ATI’s new GSG-522

Last year American Tactical Imports was forced to take their GSG-5, a .22 MP5 patterned pistol and rifle, off the market after they were successfully sued by H&K for trade dress infringement. You can imagine my surprise when I saw them on display at SHOT only a couple of months after the lawsuit.

It turns out H&K had initially sued them over a long list of complaints. Most of these, the trade dress infringement being the sole exception, were thrown out of court. By simply making some design changes to avoid the GSG-5 being confused with the H&K MP5, ATI has been able to bring the gun back into the market under the GSG-522 name. The GSG-522 design was signed off by H&K and no royalties are required to be paid.

The GSG-522 has many subtle design changes. The biggest changes are …

  • Textured pistol grip
  • Redesigned selector switch
  • Picatinny rail on top
  • Square “open” front sight rather than the classic H&K ring front sight.
  • Integrated sling bracket (on trigger guard … looks a bit flimsy to me)
New GSG-522 Pistol (bottom) compared to original GSG-5 PK Pistol
Close up of the new sight.

It still retains the MP5 style but is much less likely to mistaken for a real MP5 (although in reality the original GSG-5 would also not have been confused with the real deal).

The joke is that ATI will offer “upgrade” kits that will allow you to retrofit a GSG-522 to look like the original GSG-5.

GSG-522 Pistol and SD Carbine (with 110 round drum!!!)

The GSG-522 will be available in many configurations:

  • GSG-522 Carbine with 16.25″ barrel
  • GSG-522 SD Carbine with 16.25″ barrel (MP5-SD style)
  • GSG-522 Pistol with 9″ barrel
  • GSG-522PK Pistol (MP5K style) with 4.25″ barrel

The carbines will be available in black, nickel and camo finish. Each model will ship with either a 10 round or 22 round magazine.

One of the coolest features of the new GSG-522 line is the 110 round drum magazine.

The drum does not need to be wound. This is a plus, although I imagine after 75 rounds your fingers are going to be very tired (a mag loader is not yet available). An adapter will be offered at a later time which will allow the magazine to be used with the ATI GSG Kalashnikov.

As soon as this drum goes on sale you can be sure that in no time Youtube will be filled with videos of people dumping 100 rounds as quickly as possible 🙂

I do not yet have pricing info for the drum or GSG-5 firearms.


Steve Johnson

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  • Bryan S.

    I bet that “trigger gaurd sling mount” was designed to be flimsey so it could be snapped off easy. Good enough to be sold with, and removed later.

  • I can’t find it right now, but I remember seeing on ARFCOM some comments from one of the ATI reps saying they essentially settled “”out of court” with H&K.
    I’m still waiting to see some pic of the insides of the Umarex ones. $10 says it’s pretty dang close to the GSG.

    • Paul

      Umarex make decent Air Soft guns . Do not buy the Umarex MP5 clone . It’s an absolute piece of junk . I have personally seen 2 of them with blown out receivers . The metal they use is the same grade as their air soft guns . I regularly see them on sale for $249.99 . You get what you pay for . As for the guy who asked if a real H&K 9mm magazine will work in a GSG 22 . Really ?

    • mattt

      Can anyone tell me what they sell 4 new please

  • Pete

    Hooray for GSG!

    110 round drum, hell yeah!

  • They need to bend the protective front sight wings out towards the sides. Otherwise they turn into potential false front sights.

  • alex

    so will the drum work with the GSG-5?

    • alex, I think so but check with them before you buy it.

  • Ted

    Whatever keeps you in business and keeps the lawyers off your back. Glad to see they weathered the storm well.

  • Cymond

    I always thought the GSG-5 was neat, but I could never spend the money. I kept asking myself “what can it do that my 10/22 can’t?” and I’m not wealthy enough to buy something just because it looks neat. Now I don’t have a choice if that 110 round magazine works well.

    And regarding the upgrade kits, I’m sure someone will eventually offer them even if ATI doesn’t.

  • The joke of the “upgrade” kit is that it’s actually a retrograde kit. The internals are all the same, all changes are cosmetic. (So yes, the drum will work just fine with the GSG5)

    As for what a GSG5 can do that a 10/22 can’t? Look like an MP5.

  • Carl

    110 rounds in a semi auto. It’s so… unneccessary! Although I’d love to see a competition where this would be an advantage.

  • Chris

    What GSG should do is make a modular system, so that you can take the same “chassis” (consisting of the receiver, barrel, and FCG) and slap it into a different body that will make it look like a different gun. It could probably be done quite cheaply, even with Magpul-quality injection molding for the bodies.

  • to chris answer

    there are numerous mods availible mostly using airsoft products 2 big ones are using evike-navy lower and handgaurds check they have a gsg-5. the gsg-5 is a balst to shoot

  • ty

    the 10/22 cant be silenced 🙂

  • Bryan S

    So those internally suppressed 10/22 sold for the last decade dont count?

  • brian

    Funny, I thought my AWC suppressed 10/22 was pretty quite….

    Of course I did buy a couple GSG-5’s and called AWC and they have a great answer- they cut the bbl down to 11″ and then weld a suppressor on so that it looks like factory new… just quieter! Of course if you want to stamp the gun as an SBR then the suppressor could be thread on.
    Why buy two? “Cause I have two boys and they think their new guns are VERY cool!

