Charles Daly / KBI gone out of business

Sadly Charles Daly / KBI are no longer trading

To all our friends, fans, supporters and consumers of Charles Daly and by extension, KBI products, I regret to inform you that the rumors of our demise are true.

KBI is going out of business and closing its doors, effective today.

I don’t want to go into each and every detail as to why this has occurred, except to say that there have been a multitude of events over the past five years that have contributed to our current situation.

For those of you with ongoing service requirements, please be advised that we are currently negotiating with several companies that will be performing after-sale service of Charles Daly, CD Defense and Jericho firearms. As soon as we have finalized a contract with one of these companies we will post the name, address and contact details of that company so you will know who to contact to obtain service on your KBI firearm.

Charles Daly Defense AR-15

I wonder if financial difficulties were the reason why negotiations with Bul, to sell what was supposed to be named the Charles Daly G4 1911, fell through. The pistol was recently brought to the market by Magnum Research and branded the Desert Eagle 1911.

From the companies’ “About” page

The modern era of Charles Daly began in 1996 when K.B.I. Inc.’s president, Michael Kassnar acquired the brand. Kassnar and his family had been involved in importing firearms from around the globe for more than half a century and had actually been supplying Outdoor Sports Headquarters with Charles Daly products from 1976 to 1985.

In keeping with the Charles Daly tradition of selling custom crafted firearms, K.B.I. Inc., began importing Italian and Spanish over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns and marketing them under the Charles Daly name. The line expanded with the inclusion of Charles Daly 1911 pistols and took off with the addition of a line of semi-automatic and pump action shotguns.

[ Many thanks to James for emailing me the info. ]

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  • James

    I own a Charles Daly M4LE and I was very impressed with the rifle. It was comparable in TDP/features to the Colt 6920 and was going for about 30% less at the time.

  • sad news but really to be expected. the explosion of weapons manufacturers has only been rivaled by the number of ‘gear’ makers. have you seen how many pouch, mag and pack makers there are out there? we can probably expect to see alot more of this once the wars wind down.

  • AP

    So, who will IWI hook up with?

    • AP, they were with another company before KBI, so I guess they will find another.

  • Erwos

    Sad, sad day. Weren’t these guys supposed to be importing the Tavor?

  • Raq

    As sad as this is, I’m really surprised this doesn’t happen more often. If things get much worse, company shutdowns will become commonplace.

    I hope that even with KDI gone, Charles Daly will continue to exist. It’s one of the better brands around, and I imagine it’ll find a way to stick around in one form or another.

  • Squirrel

    It’s crappy to see a company go out of business, but I’m proud to own a CD D-M4 rifle as the fit and finish rivals that of the best!

  • Oooh someone’s going to import the TAVOR! Now that I will spend money on!

  • Bill Lester

    That’s a shame. KBI/CD had some interesting stuff over the years. I was several times on the verge of buying one of their Hi Powers with the improved safety and XS big dot sights.

  • jdun1911

    The vast majority of gear and firearms maker relies on LEA and civilian sells, not the US military.

    The US military don’t procure gear and firearms from just anybody. They have to go through a process of testing and paper works before they decide to go with the product.

    I bought a new CD Browning HI-Power few years back for around $200 with XS Sight (a $100 value) from CDNN. The gun work great and IMO a steal.

  • Rex

    I had hoped this would not be true. 🙁 I really liked CD’s products…

  • Zach

    IWI was previously letting Magnum Research import the Jericho (aka Baby Eagle) guns, and I suppose they could go back. But I got the impression the parting of IWI and MRI wasn’t all that friendly. Who knows. IWI could probably set up their own importer here if they wanted to.

    The Tavor is a disappointment, hopefully it will still get here somehow.

    If you read Mr. Kassnar’s message carefully (follow the link, not all of it is quoted here), it sounds like many products might be coming back shortly under a different name or company.

  • I sure hope they find somebody to pick up the Tavor.

    We use Charles Daly semi-auto shotguns at the Boy Scout camp I worked at the last few summers. Good guns that held up very well to a lot of shooting.

  • JustinR

    Oh man! Just when they started importing Jerichos with rails and compatible holsters! That is really too bad, their management even participated in their forums and listened to their customers. Bummer.

  • Matt Groom

    I had also heard that Charles Daly was supposed to importing the Tavor, which is one of my favorite .223 Bullpups on the market. Charles Daly has imported some rather interesting things over the years, but often as soon as I found something they were importing that I really wanted, or relized I needed, they stopped importing it! A shame nonetheless.

