Glock 21 buried 2 years. Works fine.

Two years after burying his Glock 21, this guy digs it up, washes it off with water and, without any lube, fires 500 rounds of .45 ACP through it. Not bad.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • hoodfu

    Brings new meaning to the term “gang bang”.

  • Dom

    A great (albeit sketchy) epilogue would be a shot of the ad he put out to sell the gun the next week. “For Sale: Glock 22. In storage for two years, used only one day. Perfect working order. MSTA!”

  • Apdl

    That is pretty amazing!
    Still not sure why anyone would do this to a perfectly good gun nor do I know why everyone is wearing a tacticool vest…

  • Don

    How do we know it was actually buried for 2 years?


  • Crystal

    Wowzers!! The shooter at 4:00 and 6:30 almost got his thumb taken off. Glad that guy was watching and caught it before something bad happened. He must be a new shooter. I noticed he grabbed the gun with his non shooting hand and loaded it with his shooting hand. and it also seemed like he didn’t even get set or sighted. He just pointed the gun over there and started shooting. And then he’s got this weird lean thing going on.

  • Jack

    The gun jams at 2:22….

  • Jim

    this is very suspect, overall..

  • Jimbo

    We know it’s been buried for 2 years when we take a look at the rust on the inside of it. But maybe it’ll rust in 2 weeks? Good question?

  • Scott S

    Pretty interesting.

    Don, I was thinking the same thing – but it’s not a sworn testimonial, just some guys who thought it would be interesting. I think if someone was willing to do it with a little more diligence, then it’s something glock could and should accurately monitor.

    I am curious about the magazines as well – they looked new. Not a huge thing, but in the video, he dug out only the one in the pistol, and everyone came to this party with a pair of full magazines.

    Apdl, I noticed the vest too – it was a little odd. Plus there was like ten of them…….

    Still, pretty neat.

  • carlos

    I counted 3 or 4 stoppages, but nevertheless quite a feat of durability

  • Lance

    Proves a Glock is a relighable weapon.

  • What I think interesting is watching muzzle control. Two shooters had very steady control, two very poor, others in between.

  • dg

    So a Glock can finally do what a $50 Davis 22lr derringer can….. Glad to see there making progress there.

  • Carl

    I love it when people turn the gun almost 90 degrees to the side and/or up in the air when reloading.
    Anyway… is this some sort of militia? Wolverines?

  • jdun1911

    The same guy in that video also did the best extreme torturer test ever, including shooting the Glock with .22lr.

    I was impress with the lady on the second malfunction. She did the clearing drill perfectly and effortless (Tap, Rack, and Bang). The first malfunction was probably user error.

  • jdun1911

    Turning 90 degree on eye level is the best consistent way to reload. It has been taught in all firearms school as far as I know.

    They are not militia. They just have room to train. The vast majority of shooter will never have the kind of space that is needed to improve their firearms skills. You either need to have a large farm or live near an outdoor range that allows this kind of training..

  • Earl T

    Its Glock, why unbury it? Did it get better-looking after two years UG ???

  • Carl

    I don’t mind turning the gun on the bore axis. If you do that the barrel will still point towards your target. I mean pointing the barrel almost perpendicular to the target line, ie to the left and almost sweeping the guy standing there.

    I realise many people need to adjust their grip slightly to reach the magazine release. But you can do that while still keeping the muzzle pointed in the general direction of the target.

    And even if you have a huge area considered safe for shooting in all directions there is no harm in practicing for situations where this may not be the case.

  • jdun1911

    Maybe I’m confused on what you posted, Carl. I assumed what you meant was tilting the handgun about 90 degree like the pictures from the video above. However he need to place the handgun a little bit higher.

    The reasons why the 90 degree tilt and at or near eye level:
    1. You will see the magwell. This means reloading can be consistent. Limit fumbling in stressful situtrations.
    2. You can see threats that might be advancing toward you.
    3. You get back in shooting position faster because the handgun is on or near eye level. The sight will come back up quicker.

    Here Todd Jarrett on reloading. No doubt he is in the top three best handgun shooter list in the world.

  • Carl

    JDUN1911, I took a screenshot of what I mean:

    The barrel is getting close to covering the range officer or whatever he is called.

    I’m not an authority on combat shooting though, just an amateur who tries to follow Cooper’s safety rules as far as possible (within reason). It is entirely possible I’m too anal about safety.

    Your points are all good. I just think you could still manage to reload while keeping the barrel pointed generally towards the target.

    And I believe in some IPSC stages you’ll get disqualified for sweeping too far left, right or too high. Not exactly sure about this though.

  • MrSatyre

    Hm. We already knew the Glocks were tough, so this seems like a waste of good ammo to me IMO.

  • Trango78

    Buried for 2 years….really…I doubt it. To me this is just more of the typical “Glocks are the best guns ever made” mantra.

    I don’t care how strong the tenifer finish is supposed to be on Glocks, no firearm, Glock or otherwise, is going to sit in the ground for 2 YEARS, unprotected, without significant rusting/damage and come up fully functional. And let’s remember that not ALL of the parts that go into any kind of firearm are 100% bomb proof.

    Not only that, who in their right mind is going to bury a perfectly good firearm, unprotected, for two years?? I can see doing so in a survival case for that rainy day scenario but come on.

    My guess is this is a video put out by a group of people who want to be tactikewl (hence all the drop-leg holsters and web gear) and decided they were going to show the world how great Glock pistols are by burying one in the backyard for a week and take turns shooting it. Yay.

  • jdun1911


    The screen shot you posted the muzzle is way to the left. It should not be that far.

  • jdun1911

    How about the 1000 round Glock 19 tortures test video.Guild rod melted and plastic frame warped, yet it keep on going. Is that a fake?

  • Andy in Connecticut

    I just read your comment policy so I know my 1st comment won’t get posted (excessive snarkiness and all). But it felt good to type it!

    Cheers! 🙂

    PS- Love your site!

  • Hellhound

    Why do Glock owners need to prove to everyone that their gun is better than everyone else? I have also noticed that many people (in this video and others) have bad control over Glocks, what are some causes other than shooter error?

  • Trango78

    @Hellhound, you are right in that several of the people in that video seem either too excited or too inexperienced when handling the firearm. Unfortunate to say the least.

    Where you are wrong however, is that the Glock firearm is steadily losing its footing as king of the hill. In fact the new Gen 4 guns (funny on how they need to improve on perfection) play catch-up in many regards to features that have been in play with the M&P and XD pistols for some time.

    Just to clarify too, I’m NOT bashing Glock. It’s a battle tested firearm through and through. I’m just saying you can’t be king forever. Just ask Atlanta, GA PD which guns they now shoot. Funny, isn’t Glock’s USA HQ in the Atlanta metro area….

  • Trango78

    @jdun1911 – No, I do not think the video put out by Tactical Response is a fake. I wouldn’t expect that from a professional tactical company.

    That being said, my M&P has stainless steel guide rod and the polymer frame has a reinforced stainless steel chassis, so the melting and significant warping, not so much a concern for me.

  • jdun1911

    Carl, I wanted to add as long as the muzzle didn’t sweep anybody, he isn’t breaking one of the four firearm safety rules.

    Most people that does destructive tests own more then one brand of firearms. In fact I wouldn’t be surprise they own a large number of firearms in their collection.

  • Ajax22

    I see your glock buried for 2 years and raise you a 1911 Burried for more than 50…

    She went from this:

    To This:

    Gotta put that glock back into the ground…. dig her up around 2064