Speedloaders for when you need to shoot a herd of Elephants

A company is selling speed loaders for the .500 S&W! These monsters are machined out of aluminum billet and hold 5 rounds.

I can’t help but think that a better solution than a .500 S&W speedloader is simply to keep far away from lion prides, rhino herds and dinosaur parks.

Veeshir said to me in an email ..

The prices are decent, the .500 at $25 are kinda high dollar but they make the only ones I’ve ever seen and it is a lot of aluminum, the rest are $15, or only $5 more than Cheaper than Dirt, plastic ones.

They’ll make whatever you want too, if you click their links you can see they’re CNC machines, they’ll do one offs for people.

I got two for the .500 and they look good out of the box. Nice machining, no rough edges or burrs or anything, and they worked fine the few times I tried. Nice and smooth. I just got them today, but so far they look really good.

Veeshir wrote a review here.

[ Many thanks to Veeshir for the info. ]

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  • Raymond

    Good lord…I kinda don’t want to think about a situation that would force me to empty a .500 S&W and then have to reload quickly. Maybe if I were werewolf hunting?

  • SpudGun

    I’ll never need one of those thanks to the 60 round Barrett M82 magazine I have on order from Pro-Mag.

    Once I can get a full auto conversion for the Barrett and get my time machine working properly, it’s Dino Time baby!

  • Scott S

    or if you are just that bad of a shot…..

  • Lance

    Strange I was still waiting for Ruger Superredhawk speed loaders in .454 Casulle Caliber.

  • Cymond

    My first thought was “who would want to shoot 10 rounds of .500 S&W in a row”? A guy at the range let me fire one round. I would equate the stinging sensation in my hand to the pain of the 3rd round of .38 special from a S&W airweight J-frame. However, that was only 1 shot. I don’t want to think about how 10 must feel.

  • Lance, the guy will probably make them, he makes .44 mag for the Redhawk and Super.

    That is kind of deranged though, speed loaders for our 500s was a running joke with a friend, when I saw them I had to get a pair.

  • Oswald Bastable

    Proving that for some folks, too much pain ain’t enough!

  • Wes S.

    Any temptation I might have had to fire a .500 S&W Mag went away the day I saw R. Lee Ermey shoot one on his History Channel show. Watching the Gunny’s forearms ripple like Plastic-Man’s when he touched one off – and Ermey’s flinch and grimace of pain when he did it – was enough for me.

    Besides, where I live, .357, .44 Special and .45 LC are just about all I need, power-wise…

  • Carl

    If a bear is coming to hug you I’m sure most people would love the option of a fast reload, regardless of hand pain.

    I think Jerry Miculek’s world record might be in jeopardy in such a scenario…

    And not knowing a lot about revolvers, 25 bucks sounds kindof cheap to me.

  • Tuff Products offers their QuickStrips in a .500 S&W version.

    Lance, you might try speedloaders for the .45 Colt for the Ruger .454 Casull.

  • Zulu

    Holy dang. I like to have at least a minute or so of recovery after going through a wheel of a .500. Might still have to pick a couple up just for the warm-n-fuzzies you get from knowing you have 15 rounds of .500 S&W to go through before you’re totally defenseless, though!

  • brian

    Where do i get one of these? I’ve been looking forever. And how much are these?

  • Dave

    I just received two S&W 460 Magnum speedloaders from them. They look and work great.

  • Dave

    I purchased a #61 double speedloader carrier for my 5 Star S&W 460 speedloaders from A. E. Nelson at http://www.nelsonleather.com/. They fit very well.

  • ari

    Why anyone would need a speed loader for 500 S&W? When you empty the chamber ,you wont find any creature standing on his feet with the possible exception of an African elephant, a Rhino and 18 feet Australian Salt Water Crock and thats it..

    • GEO

      I own a 460 that I use when I fish and gold mine in Alaska. I also have nertve damage in my hands. If I come up against a stream full of 800-1400 lb Brown Bears (Grizzly in the lower 48) with 35 mph speed and my hands are semi-frozen from playing in freezing water, a speed loader is much easier to handle than single bullets. There are people that just don’t know everything, Ari.

      • Anonymous

        That seems like a situation that a wise man would avoid if possible.

  • Ted


    Where did you purchase your speed loaders for your S&W .460? I need to purchase a few.