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  • Don

    Who hasn’t been there? Given enough time, despite all the precautions, you will eventually do the hot-brass-dance. Not too proud to say that this gentleman and have very similar dance moves.

  • Tux

    Not only is this video amusing (not that i don’t feel for the guy, hot brass is never a fun experience) it also provides a great illustration as to the importance of good trigger discipline.

  • SpudGun

    LOLZ, we’ve all been there and done that. At least he kept his rifle pointing in a safe direction during most of the anguish.

    Here are my top 5 most common shooting injuries –

    1. Brass bouncing off a booth wall and burning my neck
    2. Forgetting to put my ear defenders back on
    3. Flipping over a hot pump shotgun to reload and burning my hand
    4. Steel plate ricochet (more of a shock then an injury when it hits)
    5. Auto pistol hammer biting the web of my hand

    I have had other injuries from shooting, but these all occurred when I was trying to do ‘tacticool’ drills. There’s nothing like throwing yourself onto the ground and having a load of metal magazines digging into your ribs or bringing a rifle up too fast and hitting yourself in the face with the scope. Yep, with those types of skillz, I should have been Delta.

  • Vin

    Hey, from what i saw, he at least maintained trigger discipline and kept the muzzle kinda downrange. I’m sure the shooter to his left was kinda scared though :}

    BTW… the first time i had hot rifle brass down my shirt.. i was yelping like a little girl too 😀

  • Raymond

    Well at least he keeps the weapon pointed downrange and finger off trigger until someone takes it away from him. I’ve always taken the precaution to tell women I take shooting that they need to wear a full t-shirt, cleavage is great and I’m a huge fan of it, but it’s bad on the range unless you want to do the “Hot Brass Titty Dance” But as this video shows, sometimes, shit happens

  • Lance

    YEOW!! Thats why I use LC-2 gear a tact vest and catch and snag alot of stuff you dont want touching you!

  • Raymond

    I’m fairly confident that I’m among a relatively small number of people who have managed to accidentally catch hot pistol brass in the mouth. That led to an entire series of, “I guess Ray spits” jokes

    • Raymond, photos? 😉

  • KBCraig

    We call that the “Safety Dance”. 😀

  • Thomas M.

    The first time I took a rifle class one of the other attendees loaned me his spare shemagh before the class got started. It saved me from more than a few hot shell casings going down my shirt.

  • Simon

    When I was a Pfc, the sarge’s hot bullet casing went into his left sleeve. He also performed the hot-brass-dance. lol

  • Destroyer

    it happens. haha. im left handed so the brass sometimes burns my hands and forearms, which is why i swear by wearing gloves and long sleeve shirts when i shoot (like military nomex gloves and 5.11 long sleeve shirt or something)