Sig Sauer SIG716 rifle

The SIG 716 is the new piston operated 7.62x51mm / .308 Win. rifle from Sig Sauer.

SIG716 Precision Sniper (non-standard desert finish) Photo © Bryan Jones
SIG517 Patrol . Photo by pizzigr1

The rifle will be offered in four configurations:

  • Tactical Patrol (12.5″ barrel, almost certainly only on offer to law enforcement and military)
  • Patrol (16″ barrel)
  • Precision Marksman (16″ barrel)
  • Precision Sniper (20″ barrel)

Every model is equipped with free-floating quad rail and chrome-lined barrels. The Marksmen models feature heavy match barrels. The non-marksmen models come with backup iron sights. The 517 makes use of Armalite’s AR-10 Gen II magazine.

Close up of receiver. Photo by pizzigr1

According to pizzigr1 at, Sig are using Armalite AR-10 Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG).

No word on pricing or availability.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vak

    Why don’t they just start making sig 550/551 ? They are stamped metal, it shouldn’t be too hard.

    There’s already enough AR15 on the market.

  • Brian

    Because this isn’t an AR-15. This is an AR-10 based rifle.

  • Zach

    It’s very, very interesting that they chose the AR-10 (Armalite company) magazine rather than the KAC SR-25/DPMS LR-308/original AR-10 (division of Fairchild) magazine that otherwise seemed to be becoming the standard .308 AR magazine. I wonder why? And I wonder if this might prompt some aftermarket magazine makers, like C-Products and/or Magpul, to introduce .308 magazines in this design.

  • Richard

    Because then they couldn’t piggyback on the popularity of the HK416/417 with their clever naming scheme.

  • Lance

    Arg!!!!!!!!!!!! another AR-10 if they made M-1As id be happy.

  • El Duderino

    SIG 550/551/556 is a 5.56x45mm weapon — a 7.62x51mm version would be cool but I’m not sure the folks at SIG want to create a brand-new rifle. The only recently new “black rifle” design in 7.62x51mm that I’m aware of is the Kel-Tec RFB. Everything else is a rehash of third-quarter of the 20th century designs (but there’s nothing wrong with that). I know this rifle is gas-piston vs. direct impingement but that’s not a drastic change (unless you’re scrubbing chambers a lot).

  • CMathews

    Hmmm… I see that they decided to include a forward assist. I’ve noticed alot of the .308/7.62mm AR series rifles do not have one. Interesting…

  • guy

    “I see that they decided to include a forward assist.”

    DPMS offers them as an option on the LR-308. I had them use that version for mine.

  • EzGoingKev

    I like that precision marksman unit, but wonder what it weighs.

  • Tom Weber

    I grabbed a product line catalog from Sig at SHOT and it lists this rifle as using “Standard M14 type steel magazine” on the product bullet points for it. Page 14 if anyone out there has one and wants to make sure I haven’t had one concussion too many. I was interested in a rifle that took M14 magazines, I’m not interested in this if its just another AR-10.

  • Luke

    Sig already has made a 7.62 version of the 550/551/552. They called it the 542. Now if Sig redesigned that one to take the SR-25/DPMS/Magpul mags, that would be something.

  • Vak

    El duderino : Well actually, there’s a SIG 55x in 7.62, it’s called the sig SAPR.

  • Tyson Chandler

    I noticed that the selector switch is not ambidextrous. In such a crowded product market, wouldn’t you want the small details like that to distinguish your product?

  • … I realize this may be a dumb question… but, is that a night vision apertures at the end to enhance night snipping? Be kind.

    • Papa, it sure is.

  • Nooky

    The sig 550 in 7.62 Nato does exist. It’s called SAPR 751, and it’s made by the real SIG, not “sig sauer in america”

    It is still under devellopment (it has already been for a lonnnnnng time, for almost 3 years I’ve seen ads saying “coming late this year”)

    In the latest pictures it looked like this.

  • jdun1911

    The SIG716 will be very heavy due to the Magpul PRS.

  • .

    Thanks Steve.


  • Destroyer


  • Armalite is running a sale on AR-10 magazines. Buy them now, if you are interested. I’ve never seen them this cheap.

  • Gimme a 542 that takes surplus G3 mags and I will sell alot of them.

  • coonass

    well yes it will be heavy and i read that the 2 longer barrels are going to be marksman an sniper with heavy bull barrels ,so maybe an i hope sig will have a <1/2inch groups @ 100 yards. oh by the way magpul started making 308 mags i know for the dpms so they may fit this also an they was only about 20.00 bucks .i just want to see some reviews of this sig so i know where to go dpms or sig thanks

  • The Duck of Death

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people are out there being all inovated and stuff, but I never have been sold that this “piston driven” thing is all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, it has been done before hasn’t it?

    If this is better than the M14 in some way or say and FAL, well, good. Free floating railed handguards along with operator servicing and maintenace is a good thing. I can, and do work on my owne 15s’ and 10s’. Wouldn’t dream of going at my M1A. Will I still be able to swap a barel on one of these with the tools/skills I have?

    As far as the magazines go they say, (you know, those guys named “they” that know everything) that the upward tilt of the M14 mag reduces the occurance of bullet set back when chambering in the AR style barrel extension.

    Seems logical.

  • John H

    The Sig 550/551 is already on the market, it’s called the 556, the differences are very very little. In fact if you really want the Stg_90 look you can buy the furniture of any of the 550 series Swiss rifles and put it on the 556 classic and for all intents and purposes you have teh original plus ar cartridges….the really only big difference is the abaility to accept AR cartridges which is a big improvement for American market…..

