  • The AK pattern .410 mags can run $40-50 a piece though Will. I like self contained, I’m a revolver and shotgun man.

  • 2012survivor

    I just picked up my Circuit Judge. Just finished some laser eye surgery, so after I heal up from that I will be firing a few boxes thru it and let you know what I think. I ordered two of these and two of the Ranch Hands. I paid $480.00/$527.00 w/ taxes. The gas diffuser is on both sides. Looks like it will work just fine. I bought these four weapons as close proximity/interior last line of defense weapons. I have outer perimeter long range weapons, inner perimeter shotguns, interior area weapons. Three layers of defense. Since 09-11-01 we have spent over 60K preparing for whatever may happen. This is just an addition to the depth and breadth of our preparations. Defense,Water, Defense, Food, Defense, Shelter, Defense. The basics in that order of importance. Right now we can feed, shelter and defend 16 people for a year and never leave our house. No small task. Are you ready? My family, my chldren, my grand children will be provided for. Did you know that only one percent of people are prepared for long term self reliance? I will not be on the corner waiting for the feds to bring me and my family a bottle of water and some rations. Prepare now. Have a good day Sir.

  • Wait the Ranch hands are available now?

  • Will

    Rob- Fair enough. I know some people who use Saigas and the like because their go to rifles are AKs and they like the identical manual of arms. I’m a pistol (H&K USP family being my preferance) and rifle (AUG and G3 clones) guy as far as preferance goes, but if I were to be handed a Smith Model 10 (or a Colt Diamondback if parts were readily available) and a Remingtion 870, I wouldn’t bitch at all.

  • Will – I’m just old fashioned enough, lazy enough and cheap enough to prefer the shotguns and revolvers. To each their own I say, but I’m an inner city boy and for me guns are there be pulled out when a home invasion happens, or you have to pick up the sister in law from her abusive boyfriend. I recognize that my interest will never raise to the level necessary to be as competent with a pistol as I am with my “desk drawer” revolver (Me at the range: “six shots in the chest at 12 feet? Good enough, we’re done”) and I cringe when I see people who I know are just like me spending ungodly sums on guns they will never learn to handle properly.

    I have a lot of respect for the man who can handle the USP. I also have a lot of respect for the guy down the block who jogs everyday. Those things just aren’t me.

    BTW I almost purchased a Smith and Wesson ‘Mountain gun” in .45 this weekend. But the price was near $1000 and the wife’s look said no. I just love the .45 Colt so much I almost became a hypocrite with my complaints about the economy of mags.

  • Will

    Rob- I live in the suburbs, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing as we’ve had our share of home invaions and the gangbangers tend to roll in packs. As you say, to each their own. I flip-flop between the USP and the Glock but I’m fairly proficient with both; Glock’s easier to maintain but the USP is better quality, in my opinion/preferance. As long as you can use your chosen weapons well enough to stay safe, I’m not going to bag on you. I do agree with people with more money than brains but in my experience they all gravitate toward the “Deagle” which is a poor weapon for ccw since the damn thing weighs only 2 pounds less than a rifle, has hellacious recoil, and will overpenetrate like a son of a bitch if its in .44 Mag or .50 AE. If it was what I had on hand I’d use it, but its far from the hammer of thor the Call of Duty freaks make it out to be.

  • Will – Nothing’s funnier to me than the Desert Eagle. It’s basically a semi-auto horse pistol. The only thing funnier to me is see a guy with arms the size of my wrists contemplating a .500 S&W “for WSHTF”

    Good luck with that kid.

    Call of Duty, Fallout and all the other “realistic shooters” are the root of the problem for many new gun owners. There’s too much fantasy about there. I wish every new gun came with common sense and self-awareness. They’ve got pearl(ish) handled .38 Supers in my local Academy and I’ve got a couple of neighbors in my sub-division that like to show each other their loaded guns on their law with big stupid grins on their faces (my fellow Jerseyites moved down to SC and are wrecking up the join) so I live in mortal fear of a wall penetrating accidental discharge of some morons new toy.

  • Spence the Elder

    Unless you are hunting big game, or any game for that matter, I personally see no reason to have any home defense weapon larger than a shotgun or a .45, be it ACP or Colt. FMJ’s are for targets and wars. I only carry PD rounds in my firearms unless I’m hunting, regardless of the number of legs the target has.


    i think all these computer games of war and guns, have partially helped the gun newbees, obtain a false sense of gun ownership. guns do not have reset buttons, after you do an oops and kill your friend and neighbor. life does not come with sound effects and reset buttons. where are the adults ,that explaine the differences between life and make believe stuff.

  • Will

    Rob- In my estimation if anyone “needs” a handgun more powerful than a .454 Casull (recoil is a cast iron motherfucker, trust me) then they need to pick up a rifle already. I’ve seen all kinds of asshattery with people wanting a .500 S&W for CCW or “SHTF”. They don’t realize how much recoil that class of gun has, how hard ammo is to find for it, how expensive said ammo is when found, etc. The logistics of getting ammo is what lead me to use 9x19mm. I can shoot a .45 ACP pretty well, but ammo is expensive as hell and with 9mm I can practice half again for roughly the same cost. And considering that a 9mm is easier to shoot and with well designed hollowpoints is proven to do the job (just ask the NYPD), then you have my reasons for my selection.

  • Will – Agreed. My wife’s not a gun person (we went tot he range with a .327, she saw the fireball out the barrel and decided to just watch) and I’m pretty lazy like I said so I go with revolvers but if I got a semi-auto 9mm would be the way to go. Of course since I like my odd calibers I’d probably ignore common sense and get some crazy piece. At least I’ve never been really out of luck with ammo shortages!

    But yeah I hate seeing people tell you how they’re going to shoot their air-weight .44 Mag in one hand with a D. Eagle in the other. Without exception they are the people who fire three or four rounds at the range then go home when their wrists hurt. If you can’t fire two or three in a row quickly and accurately it’s too much gun.

    The odd thing is some of those wrist breakers would make nice rifles but all the Xboxers are too macho to go that route. I saw a lever gun in .454 which could also chamber .45 Colt. Plenty of power for the the Zombie Apocalypse they think is coming but with he option of shooting a common caliber that has a variety of loadings from mild to bear killing. That seems to make more sense to me but I’m not a level 60 Druid or whatever.

  • michael van

    will if a 9 works for you great… myself i watched some leo colleagues unload a clip each and the guy keep coming… back to the circuit judge… imagine candystriping the cylinder down they go problems solved

  • michael van

    and the only use for these large caliber cannons is a last ditch in the yukon or some such stupidity, ie only pissed the bear off stead of taking him down

  • Will

    Rob- A .454 lever gun is one thing I plan on tracking down one of these days but first I’m in the market for a Marlin 1895 in .45-70. Aside from the hand cannons the other weapon that the game nerds (and this from a guy who plays Call of Duty and the like from time to time) love too much is the P90. That is one weapon that various PDs have issued to SWAT teams with less than stellar results. A perp yelling “shop shooting me!” while getting lit up comes to mind. At BEST a 5.7 round delivers the same damage as a 9mm FMJ load.

    Michael- I would like to know where those LEOs’ bullets impacted on the perp as I’ve yet to see anyone stop from a .45 (or .40) where a 9mm wouldn’t have stopped him as well. At the same time I’ve seen shootings where a bad guy wasn’t stopped by the 9mm but the .40 and .45 wouldn’t have. In terms of actual terminal performance among the service calibers the difference is miniscule at best. I recommend reading the writings of Dr. Gary Roberts for further details.

  • Will – I thought about a .45-70 too but I like the classic look of a single shot. I guess I watched too many runnings of Quigley Down Under but for the big calibers I just prefer those old Buffalo Hunter lines of a single shot.

    No shame, I’m a Neverwinter Nights man myself (I keep waiting for another Baldur’s Gate II) but I never got some of the online myths until I played Fallout 3. Then the expectation of gunfights, and the SHTF scenarios I kept seeing in survivalist forums were put in perspective. I once made the mistake of asking why some “survivalist” thought a 5.7 pistol was better for scouting the woods for small game than, say, a shotgun and was berated about how I was going to wind up eaten by “raiders” who were just looking for people. Those damn Fallout games are going to cause a lot of deaths if there ever is TEOTWAWKI

  • Spence the Elder

    .45-70 is just awesome, I had an old Army model and it kicked like a mule. If I remember correctly the bullet drops around 7 or 8 feet at 100 yards which is not a good thing. The up side is that you can hunt locomotives with it.
    Got my hands on and got to finely fire some Winchester PDX1 .410 for my Judge. I think I’m in love!

  • Will

    Rob- I love the Sharps too, so you’re not alone. Survivalists are a unique group, I’ll say that. Being prepared for the worst is one thing, but believing that everything is a conspiracy is another. As for the 5.7, there’s nothing that it does that a .223 or 5.56 NATO doesn’t do better. As for TEOTWAWKI; those “raiders” will very likely end up killing one another with help from those who fight back when attacked, but I don’t really think about it aside from writing fictional stories in my spare time.

    Spence- I realize the .45-70 isn’t the most ballistically refined cartridge out there, but there have been documented 1000+ yard shots from the Old West days taken with out optics. On the flip side, I’m not going to spend THAT much time with it and I just want something for hunting big game at 150 yards and closer.