  • That is amazing. Last week the tavor came up in conversation on and someone said Charles Daley was going out of business and a guy from the company flipped out on them

    I guess maybe they were trying to save or sell it still at the time.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Perhaps some connection to the SHOT shot arrests?

    • Raoul, I do not think so. They are a small company, S&W is in a different league.

  • Todd

    I won a CD Turkey gun at a gun raffle that ironically was made in Turkey. It is a nice shotgun and functions very well. It has a factory applied realtree camo pattern covering the entire weapon that has held up very well over the last couple years of use.

  • Cymond

    I just tried to visit their old website. All pages are replaced with the notice that they are out of business. While I understand the need to distribute this information, I wish their page still worked as a temporary reference tool. Where else can we get accurate and concise information on all of the CD models? They may be out of business but there are a lot of NIB guns online. I’d like a reference point.

    As another note: I’d love to have one of the Little Sharps rifles.

  • Stevo

    WTF I just bought a CD 12 gauge shotgun and i haven’t even shot it yet. Now what?

  • RWK

    Just bought a lightly used CD 12 ga. auto….Turkish import. Took it out to shoot a round of sporting clays…at the 94th round the firing pin broke. Rumor has it that Numrich’s just bought out KBI stock…but parts appear to be few and far between! Any ideas on where to get a firing pin?

    • G-man

      I have used a big brand name firing pin and slightly modified it to
      replace the cast pins on the CD shot guns, works great. Working on
      modifying a locking block from the same big brand name co. to replace
      the cast blocks. if interested in what to use or want it done, email me.

  • Mike

    Anyone know anything about the 44-40 Liberty Limited Model 1973 from KBI?

  • Mike

    I meant an 1873

  • jack

    i have a little sharps rifel this gun come with a life time warranty now that you are no longer in buiss who will work on my gun

  • bobby

    I have a brand new auto shotgun that will not shoot because the firing pin is drilled in the wrong place i would like to have it fixed but dont know who to ge in touch with. Does any one else know?

  • cody mjoness

    i have a daly automatic that has problems shooting and ejecting the shells. now that the company is out of buisness who will work on the gun??? we boughtit for the lifetime warranty!

  • bryson

    I think its well deserved they go out of business. Their quality on semi auto shotguns was absolute crap. In a nutshell, bought my dad a supreme II 12ga. He’s had to return it 3 times for various parts breaking. Cheap pot metal castings. He was accused of using bad reloads, and every other thing. That was so they didn’t have to accept liability. He only used factory ammo. I used it today, bolt broke AGAIN! Junk.

  • Scott

    I just bought a new 12ga pump today. Hope it is ok, since they are out of business.

  • Scott

    No box, no paperwork, no nothing? Not sure yet if it was worth $300

  • Larry

    I see many comments about the Tavor. I would love to have one too. Don’t count on getting one. Israel is not exporting any military type rifles, not even surplus Uzis. For the past few years all uzi parts have come from Africa. This was due to some treaty or agreement they signed to reduce the chance of military weapons falling into the wrong hands, like Mexico. They might export a sporterized version with limited capacity, but as much as I would like to have one, I don’t see it happening.

  • Larry

    BTW, I had just purchased a nickel 870 pump copy (police) before all of the CD news broke. Anyone know where is was made or who made it?

  • Bill

    I’ve got 5 CD Auto in my shop for repairs now are there going to be part’s available any time in the near future

  • Mark

    I have had a CD 12 guage pump 3 and 1 half magnum ive been using on geese for the last 6 seasons and had the firing pin break twice. Both times i sent it back to factory and they replaced it in a speedy manor. What i like about their gun is the ease of breaking it down to do a full clean up on it. Where i hunt it is always raining and the cd takes 10 minutes to do a thorough clean up were as my 870 takes 35 minutes or so. Also at the price i bought it for if i get it muddy or it falls out of the boat , who cares i bought it as a disposable gun

  • craig

    I am looking for someone who can repair and replace a collapseable stock on a cd defense AR,,,just need to get it done with someone who is good and honest,,thanks

  • Pete

    Cannot find parts (Action Bar) for my Charles Daly 12ga Autoloader.. I really enjoy the shotgun and have put 1000+ rounds through it.. Is there anyone who would be willing to sell me thier no working Autoloader for parts ?? Thanks Pete..

    • jason

      yes i can i have a 12 gauge locking bolt is broke and and the bolt opener is broke 100 bucks and it is yours my number is 6145300555

  • Henry

    I have a CD Bull with a 40 cal barrel. Does anyone know where I can get an extra clip for my pistol?

  • Chris

    I have a Charles Daly Field 12 ga 3″ that I believe I need a firing pin for. I have a 4H shotgun club and I need this gun for the kids but I can not locate parts or anyone to work on it for that matter. does anyone have one they would part with or parts or any way to help?