  • GDI

    I am so glad GSG is still making the GSG-5 in the GSG-522 style. I was so disappointed when I heard the news that the GSG-5 would be discontinued.

    I plan on getting one or two, maybe the rifle style and the smaller pistol style.

  • Mike Hicks

    Hi Gang,

    I have one of the original GSG5Ps, and I did the paperwork to SBR it. I saw on one of the forums that you can use an original MP5 collapsible stock on it, so I bought one when I went to Knob Creek last weekend. The original stock doesn’t fit, so if someone out there knows how to make it fit, I’d love to hear from them. Until then, I’ll use the stock from Classic Army. The original GSG5 collapsible stock lasted about two weeks before the lever that you use to open or close the stock broke. Fortunately, it broke with the stock extended.


  • John

    I’m glade to see the GSG isn’t going away. The 522 looks bad ass with the drum! I will have to buy one for my GSG5. I don’t get the guy who said why do you need a 110 rd drum. Because it looks wicked after dumping 5 22rd mags down range and watching the smoke pour out of it!

  • hi, these would be the bomb, can you tell me where to buy one. i’ve been looking everywhere and cat seem to find one to buy. plenty of places to talk about them but nowhere to buy to buy onr. if you help me out that would br great, larry allen

  • First shipment of GSG-522 Guns is in US Customs right now. I expect to have them here this week at our warehouse and off to distributors by early next week. ETA to dealers would then be around May 1.

  • Curt

    GSG-522? Um, I hope that noone confuses it for the SIG 522. Yes, I know, and most of you know the difference, but you would be surprised what goes on in some people’s heads. I wonder how many people would go to their FFL dealer to order the SIG 522 and mistakenly order the GSG-522 or vice – versa. 20% restocking fees most dealers I have encountered charge is steep for a simple misunderstanding. If I could give my advice – I would rename them GSG 225 or perhaps GSG 5 A2.

    110 round drum mag unneccessary? Yup. Cool as Hell? Yup. Then again, Tacticool .22’s are unneccessary. But they are cool as Hell. Like Mr. Nugent said about owning an Uzi, “People ask what do you need that for deer hunting? You don’t. What do you need an Uzi for? You don’t. What do I need a Corvette for? What do I need sixteen birdlands for? It’s the American dream, it’s what I do” And Tacticool .22’s are what I do.

  • tim

    i have gsg ak nuttin better as far as 22lr goes never jams ………….never………!

  • where can i get one of these 110rd drum mags. plz anyone, i need one bad, and what do i need to do to it to upgrade to work in my gsg-5.somebody plz help me, larry

  • Matt

    YA i really want a drum mag. anyone have one or know where we can order one??!

  • has a 110 round drum for 86.99.

  • I purchased i beleive a pre H&K lawsuit GSG-5 .22LR from a place in Wendell N.C. called Perry’s Gun Shop….it has the circular front sight and does not have the top rail, widend magazine release lever, or the new dotted pistol grip…..they said this past week they had several in stock..
    Although it is a good plinker gun i seem to be having some problems with Feed failure when putting the first round in the chamber. I have purchased the GSG-5 22 rd mags. and a coupler that holds them together and it seems to be putting the magazines in a bind wich also helps contribute to the feed failure…Does any know how to help solve this feed failure problem..i also think that ammo is partially to blame but the CCI MINI MAG and Winchester 50 grain sidewinders seem to do quit well..My QUESTION is simple Will the GSG-5 take the H&K magazines because i have heard that Black Dog offers the 26 round magazine and a 50 round magazine for that gun…if internal mechanisms prior to the lawsuit are pretty much the same from H&K to GSG would the magazines interchange?

  • Mike Hicks

    I have one of the original models of the GSG 5, and I love it. I got the GSG 5P, and I paid Uncle Sam the $200 to put a stock on it. Best money I ever spent!


  • Matt

    I really cant find any drum magizines for sale. black dog says they dont have them anymore and so does midwest. Any other places selling them?

  • Beefalobart

    I have been considering getting the parts to convert my GSG-5P SBR over to PK just for those days when I feel like something different on the range. I will get the side fold stock (PDW style) and vert front grip to go with the shorter barrel and cocking tube. Still keep all my P parts so I can swap back anytime I wish. Should only take a few minutes to convert back and forth and can be done on the bench while friends load mags lol.

    The 110 round mag looks fun and will own one just cuz of the coolness factor.

  • Randy Schuster

    I started with the AR-7 with 25 rd mag’s and a floding stock, then it was a 10/22 with a ramline folding stock and 50 rd mag’s. Last year it was the M4 22lr, this year it was a Sig 522 and later on summer it was a GSG AK47 22.

    I have a 110 Mag on order for $79.95. Then again I hit low bottom when the NRA Rifleman came with open shot on the converison of the 10/22 into a Thompson sub machines (semi) The only draw back was the 10 rd mag. You can get it in 2 styles plus also in the MG-42 as well and cheaper.

    So wanting to get a GSG 5 22lr as gone on the back burners!

    As for the 50 drums, it was made first for the GSG5 and then made for the GSG AK47 22. You can also get a 50 rd drum for the 10/22.

