H&K HK556 Pricing Revealed

Prepare to be disappointed … the MSRP of the HK416 / MR556 / HK556 / MR556-A5 is $2995. This price is similar to the FN SCAR 16S and the Bushmaster ACR. This price is for the 16″ barreled model.

[ Many thanks to ST for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • xstang

    what’s interesting is the price of $2,280 or so thats also listed here…. could that be a price point for FFL’s maybe?

    Anyways, even if that were true, I’d don’t see pricing on these going down much for a long time, at least new…. heck, you look around on hkpro.com, you still see people trying to pawn HK91’s for $1800-2100, seemingly regardless of condition.

    At least a Ruger branded black rifle with a piston is half what the HK is, but for some reason I don’t see people cross shopping the two.

    Also, to anyone that thinks HK hates me, I do own a USP 45.

  • well spotted. LOL, I actually missed that when I posted it. Yep, that would be dealer pricing.

  • Raymond

    So correct me if I’m wrong, but MSRP is 3 grand for a rifle that can’t swap uppers and doesn’t accept standard AR magazines? Good job H&K, you just put out a rifle that makes the Bushmaster ACR actually look like a viable option…except then we think about it and just buy a Ruger SR-556 for 2/3rd’s that price, or just over half that after shopping around for a good deal.

  • Carl

    There is too much regulation of the gun industry and firearm sales. Less regulation would mean more competition and lower prices.

  • Matt Groom

    It doesn’t even accept AR magazines? Are you kidding me?! Who are these people and what have they done with common sense?!!!

  • Zach

    At least it’s similar to something that’s actually being adopted by the military (USMC IAR).

  • ST

    Raymond, swing and a miss. The mr556a1 does take AR mags, the 416 always did. The issue is thr magpul pmags don’t drop freely so magpul has the emag which does. The original USA intentioned rifle did not switch uppers because the pin holes were in the wrong spot, the A1 fixes this (the incompatible version is sold in Canada and Europe iirc).

    So, it does take ar mags (gi mags do drop free btw) and would make a nice upper or lower for other applications. They are reportably going tonsell the upper seperately at some undisclosed future release. It’s still a little heavy I think but IMO it will be the best piston system available for the AR anywhere. It’s been tested enough as it’s the same exact piston system from the G36/SL8 series (parts even swap).

    It’s still too much cash, but we all expect that from HK. And strickly brand speaking paying 3k for Hk is mildly understandable but paying 3k for a bushmaster makes you look dumb. …. At the least the hk will make you look cool.

  • HK_WSU

    If you click on the link in the post regarding the Armatix from yesterday there was information for the HK MR556 stating that it would be compatible with some AR components. Here is the link:


    I am not sure if the information is accurate, but one can hope that HK took the hint and made the rifle so consumers could purchase the upper or lower if they were so inclined.

  • D.Baker

    Raymond, from what I understand (info from SHOT) the MR556 does in fact mate with AR lowers, and does take standard AR mags. If I recall the LEO/Mil version didn’t particularly like pmags though (hence the emag).

    To be honest I was expecting it to be around this price- it is an H&K afterall.

  • Vak

    But the same regulations save american jobs. If there no restriction on import, the market would be litterally flooded with 200$ chinese AKs that barely work, but are cheap.

    Now, back to the subject : the SCAR has an MSRP closer to 2500 $ than to 3000 $, which is relatively cheaper.

  • scurvy

    Carl, because we all need to return to the days of shoddily built guns and Saturday night specials? Regulation isn’t keeping gun prices high. Prices are high by collusion (willing or not).

    It’s not a lack of regulation keeping good gun manufacturers from starting up. It’s called a recession and small company access to credit is non-existent. Even companies like Magpul can’t built their own stuff in business conditions like this.

  • Jimbo

    Wait, I thought this was firearms not politics Carl? =] I’m on the same page w /you though.

  • Bwaahahahaha!

  • EzGoingKev

    I can’t wait to see the “Hitler finds out how HK556 will cost” video on YouTube.