  • rob K.

    Regarding your CD Field Firing pin….I tried every one that sounded like it might fit from Numrich’s….not one of them worked. I finally had a gun smith turn one for me and it works great. I figured I could have a worthless “club” ….or spend $75 for a $10 part. Glad I did it.

  • Adrian Knight

    Have a CD 20 gauge youth semi auto. Want to put full size stock on it. Know where I can get one?

  • I have new charles daly cdgk0204 field tactical 12 g shotgun. missing o- ring. Should have extra 0-ring according to manual. No answer @ phone or website. Feeling ripped off ! like shotgun. will take to private smith. Will it work without it ?? like looks and price. no way to contact anybody. So I guess I am screwed ! O- ring in question is in front or over pistol seal. key no. parts list no. 52. So what do i do ????

  • Jim

    We are looking for a parts list to see how the parts go on around the mag tube. My son took it a part and it hangs up after the first shot.

  • bruce Mcclellan

    I have a 2 year old cd auto loader 12 guage chambered for 2 3/4 and 3 inch that has had 12 rounds put thru it. I have the box owners manual and the 3 choke tubes that came with it.It is covered in factory Max-4 camo. I paid $585.00 will sell for $400 you pay shipping.

  • joe

    DO NOT BUY A USED CHARLES DALY WEAPON!!! charles daly is crap. That is why they went out of business. I Bought a used “ducks unlimited” version of their pump shotgun, for my son. It misfires more than half the time. Now I get online and find that everyone else seems to have simlar firing pin problems with most of their more recent CD weapons. again DO NOT BUY A CHARLS DALY WEAPON!!! you cannot find parts for them either.

  • joe

    by the way.. I bought a 30 year old Mossberg 12 gauge pump as well…it has worked flawlessly.

  • Anyone know where to get parts for the Charles Daly autoloading shotguns?
    Sure appreciate your help.
    Ray & Lisa

  • Thomas Hoey

    As of today, Numrich Gun Parts has bought out the parts and have unpacked the boxes. There’s a huge selection of charles daly autoloader and other parts available. However, they are selling out fast.

    • Ralph

      Hi Thomas,
      Are you aware of any other suppliers of parts? I am in need of fire pin for S X S from Spain.

  • ed stain

    i bought a cd 3″ 12ga semi at wal mart about four years ago. shoots good and is a good quality gun for the price. i had a problem of jaming on the last round from the magazine using 2 3/4 in shot shells. remedy was to stretch the mag spring to increase the tension on the follower. need front bead sight, where can i get this part or any part for the cd firearm? by the way, local wal mart still has cd shot guns for sale.

  • SHAWN R.


  • J.W.Koebler

    I have just recieved a 20 ga. pump shot gun in my shop stamped Charles Daly field. It is not ejecting and the ejector has no tension to it. I am very dissapointed in the quality of this fire arm and sad to see that Charles Daly has put thier name on such a P.O.S. I will not take another into my shop for repair as I pride myself in my work and I cannot guaranty any repairs to these firearms

  • ed stain


  • Randall Davis

    looking for additional clips for a
    F.E.C. Mod. PMK-380
    Made in Hungry
    sold by K.B.I. Harrisburg, Pa.

  • sjk

    Who might be servicing the NRA Diamond O/U’s?
    Mine is glitching.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Johnobody

    Wikipedia entry has a notation that, as of the 2012 SHOT show, Charles Daly is back.
    I hope the quality problems I’ve read about have been solved and they achieve success.

  • DonDale

    I bought a Charles Daly HP new in the box. Great pistol. However, the front sight moves in the dove tail slot. I removed the front sight and discovered a hole in the slide inside the dove tail slot. It appears that the hole was purposely placed there – symetrical and covers about half of the dove tail base. I’ve tried using glue to hold the sight and “dimpled” the base of the sight – didn’t work. After about 10 rounds, the front sight moves to the left. Is anyone familar with this problem? Is there a glue that will hold the sight? thanks


    KIMBER TARGET POLY frame made by BUL in ISRAEL same as charles daly M-5 , my KIMBER is a tack driver.awesome weapon, the magazines were the issues with my M-5 and my kimber, then i found quality mags that fit my LLAMA IX-C and they fit my Kimber target and charles daly m-5 and worked perfectly!!!!! Who knew!
    The gunbroker auction is still up
    The seller is POPPANITROUS the mags are perfect tig welded metal mags for charles daly,kimber wide body target and LLAMAs.

  • JBar595

    The only comments I’ve heard about their 1911s was poor quality and questionable service.