  • Spence the Elder

    Have you seen the rear sliding site on this rifle, 8-14″ long? :0. Just kidding, I know what you mean, I loved my .45-70 and wish my apartment had not been broken into all those years ago or I’d still have it. I also have fired the .45-70 revolver, ouch! I’ll stick with the .45 Colt for duel ammo.

  • Will

    Spence: considering I’ve fired an orginal Sharps in .45-70, I know exactly what you mean, lol. No way will I ever fire a .45-70 out of a revolver: that hurts just thinking about it and I can shoot .454 Casull without too much issue (but I don’t get crazy with it, I shoot maybe 30 rounds in an hour spaced out by plenty of .45 Colt loads). Funny story: I’m with a friend helping him try out his .454 single action from Freedom Arms. We’re starting to load up some full-bore .454 loads after warming up shooting moderate .45 Colt loads when a “gangsta” shows up talking crap about how bad he is. My friend gets the idea to pull a prank: he loads up 4 cowboy action pressure loads… and one load he nicknames a “dragon slayer”: a 300 grain bullet loaded to the hilt. Wounds on one end and kills on the other. Dialing the cylinder so the heavy load will be the last one fired, he hands it over to the gangsta who shoots the gun one handed held sideways. After 4 shots he’s talking all kinds of junk when he touches off the massive load. The gun recoils into his face, bloodying his nose and making him fall on his ass. I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing too hard…


    WILL, i do not think pulling pranks on a shooting range(assumed) on a gansta type dude is a really good idea, even if the creep deserved it. did he really shoot it sideways, like in the movies? are people really that stupid and shooting guns around people? was a range safety officer present? at the same time i can appreciate the humor, but there is a time and place for stuff like that. do not take this as a putdown. i am just an old dude and i try to maintain a semi-mature attitude when i load and point my toys down range.

  • Will

    Dave: I realize that it was childish and it was a few years ago; plus I didn’t pull the prank, my friend did and he’s stopped that kind of thing. Truth be told the thug was lucky he didn’t get shot from the way he was muzzle sweeping everyone on the range. Yes, he did shoot sideways, like in the movies and his “group” at 3 yards looked like a 25 yard shotgun pattern. The range officer was busy with someone who somehow managed to load their pistol magazine with the rounds facing backwards and actually chambered said backwards round. Between that “gangsta” and the other associated clusterfucks at that range, I stopped going. The range I shoot at now is a good 2 hours away, but it’s worth the drive.

  • michael van

    damn that 44-40 thunder revolver kicked hard enough ill definitely pass on a 45-70… what is wrong with these kids

  • Will

    Michael- Everyone is obcessed with getting more power in a handgun. Think of it as Tim Allen from Home Improvement with firearms. Even though I know I can handle guns like the .454 Casull, I don’t think I’ll need or want anything heavier or more powerful than a .44 Magnum; if I need more gun than that, I’m picking up one of my rifles. Thing is, the most brutal handgun that I know about for recoil is Smith and Wesson’s Nightguard .44 Magnum; it weighs 29.3 ounces while empty. I can give you an idea of what shooting that thing is like: walk out to your car, open one of the doors, stick your hand inside, and slam the door on your hand as hard as you can 6 times. You have now experienced the feeling of shooting a Nightguard .44 Magnum without having to pay $1200 for the revolver.

  • Spence the Elder

    I must be getting old, I am not half the fan I was in my youth of heavy caliber hand guns. I think my Taurus TCP kicks too hard when using +P. But I think we are getting off the subject of, “The Circuit Judge”. Then again, that’s ok because we’re talking Guns & Ammo!

  • Will

    Spence- I’ll admit I’m a youngster at the age of 22, but I’ve had the privilage of living in a family of hunters, military personnel, and defense enthusiasts as well as joining the military myself. I’m not afraid of heavy recoiling revolvers, but I draw the line at .454 Casull. One or two cylinders with lots of lighter loads thoughout a 2 hour range session and I’m a firm believer that if someone truly needs something more powerful they’d better pick up a .30-06 bolt action.

    Regarding the Circuit Judge; a 5 shot .410/.45 LC carbine doesn’t do a thing for me. A reproduction of a trapper-length Winchester 92 in .45 LC, a Winchester 94, Marlin 336, or the new Mossberg .30-30 would be better options in my opinion especially since a .30-30 is nearly identical in performance to the 7.62×39 Soviet round of SKS and AK-47 fame at ranges inside 125 yards. Another reason I have some trepidation over the Circuit Judge is that I’ve handled and fired a lot of Taurus products ranging from their snubnosed revolvers, to their 24/7 series, to their 1911s, and their Beretta clones. Out of all of them only one didn’t give me any issues was an older PT92 from the late 80’s early 90’s; the others exhibited many issues and the cost of fixing said issues wound up making the Taurus more expensive than a Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Colt, etc.

  • johnny f.

    I live in california and have been told the raging judge magnum is not leagle here . is this true and is it likely to change any time soon? If any one knows for sure I would like to know thanks


    johnny f, as far as i can tell, any handgun that can shoot a shotgun shell(410 and larger) is illegal in mexifornia. the gangbangers would love it therefore no one can have one. mexifornia logic, but same sex marriage is an approved idea awaiting a full legal blessing. dogs and goats are next.

  • proriter

    I ordered a Circuit Judge today for an even $600. I suppose in a month or two it’ll be available for somewhat less. I first saw the CJ at the 2010 SHOT Show, and it impressed me as a handy little fungun. I’m not sure there’s a practical reason for wanting the CJ, but to me it’s interesting because it’s one of the few revolving shotguns to be made since the guns of the 1850’s such as the Colt-Root, the Roper and the Remington. There are 2 versions of the CJ: one has a rifled bore, the other is smoothbore. Barrels are not interchangeable. If it’s anything like my Taurus 6.5-inch Judge, it should actually do better with .410 slugs than with .45 Colt. For me, the bottom line is that Taurus and Rossi have got their act together wonderfully. I have a fair number of guns sent to me for review, and I honestly can’t fault these South American makers.

  • Will

    I’m curious as to how this weapon will stand up to heavy use. I’ve had a lot of bad exepriences with Taurus in the past. The models I’ve handled and fired include the PT1911, Tracker, 24/7 OSS .45, Model 856B2 (.38 snub nose with exposed hammer), Model 94 .22 lr in stainless steel, the new TCP .380, and a PT 92. The issues my friends, family, and I have experienced are as follows.

    PT1911- when my cousin and I picked up the pistol from the local FFL, he tried the thumb safety and it snapped right off. Obviously we were pissed since it was a factory new gun and called Taurus from the shop. It took the better part of an hour of calculated bitching for them to agree to accept the broken gun and send a replacement. One month later we pick up the gun and on initial inspection it was fine. We took it to the range the next day and after 300 rounds, the hammer sheared off. Again we called Taurus and they had to be prodded to take the gun back. 3 weeks later the gun is back with a new hammer and my cousin promptly sold it.

    Tracker .357- My uncle bought it slightly used, couldn’t have had more than 1000 rounds down the barrel. We took it to the range and after 20 rounds of factory ammo the barrel went flying downrange at a rapid rate. He kept it as a reminder of how cheaper isn’t always better.

    24/7 OSS .45- A close friend bought a brand new one on a whim. He had it for five months and in that time he fired 3000 rounds with 30 malfunctions, mainly failures to feed and eject. About 2900 of those rounds were 230 grain full metal jacket loads and the remaining 100 consisted of Hydrashoks, HSTs, Gold Dots, Ranger Talons, and Golden Sabres. It hung up on the FMJs more often than he liked and absolutly refused to feed the hollowpoints unless he took the time to polish the feed ramp every 100 or so shots. He ditched the gun for a Glock 21SF.

    Model 85B2 .38 +p Special- I inspected one at the same FFL my cousin ordered the PT1911s through. The gun was factory new and appeared to be very good, but the cylinder was so loose that I could open it without using the cylinder latch and the barrel had no rifling.

    Model 94- My cousin ordered it as a range toy. Went to pick it up at the FFL and the barrel had a part of the blank from the machining process attatched to the end. It looked like an el-cheapo sound suppressor. How such a thing made it through the QC process is beyond me.

    TCP- My friend (same guy who had the OSS) picked one up because he thought it felt better in his hand than a Ruger LCP. We took it to the range and while I was firing it, the slide bound up so badly it took both of us to field strip it. The frame rails had broke on us. We’d only fired 150 rounds of 90 grain FMJ PMC Bronze. We called Taurus and they told us it was a known problem and took it back without incident; one of the few times they didn’t give us a hassle. It runs fairly well now, thankfully.

    PT 92- My uncle bought it in 1990 and it runs quite well to be honest. It’s rougher in fit and finish than a Beretta, but it has yet to give us any issues outside of routine maitainence.

    That’s my long-winded way of saying that I know Taurus can make a weapon that works, but the odds of picking up a lemon are higher than I like in my experience.

  • alan

    I got one last week here in Houston. I love it. I do wish they had used a composite stock, alittle weighty.

  • johnny f.