  • Pony

    There’s always Colt 6920’s at around $1k.

  • Jeff W

    Robinson XCR looks better and better every day lately…

  • J Star

    It’s H&K. Is anyone really surprised at the high price?

  • I thought they were making it here just so they could make it accept standard magazines and take different uppers. I wonder how much does just the upper of a 416 cost?

  • Lance

    Too much money for aht H&K stamped on the reciver. A Ruger is better priced and with a gas regulator a better design. In my opion ill stick with my DI models for a few years untill prices go down on this madness.

  • D

    heh and people thought the ACR was overpriced

  • SpudGun

    Unlike some ARs on the market, this design has been used in anger on the frontline and that carries a certain amount of kudos – like a sports car that’s won a major racing championship.

    3k for an MR556 isn’t that unexpected, it’ll be built like a tank and will last for years even with a ton of abuse. I’d certainly trust one over some of the newer ‘gee whiz’ rifles hitting the market.

    And there is, of course, bragging rights at the gun range.

  • Carl

    Well, the article is about the price of a firearm. Regulation is something that a producer must do. Doing things costs money. QED the gun will be more expensive with regulation than without.

    And don’t get me started on protectionism. If you think limiting the size of a market is good, please stop buying any products whatsoever from outside your city block or immediate village and tell me a week from now how that went.

  • Raymond

    Thanks for the update, I was just remembering the original information from the civillian version of the 416 that it was being modified to not mate with standard AR lowers or accept standard AR magazines due to German export laws or some such. Like the SL8 originally had a magazine well that only accepted single stack magazines for it or something. Still given the price point and the initial teething problems the 416 platform has been having, I’m not excited over a new H&K black rifle.

  • jdun1911

    The HK mr556a1 is not HK416. If it was it would be called the HK416. There has been recently rumors that the mr556a1 can mate with a standard AR15 lower/upper but those are rumors. I have to see it to believe it.

  • Tam

    There are HK fanboys who paid well over a grand for a warmed-over Armalite AR-180 with an awkward plastic thumbhole stock, mediocre optics, and a single-stack magazine. This thing should sell well to that demographic.

  • Stella

    HK products are always insanely priced so I can’t see why anyone would be surprised. I have seen LWRC M6A1s on sale for $1500 and M6A2s for $1800 or so. If one must have a piston AR, LWRC or Ruger seem more reasonable and either company will actually value your business.

  • Ken

    “At the least the hk will make you look cool.”

    To whom?

  • Redchrome

    For all the griping I hear about “this is for HK fanboys”, one should consider that maybe those ‘fanboys’ do have some points.

    IMHO, HK makes some terrifically well-engineered stuff. They go the extra mile to make things *right* instead of ‘good enough’. Witness the fact that you can use the bolt head on an HK416 as a wrench to remove the handguard screws, or that the G36 has a modular magwell (so in theory you could switch it to use AR mags if you needed backwards-compatibility), or even that they went with a new magazine design for the G36 instead of staying with the broken-by-design AR mag. Not to mention the quality control processes that we can’t readily see (in much the same way that a Colt AR15 looks like an Olympic AR15, but there’s a world of difference in quality control and inspection).

    That said; they do seem oriented heavily towards the government market, and the civilian market may not be their target. Their business model is oriented towards consumers who will pay a lot of money for a very high-quality product. Yes, it’s more expensive. There’s probably even a pretty high margin (which some may very well call ‘overpriced’, but that gets into semantics).

    All that said, there’s a reasonably well-know axiom that the last 5% of performance costs 50% more. A Ruger may very well be 95% as good, and cost half as much. Sometimes that last 5% makes all the difference in the world tho. I could have bought a couple of Glocks for what I paid for my (used) P7; but guns are not additive quantities. I like having that extra 5% of goodness in my hand. 🙂

    Choose which tool you want at a price you’re willing to pay. If someone is foolish enough to spend what you consider to be too much money on something; that’s their problem. This isn’t a government operation, where everyone is compelled to pay for something whether they like it or not.

