Build your own Enfield SA80 (soon)

Prexis plans on selling a US made kit version of the Enfield L85 / SA80. The PL85 kit contains all the parts needed to build the rifle. The catch? The lower receiver which will require bending into shape.

I have no word on pricing or when this kit will be on sale.

Refer to state law before building your own rifle and don’t even think about building with the intention of selling unless you want the BATFE knocking down your door!

British made Enfield L85A

[ Many thanks to Kenneth for emailing me the info. ]

UPDATE: Preorder price is $1800. Final list price will be $2400.

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  • Tam

    That’s a mighty expensive toy…

  • Freiheit

    $2600 for the rifle or $2600 for the KIT?

    • Freiheit, the kit.

  • pdb


  • Wolf Hater

    wtf. these guys need to learn their market… or maybe they have. i won’t be able to buy one, for now.

  • Vak

    I guess you could make some profit by registering yourself to the ATF and selling these guns for $2800 a piece. (disclaimer : I have absolutely NO knowledge of economy, don’t blame me if your company fails)

    If it’s rare, some people will buy it for the cool factor, and I guess it could be a semi decent range rifle, as it is known to be a very accurate platform (though not so reliable). Also the SAW version would be kick ass.

  • Rusty Ray

    Two and a half thousand for that? Why?

    Apart from the price, it might be good if it is as accurate as the original. A quite short weapon with a free floated 20.4 inch barrel. A piston operated gas system, and the ability to take any mag compatable with the AR system. And you’ll be buying what is effectivly an AR-18 in bull-pup configuration….

    I always wondered how good the SA80 would be with better glass on top. The issue SUSAT sight is only 4x and it was bloody accurate even with just that. So maybe if it had a nice scope on top, one wonders what it could be able to do.

    Not bad, but that price…ouch ouch ouch……….


  • Matt Groom

    The good news is that the home built SA-80’s will be just as reliable as the military ones.

  • Stretch

    $1800 for a kit of a rifle the British needed the Germans to fix?
    I’ll stick with my SMLE No4, Mk1* thankyouverymuch.

  • Lance

    Awsome finnally after 25 years a L-85 for sale here. They had a few Semi autos for sale in the UK before they where banned and destroyed. I hope Centruy arms makes leagle clones of the L-85 id buy one. The only bullpup id buy.

  • jh1990

    Taken from this thread

    Pre-orders for the first 20 kits will start being taken tomorrow.

    The introductory price to guild members for the Basic kit (upper completely assembled, lower as a flat with all lower components required to complete, (and there will be a loaner fixture available soon for bending the flats) will be $1,800 shipped.

    Pre-orders will require a $1,000 deposit, and the balance due prior to shipment. Shipment of these first 20 kits will be the end of April (as I have to be gone for almost 2 weeks in Feb. for a wedding and family issues in Illinois).

    After this first batch, the next batch of 20 will be offered at 15% off of list to members. (List price will be $2,400), however online purchases will reduce the quantity available for this 2nd and future batches of 20.

    Note: All P7/P9** and ZK current orders will ship prior to my going to Illinois.

    • jh1990, thanks for the info.

  • Aren’t the British moving away from that rifle because of it’s flaws and high cost?

    • Kenny

      The tooling was destroyed after the original company that made it was bought over by BAE. It’s a good weapon but the mk1 was much maligned for stupid design problems (Mags fell off as did other bits). I used it and the AR in the 90’s and parachuting with the SA80 was always entertaining to see if it was in one piece when you unpacked the para rifle bag (it fell below you on a lanyard). The mk2 is pretty good though once HK worked on it after they were bought by BAE. You would never trade the mk1 for an AR, a lot of soldiers would prefer the mk2 to an AR. It is quite heavy though. I believe about 300000 were made on the original tooling and most updated to mk2 spec, but there can’t be anymore now unless there is a complete rework of the tooling to make it.

  • WeaponBuilder

    The boys over at WeaponsGuild (Co-Owned/Operated by Prexis folks) just dropped coin on some new CNC equipment. I heard the down payment was just barely met in time after doing a lot of ‘Raffles’ of private rifle collections…

    Now that they have the CNC machine they need to find a way to pay off the remaining +10K or they lose it. I’m sure you’ll see lots of other ‘Pre-Order’ opportunities for ‘Future Products’ coming in the very near future!