    Dave Huckabee I kept looking to find my answer as to why the raging judge magnum or any shot gun pistle is not leagle in cal-I cant have one of those either-ifornia and found a description of the leagle length of any shot gun barrell I think they said 18 inches minimum as for same sex mairrage I think the dogs and goats you mentioned wouldnt be any more offensive

  • Will

    I’m thankful I don’t live in the Democratic People’s Republic of Commie-fornia but if I were to live there and were trying to decide on a home defense long gun I’d be taking a hard look at the M1 Carbine loaded with Remington, Winchester, or Speer soft points. Hard to beat a compact 5 pound rifle with 10 rounds of ammo that is slightly more powerful than .357 Magnum.

  • Jeepnut101

    Boy howdy, this thread seems to have strayed quite a bit from the Tags of “.410, .45, 2010, circuit judge, rifle, rossi, shotgun, taurus”.

    Questions for proriter: which version of the CJ did you order, rifled or smooth bore? Who did you order from? Someone local or online? When are you expecting delivery? The last I saw these weren’t expected to hit retailers until Oct/Nov. I’m still itching to hold one just to see if I like how it handles.


    WILL, i think i agree with yur m1 carbine choice. for in house use and front/back yard defense. many years ago, before ANTIGUN and PC RELEGION came into our lives, i got to shoot a m1 carbine with a 30 round clip. what a joy to shoot. my cousin, the gun nut, introduced me to shooting. i have not been normal since.

  • Gunbear

    Sorry Dave but I feel you’re wrong on one thing. I think it’s the people who don’t like guns are the ones not normal. I can hardly wait till the local shop gets one of these in to look over in person.

  • Will

    Dave: I love the little M1 Carbine. It’s plenty accurate, light weight, handy, easy recoiling, has good iron sights, and pretty easy to operate. Add in quality soft point ammo and you’ve got a weapon easily capable of handling most situations out to 100 yards. The CMP has some in stock last I checked and Auto Ordnance is making new ones in the factory, some are legal in Kalifornian Democratic Republic. If Ruger would get the bugs worked out of their Mini-14, that would be another option.

    Personally speaking, I’d prefer an SBR’d AK pattern rifle in 7.62×39. But since that’s not an option for many people either due to price or legalities (or both), I think of alternatives.


    WILL, thanks for the info. i have checked out auto ord new m1 carb, mini 14 choices and springfield arm. difficult to choose. i have even considered the S ARM SCOUT 308. now i am leaning toward the carbine size choices, but the scout is so impressive. the problem is it is in big demand by our troops over in raghead country. they have a more serious need than i do.

  • Will

    Dave- The M1A is a fine platform when it’s properly set up. Same goes for the HK91/G3 clones and FAL. For details on the M1A, follow this link. http://m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=48416 They go through what to look for in a quality rifle, what to avoid, etc. Also on that forum are details on AKs, G3 clones, FALs, etc so it’s a great source of info.

  • robert

    does anybody know if Rossi will make a version of the Circuit Judge that will fire the .454 casull round? that would be badass, a gun that wieghts only 4.75 pounds, but can hunt anything from a squirrel to a grizzly.

  • robert

    i read about a special choke that can be used to stop the spin on a rifled barrel but you have to take it off when firing .45 lc. can you put a choke on a rossi circuit judge?

  • bigjohn

    They have these at my local gander… Rifled choke smooth barrel. They sent a pattern test paper with the gun BAD 10 meters looked like a sawed off shotgun at 30 foot… not worth the $600 price tag. A pump will do everything and more….

  • HOSS

    I was wondering if anyone knows where the Circuit Judge is manufactured? (Taurus U.S. or Brazil)

  • tommy (fang) dobson

    the judge was awsome, but the circuit judge is one wicked rifle

  • Will

    Went to the range earlier with a friend and we had a bit of a contest. We took 4 guns, Taurus Judge w/ 6″ barrel, the Circuit Judge, a Cimarron clone of the old Colt Model 1872 “open top” chambered in .45 Colt with 5.5″ barrel, a Marlin .30-30 lever action with 16″ barrel, and a well-maintained Winchester ’97 shotgun. He used the Taurus guns while I used the lever gun and the single action. We found that the 1872 was easier to shoot at speed than the Judge with full-bore 000 buck loads and that with me shooting the .30-30 and him shooting the Circuit Judge, I was only very slightly slower due to having to chamber each shot manually. However the rifle was handier and was easier on the recoil end. And we both could fire the Winchester faster than the Circuit Judge (slam fire is exceedingly quick with a bit of practice)

    I’m not looking to start any kind of flame war, just posting my experiences with the platform, limited though they may be. My personal conclustion is that The Circuit Judge does not fill any need or want for me when other, less expensive options are out there such as the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. As with all things, however, your milage may vary.

  • Will

    Error above… was 5 guns… trying to type at 1 AM isn’t my strong suit.

  • rob kilbourne

    i have seen a price of 600 for this piece.

  • Will

    $600? That’s still in the range of an M1 Super 90 in very good condition. But I will say that my bad experiences with Taurus have left me with a bias so your milage may vary greatly from mine.

  • nick

    this is an awsome gun i was looking forward to hunting with it but in ohio we are not alowed to use this because we have this stupid 3 shot rule and for us to use this the firearm must have a plug that requires the firearm to be dissasembled to remove the plug

  • Jim

    I just bought a CJ for $483. Just cleaned it up and I’ll take it to the range tomorrow. It does come with the Taurus lock, like the Judge, and it comes with the two shot plug. Seems like all of the Taurus complaints were about the semi’s. I’ve owned a Judge for over two years and other than it being ugly to look at, I love it. My CJ will serve as a ranch gun dispatching snakes and other varmints to their next life.

  • Spence the Elder

    Jim, Good price on the CJ! Let us know how things turned out at the range.

  • as to one of the comments they do make bolt action .410s; and one thing about the .357 it’s not quite th same diameter as a .410

  • Spence the Elder

    Don’t get me wrong, a 357 is fine for those who like them however, there is something about a 45 Colt that is magic, IMHO.

  • Brandon

    I finally purchased the Circuit Judge yesterday. Took it out to the range today and fired about 200 rounds. A mix of 45 Long Colt and .410 shot shell from it. Very little recoil. Over-all it is a very light gun. I love the look and feel of this gun and it only weighs in at 4.75lb. Downside, I only wish ammo was cheaper for it. It took a few shots with the 45 colt ammo to get the feel of it, but I manage to keep my shots groupings in under 1 inch at 25 yards no problem. I like the fiber optic sites because I normally never shoot with a scope. It slows me down.

    Great looking gun with proven design. Would make a great gun for youth or smaller person. No complaints and no powder burns from the cylinders on either side because there are two small guards on both sides of the gun. Looks like the hot gas or powder escaping from the cylinder problem has been successfully solved.

  • Spence the Elder

    I’m just curious, what was the purchase price? We haven’t been able to get them in my area yet.

  • Will

    I’m curious as to the price as well. I’m not planning on purchasing a Circuit Judge, but I’d like to be able to do a price comparison between the CJ and a reproduction of the Winchester ’73 or Winchester ’92.

  • Buck of Virginia

    I resently visited my oldest child at her school in southwestern Virginia and we stopped at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Christiansburg. To my surprise, while I was in the gun section, I saw a CJ on the shelf. I had not seen a revolving rifle since I purchased my Cattleman’s carbine (1860
    reproduction by Uberti) .45 cal. black powder for the re-enactment group I’m with. I asked a clerk to see the CJ and I fell in love with it. Keep in mind Dick’s is asking 599.99 for the CJ. This is a little pricey for my wallet, so I spoke with one of my local gun dealers here in Tidewater. He informs me he is unable to get the CJ through his dealer’s network yet and Dick’s has an exclusize contract with Rossi/Taurus. But he says that when he is able to purchase CJ’s like other Judge’s he is able to buy, it should be under 500 dollars. Now this is easier on my wallet and I will be purchasing one to try. I am also going to inquire more about the CJ in a .454/.45 /.410. If Taurus is going to make the CJ’s with the .454 capability then I will wait.

  • daddy

    how much is the rossi going for


    hey Will and others, who remember my tough choices a while back. about 3 weeks a go, i got a good deal on a new ruger ss all weather ranch .223 from turner’s sportingt goods, in san diego, ca. have not fired it yet, but she points quick and feels very comfortable. hoping to declare war on a few tin cans very soon. the sales guy through in a nice 10 round mag as part of the sale. needless to say, i am a happy camper.

  • Dan Cron

    Seems to me that if this carbine has a rifled barrel and shoots 45 long Colt, then it isn’t a shotgun so therefore it should be legal. I have several 45 long colt handguns and have shot snakeshot rounds through them and that doesn’t make them shotguns. It’s all semantics. I think it would have to be a smoothbore to be actually classified as a shotgun with a revolving cylinder. I want one too.

  • Will

    Dave- Good luck with the Ruger. The Mini-14 is a very nice light-duty carbine and ranch rifle in my experience.