    All that said, I have no desire to own an HK416 or clones. It’s still an AR at heart, and therefore still broken by design in too many fundamental ways. If you have the money, and you like ARs for whatever reason, have fun with it, but I’ll sooner get something else.

  • Greg

    How does that old saying go? A fool and his money are soon parted. For the price of HK’s tarted up rig, a thrifty lad could own two Bushmaster A2’s, a few dozen mags and about two thousand rounds of ammo. Why I’d even bet they’d throw in a cleaning kit, a nice, big bag of patches, a large bottle of #9 and maybe even a couple of brushes to boot.

  • zach

    I am actually not surprised at this price, and not disappointed. I really don’t like when firearms manufacturers deliberately make it so things aren’t compatible with others. For example one could try to save $$$ and simply buy the HK upper and slap it onto their Armalite/Colt/Olympic Arms/ etc lower. Sure this is great for people living in the good ol’ Peoples Republic of California but for the rest of the US, it sucks. You could at least make a version for the rest of the country that is compatible, I believe S&W has a “Californized” version of the M&P15. I would much rather build my own then buy this, or acquire a Class 3 license and go buy an actual HK416

  • Sean

    The question is simple? Are these $3000 guns 3 times better than a $1000 AR? Three times more accurate? Three times more reliable? I realize that consumers can buy whatever they want, but c’mon! Especially for law enforcement. Most, if not all, cites and states are broke. Or worse than broke. Would taxpayers be best served by these very expensive guns? Or better served by a $1000 Stag or S&W and decent optics? And a lot of ammo to practice with?

  • Lance

    @ Redcrome

    Sorry Redcrom but ive shot a Olympic AR for years in compation and outshot many Bushmasters and Colts. Oly arms has gone a long was since the early 1980s and there guns are just as good if not better than Bushmaster.

    I agree with Creg you can buy 2 good ARs and ammo with the money of one HK and still have a few buck over. Save your money and wait untill a reasble price drop or HK clone apprares on market save your money for more important thing.

  • michael

    go with lwrc and you get a better system at less price

  • Matt Groom

    I have something that disproves your argument about superior H&K engineering, Redchrome, and it’s called the SL-8. Nevermind the fact it sounds like it was named after a digital camera, the whole thing is an all around horrible design.

    Single stack magazine well that can never be changed without extensive mods to the receiver itself, but has a detachable magazine well chute that’s removable with a pin for who knows what reason.

    Requires TWO METRIC Allen wrenches of DIFFERENT SIZES to disassemble the rifle for basic field cleaning, but the handguard is held on by the same kind of removable pin that holds on the magazine well, because you have to clean under the handguards oh-so-often.

    Comes with mediocre plastic sights on a plastic picatinny rail. Lots of people will bash the SU-16 for that, but nobody faults H&K for doing the same exact thing.

    An internal, plastic hammer that has a plastic tab on it’s edge that keeps the gun from going full auto. If that tab breaks, you get one shot semi, then when you release the trigger, the gun dumps the rest of the mag balls-to-the-wall full auto. This is especially bad when you consider the plastic receiver is reputed to melt on FA in the G36. Oh, and that hammer system gives a locktime of 14 milliseconds, so it’s comparable to a open bolt SMG.

    Uncomfortable and UGLY stock design. Hideous Grey color (now discontinued due to poor sales) as the only option on the first four or five generations. But other than that, and the fact that it’s outrageously overpriced, it’s a fine weapon.

    I resent the excuse that H&K, FN, Knight’s, Colt’s and a select few others are allowed to hose the consumer with outrageous, absurd, and ridiculous prices because they intend to sell primarily to various governments. Is it okay to steal from the taxpayers that which they would not give a company voluntarily, or because they have been denied their rights as citizens? The increased price that’s included with such guns is a little factor I like to call “Whores for the Brass”, but a more PC name might be “Kickback Factor”.