    I also agree on why would any one need a 110 rd Mag. A 50 rd for the 47 would of been good enough.


  • Randy Schuster


    Who is

  • Matt

    Its midwesthunteroutlet

  • Matt

    And im still looking for a drum mag.

  • Ty, A 10/22 cannot be silenced, you are right on that. But niether can any other firearms in the world. I think you ment suppressed. And the 10/22 makes an outstanding platform for a suppressor, and has had suppressors for years before the GSG was born.

  • Randy Schuster


    WHAT, a 10/22 cannot be silenced. Any gun can have a silencer, its just that you need to pay for it. I think it falls under a class2 with the ATF where as the class3 is Machine Guns and I had one back in the mid 80s.

    You have to check to see where you live and what is legal. The silencer it self can be moved from one gun to another, where as if you had a full auto 10/22 then the stamp you pay for that gos on the paperworks stays with the 10/22 and cannot be used on any other gun or 10/22.

    The first step is to check with the local law office, because da man say Yes or No and if the answer is NO you ain’t going any farther. If its ok then its off to find a Class3 dealer and start the paperwork on his end and then back to get fingerprinted, then write a check out for the amount and send it in. The dealer will notice you when you can come and get it.

    The bottom line is that its all about money and whats legal and where.

  • DogRomeo

    @ Randy – Did you read what he wrote beyond that 1st sentence? He clarified the term “silenced”. He flat out says that it can be suppressed right after. I don’t even get why you went into that whole explanation.

  • Kevin

    Hi all,

    I just bought a GSG 5 SD. I wanted something that strays away from all the other “black guns” in my collection. After reading the way these firearms are constructed and the good reviews, I got the itch and went out and grabbed one this weekend while they were still on sale. This store still had several of the GSG 5 SD, not the 522s but it (by now) had been retrofitted with the ATF approved mock suppressor.

    The gun is good and solidly built and am very happy with my purchase, until I get the 110 round mag, I picked up a two-pack of 22rd mags…can’t wait to take it to the range! The fit and finish are beautiful. Compared to my ARs…although they aren’t BAD…at least not like my WASR 1063…whew, those have some rough edges on them!

    The gun has a minor concern of mine…maybe I’m being picky, but when facing the (unloaded) gun from the muzzle end, the barrel itself wobbles within the wannbe suppressor’s bushing. I’m wondering if anybody else has noticed this? The barrel itself measures 0.470” and the inside bushing about 0.486”…and will easily move around this limit. The lower (threaded) end fits much tighter and while screwing it in place, you can actually see the barrel wobble diminish to the aforementioned limits. If some of you can give me some input if they have this situation I’d like to know that this is common or not.

    Until then, I’m glad to have one of these, the “Made in Germany” part of it gets me one gun into the German firearm owners group, up until now (since November 08), I’ve been filling in those “I always wanted one of those” gaps with American made firearms…leaving out the WASR in that statement.


  • Matt

    I have the same thing on mine just checked does seem weird for it to move around like that.

  • Raymo

    they need to take the internal design and mold bodies of the p90, m4, aug steyr, and dragunov so they can be interchangable. They could make many different styles of weapons using the same inside design of slightly moddifying it, saving money and opening up to other groups of people…..ill take the p90.22 and the aug steyr.22 as soon as it comes off the press

  • Randy Schuster

    You kinda of have that now in the 10/22

  • Chris Buck

    Just bought a GSG552 and have a question about the front stock…. I see on the GSG5 that there is a screw pin holding the front of the stock on. Mine does not have a front screw pin. Can I use any of the aftermarket front handguards on it? The new round one just slides on and is held with tension.

  • i’d like to have one too. 😉

  • Randy Schuster

    Was notify today that my 110 rd mag was in

  • Mike Hicks

    Where did you order the 110 round drum from?


  • Randy Schuster Green Bay, WI 54304
    Cost $76.99

  • Kevin
  • John

    Shop around I just bought one saved $17.00

  • jaime

    In my experience with the GSG-522, I’ve found it to be a nice rifle. It has good weight and fires nicely. I’ve put a red dot sight on it, that makes it very easy for kids to shoot and anyone else for that matter.

    The one problem area is the magazine. The magazine is of very poor quality. It looks really cool and appears to work alright initially. Over a few loads, you will run into problems with it. I don’t know of an after-market magazine, but do know how to fix these.

    The problems with the magazine are design and manufacturing problems. The design is over-constrained. There are redundant constraints, which add to the problem of mis-feeds. In looking at this on the surface, it’s obvious that whoever designed/manufactured these either did not perform a good tolerance analysis at the assembly level or had very poor quality control.

    Here’s how you fix it. All you need is a few pieces of sandpaper or a dremel. Be careful with the dremel as you may ruin the magazine. Sandpaper is nice, ’cause you can control it easily.

    What you want to do is remove about .020″ all around the slot on both pieces of the plastic mag body. You then want to remove another .020″ from the slider that runs in the slot, again all around the body.

    Next, you want to remove the inside piece where the bullets ride up and down the magazine. Make sure that this piece rides very smoothly up and down the magazine track. You will see quickly where the rubbing points are, remove .020-.040″ on both sides where there is contact to the track.