  • wood tick

    I recently purchased the Circuit Judge. Fun little rifle, good brush gun. Or as I like to do, kick them outta bed & kill ’em! (VA deer)

  • Sidvic217

    Several years ago I posted on a firearm blog that given the similarity in cartridge of the .45C/.454 (size at least) and the number of manufacturers offering the .410/.45C combo, I asked if there was any reason that given the extra power a .410/.454 could not be made and felt it would certainly be a good seller.
    Perhaps offering the.454 capable rifle as an upgrade.
    I was disappointed to be given flack by just about everyone with reasons from not needed, couldn’t be done engineering wise, too expensive.. etc .. etc…
    I have to say I feel somewhat vindicated in the Rossi .410/.454/.45C revolver and would not doubt we will see a carbine to follow soon on the lines of the Circuit judge.
    Can wait!!!

  • DO

    I would love to have a circuit judge chambered for 3″ mag 410, and the awesome 460 S&W, but ONLY if offered in stainless (or titanium). A firearm chambered for the S&W 460 will also fire a .454 or 45 colt. The 460 is substantially more power than the .454, yet my performance center x-frame S&W is not uncomfortable to shoot due to the fairly effective muzzle brake. I have the 8-7/8 inch barrel (includes compensator), and they make 12″ barrel as well. The cylinder measures a little over 2 1/4 inch, and i have often wished it were long enough to chamber a 410 shot shell. I have thought about experimenting with some hand loaded (and hand shortened) shot shells without a crimp (using hot melt glue to retain a plastic disk to retain the shot — but such shot retention may not survive the recoil if “stripe” loaded with 460 rounds in the mix.

    I have thought about making a shoulder stock similar to the one colt made for the buntline, or cattleman model. A “forearm shield” would be necessary if firing a 460 (or 454) like a rifle ( people have blown off the ends of thumbs and fingers from improper weak hand placement in the cylinder gap blast area of the XVR).

    Of note: i have experienced a jammed cylinder due to a pushed primer while firing factory 460 loads. One box must have been a little hot, as all the primers were flattened, and one pushed out far enough to jam the cylinder.
    I am happy with my XVR as an all-round survival tool — it would be even better if it: had a easily removable shoulder stock, accepted 410 shot shells, and had a cylinder gap blast shield — the Rossi CJ is a good move in that direction — make my judge extreme!

  • Rick Trick

    The way i understand the law to read in that communistic stat of Calif. is, no handgun can be owned that is able to shoot a long gun cartridge. So rules out the judge…. SASS Shooter Judge Earp

  • Ralph

    I just purchased the Circuit Judge and went out to shoot it for the first time. Only shot 000 buck and Win PDX, but did notice a problem. About 1 out of each 5 shots would not fire using double-action. The primer was hit, but the round would not fire. If I tried the same round again using single-action, it would fire.

    When it did shoot, the results were pretty devastating to the target. Hate to think this means I will need to send it back for repair, though.

  • Spence the Elder

    Did you have any problem with the .410 shells primer expanding to such a degree that the cylinder was difficult or impossible to turn? I’ve had this problem with my Judge Ultra Lite and before I fork out the bucks for the Circuit Judge I’d like to know.

  • Ralph

    Yo Spence …

    Nothing like what you are describing. The cylinder rotated with no problems. It’s like the hammer didn’t strike the firing pin hard enough at least once for each 5 shots when using double-action. However, re-trying the same shell (with the primer now showing a “dent”) using single action would cause it to fire.

  • bob elmore

    I’ve fired 50 rounds .45 remmington through my circuit judge. neat
    carbine. not tried .410 yet.
    great gun!!

  • Dan Cron

    I got a call from my local dealer telling me that my circuit judge was finally in. I paid for it and waited my ten days before picking mine up. I picked it up in early November and took it out in the desert and fired maybe ten rounds of 45 Colt and five .410 shells through it. It wasn’t bad at all but we had other guns to shoot so I didn’t fire any more. It shot real well. Last week I got a call from my dealer that the Circuit Judge had been declared an ‘assault weapon’ in California so would I please bring it back so he could return it to the distributer. Dammmmit! To declare a hundred and fifty year old design (revolving cylinder rifle) to be an assault weapon is ridiculous. Maybe Rossi will make it in 45 long Colt only and it will finally be legal in this Communist state. I was lucky enough to purchase the Taurus 450 before it was discontinued. That was the 45 long colt, 5-shot snubbie which was the predecessor to the ‘Judge’. I just don’t understand how they could consider it to be an assault weapon since it had a rifled barrel and not a smooth bore. Does that mean that when I shoot snakeshot in my old Colt Peacemaker, it becomes a sawed off shotgun? California was a ‘free’ state when I moved here but the laws have become a nightmare and I’m too old to relocate.

  • Doc

    Can you shoot the 410 and the .45 colt out of the smooth bore choke?
    Wated to carry both at the same time for grouse or more!
    So can it work or why not, does in the reg. judge.

    Thanks, Doc……….

  • Doc

    Can i shoot both .45 and 410 with the smooth choke?

  • Spence the Elder

    So, does that mean that the, “Judge”, in any of its configurations is an assault pistol?

  • Ralph

    The manual says the smooth bore choke is for .45 LC and the “straight rifled” choke is for .410 to stop the shot from spinning due to the barrel rifling. It doesn’t say you can’t use the “wrong” choke, or what would happen if you did, for example, shoot .45 long colt through the “straight rifled” choke. I would like to know that for myself.

  • Dan Cron

    Spence: In California it is. What surprised me was that this five-shot carbine with a rifled barrel is considered an assault weapon in California. I wish the idiots in the California legislature knew something about firearms before they pass laws covering guns of any kind. They have absolutely no knowledge of firearms otherwise they wouldn’t think a hundred fifty year old basic design patented by Sam Colt would be considered to be the same as the semi-automatic, ten shot revolving 12 guage shotgun called the ‘street sweeper’. The ‘street sweeper’ has a smoothbore non-rifled barrel but the ‘Circuit Judge’ has a rifled barrel so it is not even a shotgun technically. I shoot snakeshot loads in my 1873 Colt ‘Peacemaker’ occasionally. Does that make it a shotgun? My eight-shot 12 guage 870 police shotgun that also shoots rifled slugs is far more intimidating than the Circuit Judge. If I wasn’t retired with a paid-off home, I would leave this Communist state. I can’t afford to move.

  • Spence the Elder

    Dan, I know what you mean. When I retired from the Army at Ft. Irwin, they asked me what post I wanted to retire from, I said as far away from here as possible. My favorite photo is a picture of the “Welcome to California” sign, in my rear view mirror.


    mr. cron and mr elder, all your negative thoughts, about mexifornia, are very accurate. not sure who advised the kings and quees in sacramento ,on gun info, but they have really made lilfe a liviing hell for gun owners. in their view, we are all suspects and need state and federal watch-dogs. we are a threat to the peaceful coexistance with the gangbangers and undocumented visitors, who just happen to claim the entire state as their “HOOD”. I too am a home owner, but I AM making plans to see the “welcome to california” sign in my rearview mirrow.

  • Spence the Elder

    Dave, I think the term we used was, “Like a Bat out of Barstow”.



  • Roger

    Back to my FAVORITE blog. I bought a Circuit Judge last night at Gander Mountain for $499. totaling #536 with tax. Not bad price and is the same price as Gun Broker. Buds don’t have any. All in all a great finish. The Brazilian Hard wood accually looked really nice. Good graining. (Unlike the Ranch Hand I boiught last week.)
    Well made little rifle and unusual. Taurus has to be commended for coming out with new guns. All the other cookie cutter Manufactures are afraid to try anything.
    The Circuit Judge is very well made. The action works nice and timing is perfect. The fiber optic sights are great as most other guns you have to buy them After Market. How does it shoot? I don’t know nor will I ever know as I just collect the guns.
    The improvementg to it I’d like to see is a stock more like a cowboy rifle and not a Thompson Contender. Not saying the stock is bad. Just not to my taste.
    All in all I am very satisfied.

    Mr Cron. Mis-information Correction.
    The Street Sweeper was a 12 round non detachble drum. Had a horriable double stage pull. One to release the cylinder (was spring wound) and further to shoot the gun. The finish was crap. Had sharp edges and a floppie folding stock that moved from side to side when extended. You loaded and unloaded it like a SAA Colt. I had to send mine back 2 times to the factory because the aluminum cylinder seperated. True you could shoot all rounds in 3 secons about 2 times before your finger gave out. When the 1994 assult weapons ban went into effect it listed the SS bas a Destructive Devise. In my state I can’t own such a gun unless one has a Class 3 licence. I sold it ot a Class 3 dealer for $50. I paid $400. for it but wasn’t worth going to jail for. It still is classified as a DD.
    The Saiga 12 is a much better Hi-Cap. I had a SS and have a Saiga 12.

  • Dan Cron

    Roger: I’ve never had a Street Sweeper and someone else either on this blog or something similar said it was a 10 shot. Personally, I could care less. I was merely venting on the stupidity of the whole bunch of Kalifornia lawmakers for considering the Circuit Judge an assault weapon. Even before the Clinton gun ban, I was forced to give up my Colt AR-15 due to the original Roberti Ban passed after the Stockton schoolyard shootings. These people making the laws in California are the exact same people that were rioting at Berkeley and throwing rocks and bottles at us cops in the mid-sixties.