    The additional cost that goes into each one of these rifles doesn’t go into R&D, or construction, or components, or anything relevant. It all goes to kickbacks, and some of it goes to marketing. Or maybe it goes into a personal tank collection, or lavish parties for members of industry, or whatever. It doesn’t make it a superior design because some high ranking bureaucrat in the pentagon got a BJ on the company in question’s dime.

  • you can get better, but you can’t pay more.

  • Trent

    The question is simple? Are these $3000 guns 3 times better than a $1000 AR? Three times more accurate? Three times more reliable?
    Can you use three $1000 ARs at a time?

    As prices increase, the law of diminishing marginal utility comes into play. That doesn’t mean that a $40,000 Acura is worth less than four $10,000 Kias, because certain things, like luxury, can’t be empirically measured. If luxury is what matters to you, and you have 40 grand, you’ll buy the Acura. If you have 16 people to transport, you’ll buy four Kias. It’s all about value, and that’s a very relative term.

    Let’s assume (simply for purposes of discussion) that the $3,000 HK has 10% better reliability, 10% better accuracy, and 20% better durability (in terms of finish, staked gas keys, etc.) when compared to a $1,000 AR. Most people will do the math of that equation and apply it to their available finances. If it’s worth the extra 2 grand, they’ll make the purchase. If it’s not, they won’t. It’s all about the individual’s perception of the differences in a product, and the amount of value they place on incremental improvements.

    The bottom line: if somebody looks at this gun, and says “Yeah, I’ll trade my $3k for this”, then it’s a fair price, whether you like it or not.

  • jdun1911

    It’s time for the:

    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.


    And yes HK does load the cartridge backward because they are just too cool.


    Everything in the article while funny is also correct.

    HK firearms are mediocre but back by an outstanding marketing department that can make crap taste like ice cream.

  • jdun1911

    Heckler and Koch firearms are so great that they went bankrupted twice. Once in the 1990s and in 2002.

    Heckler and Koch firearms are so great that they were forced to produce AR15 clones.

    They copy other firearms designs like every other manufactures.

  • Matt Groom

    @ Trent

    From a famous economist: “Whatever the market will bare.”

    From a famous proverb: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    From Lindy Cooper: “Ain’t many problems that a man can’t fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty-aught-six.”

    From me: “You can get further with $2000 and a rifle than you can with a rifle alone.”

  • Destroyer

    and if nobody likes my opinion…too god dang bad. This is a opinion of a former soldier and current armorer and gunsmith. Note i will call BS on Spec Ops wannabes because of my brother’s position in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

  • Ted

    Bwa hahahahahhaha!!!!one!11

    I’ll buy one as soon as I figure out how change my turds into gold!

    Destroyer, if nobody likes what opinion? Thats your first post and it doesn’t have an opinion in it.

    I blame MTV.

  • Wig

    Ok, simple question then that may put this whole thing in perspective (and btw I don’t agree with the pricing in this case before I say this)…

    Is an Accuracy International AW 308 eight times the gun a Ruger 308 is?

    Of course not. But if you could – which would you get?

    As to the rest of the arguments – some people can afford to buy a new Ferrari every year. It gets them to work just as well as a Mercedes or a Ford Escort will.

    Market factors will decide what happens to this gun and I predict it will sell very well.

    Lastly to the LEO argument that this gun makes sense because they want HK. I call BS. I don’t know of a single shop that wants an expensive platform like this. If they did, they’d try and acquire a proper 416 through channels.

  • Destroyer

    you missed what i said before that ted 🙂 apparently it wasn’t approved for moderation.

    there is a reason why elite units use H&K products. that says a lot in itself because they have more selection in their equipment (out of the scores of firearms manufacturers). Don’t like that fact? that is the reality.

  • Redchrome

    @Matt Groom

    You may or may not be surprised to find that I agree completely with you. 🙂

    Just because HK produces some very high quality, well-designed products (or at least has in the past), doesn’t mean their crap doesn’t stink. The SL8 is an abomination; just like the USC. If we could get G36s in this country, do you think the SL8 would have been developed?