    Once you have sanded down the pieces, simply start putting them together and ensure that there is absolutely no binding when moving up and down the track. Once you are happy that there is no binding, then simply re-assemble and test again. Ensure that you are able to push down the slider all the way down, compressing the spring, and release. This thing should shoot right back up to the other end and stop. There should be no binding.

    Once you are satisfied, get some loctite and put it on the bolt that holds the slider together. Make sure that you do not cock the sliders in tightening, as you will cause other problems.

    Once this is done, you have modified the magazine to the point where it will work flawlessly. I’d say you can use some dry lube on the inside of the track. Once modified, you don’t have to clean as often as in the unmodified state, where you will surely have lots of issues.

    In cleaning, just ensure to run some q-tips along the body to make sure there is no dirt or gunk to stop pieces from moving. As long as the magazine flows nicely, you will have no mis-feeds.

    Good luck.

    Contact me at if you need a video as I’ve recorded exactly what to do for those who need a little more help.

  • Mike Hicks

    Has anyone gotten a 110 round drum that works? Mine won’t feed no matter how few rounds I put in it, and a friend’s won’t feed if he puts more than 25 rounds in it.


    • Mark Carter

      Out of the box mine was a P.O.S. Sent it back the day I got the gun.

  • jaime

    I’ll bet your 110 drum is fabricated exactly like the 22 round mag that comes standard with this rifle. Someone went crazy using the polymer material for everything on these mags. I personally think the polymer mags tend to be of poor quality unless there is some metal insert or some combination of metal and polymer. Take for example taking apart the original mag, it’s tapped straight into the polymer, so stripping of the screws is quite simple. The original mag does split apart toward the middle when loaded, again, due to poor design. There should have been a few more screws on that body.

    I haven’t seen a drum personally, but I’d say that if it’s jamming and not working properly it is due to lack of a good tolerance analysis by the designers or poor quality control in molding the polymer material. Don’t get too excited, just pop that sucker open and start playing with it, moving it through it’s motions. You’ll find the rubbing marks and then get the dremel out and go to town on it. The moving components must move flawlessly in order to properly work. I am not expert on magazines, but I can definitely analyze the dynamics and tell you what will work and what will not.

    Good luck

  • Johnny RacerX

    I was going to buy a GSG-5 SD a couple years ago almost.Then I got a call that I couldn’t pick up the firearm until the dealer received the replacement barrel shrouds.As the current ones we’re recalled for acting like a suppressor.So I bought a Kel tec Su-16A in 5.56mm x 45mm.Last night January 29 2011 I went to my local Big 5 and saw a ATI GSG-522 with a 16.25 barrel being sold for $399.99.It had a different front sight and the barrel shroud looked just like a SD.Large and thick.So I bought it and put the serial number into the recall center and it said mine wasn’t recalled so they must have fixed the problem with the barrel.I was happy.It looked cool,felt cool,and I have a couple more magazines at home I got because I thought I was going to buy one.There only ten rounders as I live in California.One of these days I’ll move but I like the beaches close to my home and the canyons that I ride my motorcycle through every saturday and sunday.
    Later Brothers and Sisters in Arms :-))

  • jim23460

    I ought one of the 110 round mags and can’t get the thing to function. the best Iwas able to due was 32 round with out a failure. Other then that your talking 2-3 round and jam loose a round on the ground and 2-3 rounds and jam loose a round on the ground and so on. I am going to play with it a little longer, if I figure some thing out I post.

  • Johnny B

    I just bought a GSG-522 SD(large shroud) with the new updates at BIg 5 for $399.99 on sale.And yes you can use the 110 drum magazine on the GSG-5 as well as the new GSG-522.I put a Truglo red dot sight on it and I am having more fun then a Redneck driving a General Lee dukes of hazard car around.Hooah!!!I thought the 100 round beta mag was cool on the Ar-15 with its dual drums and the way it looks and functions.Though a 110 round mag on a GSG-522 in .22lr will either be alot of fun or a alot of smoke and premature wear on your carbine,LOL.You only live once so I would go for it.”Git er done.”

  • Randy Schuster


    To anyone thinking of getting a 110 mag, try it out in the gun store if you can. Sat nite with nothing but either the TV or loading the mag, I turned the TV off and got 150 rounds of 22 and sat down.

    Just loading the mag and I would get jams where I had to work the spring back and forth, well I got to the 94 round and I couldn’t get pass that.

    Last nite while watching a movie, I sat down to empty the 94 rounds. I figure that all one had to do was hold the spring and the rounds would fall out if the mag was held upside down.

    No so, for the next 50 or so rounds! everyone was a jam. i had to work the spring and then push the round down in the mag, pop the spring and then the round would come to the top.

    It wasn’t till I got down to 20 to 30 rounds that they started to drop out.

    What I will do, is load and reload 50 rounds, 20 to 30 times to see if that helps out.

  • Nico

    Anyone figured out how to make the 10 round mags for the GSG 522 hold 22 rounds???

  • Byron L.