    One of the previous ‘Group Buys’ with one of their main site staff went south quickly, after a lot of people paid in, never received a product or update, and were left seeking legal action. If the company they keep (which runs off with many people’s money) is any indication of what to expect – I’d avoid this…

    Go check out the WeaponsGuild site yourself for more information. I wouldn’t trust ’em with $1800 of my hard earned cash for a ‘pre-order’ payment though.

    I’d still feel more comfortable putting money down for a SHRIKE or __Insert Other Vaporware__ than this ‘Kit’. Great in concept, but can it be delivered?

    $2600 price isn’t all that attractive to me either. Considering there is little or no information out there about receiver dimensions, CAD drawings, or proper bending jigs to even complete such a gun build.

    When will they put out a ‘Kit’ for a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40-Watt range???

  • Why on earth would I want to spend any money, let alone that much money, on that incredible POS?!

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      dunno but ar’s are pretty popular for some reason too and they’re pretty crap. the mk1(one you can buy) is a pos but the mk2 is pretty damned good

  • Oswald Bastable

    My No.4 goes ‘bang’ EVERY time and it cost me $40

  • Flashman

    Vapourware is truly the operative term for this “once in a lifetime non-opportunity”. Short arms, deep pockets is the best policy on this one methinks.

  • Destroyer

    I would seriously consider one if it was cheaper since SA80’s don’t come on apple trees like AR15’s do. Considering that it is a comparatively poor weapon, it would have some collector’s value and it looks cool.

  • tyrone uva

    forget the price that looks like shit the barrel doesent look the right size you wont make the gas parts you wont be able two make the inside of the barrel as it spins the rounds forget it it will blow up in your face thats if you even get any rounds

    • DanH

      its a bull pup, the action is at the back of the rifle, makes for an overall shorter weapon, any one who has fired a real L85-A1 or A2 knows how easy they are to point and quickly change direction and then accurately pick up a new target.

      spins the rounds?? rifling ?? any modern firearm which is even half decent has a rifled barrel. even air rifles have rifled barrels now! . idiot

  • Robdawrench

    Having served for over 16 years within the British Armed Forces these are coming under some quite harsh treatment from the users on “the otherside of the pond” firstly these are mk1 models and not the current mark 2 models. They accept common 5.56 ammunition the same as the AR system, this picture does not show the hand guard for some reason?
    They are acceptionally accurate and under the mk2 (HK-Lee Enfield colaboration) variant as good as the AR platform (having trained on virtually all modern platforms including work with the British Special Forces I can quote this, as well as being a qualified army marksman with this weapon and the AR Platform).
    The M16 in its early years also experienced problems with quotes like “made by mattel” just something to bear in mind. The only fully auto versions on sale to the public would have been via section 5 dealers as well (very hard to get even pre ban). The issue mk1 and mk2 both have repetition and automatic fire modes and the L98 is a single shot cadet rifle (military kids-scouts like organisation, and these are available here on a FAC).
    Please also another thing to bear in mind is that all British kit comes from the cheapest source possible and we are not supplied from a supplier that has open rein or a government that has a open cheque book unlike the US military who seem to have every piece of kit available…..sorry ! However all British soldiers do the best job with what is available and hence why they considered to be so professional and good at what they do !!!

    • rjp

      The brits do the best they can with what they have. As all standing armies should. no disrespect. but i feel as though they could have made a better choice rather then with this particular rifle. ( the Aug/FNC/M16 .etc come to mind. ) but then again, i imagine that it was a case of nmh ( not made here) syndrome

  • tyrone uva

    are all you poeple for real cant you see that this is a piech of junk and the price 2500 thats a rip off since there only worth about 400 and that whould be a real one not a delusion made up by all you dumb clowns

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      Well that pricing is close to the real thing, its an amazingly expensive rifle. tis worth a hell of alot more than 400 i can assure you. the reliability is actually pretty good(compared to m4/m16 varieties) and the enfield ones are built to amazing quality. the whole design needs reworking again tbh but its def not the worst rifle out there. i mean people pay $5k for wilson combats and they’re not that great

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    The nasty thing was an awful procurement failure, an AR18 copy that ended up 3 or 4 times an off the shelf M16.

    When you realise the fire selector is on the butt end ! You will see how much of a fuck up this was.It cost 90 million pounds for Heckler and Koch to re engineer.