    I also agree completely with you that it’s outrageous what governments spend on stuff with money coercively taken from taxpayers. If they had to rely on voluntary exchange, a lot of prices would magically be reduced. (A lot of businesses would also remain in business due to an evening out of business cycles and lack of numerous government disruptions to operation, but that’s a long economics discussion).

    In short, HK gets away with some of the unappealing stuff they do, by virtue of government.

  • Destroyer

    that goes without saying i am a H&K “fan boy” (or just fan), though i could not justify spending that much money on a 5.56mm rifle or 10,000 dollars for a PSG1 (a price that is a result of political anti-gun sentiment rather than the company itself). Needless to say, the various, smaller american gun companies that manufacture AR15’s do a fine job at doing so.

  • zack

    why the hell are all you guys quacking like a bunch of women on here about who has the best shoes? lol you guys are lame-o!

  • jamie

    Matt groom the AR15 design is old, it is free, you do not have to pay a licensing fee. Anyone with a machine shop can make one. zero R&D is required.

    Lots of folks have no problem buying $1500 AR15s that dont shoot twice as nicce at 100 yards are my $289 saiga 223, much less 5 times better, yet i have NEVER heard anyone else say that.

    I sense guys with ar15s like to think they are top of the heap, and resent cooler, or different, or a different answer to the same question being brought to market.

    For example, i do not have a SCAR, if i make more money next year i think i can justify buying one just to have it. To be clear, it is not a free design, tested by others for 40 years. It is all original. That is the cost.

    Also the marketing cost, everyone the least bit interested in guns anytime in the last 40 years knows what an ar15 is. Not every gun guy knows what a SCAR is. Not by a long shot. They cost more to sell, more to market, more to make, potentially sit longer on the shelf because the market does not know what they are, and most people just look at the price.

    So i pose the question. Why dont you go buy a $289 saiga 223, sell your ar15, and put the difference into a nice pile of ammo.

    Lastly the ar15 cannot do what the SCAR does, you cant shoot 308 on the same lower. You can do this with the scar. Lets compare apples to apples. You are comparing a mazda miata to a twin turbo convertable corvette. Yes they both are rwd with 50/50 weight distribution, and if you squink really hard from far away they kinda look the same. They are not the same.

    I people like you would stop feeling so entitled and owed one design, and you get to name the cost.

    Also LE, army, etc do not pay full retail for these guns. Hardly any guns do they pay full retail, glock for example almost literally gives glocks away at cost, lets a dept use the guns for years, then buys them back, and whole sales the guns. The fan boys get off on certain metro area cops using them, certain state police, and fed agencies.

    By the way, old man glock bragged in business week he makes glocks for $75-77. They retail more than $550, closer to $590 on average i would say across the line.

    You need to get a grip on reality man. They are $9,999 nissan versas, $80,000 esclades, and $400,000 bentleys. They are not the same. Buy what you want, but do not expect a escalde for $9,999 because they both have the same amount of doors and seats.

  • jamie

    By the way i do not have an HK, i would much prefer the scar, but the HK is a viable fair price for people who want what it provides. It is faaaaare from a rip off.

    I wanted to share a recent article i read about guns in india. It turns out in india you have to buy a state produced handgun, they cost $1,500. They average income in india is $700 in US dollars, that is to say your only choice is two years wages pre tax, pre inflation (gonna have to save up a number of years in a row there to buy it so your money pile is worth less every year).

    In america this would be like average income in the mid 40k for a man, and your only choice is a gun that costs upwards of $90,000.

    Oh yeah, and its made horribly, with terrible QC, and design and manufacturing systems from the turn of the century. And i dont mean like hand crafted swiss or german. I mean like indian farming tools.

    We have great deals here guys. You guys need to make more money, or be less jealous.

    If you go to a range it costs $14-20, then minimum $50 on ammo, in most major metro areas to drive to a decent outdoor range to test your rifle is going to be a 20-30 minute drive, you are looking at 50 cents per mile in gas and wear and tear. MINIMUM to go shoot your gun you are spending $100.