    I stopped in a local gun store today and they had several (app 12?) of these 110rd drums. I tried desperately to talk myself out of buying one, but my high-capcity satisfaction overtook my sense of reasoning. After paying about $100.00 for one (hopefully they’ll come down before Hillary has them banned!!!) I walked out of the store with one. (More may follow…I want to see how this one workd first)
    After loading it up with 110 rounds, it snapped right into my GSG-f. I can’t wait til I can get to unload it.
    Keep in mind-The mfr’s have about 5 brands of ammo they recommend for this. They don’t recommend any kind of wax-coated ammo, tho. I’ll keepyou guys (and ladies) posted on how it works.

  • Mike Hicks

    ATI has the best customer service policy of any gun company that I have ever dealt with. I will continue buying their products as long as they are in business! They have a fast turn-around, and they want to make sure the customer is satisfied!

    Mike Hicks

  • Randy Schuster

    To Mike Hicks:

    Got a phone number for ATI: because ive given up on the 110 mag…….


  • Mike Hicks

    A T I’s number is on their website, 800 290 0065.

    Mike Hicks

  • tom

    Just bought the GSG-522 carbine from Big 5 on sale @ $399.95. Looking forward to firing it. The drum upgrde is a great! Calif. only does 10 round magazines!Bummer!!

  • tom

    does anyone know if my gsg-522 carbine has a conversion to full auto?

  • Randy Schuster

    If the gun isn’t design for full-auto then it aren’t going to happen. True You could get a AR-15 and get a drop in sear, but the gov’t hates people who do that.

    Next best thing is to get a Tac Tigger, Super Hell-Fire, AutoBurst, GAT or the Crank-Fire.

    My best guess would be the Auto-Burst for $35.00

  • DownRange02-10

    I have a GSG-522SD with standard 22 round mags + a 110 round drum. No feed problems or stovepipes for me. Flawless!

  • Randy Schuster

    To DownRange02-10:

    What type of ammo was U using! We all know its lr, but the name of the maker and type would help.


  • Randy Schuster

    Well I made a deal for a used Gsg5, for $400.00. Best part is that it comes with 10 22 rd mags, a red dot and claw mount, sliding stock and a Slim line metal grip G3.
    Yes its a 1st gen, but for the price of the mags and the stock and all the extras, brings the gun down under $200.00

  • DirtweaZle

    I am placing my order for a 522 SDLB. I am trying to find out the difference between the SDLB and the SDB.. I know the L is lighter and is named the light weight. It is also cheeper by $50 to $100.. WHY? What is lighter? What is the difference?

  • Randy Schuster


    Where you buying from! Ive never heard anything about a liteweight before

  • Randy Schuster

    Well I got my gun in today, can’t believe how heavy the gun is. After 2 weeks of waiting the seller sented it by UPS, next day at a cost of $145.00 and on top of that gave a extra 2 mags.

    So if anyone needs 8 mags all 22 rds, just give a call and we can work out a sweet deal

    • Mark Carter

      Do you still have the 20 round mags? What do you want for them?

  • Randy Schuster

    Well today I started to load 6 mags up to the top. maybe its just the mags are new and need to be firer a number of times. It also maybe the fact that I have 2 mags doubled up with twin holders ( you can get them for $13.95 w/free shipping).

    It was fun, because the springs would stick, but no stove pipe. Will also try the 110 out as well, have a box of Federals to try out.

    The ammo I’m using is Remington HVLR, have over 5,000s of the stuff…….

  • Randy Schuster

    Learned 2 things today, do not get those double mag holders, couldn’t get the gun to load with the mags in the holder, but as soon as I took them out and did it single they all worked great.

    #2 The best I could get was 84 rds in the 110 mag, but I took it out anyways thinking that it would jam. Pulled the trigger is its gets alittle boring waiting for the gun to empty out. Worked fine

  • Randy Schuster

    Had high hopes for that 110, now I’m getting ready to send it back to ATI for repair……………….

  • DirtweaZle

    I finally got my SD (SDLB) and now I know what the difference is.. (6 posts up) I am none too happy because I could never find the answer out till I got it. Get this, the receiver is plastic!!!! I think its just a bit harder than the lower. I don’t think its the same materiel. The cocking tube and the breech housing are the only metal in this thing.. Hell the JG MP5 airsoft has more metal.. If I don’t like how it handles then the kid gets this instead of the 10/22.. Plastic!!!! grrrrrr this is why I don’t have a Gloc!!!!!

  • Randy Schuster

    Hey, ive got 2 Glocks, the 10mm and 45 and love them both. Now for the GSG-5 ive got is all metal and weights a ton

  • Mark Carter

    I just got my GSG 522 carbine yesterday. I tried to load the 110 round mag. I could only get around 20 rounds in it before I noticed that half the rounds were laying over or leaning over. I sent it back today. Hope the replacement mag is better than the original. What a P.O.S. Now I have to wait to get a mag just to be able to shoot.

  • SWDan

    I have tried two of the 110 round rotary mags, both of them have failed. The first one I sent back to ATI and they sent a replacement; that one has failed also. I’m done no more of these mags for me.

  • Mark Carter

    Well I just got to try my new GSG522 out . With the new 110 round clip I had a miss fire the second round. Then It got better. Then the round wouldnt even feed into the chamber. I got two 22 round clips. They did just fine except one shot was a double fire round. Two rounds fired in the chamber at the same time. I am wondering what will be next. Ready to trade this back for my Smith &Wesson 15/22 .

