How many .22 LR can you fit inside a .416 Barrett case?

Ten rounds.

Why did I stuff ten rounds into a empty case? Some people measure case capacity in Milliliters, I prefer to measure it in Longrifles. For comparison a .338 Laupa has a capacity of 3 LRs.

I admit it is not the most accurate method of gauging case capacity 😉

Steve Johnson

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  • Dom

    Nice hollowpoints for .22LR. What are they?

    • Dom, they are CCI subsonic HP.

  • You’re a lucky man Steve, CCI subsonics are my favorite but nobody around here reliably has them, hp or ball.

  • Lance

    How many can fit in a .50 BMG?????

    • Lance, I did not have an empty .50 bmg case on hand 😉

  • Marshall Mathers

    Here’s a follow-up thread from the father of the shooter

  • Spiff

    About 40 years ago some friends of mine and I contemplated necking a .50BMG to take phonagraph needle…After many more beers, and a discussion about how many reduction dies, and cost, it was going to take, we decided to try the .22 route, but a few more beers later we decided that we could not get a receiver strong enough to withstand the pressure of a full .50BMG case of powder pushing a .22…So we had a few more beers!