    You guys are acting like $500 or even $2000 is the end of the world. If you are going to have the gun for 20-30 years, or the rest of your life $2,000 is nothing.

    If you are going to shoot it allot, the cost of ammo will exceed the price of the rifle many times over.

    Lots of people put ten grand worth of ammo alone through $1,000 guns in a few years.

    To get pissed about a guns costing $2-$3,000 is crazy.

    Unless of course you just want to own an ar15 and tell people you own one, but you cannot afford to shoot it. Then fine, buy the cheapest ar15 you can find.

    Rock on.

  • Matt Groom

    Okay, here’s what I got out of all that Jamie:
    You don’t like things that are old because they’re old.
    You’ve never heard of the AR-18.
    You don’t know that H&K is using an AR-18 gas system.
    You think R&D in the firearms industry is as expensive as it is for the pharmaceuticals industry.
    You think that AR-15s with pistons on them are new or that H&K came up with the idea instead of jumping on the bandwagon.
    You think that image is more important than function.

    Here’s why I won’t buy a Saiga in any caliber in place of an AR-15:
    Lousy triggers.
    Lousy sights with a Lousy sight radius.
    Hard to work on.
    Ugly stock.
    Not 1/2×28 TPI on the muzzle.
    Lousy Ergonomics.
    Difficult to attach and remove a scope.
    Design is based on an upside down M1 Garand, so if I have to take an obsolete design, I’d rather have the much better M1.

    No, you cannot shoot .308 out of an AR-15 lower. By the way, you can’t do that with a SCAR-L either. You’re thinking of the entirely different SCAR-H, which is NOT interchangeable with the 5.56 SCAR-L in any significant way. Why would you want to? Why not just buy an AR-10? For the cost of an SCAR, you could buy an AR-10 and have someone build you a barrel, bolt, and mag well adapter to shoot .223 out of it. You know why nobody does that? Because it’s retarded.

    Mazda and Chevy both suck. I’ve owned cars by both companies, so I know more than what I read in some magazine or website for fanboys.

    “I people like you would stop feeling so entitled and owed one design, and you get to name the cost.”
    This sentence is one of many in your diatribe that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. This is like an accusation based on ignorant assumption and a Freudian slip all rolled into one.

    What the government buys does not impress me. You see, they have an nearly unlimited amount of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to spend on whatever they want, and they are seldom held accountable if they aren’t practical or thrifty. They also buy $400 toilet seats, but I don’t think they’re any better than the $8 one I got at Wal-Mart.

    What the hell is with all of the car analogies? Do you know anything about guns?

    “You guys need to make more money, or be less jealous.”
    You need to read more books, or be less ignorant. When you grow up, and don’t live in your mom’s and dad’s house anymore, you’ll realize that when you pay two to three times as much for something that doesn’t work any better than something else, it’s a ripoff. No, the H&K is not better than a decent AR-15. Not that you’ve shot either one, but I have, and so have my friends. If you want to spend money like a member of congress to prove how fiscally irresponsible you are and how easily manipulated by marketing you are, then be my guest. Stop acting like you actually know something about firearms, you’re only embarrassing yourself.

  • jamie

    I love old things. I have a number of 100 year old mausers. Most of my guns, no all of my guns are based on basically WWII- 1950 era desgins, or older.

    I dont have anything new. sks, ak47, 223/5.56 saiga, fal.

    My 223 saiga has a nice match trigger. The trigger is very similar to the garand trigger. Mr. K based the trigger on the garands trigger.

    My trigger is as nice as most ar15, granted it cost $80, but its not a crap trigger.

    My ak has ar15 front sights, and i have a aimpoint mounted in the rear nice and low.

    The car analogies is perfect, but you could choose any mass produced thing. Just because they sorta look the same, or two canoes are made of aluminum, or two kayaks are both plastic does not make them the same. You are not owed high performance for bargain price.

    I suggest if you think everything is so easy, go buy a shop. You can buy anvil arms shop if you like, a smart guy like you could put the ENTIRE global arms industry on its ear, no doubt. *rolls eyes*

    I am well aware of the ar18 and all that you have said. I gave no hint or allusion to what you suggest.