  • Randy Schuster

    I called ATI just 15 minutes ago and tolded them that they had my 110 mag for 3 month and they said that was way to long and that today then would send out a new one.

    The big question I asked was, would this one work.?????

  • Jon M.

    I have the ATI GSG-.22SD.I bought it after they took the SD models off the market because they said the SD model with the shroud was as quiet as if it did have a silencer.Anyway I put a red dot sight on it and I have three of the ten round mags.It runs just fine and I have no complaints.

  • Randy Schuster

    After the phone call on Friday, I got my replacement! a brand new rotary mag.

    Took it out of the wrapper and started to load, you guessed right! 3 stinken rounds before it JAM.

    I called ATI, but once’s again got the answering machine! so we shell see what they are going to do.

  • Randy Schuster

    Got my orders to send it back and see what happens with the 3th mag

  • Snarflap


    Been reading a bunch here bad about the GSG 522. A non-online literate friend has an original GSG-5PK new in box, never fired, never chambered with all items that came with it. Been reading about the lawsuit and the re-design and figure its a bit rare to have one new, but unsure.

    The serial number is: A21XXXX
    Bought new in 2009.

    If anyone can tell me about it or is interested in buying it for collector reasons or wants the original PK, please contact me.

    Thank you in advance for the help or inquiry,

    • Jaime

      The only real problem with these rifles is the magazine. Making these magazines out of polymer is a silly idea. If it is polymer and metal in the right places, then it works just fine.

      I have one and have fired 1000s and 1000s of rounds through it. When I first bought it, it was a a piece of crap. After analyzing for a while, I found that there really is nothing wrong with the rifle. The problem is the magazine.

      The magazine is poorly designed and overconstrained, which is why the damned things binds up a whole lot and you get mis-fires, mis-feeds, failure to eject, etc.

      Once again, here’s how to fix this pile of crap. Get a piece of sandpaper, fold it or roll it until it fits up and down the bullet slider mechanism. Run this piece of paper up and down this crap until you have removed about .040 (.020 per side). Take the magazine body apart and sand the slider mechanism (the plastic part that the bullets rest on that drives the bullets up – attached to the spring – surprised these clowns didn’t use plastic springs too). On the slider mechanism sand off about .020″ per side and run up and down the rails until the thing drops down all the way by itself (non-assisted). You are not done yet. There are two little plastic washers (you use these to push the slider down as you load). These things are the wrong size too. Get your sandpaper out and file off about .020″ per side. Run these up and down their respective slots until they can move from top to bottom without help. You are almost done. Put the magazine back together and make sure that you are getting no binding. As you tighten the bolt and nut with the little plastic pieces, be careful not to tighten too much as the tightening will turn the plastic pieces against the slot, making it bind. This cannot bind even a little bit.

      At this point, pull the sliding mechanism down against the spring and let it go (yes, let it fly up under it’s own power). If this thing will not fly up at top speed on it’s own, you did not do it right. Pull it apart and start sanding some more. You can choose to use a dremel, but be careful as all of this crap is plastic. You have more control with sandpaper. Make sure that you do not lubricate the plastic pieces. Keep it sort of clean, once you open up the tolerances (yes, the problem with this design is that it was poorly toleranced and there was very little quality control – basically, they didn’t know what they were doing or it was made in China or both). After unbinding everything, just blow the thing off with an airgun periodically and you should be fine for shooting 1000s of rounds.

      I am surprised that ATI has not resolved this. This has been a problem since these things came out. A word to the wise, this is the type of crap that you get when you design things out of materials that you should not be designing with. To the people fixing the magazines, you will eventually run into issues again as these idiots used the same materials for everything (plastic mag body, plastic slider, heck they almost used plastic screws and a plastic spring). It is not a good idea to rub plastic on plastic, you will eventually get gauling of the surfaces, if you do it quickly enough, you can fuse these pieces.

      The above process is geared toward the 22 rd magazine. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with the 10 rd magazine. For the 100 rd plastic magazine, I am surprised that anyone on here has gotten one to load all the way or unload without problems. Again, you have the same clowns designing all this crap, it’s all bound to have issues.

      For whatever it is worth, I later on bought a 1911 22 cal made by ATI. This thing is a complete piece of crap. It tumbles the bullets out of the gun. At the range, you make rectangles instead of holes. There is no pattern, they are all over the place. The pistol that I bought wasn’t even finished properly. I never got around to taking it back, but what a pile of crap. The weight is great. The feel is solid. It is very quiet. But if you had to shoot something at 10 feet, you might and you might not be able to hit it.

      Good luck fixing your magazines. The GSG-522 really is a nice rifle, too bad these guys cheaped out with the plastic magazines.

      • chris m

        I too have had feed issues w the 22 rd clip,seem,d really bad with the remington thunderbolt ammo,several misfires and jambs, ended up just pitching about 400 rounds away and buying better ammo and spraying the slide and follower in the clip with some slipplate no 3 spray graphite lube,it works great using cci or super x ammo, thanks to all for the heads up on the drum mag ,sounds like a real pos

  • Randy Schuster

    Hi & Happy Thanksgiving:

    My 3th drum came in today! and you guess it, its going back. But this time they are willing to give me some AK-47,22 mags in exchange for my 110.