    Yes there are already lots of Ar’s and AR-10’s on American market…so what? why would it be a remotely bad thing to have one more made by a Company that has one of the best track records in the buisiness for quality, and ruggedness? Competition is GOOD. Personally I’d snap at a chance at the Sig 716……Sig Sauer has never failed me…..the only thing more reliable then their products in my life has been death and taxes.

  • howard

    just happened to browse to this in an idle moment.
    noticed what seems to be a supplied bipod on the lower
    of the ‘SIG716 Precision Sniper’ version.
    nice weapon! lots of gadgets on it.

    a buddy of mine who came back from Iraq
    says that they had to fit wider feet/pads on
    their bipods when in the ‘sand hills’. (what he termed them)

    the smaller ones (and this seems a bit small)
    worked their way into the extra fine sand when extended.
    he said they took a shot, pulled their weapons
    up and reset their bipods due to the support
    working its way into the very soft dry ground there.
    they even laid a wrapped ground pads
    under the bipod to keep their aim and
    sights more level.

    i guess this one shown is more a clay and rock version.
    hazard a guess at what it will cost all fitted out?

  • Hifiho

    I’m happy with my 556, and if Sig gets these on the streets soon, I know where my tax return will be spent. I think I’ll go for the Sniper model if I can get my hands on one. I’ve actully told my dealer that I’ll take a 516 if he can get one for me, but I’m thinking now that I’ll hold out for the 716.

  • Rocky



  • Markusmedusa

    I just want to know when I can get one and how much it costs.

    • Are you asking about the scope?

  • Markusmedusa

    The Sig 716 that is

    • Leupold Mark AR Scope 6-18 variable power, 42 mm objective lens. Used only at the range, not hunting. No reasonable offer refused.

  • sig716 guns for, get it arround the price of a 556 msrp

    1755$ thas what in my mind is all good! presicion mark style!

    and i wanna mini 14 to get it done! YEA YEA YEA talkin like YEA YEA YEA!!!

  • Joe

    Hello, I recently purchased a SIG 516, I saw a Magpul B.A.D. Lever on a few online sites. But before I make the purchase, I would like to know if this is compatible? Does anyone have knowledge of this..

    • Derek189180

      The magpul and the troy AMBI releases do not work, the bend forward causes them to ride. Phase 5, does have 1 that just barely clears. (for the SIG 516, still can’t wait for the 716)

    • derek is correct, the phase5 ebrv2 does fit the sig 516. I wonder what will fit the 716.

  • alex

    further update on my sig716. Std ar15 ambi safety same diameter and width, great addition. Put 2.5x turkey scope, works great with irons left on but recoil said to tighten it more firmly than I first did. Very happy with all reloads made with IMR4895, shooting good groups 3/4″ to 7/8″ at 100 yds, Want to buy 4-16 scope when budget allows. I did put a timney 670 ar10 trigger and kns antiroll pins. pmags (lr20) are flying off the shelves, I got 10 more(should be enough for now.). Be sure to full length size, oal to 2.800, and taper crimp necks. Tight chamber. Fully enjoying off hand shooting at 100 yds. Now ready to sell my STAG-m4 to buy a SIG 400. 716 a great gun, SIG has really do it right.
    alex in Ohio

    • I have a Leupold Mark AR (designed for AR use), 4-18 variable 42 mm objective lens on a Sig 556. with mounts and rings. Has a mil dot reticle. I will let it go for a reasonable offer. Got it from Cabela’s.

      The scope has been used at a rifle range only, not hunting.

      Chip Carlson

  • where can i get a used sig 308 clip at least 20 or 30 roundqas?

  • brian

    I am looking for pre year 2000 mags for a 716 308 sig ar 10? I don’t if it is leagle to shop for this item since I live in CA.

  • brian

    I am looking for pre year 2000 mags for a 716 308 sig ar 10? I don’t if it is legal to shop for this item since I live in CA.

  • JBev

    The design team responsible for the HK 416/417 are the same people who were hired by SIG to design their AR platforms, and, according to the articles I’ve read, ‘make them even better’. So, while the SIG 516 and 716 are just another pair of AR platforms, they were intended to be the best high-volume production ARs made.

    The Swiss Arms SG 550/StG 90 has absolutely nothing to do with an AR platform, other than the cartridge. It is actually a Swiss redesign of the AK platform, and it’s considered by military analysts and small arms experts as the finest assault rifle ever manufactured. You owe it to yourself to read-up on it.

    Swiss law prevents exportation of Swiss military weapons, therefore SIG Arms manufactures them in Germany, and the usual price is about $3500 USD, which explains why every despot dictator doesn’t furnish them for his army… SIG Arms here in America makes the SIG 556, a very similar product using many of the same parts, but an aluminum lower which accepts STANAG magazines. Personally, I have two AR’s, and I like my SIG 556 better. It’s more compact, folds, cleans-up in a snap, is reliable and rugged, the best of the AK and AR platforms combined.

    The Swiss Arms SG 761 SAPR is the SG 550 design scaled-up for the more powerful 7.62 X 51/308 Winch. If SIG would build the REAL SG 550 and 751 here, it just might not already be too late for folks to discover what tremendous platforms they are.

    If I could have just one gun, and it could be anything I wanted, I’d go for the SIG 751 in a heartbeat. It folds, it’s gas system is self-regulating, and if it’s anything like my 556, it will digest anything you feed it, and spit it out very accurately with little fuss at all. – JB