    You did not counter the fact the design is free for the ar15, the blueprints are out there. You do not pay a license fee, no RD, ZERO, and you really dont have to market it much, its a commodity almost. Everyone knows what it is.

    Mazda and chevy do not suck. I am not a fan boy, but depending on the model, they dont suck.

    A $400 toilet seat can be explained by further details on what it was spec’d to.

    I think i was but a wee kid when the story on $400 toilet seats came out. Werent they for an aircraft carrier, or submarine?

    They were not regular residential size. IE they were a custom stamping or mold. You can’t have these things break in war, and you didnt mention the life cycle or ANYTHING BUT PRICE. Good luck with an $8 toilet seat.
    You cant drive a sub or a aircraft carrier to walmart, and a sub is optimized for SPACE NOT PRICE. An aircraft carrier costs over a billion dollars, so sure, lets compare it to your dump apartment. Thats a great comparison.

    Paying 2-3 times as much for something does not make it a rip off.

    One has to ask, are you the lowest paid guy at your office, or in your field. If not you are ripping folks off. You are a thief.

    2-3 times is nothing. There are houses that cost $10,000 and houses that cost 100 million. They are both houses, they are not the same.

    Your analysis is juvenile. You didnt bring up what anyone spec’d. The hk416 is the answer to a number of folks and agencies.

    Have you seen recent US government studies on the m4 and hk416 and the incidence of failures.

    They didnt quantify the failure rate to soldier death and cost. But the big cost is not the gun. Each soldier gets tens of thousands just in signing bonus, then tens of thousands in training, maybe hundreds of thousands or millions if they are special forces, pilot etc. You pay hundreds of thousands in pension or disability if they guy is killed or injured. You the numbers guy want to cheap out a few hundred bucks. Lovely, just lovely.

    Please share the info you are hiding and must clearly have. What is the cost per death, per soldier per year, and cost to kill each enemy soldier.

    Then get back to me on if one can make the case for a gun that fails at a statistically significant rate.

    Heres one for you. Why send them out in armored up hummers, how about a 4 cylinder pickup truck of your choice, under $20,000. BECAUSE ITS CHEAPER LONG TERM IN THE HUMMER THATS WHY !!!!!!

    Of course i have shot a ar15. I have shot a hk416. Full auto even. I have friends on the local police force that have hk416.

    What did i say that made you think i have not shot a ar15, much less a 416.

    Its not made of gold. Its $2,800. Not cheap, not trivial. But not the big deal you make it out to be..

    Ill leave you with this, not everyone lives like you do. The fact you may or may not be poor, or modest income has no bearing on the cost of mass produced items. You are not the basis by which all incomes and disposable incomes are judged by. I know an entry level engineer that drive 100k porsches, and i know a guy that live in 4 million dollar home that drive 14 year old grand cherokee, and 2000 lincoln town car. I also know folks that are broke as $hit that drive similar grandcherokee and they can barely afford gas. Whats my point you ask? Simple. If you want something you pay for it. If you dont want it dont buy it. But that doesnt make it a rip off.

    A rip off would be a $2000 colt 6920, when others are selling them for $1300. I dont know what you do, but it sounds like you live beyond your means if you cant scrounge up a few grand, and think only folks that live with their parents can come up with that sorta mega money. Many $3,000, thats like my allowance for the entire year! Gimme a break.

    Why don’t you share with everyone what you monthly car payment is, and your wifes car if you are married.

    If you drive old beaters, please share the priciest set of cars on your block to give us a reference point. I am sure there are folks but a couple hundred feet from you that spend $400-500 a month per car per person per month. The great thing about america is all the choices and freedom.

    Lastly you are wrong. Local and state agencies do not have unlimited budgets. Granted they are wasteful compared to the private market, most could trim budget 40% no problem, but i digress. You are wrong 100 %. Virtually NO LOCAL police agency has unlimited anything. They have budgets.

