Maoist insurgents building AK clones

Times of India reports

NEW DELHI: Maoists may have been dependent on weapons looted from armouries but now they have developed the expertise to clone sophisticated weapons, including assault rifles of AK series, in a development that should worry security agencies as they brace for the offensive against the ultras.

The CRPF also seized as many as 59 different types of instruments, which were used to manufacture and assemble these rifles and various types of pistols. An official said, “Around 100 personnel of the CRPF’s 190th Battalion conducted the operation and arrested one Maoist. Though the rest of the ultras fled away, they left behind the instruments used in making not only duplicate AK series rifles but also pistols of different makes.”

While you can laugh at the AK being called “sophisticated”, the fact is that is a capable, albeit simple, modern weapon that can hold its own on the battlefield. That is can be easily built in a cave means it is not going to disappear from the battlefield for a very long time.

[ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Yeah but I doubt the quality of these weapons is all to great. Probably blow up in there face. + how do they get there hands on ammo? India dosnt have easy access on ammo.

  • jdun1911

    It never amazed me that the lack of understanding firearms in the news media. You got morons repeating what the media told them and that IMO is sad. It does not take a genius to figure out that modern firearms:

    1. are simple machines.
    2. technologies was created in a time where there was no computers, no cars, no airplanes, no electricity, no paved roads, etc.

  • Ahmed

    This has actually been going on for quite a while.
    A few years ago, I saw a documentary about the gun markets of northern pakistan/Afghanistan (obviously where Al-Qaeda gets their weapons) where people just sat around making guns and ammo with their hands for a living. I was fairly impressed with the metal workers, from the setting you would have thought he was making a sword, but the guns they tested seemed usable enough.

  • Steve,

    My pleasure. I’ll try and get some pics though I am not sure how long it would take.


    The ammunition would, most probably, be smuggled from Nepal or from Burma. In India – like in many other countries that restrict the sales of guns to law abiding citizens – ammo is not available if you try to buy it legally. Terrorists like the Naxalites and sundry other groups of killers never seem to find it a problem to acquire anything that they want. Sad, but if they can acquire equipment to manufacture AK 47s, my guess is that they can acquire ammunition as well for their guns.

  • jdun1911

    Ammo are easy to produce compare to firearms.

    Here is the video Ahmed was talking about. Keep in mind small arms don’t win wars. Heavy weapons does.

    Kids from Africa in huts are producing firearms. All that is require are basic tools, materials, time, and basic mechanical knowledge (something that most Westerners lost).

    The AK was designed for easy mass production and that’s why it is one of most cloned firearms in huts and caves.

  • Destroyer

    jdun, you are right that ammo is easy to produce; the best example of this was Israelis producing ammo while under British colonial rule.

    Take into consideration folks that small arms leads to the capture and use of heavy weapons. Guerrilla warfare is a snowball effect.

  • Fully automatic weapons that work well are not easy to produce. There are many nuances and close tolerances that are very difficult to overcome. These people are fighting for a belief in something other than jesus on sunday mornin and football on sunday evening. Don’t try to be so empathetic.

    • johnny, building full auto only is not harder than building a semi-auto, probably easier.

      While I would agree that a semi-auto is better for guerrillas, I doubt they use it in semi-auto.

  • not to mention fully automatic weapons blow if you are a guerilla trying to survive.

  • Destroyer

    steve, you are right. during WWII, the Soviet army discovered the submachine gun was more effective in the hands of untrained troops than any rifle. Instances of cheap, easy-to-produce automatic weapons are the Sten and PPS43, which can be manufactured in a car garage or basement.