  • Roger

    You people in California need to change the laws. That is how it works.
    We changed Iowa’s law to a total Shall Issue Conclealed Carry State effective Jan 1st 2011.
    We, Iowans, voted out 2 judges who forced gay marriage into Iowa.
    back to the Circut judge topic.

  • Dan Cron

    Roger: You are correct and I have been doing my best to do that but the ‘gimmies’ outnumber the gun owners in this state. Especially in San Francisco where they voted to outlaw the private ownership of handguns. Thank God for the judge who said that law was unconstitutional. People move here for the welfare. The original founders wanted to limit voting to people who worked and owned property which would give us working people a chance to change the laws. When people find out they can vote themselves a check from the state, the ‘gimmies’ always win and the government goes downhill from there. BTW My wife’s from Waterloo in your state.


    mr cron, you are absolutely right, about changing the laws via the system in theory, but mexifornia just puts injunctions on anything that makes sense and is perfectly rational. we have a history of being denied our rights, because, as you say, the “GIMMIES” always win. And, if you believe an “illegal can not vote” in our elections, i have a bridge to sell. mexifornia has so many addon rules, they defeat practical gun ownership. trigger locks,gun safes, unloaded 24/7, out of reach of children, even if no kids live there. it goes without saying, many gun owners are probably breaking the law, to protect their homes and family members.

  • minbuilder

    I commented on the circuit judge last March and have been following the comments ever since.

    Long-story-short, I wrote the first comment from California where I was born and raised (45 years). I write this comment from the Great Republic of Texas where I now call home.

    Proud owner of a new revolving cylinder shotgun.

    Free at last, free at last– thank God almighty I am free at last.


    mr. minbuilder, congrads on settling in GOD’S country, where people and guns are as normal as american flags and apple pie. i hope to return, before i die out here in commie/mexifronia. disarming the general public is in a full court press. registering all ammo purchases is next. commie/mexifornia’s defintion of an assult rifle is essentially any gun with bullets inside the gun and possessed by someone other than government law inforcement puppetes. God help us and pray for us.

  • jerry

    I’ve waited for 9 months to receive my circuit judge in Colorado. Came down to N.C. for Christmas and had my hands on three circuit judges. Why haven’t they sent any out west?

  • Dave

    had an opportunity to handle the rifle at the gun store today, and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of research on it since. the first thing i noticed was how light, and compact the rifle really is. weighing in at only 4.45 pounds according to Rossi’s website this little beauty comes in lower than a Ruger 10/22. considering this, it may end up being a great survival gun. the rifled version will produce interesting .410 patterns, but as i myself would use it primarily for small game hunting, i cant remember the last time i spotted a rabbit at 25 yards, no problem finding them within the 10-15 foot range, it shouldn’t matter.
    now with the 45 colt should give the added advantage of being an excellent self defense, and mid size game hunting (white tail, hog, black bear) at reasonable ranges. I disagree with those that consider the 45 colt anemic, it has been around hunting and killing decent sized game for longer than anyone around.and when I’ve personally seen hunters with 45 colt revolvers hunting, I think this baby will do just fine. are there better choices out there? sure, like someone said, they would rather carry their rifle, shotgun,handgun, backup, backups backup, and so forth.?… and another 30 pounds of ammo to boot.
    as to the 454 casull. I’m torn, simply due to the fact that when I researched the Taurus website, the average Judge weighs in at 36oz, while the average raging judge comes in at 63-72 oz. up this to the rifle/carbine circuit judge, and i’m not sure i can justify the extra weight for a round that i personally probably won’t need to use.

  • Spence the Elder

    Nice review and well thought out. I agree whole heartily. As much as I’d love a 5 shot carbine that fired .45, .454 & 410, I can’t thing of much east of the Mississippi that I would need it for, (elk perhaps, but I would get less jail time for shooting my wife than for taking out an elk in TN). The extra weight and extra ammo is also a consideration, (not to mention the cost of .454). I think that the Circuit Judge is a “great grab and go” gun. The rifling is not a huge problem with the 410 if you buy the right ammo. Plus I very much like the duel ammo consideration of the CJ and the Judge, or Peace Maker etc. That’s why they made duel ammo weapons in the first place.

  • My wife,. bless her heart, bought me a circuit judge at Christmas. I have shot it often and I have several answers for you folkes. There is a cylinder guard on both sides an so no one will get a powder burn. The gun comes with two types of chokes. One is smooth and is used with 45 shells and 410 slugs. This is because the barrel is rifled and the bullet will continue to rotate past the smooth choke. The other so-called choke has straight elevated rifling which is used only with 410 birdshot. The elevated straight rifling at the end of the barrel works nicely to stop the spinning shot and keeps the pattern tight. It works very well. Next,. if you shoot buckshot or the other tripple ought shot through the straight rifled choke,. the spinning buckshot will hit the rifling and act to tighten the choke. Then it will take some effort to remove the super tightened choke. It’s not the end of the world just a pain. I have had no problems with primers or stuck shells. Yes it would be nice to have this gun in 44 mag,. 480 Ruger,. ect. This gun shot 2 inch groups at 25 yds with both the 45 and 410 slugs. Next,. if you shoot birdshot thru the smooth choke the pattern at 15 yards opens to 10 feet!! No good. Next,. Shoot buck or larger thru the smooth choke and the pattern only opens to 12 inches at 20 yards. The gun comes with 2 plastic cylinder plugs for legal hunting. Do not use Buffalo Bore hot loads in this gun. It;s not designed for them. Thanks.

    • James Hager

      Just took delivery of a stainless version today and will shoot it for the first time tomorrow. I will never shoot slugs, and I will never bird hunt, so does that mean that I can shoot the 45 cal AND the 410’s in a mix and match configuration without changing the choke? I’m assuming it’s OK to use the smooth bore “thread protector” for 410 and 45 as long as I’m not concerned about a tight pattern on the 410. Am I right on this? Thanks!

  • Ralph

    Thanks for your excellent and informative post. I have only shot .410 2 3/4″ 000 buck so far through my CJ, and used the rifled “choke” as the manual suggested. After reading your post, I realized I had the wrong choke in for what I was shooting and – as you said – had a tough time removing it. A little penetrating oil did the trick.

    Would have been very nice if Rossi had added just a couple more lines to their manual on using the chokes. First, that the threads are reversed from what you might expect (turn left to install and right to remove), so you are tightening it when you think you are loosening it. And then that the rifled choke is really only for .410 bird shot. All other rounds should use the smooth bore choke.

    Due to the weather, haven’t been able to go out and put some more rounds through it to see if my original problem (stated earlier) of double-action not firing all cylinders goes away. Called Rossi and they said they had never heard of that problem and I should just shoot more to break the rifle in.



  • Lee

    Unfortunately other than home defense or backpack gun I can’t find any other purpose for this gun. The .45 round would bounce down the .410 chamber making grouping unpredictable and the 5 round chamber would exclude this gun for most bird hunting applications.



  • Vern

    I just bought this gun…. Love it! but a little FYI for everybody out there… When removing the Choke keep in mind it is REVERSE thread!!!! it does NOT tell you that in the owners manual. Also i paid $450.00 for it new thru Cabelas.

  • Spence the Elder

    Stephen, Thanks for the great review. I plan on buying a CJ as soon as I can find one in this area.

  • Spraydog

    Got mine in Nov at Gander mountain in Wichita Ks. Loved it great pattern at 25-20 yards with 410 buckshot. sub 2 inch groups at 50 yards with 45 LC. However did have some primer issues with the 45 LC and must have caused a problem. The cylinder is now in 4 pieces. the scope mount could not be found. My head is still sore and ears are ringing. In summary CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!!!! We will see what the repair facility says when they recieve it.

  • Spence the Elder

    Ouch! Was this factory ammo or hand loaded? I’m guessing that it was not factory.

  • spraydog

    Spence not factory <Hodgdon Titegroup 6.8gr Hdy 200 gr xtp. Guarantee i will flinch next time i pull the trigger on a rifle.

  • Spence the Elder

    I’ll make it a point not to use that. Please keep us posted on the results if the investigation.
    Good news/Bad news. We have the CJ in the area now! The bad news is that my locally owned dealer still can’t get a hold of one. While I would much rather pay a bit extra from my hometown dealer it looks like I’ll have to go to Goose Hills or Drcks for one.

  • I saw the details of the Circuit Judge shotgun/rifle mid December. Immediately ordered from the local big, big box store. It has just been delivered. It certainly meets all expectation to looks and feel. I have yet to take it or my Taurus Judge to a firing range for trial.

  • CLS

    I purchased my Circuit Judge last year and have put 100’s of rounds through it. I like the weapon very much. It’s just what I thought it would be, just plain fun. It is also a good truck, saddle, or backpack gun as many others have mentioned.

    I viewed this site last year to see what others were saying about it before I purchased it. I visited today to post my experiences with the weapon. However, Mr. Maguire and Mr. Ralph covered the points I wanted to make very well. Heed their advice!