    Its a sad thing that 2 brand new mag’s sented back by ATI don’t work.

    To all of you that have a working mag I’m very happy for you, but the other’s that have problems like me! I know where your at.

    Good Bye.


  • Randy Schuster

    Well I had high hope’s that I wouldn’t be back because ATI said that they would give me AK47-22 mags in replacement for my 110.

    Got back another 110. Sat down and started to load it. Things were looking good, the first 10, 20, 30 etc, all the way up tp 96 and NO more.

    The spring just won’t go back! Gentle tapping doesn’t help either.

    Well it won’t go to waste as tomorrow, I’ll go out to the range and blast away, come home and see how many rounds I can load again and will let all know if its going back again.


  • Randy Schuster

    Sanding sounds like fun and when something go wrong! who is at fault in a lawsuit.(?).

    If your going to sell something it should work, ATI screwed up and sented me another 110 mag. loading at stopped at 95 rounds.

    Just got back from the range and had 7 misfires, either the round would pick up and then get bended or not pick up at all.

    After I was done with the 110, I try a 22 stick to make sure it wasn’t the ammo and the clip worked flawless.

    The ammo is Remington 22lr HV solid bullet. This ammo is between 25 to 30 years old. When there was a Coast to Coast hardware store, they would sell twin bricks in 2x5x100 tubs. Between what my dad had and myself hit over 10,000 rds. I still have around 6,000 rds and it still works in all my other 22s.

    This time ATI is sending a mailing address so it won’t cost me anything and Jon at CS, will walk it threw so that I get my AK47-22 mags.

  • High,I am new to this space.But if I can offer a little advise on your 110 drums.Don’t exchange them for new one’s.Have them sent to the gunsmith shop to be made to work right.That,s what I was told to do by ATI management. So you’ll might give that a try.

  • Also you guys with 22 rd stick mags.Here’s a little trick I use on my mags.After I have sanded the bore and the follewer,I make sure the follewer slides the full length of the bore with no spring. Then when I reassemble them I put one large drop of Wilson Combat ULTIMA-LUBEII Grease on both sides at the very ends,working the collided up and down.The last thing I do (may be a little crazy) I super glue the bodies together, and loctite all screws.Now you say HOW DOES HE CLEAN THEM easy! I throw mine in the dishwasher with my black powder pistol. That how I do it try at your own risk.

  • Randy Schuster


    I just got off the phone with ATI. Yes you can send it to the gunsmith, but theres no guarantee that they can make it work and you may just a new one in the mail.

    Your other point on the stick mag’s! So far I haven’t had a problem with just the way they come out of the box.

  • LARRY,got my new 110drum back from the gunsmith today. They said it worked flawlessly, that is until big brown UPS parked a truck on it and busted the main housing.Called ATI they said box it up they would take of it,Smith’s would get me another one on the way.Sent me label to ship back drum,Talk about customer service. Couldn’t be better.

  • catchaser

    I purchased a couple of GDG5SD rifles before the ban…consecutive serial numbers etc…changed and customized the first one and left the other stock…changed to a magpul stock, classic rail foreend, MFI navy seals silencer and have been running ultasonics through it at the range..never had a problem with it, I think when they revamped it they could not get the same quality or responsiveness…originally used all the same parts as the HK and even the trigger group was interchangable according to HK thats why the law suit and eventful change on the manufacturing side so If anyone wants to sell an original price it accordingly…Ive seen them go as low as 300.00 due to the fear that if it is banned for sale its banned for ownership…on the other hand since they are a dwindling species some collectors are paying up to 1000.00 for them especially those in the know regarding changeableity with original hk parts. some smithing may apply to the stocks etc but most work.


  • Allen

    Man you guys returning your drums and getting new ones are lucky! I sent my drum out on the 17th of Dec. Today I recieved what I thought to be a new one! NOPE!!! They sent back not only my original drum, but FILTHY, sticking, and didn’t screw all the screws back in completly after what i’m assuming from them opening it up. I’ve tried contacting ATI (phone, voicemail, email) and still haven’t gotten a response. I love my gsg, and i’ve heard nothing but good things about ATI from the forums.. But they aren’t treating me like I’m a customer, but a sucker…….. I think i give up.. Any advise?

    • Randy Schuster


      Stay with it, get ahold by phone and ask for Jon…….

  • Randy Schuster

    Well the sad story isn’t over with. I was a very happy man when finally my 2 AK47-22 mags came in the week. While sitting I started to load the mags. I had the 2nd one loaded for about a minute when all 24 rds shot out.
    Ive never seen this happen but the top rear of the clip broke off, just above and along where the rear screw holds the top of the mag together.

    Like Allen, I’m on the phone with ATI on Thursday, wish me well.

  • Dave

    I’ve purchased a 110 round drum mag…. Junk right outta the box. I’d be ashamed if I was the one who designed this.

  • Randy Schuster

    Hi Guy’s:

    I don’t think that I would be posting here anymore. The last time around I traded my 110 mag for 2 AK-47,22 mags to end the story.

    Today from UPS, what comes to the door, but another 110 mag out of the blue.

    Haven’t tested it yet, to see if it works or send it back for 2 more AK47-22 mags.