    There are so much more to the long term cost of anything, than the purchase price.

    You seem very fixated on purchase price, and have a terrible attitude like HK is some how slighting you. You are somehow wronged by them trying to sell a gun, that you cant afford or do not want.

    I do not have an HK rifle, i am not in a hurry to buy one, i probably will not buy one. It does have its merits though. It is the perfect gun for some folks and some agencies. You seem unable to grasp this.

    You are myopic. Once you saw the price, it became personal to you.

    Get this, its an offer. Its not a demand. You do not have to buy it.

    Any middle class person that works for a year can afford a HK416 if they really want it. They just have to make some decisions about other things they buy. Its very simple. Its as if you are trying to make this some sort of deep class issue.

  • RLee

    Jamie, I think you’re being far too black and white here with your analogies.
    The argument here is not similar to the difference between a Miata and a Corvette. It’s closer to this-
    Let’s say there are 2 comparable sports cars; both have similar performance, both have similar options, and both have similar aesthetics appeal. One happens to be 3x the cost of the other.

  • chris smith

    the sig 516 would be a good alternative except who wants a sig 516 after they screwed everyone with their sig 556 drop in price after we all had inventory at the full price – i will never buy or stock sig products again. period!

  • jj

    Sorry for my ignorance but can someone explain the differences here and who makes what.

    MR556 (here they said $2995)
    UMA 2245205 H&K 416 22LR 9 20RD (About $580)
    HK 416 10.5″SBR, POF P-416 lower, LMT Stock (this was $9,000)

    From what I read the UMA is a replica by walther but I need some education here what is the diff between the MR556 and UMA HK 416 as well as the others.

    Thank in advance,

  • jj

    oh also is umarex making a 417?

  • Isaiah

    Well, here’s my two cents. Delta uses these things for a reason (the 416, not the MR556). I know. No, I’m not Delta or even former Delta…but I know. The 416 IS every bit as good as advertised. I don’t know about the MR556. Same, I would guess. That being said, I have no problem with the good ‘ol AR15/M4. It’s never failed me (the M4). In Afghanistan, no problems. I don’t know. Maybe as an infantryman, I take better care of my gear. Who knows? In Iraq, my M4 was right next to “their” 416’s everyday on the range and on missions. No problems there either. The M4 may not pass the stress tests as well as the 416, but it passed my tests. That’s why I’m currently building a AR15 and saving my money on the MR556. IF I had the cash for a H&K….I probably WOULD get one…because I know the best of the best trust it. Doesn’t mean, I don’t trust the AR15, but hey, it’s Delta. That being said, I don’t feel the least bit underarmed/unsafe with my issue M4.

  • I only saw the 416 on Future Weapons. But it was extremely impressive.

    Then the civilian version came out and the first thing I thought was of the Smith and Wesson stainless steel revolvers. When kept clean and maintained it is something I can give to my kids. When I eventually have them, of course.

    Isn’t the design of this supposed to be the point?

    On the show the host fired a magazine at full-auto. He then dissembled the weapon and held the receiver in his bare hands.

    Life is more like the 24 hour Le Mans than it is the 100 meter dash. Especially since in the long run there are more than one sprints to the finish.

    What if you are on your land and are knocked down and the weapon hits the ground then falls in the mud?
    Take it and clean it, immediately.
    If an animal is running at you during this time you will have to fire no matter the cleanliness of your weapon. Will it fire? Will you trust it and your skill to defend yourself?

    There are reasons for choosing a war-proven weapon.

    There is a 7.62 version coming out, too.

    I paid more for a reliable car. I intend to pay more for efficient thermal insulation and quality ammunition. I pay more to have higher octane fuel and no ethanol. I pay more to filter my water. I pay more for higher thread count sheets.

    Life is full of choices.

  • Eric

    How much does the US military pay for the H&K? Do you think it is 3 or 4 times what m4s cost?

  • Fox

    Im not suprised by this price because it is HK and it is a really good and new designed gun too

    So i think the price is oke cuz it is a really good gun again