  • Spence The Elder

    I just bought my Circuit Judge yesterday, it looks and feels good. FYI; it comes with 2 choke’s, (rifled and straight), a two chamber plug, (to comply with idiotic state gun laws for hunting), a cleaning swab and the standard Taurus locking key. The down side is that my local gun dealer could not get me one and I had to buy it at a chain store. The upside is that it was $499.98. I thought that was extremely reasonable. You’d have trouble buying a standard Judge revolver for that price. I plan on doing some ballistic tests with various .410 loads including the Winchester PDX rounds. I will post the results as I get them.

  • Byron Brown

    Can I own or purchase one of these guns in CALIFORNIA? This sure would be nice to know for sure. Because if not I just happen to be going to Arizona next month and would love to pick one up. But if i am able to buy this in CA. I will wait until i get back and purchase one then. Can anyone Please let me know? Thank You! Byron

  • CLS

    The Winchester PDX rounds are very cool! They maintained a tight group at 25 and put a hurtin on some milk jugs.

  • marion bradshaw

    the perfect combination for this gun would be 460s&w mag/454/45lc/410 2&3/4IN. &3IN. SHELLS. THEN YOU CAN CALL IT THE HANGING JUDGE & HUNT ANYTHING IN NORTH AMERICA.

  • Spence the Elder

    Marion, I am sure that you are correct. In fact since I have one, bought and paid for, the announcement should be out any day now. Kind of like the way I sold my 4×4 because we never got any snow here in East Tennessee, well until this year……………:)

  • I still like the idea of saving the term Supreme Court Judge for one that shoots 45-70 rounds. I have become fond of the old 405 grain bullet. Remington sells them in a copper jacket with a soft point. That is the first round I ever fired in my new Handi Rifle…It is smooth. I also have some 500 grain INTERBONDS by Hornandy that are real interesting. It would be nice to load more than one at a time….Well I guess Quigley did okay one round at a time.

  • nam 69


  • Rintim tin

    According to Guns April 2011 issue, the Circuit Judge weighs in around 4.45 pounds an overall lengthe of 36″ and has 3 dot adjustable sights and price is $618. NOW if they had a revolver carbine in 45-70 that would be something to have DONT YOU THINK?


    Went by local indoor range today. They advertise that you can shoot rifles there if they are of pistol caliber. When I told them that I wanted to shoot my Circuit Judge, I was told ” NO WAY, Our wall can’t handle it! but you can fire 410 shells.”
    Now I really want to find a place to shoot. Going to take it home to the farm in WV next weekend.

  • Spence the Elder

    Technicality, that monster 5 shot 45.70 is also a pistol cartridge. 🙂

  • nam 69


  • Bryan

    I would like to see it as a lever action

  • Spence the Elder

    There are numerous lever action .410’s and .45’s on the market. I can’t see a combo happening if for no other reason than ammunition feeding problems.

  • Dale

    I just purchased one, and it is really sweet…. paid under 450.00 msrp here in SC.. but they do tend to sell out fast!

  • 1212survivor

    Ok, I have owned this rifle for about 6 months now. I have fired a few hundred rounds so far. Even took it skeet shooting just for fun. It is abreeze to load, point and shoot. You do not even perceive the deflectors as they work so well. it is now in our home by the wifes bed as home protection. It is just right for her and she is comfortable shooting it. Well worth the money, go ahead and buy one.


    those of us who are living in MEXIFORNIA, are so jealous of all you people, who are free. you have “rights to keep and buy arms”. we have “rules, regulations and the right to bitch” about the kings, queens and nobelmen of our elected government.

  • chuck curry

    just purchased the circuit judge and went shootin…..150 rounds of cowboy action lc and 100 rounds of 410 federal hi brass #6…was really surprised at the shot gun pattern at 20 yards(very good) and the accurracy of the long colt at 100 yards…will try different loads in near future but am really happy with what i got so far!

  • redbeard

    I would have to agree with SHANKBONE on holding for the raging judge edition! I have one of the original judges, the 3″ raging judge on layaway, and would like very much to add this to my collection. Kind of suprised that TAURUS didnt leap straight to the .454 on this one!

  • Danielle

    Already own the judge revolver with the 6″ barrel and absolutly love it. It is my home defense gun of choice, even over my Taurus 24/7 Pro. I ordered my Circut Judge on Saturday from my local dealer,can’t hardly wait.

  • Masteraceman

    What about a Here Comes De Judge model? It would have to be chambered in something ridiculous like oh i dont know……50 caliber?

  • After looking at one of these at our local shop/range, this is already on my want list. It gives both world a shot in the arm. (Shotgunners or Riflemen). Some people ask “will it hurt the rifling of the barrel shooting shot in it. The slug barrel on my 12 ga. is rifled and I load every other shell slug-buck shot-slug. ect.. My slugs still hit my aim point after years of use.

  • kayleb

    the gun comes with two plugs to make it leagal to hunt with

  • Rheston

    I’ve had this weapon on order since November 2010 and still waiting. The demand is so hight that it’s taking forever to build production to match! I’ll be back from Afghanistan at the end of July for R&R and I want it to be there when I get home for my wife to use as her primary home defense weapon with her Glock 45 GAP as backup.

  • Great blogs! Just purchased a Survivor SB1 made by Harrington & Richardson rifled in 45 LC & 3″ 410. I live in SOCAL and purchased it at from a local dealer. It’s a good little single shot for the kids and ladies. Also, for removal of rattlers and coyotes. I’ld make room for the Circuit Judge and wonder when they will come out with the Raging Circuit Judge in 454, 45 LC & 3″ 410.
    Shouldn’t have any trouble buying any of these in California. Because their aren’t concidered concealable, don’t hold more than ten rounds and aren’t an assalt long gun.

  • I left out they aren’t sawed off shot guns.

  • I like the way Masteraceman thinks. Here’s one for the cowboy shooters. Over and under, 45/70 &45 LC long octigon barrels like the Sharps 45/70 and one really big cylinder.

  • Thomas

    I have seen more than a few of the Taurus Circuit Judge’s at our Arizona gun shows all have been for sale by dealers as they are rather new on the market prices are $615 and up, they are not as popular as the Taurus Judge revolvers, I guess people are looking mostly for a powerful handgun for self-defence either while hiking or by the bed stand . I wish that Taurus would develop a Judge that will shoot not only .410 shotgun shells and .45 Colt but also .45ACP ! Also too bad that the Taurus Circuit Judge is not like the Thompson Contender, which has interchangable barrels and forearm stocks, so the full lenght shotgun by removing the barrel , stock and forearm could then be a Taurus Judge revolver !

  • Spence the Elder

    You can take the stock off and it looks like, although I haven’t tried it, that the pistol grip could work. Next thing I’m waiting for down the pike is a Supreme Court Judge, Both .410’s, .45 LC & 454 Casull with that super heavy barrel. Yes sir buddy, that will cover every critter on the North American Continent to include the occasional charging Locomotive.


    MATT GROOM, the bolt action 410 has been around for decades ,the old J C Higgins

  • Hey Gunns

    Just bought the Circut Judge yesterday, wt. is 81oz. Shot it this morning and at 25′ it key-holed the paper over 50% of the time!! Tried 3 different factory loads and a couple of my own, same results. Needless to say it goes back today. The twist is too weak I think. Twist is just at one turn the full length of the bbl. Another thing I discovered is you can’t manually eject 5 rounds fired or unfired because the stock prevents it. Looks like the Brazillaro who inletted the stock shaved a taper off of the wrong side. The accuracy was marginal at 25′ with 250 gr. SWC loads, not much better with jacketed 200 gr loads. I believe they will have to re-barrel this one to correct the stabilization of the bullet. We shall see……..

    • Ray

      GOOD LUCK It will be at least 4 weeks until you get it back. Mine did not shoot accurate either. I sent it back to them and didn’t here anything from them. I constantly called and finally got an answer. They told me there is nothing wrong with the gun. They sent it back. I just had a 3 x 9 scope added yesterday. I will shoot it again this week. If it is still all over the paper with no consistancy I will get rid of the gun. I question all these other people that are saying how accurate they are.

      • George

        I just bought one a couple weeks ago and i cant get it to shoot the bullseye with a sighted in scope. I dont know about this one either!

      • harrell

        yeah just bought one few weeks ago its the most inaccurate gun i’ve ever owned even at just 25-yards. 45-LC or sabot slugs or rifled slugs 12 to 20 inch spread with the correct tube in barrel. even put red-dot reflex sight on it just to make sure same results. I have 2″ snub-nose revolvers that will shoot better at 25-yards.been around guns all my life 57-years old and this C_J is not worth with tax $550 also better stick with remington or winchester in 410 ammo are you will have problems ejecting spent rds.

  • James

    hey matt groom i own a 410 bolt action it has a built in adjustable choke but unfortunately it has no visible markings but it looks like a Remington to me it is about 65 to 70 years old and works great .It was given to me by my father
    ant he got it from his when he was 12 and it was already an old gun then

  • chuck curry

    update: Still really liking my circuit judge, have found that short barrel will make your ears ring when shooting 3″ magnum 410s(hearing protection is good idea anyway) the blowback between cylinder and chamber is non issue with the deflector, never had it bother me. shooting lower powered “cowboy” loads is both fun and a lot cheaper even for most women who flinch at recoil. One of the main things i’ve noticed is that only good to about 60-70 yards with the 45 light loads, but paper plate accuracy is increased to around 150 when using 3″ magnum 410 rifled slugs, we’ve talked about the reason and we’re thinking its the travel distance between the 45 cases and barrel is a lot longer than the distance between 410s and the barrel.(wild a** guess) the factory included scope rail works good with weaver rings and mounts put a NcStar pistolero 2-7×32 rifle scope on it and it works great but it does come with hammer extender that alleveates the problem of using the external hammer manualy because of the scope extending backwards over it…altogather am still pleased with the gun and think it was a good deal.

