To the music industry: The XM8 is no longer cool.

Rihanna’s music video for the song Hard features lot of guns. Plenty of M4′s (being fired in a very careless manner) and XM-8s can be seen. Seems that while Hollywood has figured out that the XM8 is no longer cool, the music industry has not.

At least the dude has good trigger control.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Shawn

    It may no longer be cool… but I still want one!

  • Rex

    Plus Juan to Shawn’s comment.

  • daskro

    What’s bad is Battlefield Bad Company 2 features both the XM8 and XM8 compact.

    • daskro, really!!! Sheesh. Let the gun die already. They should just sub in a G36 whenever they feel the urge to go with an XM8.

  • Carl

    Other than the silly arched carrying handle it seems like it performed rather well:
    In the Fall 2007 test, the XM8 recorded only 127 stoppages in 60,000 total rounds while the M4 carbine had 882. The FN SCAR had 226 stoppages and the HK416 had 233.
    So why exactly is it so uncool?

  • I’m still trying to figure out how it was ever cool…

  • ST

    At least bad company 2 and all the battlefield series has a history of using prototype weapons in it’s games. They had the XM series in BC1 and the F2000 before it was cool. It does look amazing bad with a red dot on it. But yea, they put a scar in the smg category and make it as quiet as the ump with silencers… So… Realism be damned. I’ll admit while the XM8s do drive me a little nuts they do have G36s as well. And nothing is nearly as bad as akimbo-anything.

    Great (!) game though. Audibly stunning.

  • Hardgoodbye

    Hey guys is the G36 series still from the future?

  • Vin

    Listen man.. the videos could be filled with chauchats i would care less 😀

    but yes, let the XM8 go already. I’ve actually noticed Rihanna has a propensity for weaponry in her videos, but usually poor “hollywood” handling…

  • Lance

    The gun was too ugly too be cool. I regular G-36 is better. The ones in the video are airsoft toys.

  • SpudGun

    Watching Rhianna’s squad dancing around, I guess ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ is pretty much a foregone conclusion in that platoon.

    I had to watch the video twice, as I missed the guns the first time round, for some reason, my eyes were concentrated elsewhere. 🙂

  • enough about the gun, that video was a disgrace. i hope the worst for anyone involved in making that video, rappers make money from records not gambling or being thug. i hope when they wake up reallity hits them in the face like a shovel at full swing

  • Clodboy

    So is this the normal life cycle of every cancelled gun?

    Phase 1 – Anticipation: “Yeah, this new gun is going to revolutionize warfare, just you wait. It was designed according to specifications from SOCOM, DEVGRU, Delta Force and the Justice League of America, and the receivers are lovingly hand-carved by Austrian Perchtenschnitzers.”

    Phase 2 – Disappointment and backlash: “Damn, this gun is heavy/unreliable/expensive. I always said it would suck, and everybody who ever said anything positive about it is just some videogame-addled kid who sucked so much at it he couldn’t even get past the nuclear blast level in CoD: Modern Warfare 1. Everytime I see it in a movie/videogame/music video I have to sneer and then vomit in disgust”

    Phase 3 – nostalgia: “Yeah, this gun was going to revolutionize warfare, but the CEO fatcats/corrupt military brass/evil military-industrial complex/damn liberals cancelled it and condemned millions of our soldiers to die so they could keep on snorting coke from their Maybach’s dashboard”

  • Destroyer

    Clodboy, except the XM8 is unsurpassed in reliability…the Army cancelled it because it deviated from the original OICW concept…not because it wasn’t a good rifle.

  • Mike

    I guess Rihanna’s peeps could not find a mock-up of the ACR in time for the video’s production. I bet Rihanna’s 13 year-old fans will surely notice the distinction of her “hard” troops displaying out of fashion weapon systems after their having logged countless hours playing COD Modern Warfare 2!

  • Red

    I love how almost everyone is comparing the rifle to a video game. And not out raged that this could save some lives.. But after that being said Maybe the biggest marketing campaign in fact is a video game ><

  • Travis

    I don’t know, that “M8A1” prop in the Black Ops II “3D” commercial actually looked appealing to me. And this is coming from someone who was NEVER a fan of the XM8…