    Must be the good life I lead………………nah

  • Randy Schuster

    Hello once’s more!

    Had a nice talk with Nate and said that the 110 is shit and he said that the company is no longer going to carry the the 110.

    Didn’t say if the company was going to many it back out onces the problem is fixed, but I think they have to many just to toss, anyway once again its trading time, 1 110 for 2 AK47-22s.


  • Paul

    I have the very 1st issue of the GSG5 and have been using it most weekends for 4 yrs now . The trick with the magazines is not to use those mag couplers because they were initially made for metal mags and they make plastic mags bind even though GSG makes their own now they still are pointless for a plinker. Also all my 22 rnd stick mags are stripped down and all grease and lube removed 100% and i mean 100% so no dust can build up in the grease and make them bind too. I have zero feed problems .Also I always use Remington Golden Bullet 525 rnd packs and never any 22 ammo with less than 1280 fps at the muzzle .

  • Jeff

    I recently bought a 522, shot 400 hundred rounds off CCI with only a few problems. During dissembling a plastic piece broke. I sent it back to ATI when I was told it wasn’t covered under warrantee. I have 19 years in the Marines and handle weapons of all variety on a daily basis. I enjoyed the GSG but as the review points out it is plastic, basically a lethal toy. I have buyers remorse and should have spent the money for the Sig or Ruger.

  • shanty

    I purchased one of the pre- trial stainless models for my wife. Swapped out the front pin sight in the ghost ring and its damn accurate. have a red dot for it, just need a mount. As for the mags, i have the original that came with the gun, and purchased a new one online (22 rounds). Both work extremely well, no miss feeds, and only the occasional failure to fire. (due to poor ammo). I will try to clean both mags in the ultrasonic cleaner when they become really dirty. No heat though. Wouldn’t reallly wasnt any warping.
    I would love a functioning 110 round drum though. Children have a tendency to burn throuhg asmmo.

  • Randy Schuster

    Hi Guy’s

    Just got 2 more 22lr guns, 1st one is the new Uzi and with that fake suppressor on it makes it one heavy mother f*&^%$. Can’t wait to got it out and give it a try. Extra mag’s will first come out at the end of Spet.

    The other is the MP 15-22

  • Thomas

    I have noted with my GSG carbine only one brand of ammo seems to work best and that is the CCI stinger brand, all other brands which have less velocity will either fail to extract or give me feeding problems or misfires ! A nice weapon but , dollar for dollar nothing beats the Ruger 22/10 .

  • Randy Schuster


    Every gun has that same problem, but here’s the kicker. Ive got 6,000 rds of Remington High Velocity that is 30 years old and works just fun in all my guns.
    Yes the 10/22 is a fine gun and I have 1 in a Ramline folding stock, but my best gun is one that come X-mas will be 48 years old and that one is the AR-7. It has 4 Ramline 25rd clips with.

    But the whole thing here is the collecting Military rifles in 22lr. Behind me as I write I have a M&P 15-22 and a Colt M4, both have 3x9x50 and I’m waiting for a few items to come in the week and then off to the range.

    After that then I want to take out a Sig 522 and a AK47-22 and last the GSG-522 and the IWI UZI 22. As a stand by I still would have the 10/22 & AR-7.

    So go out and find some ammo the the gun likes and have fun, because I’m a 22lr nut…………


  • list of accessories

  • Thanks for any other excellent article. Where else may just anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m at the look for such info.

  • why is so hard to find the gsg 110 drum magazine for the gsg 522 . I tried every website and even ask friends where to find one to purchase it . If there’s a anyone who knows please email me please

    • chris

      be glad you can,t fiind one, everyone that got one i know of have been nothing but trouble the only one that seems to work well is the 22rd with afew ease mods best of luckk chris

      • chris

        did alittle research the 110,s have been discontinued,as for the 22rd sticks i used a little spray graphite, slip plate 3 it is also calld on the follower and w the cci ammo have no problems good luck and happy shooting chris

    • got one for sale send me an email

      • Gary

        U no of any other drum 4. GSG 5039700178. Gary

  • Randy Schuster


    Had 6 drums, all wented back! in the end I happen to have as well a GSG AK-47/22 and traded the drums for 2 stick magazines. I say drums because for some reason they sended me a 6th one free after I sended the 5th one back for 2 AK mags.


  • joe

    liked the look of the 522 lw after some round i decided to open it up to clean it, broke some plastic off. should of bought a ruger but at the time none were found now i feel like i just did a crappy buy out of impulse.

  • Gary

    Looking 4 GSG drum 110 Gary 5039700178

  • Anon

    These available in Canada?

  • sean birdsall

    heres a question. I got the 522 carbine with slide out stock and a barska red dot.
    Now if I strip it all down. Can I change the stripped lower for something else? like different caliber / barrel size / etc. basically I want a ak47 or that caliber size lookin like a hk..

  • Randy Schuster

    The 110 was a great idea on paper, but in the real world you were a lucky dude to have one that worked. I had 6 of them. The first 4 I traded for stick mags and the last two was for 2 AK-47-22 mags. This was all back to the factory.
    1 110 was worth 2 standard mags of either the GSG-5 or the GSG 22 AK-47.
    I kind of wish I kept one just for looks now. Randy