  • Flash1

    California is not a State, it is another country run by Idiots and morons!
    “The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

  • van

    i just purchased the only one walmart in lawton okla had and amazing its a great gun for mounting on my fourwheeler and it has been a great money investment the minuete i seen it i just so had to have it shot a hog with it last night from the fourwheeler and again i say if you get the chance to buy one do it it you wont regret it

  • M376X6

    Bought a Circuit Judge yesterday after deciding not to hunt Blue Grouse with one of my 22LR’s as it could be too dangerous as more folks walk the woods. My 12,16, and 20 gauge shotguns are just too large for a shy grouse sitting in a tree perch 20 yards away. Shot it today with the sleeve designed to stop the shot from spinning and at 25 yards it will be very lethal for any small game. Very little spread from what damage it did. It has flash guards on both sides to protect either left or right hand shooters. It has a two cylinder plug for states requiring a limit of three shells loaded at a time. The sites are really well made and are a true plus when sighting something. For a 410 it is a bit loud. For distances with the 45LC out past 50 yards I’ll use my 460XVR instead. I mean really, can you expect a 45LC from an 18.5 inch barrel to be an effective sniper rifle??? I suppose, if you look hard enough, you can find something wrong with everyone elses ideas since they aren’t yours. Super little firearm, I’m quite happy about adding it to the collection. I hope it will bring home many a rabbit and blue grouse, not to mention a ton of fun to plink with.

  • Ethan

    Stainless, 18.5″ rifled barrel, 410/.44 Magnum, synthetic grip and tactical folding stock !!! 😉 Predator protection and kid crazy bird and rabbit gun. Can it be built combining the Taurus Judge 410/44 Mag and Circuit Judge barrel plus after market grip and stock? Oh and Red Dot!!

    • GRIZZ

      Did the tactical folding stock come with it? I was looking to find a pistol grip stock like that of an ar-15 and can’t seem to find any aftermarket stocks.

  • i just got the circuit judge for x-mas,couldn’t have ask for a better gift.I’ve shot around 50 rounds of each and i must agree if you added anything else to it like the.454 all it would do is get me in trouble for tryingto shoot elephant LOL.I think it ‘s just on of those things that come around once in a while you should just leave alone.My hats off to rossi/taurus congrats ,besides my judge it my second favorite gun at this time so keep up the innovation and you’ll keep on making us gun consumers happy.

  • darren

    I just want to know how hot of a load you can reload them at . with a
    45cal. 250 gran bullet with good brass. I shot some with
    11 grans of #5 accurate, and 250 gran hornady.
    Taurus / Rossi wont give any info on it of the true cut off is
    so how can you realy reload this gun with any real safty.
    I thank they just want you to buy there amo.
    All other guns come with this info. I think they should also. please post comments. about this.

  • herb

    i got a circuit judge from my wife for xmas i have a judge 4″ sta.also
    the judge is better qualty
    the index spur on the circut is poorly machined trouble ejecting colts at times+ primer not centered on 3 cyl,s
    3″#4s with choke excelent we need info for 45lc loading so far not bad
    how about it braztech

  • Ray

    I bought the circuit judge two weeks ago. Have shot it 3 times and there is no way to sight it in at 25 yards for .45 and 410. The .45 shot high left the 410 rifled slug shoots low left. So I figured I would work on sighting in the .45. Went through a box of shells and have the sights set to shoot as low as possible and as far right as possible an still can’t hit the bullseye at 25 yards but at least it was close. So then I decided to try the 410 rifled slugs. I shot ten shell and shot 1 1/2 foot low and 1 1/2 foot to the right. Could there be something wrong with the gun? It is consistant low left with the slugs and I don’t think I should have it adjusted as low as possible and as far right as possible for the .45. The 45s I shot were American Eagle 45 Colt 225 grain jacketed soft point and the slugs were Winchester 3″ 1/4 oz rifled slugs hollow point. At this point I am ready to take the gun back. Any suggestions?

    • Joe B.

      I see people say “rifled slugs” often in this forum. What exactly is the difference between a regular .410 buckshot and a .410 rifled slug? I was told that for home defense purposes, that .410 buckshot was best for the Circuit Judge.

      • ive had the same problem. same ammo etc.. i think the sights are crap to be honest!!!!! im going to put a scope on and see if i can get some consistent shooting pattern.

  • B D Romines

    Has anyone had trouble? Such as — mine shoots 4 rounds great & hangs up EVERY 5th round…. after cleaning, the same thing —- hangs up on the 5th round… any help??

    • that is a problem with the timing/tuning of your revolver. standard gunsmith stuff. should be fixable within a couple weeks max. take it to a pro in your area (or me if you are in TN 😉

  • Ray

    I posted a comment on Jan 30 about the circuit judge. I realized I had it wrong. The .45 shoots high left and the 410 rifled slug shoots low RIGHT. I have moved the sights as low as possible and as far right as possible and now the .45 is close but could be better. Now the 410 is shooting 1 1/2 ft low and 1 1/2 ft right. I just spoke to the customer service dept at Rossi and asked if I should change bullets or a differenct grain of bullets. They claim a different bullet or different grain bullet would not make that much of a difference. They want me to send the gun back for them to check. Does anybody have suggestions?

    • Joe B.

      Well I ended up buying a CJ for myself! This is the first non-military weapon that I’ve fired in many years and I have to admit, it freakin’ rocks!

      I have only fired the .45 shells so far and I noticed that the rounds landed just a tad south but other than that I am quite pleased with this product! Definitely recommended!

      My major reason for buying this is for home protection (I’m a prepper!) with the reasoning in the back of my mind that I may need it later on for hunting of food.

      Still have to purchase some .410 shells and see how I like it.

      Thanks to all in this forum that contribute to the useful information in it!

    • herb moyer

      they take forver to get it back
      mine took from jan.16 till mar.15
      still not right
      qualty control?
      good luck

  • Arnie

    Just noticed a crack in the stock under the hammer where it meets the receiver on my Circuit Judge. Have put less than 50 rounds through it – all factory. Anyone else have this problem? Will be calling Rossi when the weekend is over.

  • Joe B.

    I’m contemplating buy a Circuit Judge for my father but I was curious what it is specifically designed for? Is it a pain in the rear when switching ammo (from .410 to Colt 45)?

    Was hoping someone could give me a few pros and cons on it.

    Thanks for any help!


      NO TROUBLE AT ALL MINE IS LOADED 410-45-410-45-410

      • Joe B.

        Which ammo do you keep it loaded with? What ammo (Colt .45 and .410) do you personally prefer? I want to make sure I get enough of a stock supply before these knuckleheads in the White House cut us all off.

      • Joe B.

        Two questions concerning your statement that you have yours loaded 410-45-410-45-410….

        I just bought my Circuit Judge and have only fired it once (just 45). I thought when you went from 410 to 45 you should re-sight the weapon?

        I guess when you’re shooting from close range it really doesn’t matter.

      • Dave C

        Just one question regarding your loading of the Circuit Judge. You said you alternate the loads in the cylinders, i.e. .410, .45, etc (which I like) but other stuff I’ve read says that you’re supposed to change the sleeve in the barrel to alternate between shooting .410 and .45 loads.

        How do you work with this?


    • Ray

      I had problems with mine. The company tells me you can sight it in for the 45. If you want to shoot .410 rifled slugs you will have to sight it in again. You cannot shoot both with the same sight because of the weight of the bullet being different. Going from 45 to 410 shot there is no need to resight.

    • Barry H

      I’ve had mine since they came out, I’ve many guns and this is by far my favorite. I’ve had no problems at all and the accuracy is surprising. Downed a whitetail buck 85yds, 200g cast bullets over 6.0g Red Dot. I have lots of varmit trouble and the 410 handloads are very effective and cheap. My brother in law wanted to buy his wife a gun last Saturday I brought mine over for him to try. He went strait to the gun show and bought one. His wife who had never shot it before hit a five gallon bucket 3 out of five times with the 45 loads at 110yds. This is’nt precision shooting but these were the first five shots out of a new gun and she’s not a shooter. Your Dad will love it!

      • Joe B.

        Thanks Barry (and Ray) for your replies. I think I might end up getting one for myself as well!

        How would you rate it for home protection?

      • Joe B.

        I feel like such a newby here but I have to ask….which .410 ammo is best for the Circuit Judge with home protection in mind as your guide? I’ve fired a number of weapons during my military career but have no knowledge on these. I was looking around online today (for ammo) and noticed that on some websites, when looking for .410 ammo, there are a slew of choices (#12 shot, #8 shot, etc.. not to mention buckshot, slugs, BBB shot, and so on..) Again, I’m only worried about .410 for homeprotection.

        I want to start purchasing ammo now because I just don’t trust the man behind the chair in the Big House.

        Thanks for your help!


  • Joe B.

    I saw a video on the Circuit Judge and the guy recommended using PDX1 ammo but he didn’t say why. Was wondering if anyone that reads this forum would know why PDX1 is good ammo for this weapon.



      • Joe B.

        Thank you

  • chuck curry

    Been followin this thread for a while now,enjoy the wide ranging opinions(pro and con) I still like the gun and its fun to shoot, I believe its a good self defence/home protection set up mainly because of the ease of operation and fast handling charateristics i too have in close at hand loaded with .45 lc and 410 pdx alternatly. Although not a super setup for anyone thing still think its a great choice for multiusage.

    • Ray

      Have you tried shooting 410 rifled slug? The company is telling me I have to sight the gun in for the 45 caliber and if I want to shoot a 410 rifled slug I have to resight the gun for the slug. I cannot use the same sighting for both. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same or if there is something wrong with my gun. I have already sent it back to the company and they say there is nothing wrong with the gun.

      • chuck curry

        I have tried .410 rifled slugs and acually found them to shoot tigher groups at 50-60 yards (2″ compared to 3″ for 45lc cowboy loads) and putting barska reddot sight at lowest setting is 2 inches low at 60 yards. Been talkin about it some and came up with the possibility of the difference in travel in the cylinder is shorter for the rifled slug bein the reason for better accuracy and the heavier slug bein cause of low sighting.. however i use the 45lc at the 1 sighting in because thats what i can shoot the most of, price of 410 rifled slugs makes slugs to expensive to shoot.

      • Spence the Eldr

        Honestly I can’t think of a reason I’d want to shoot a .410 slug. You’ve got everything from light shot to PDX commando rounds. The new high powered Long Colt ammo caries a heck of a lot more punch than a .410 slug.

      • chuck curry

        Like Spence i dont really see the value in shooting rifles slugs out of it, I just shot em to learn more about the gun like a lot of the different loads in both shotgun and rifle..

      • earpe

        ,410 slug is actually a bit smaller than the .45 lc projectile…..the CJ is designed to hold both however the .410 slug does bounce around in the barrel somewhat and is therefore less accurate

  • Ralph

    After only shooting my CJ only twice I’ve noticed a crack in the stock from the right angle where the receiver joins to the stock below the hammer. Called customer support and was originally told they would ship me a new stock, but in subsequent calls they tell me that stocks are back ordered. Wonder if there is a fix I can do myself that will be safe to shoot? Anyone else with this problem?

    • chuck curry

      After shooting approx 1500 assorted different rounds thru mine have yet to encounter a problem with stock or anything else, but have read of quite a few folks that have had problems…..guess i just got lucky and got one made on wednsday.

  • George

    yea,I just bought the circuit judge a few weeks ago. hope i didnt go wrong buying this one. Been seeing a lot of bad storys on here about it. used my tax money to buy that gun.

  • TcsTms

    Just purchased your Circuit Judge 45/410 with black syn. stock. I find the stock to short for comfortable shooting. Is the stock on your 22LR/22 Magnum inter changeable? Or inter changeable with the wood stock?

    • Eric

      I recently picked up the judge but can it fire 2 and a half inch 410 slugs?

      • Tcs Tms

        I have used standard 2.5 & 3 in slugs w/o a problem.

  • anyone thought of swapping the cylinder with one from a “Raging judge” for the extra capacity and additional versatility of the monster .454 casull? I imagine the frame may be too weak or too small, so maybe just taking the barrel and stock from the CJ and putting them on the RJ? just simple musings of a gunsmith but surely someone else has considered this possibility too.

  • the patterning is awful, even with the “straight rifled choke” which is supposed to help. Well, that is a bit harsh, it is just not accurate enough to suit ME at longer ranges. Squirrels would possibly be taken within 15 yds and dove to about 25 IF you use the choke, which, in turn, ruins your accuracy with slugs. That said, shooting .45lc or .410 slugs I found most satisfying with fantastic accuracy out to 100 yds using “leverevolution” .45lc rounds with only about a 3in difference when using winchester .410 slugs. Shot should never be fired down a rifled barrel anyway. It was a novel idea, but the only way to really make this thing work is to produce it with interchangeable barrels and chokes. I would settle for a fixed full or modified choke. be nice in 20 ga.

  • getting a rossi cj in 45lc stainless. cant wait to get my hands on it. ive been reading some reveiws and looking on youtube and looks and sounds like a good rifle to have.
    was a liitle worried to read about some stocks cracking on this forum tho. will have wait and see.

  • Micah

    I Arizona can’t regulate imigration becaus it is already federaly regulated and thus federal jurisdiction. How can Cali regulate since fire armes are federaly regulated? Why do we have the ATF if states can regulate? I think that one could be beaten if some one would fight it.

  • josh

    i got my cj about 2 weaks ago and the stock cracked right below the hammer after about 30 rounds. other than that the gun is great for packin through the brush. i just want to know if they have a after market stock that dosent suck.

    • Tcs Tms

      I am also looking to replace my stock. Please advise if you find a viable option.

    • Mark Severino

      I just picked up a like new/used CC with a blue finish and a synthetic stock/black. I am looking for the wood stock and cant seem to find it on a websearch. I checked Rossi’s website and dont understand why they do not offer it as an after market accessory?
      if anyone can direct me to a web site that carry’s the wood stock for the Circuit Court Judge please let me know(arizdare@yahoo.com).
      Best wishes and thank you…Mark-FFL,Arizona

      • Ron In Fla

        I’m having a 3 1/2″ extension made for my tuffy stock…

  • Tcs Tms

    Ammo for the Judge:
    Does any have experience using Lehigh Defense, LLC’s, .45 Colt Judge/Governor, 200 gr, ME [http://lehighdefense.mybigcommerce.com/45-colt-judge-governor-200-gr-me/]?

  • finally got my c/j today. got the stainless steel version in 45lc/410.
    looks great cant wait to shoot it.
    just wandering can someone please tell me what choke i should use to fire the 45 lc only. ive got the thread protector choke (smooth) in as per the manual. is that correct?

  • scott

    i have had my cj for a while and have been looking for replacement sights, i couldnt “0” the sights for the 45lc due to the sights not having enough adjustment. any help is appreciated,

    • Ray

      Good luck. I had the same problem. Finally mounted a scope. Works great except for adding weight..

  • david morris

    I doubt revolver rifles will ever break into the mainstream, but make a good alternative, being more reliable than a self-loader and swifter than other action types. Since “big bore” semi automatics are banned in the UK, at least something like this gives you repeated shots at the pull of a trigger, again not quite a self-loader but almost as fast in the right hands.
    I’ve seen plenty of Taurus and Czech made ALFA carbines in the UK, mostly in .357 and .44 magnum; it’s amazing how shooters adapt to overcome the laws of deranged politicians. Good to see somebody’s had the sense to add a head shield to the front of the cylinder, until something similar appears across the pond I’ll hang on to my lever action!

  • Brenda

    I got one of these as a Christmas present this year. My gift had a Bushnell scope added. Several of us tested the rifle by shooting at a snow filled pail placed on the frozen river. Every one of us hit it at 250 yards, and 300 yards.

  • beverly

    Ihave a judge and a circuit judge .I love them both its the first rifle I have ever owned,I am shot gun girl.I have been target shooting with both and have had no problems so far.I like the fact that the circuit judge isnt heavy at all ,it will be my tree rat and hog gun LOL

    • BlueOx

      I have a circuit judge and would love to get a regular judge and another circuit judge stock for it, Do you know if they are interchangeable? A judge with a shoulder stock would be the PERFECT home defense weapon.

  • vietvet656667

    Hi I have a 454 ruger super redhawk71/2 bbl.It shoots about two feet highcant adjust to lower it . I am using ruger1 inch rings on a bsa edge 2×20 scope ..help!!

  • bruiser 50

    Has anyone had luck in finding replacement sights for the circuit judge? I love this firearm but am concerned about the durability of the plastic elevator. And too the difference in accuracy when switching from .410 to 45LC. I don’t believe this is a problem with the Circuit Judge. Anytime you switch loads or the weight of the round you are firing, the firearm will react differently. Enjoy your shooting.

    • James VanEtten

      Yeah….I had thought about sight alternatives. I do like the supplied fiber optic sight, but had considered an apperture sight or skinner sight. Definitely gonna put a hawke 2-7×32 on it. As far as the slug question….I have done a lot of research and it appears the issue with .410 slugs is the diameter. It is too small for accuracy in the .45 bore and tends to tumble down the barrel affecting the overall accuracy. However the .45 colt with proper bullets will put down a deer with extreme prejudice at 60 yds., or so.

  • James VanEtten

    I still like the carbine…it has been very dependable and I have , so far had no problems with it. I bought mine about a year ago and am now reloading AND casting my own bullets for the .45colt. I shoot as often as my wife will let me. 🙂

  • Tom Abbott

    The rear sight on my circuit judge needs to be replaced with something else. Any body know where I can get an after-market rear sight that will fit the slide ramp ?