Bushmaster responds to questions about ACR

Over at AR15.com Jarrod McDevitt, a Bushmaster employee, has answered commonly asked questions about the ACR rifle. What I did not realize is that the production version of the ACR does not use AR-15 barrels or triggers!

Let me remind you all this forum is for product questions & to share info on your existing BFI products. If your intention is to just come in here and randomly use profanity and bash products, your post will be reported to AR15.Com Staff and deleted. I’m all for talking about product and taking criticism, but the majority of this re: the ACR is over the top and unacceptable.

If I missed something, I’ll come back in and answer what I can.

1st Topic M4 Bbl:
M4 profile was picked as a trade-off between weight and durability. We tested up to 6 bbl profiles (hvy, med, light, heavy under the handguard M4, M4, and fluted hvy). We found that the M4 offered the best weight/performance ratio.

2nd 1×9 Bbl Twist vs. 1×7:
1/7 bbl assemblies will be offered. BFI did 1:9 bc tests show that for 62 gr and under it was more accurate than 1:7. However, 1:9 does not stabilize 77 gr and above as well, so for customers requiring a. 1:7 it will be offered separate and installed in the rifle late spring.

3rd Civ weight vs. Mil Version:
The Mil version is still under development and weight reduction to 7lbs. is part of that process. When completed, application of those design changes and the use of alternate material components can be applied to the civ model.

4th Chrome lined vs. New Proprietary Coating:
Many have pointed out that the ACR barrels are not chrome lined and that is correct… They are not. That does not mean that they are not coated. As stated in our original press release the ACR barrels, and all internal components, feature a new, proprietary coatings that are substrate conversions which vastly increase durability, lubricity and reliability.

5th Pricing:
To make this weapon combat ready, and suitable for LE application and Civilian sales, it went thru revision after revision after revision. The ACR is not an inexpensive rifle to produce, it is of the highest quality and we are utilizing the most advanced materials available. The $1500 Retail price tag was not realistic. I know we all wanted to produce and offer this weapon for under $2k, but when the cost roll up is done, and all the pricing is tiered the realistic $’s are what we are showing.

6th BFI Targeting Modern Warfare Consumers
Absolutely not, especially when a large demographic playing this game are youth and we are very careful not to market to individuals who are not legally able to own a firearm, especially youth. We commented at the show on the phenomenon Modern Warfare 2 has caused, bringing the awareness of the ACR to an entire segment of the population that was previously unaware of it. But this product has never been targeted specifically to the players of video game. Our target, as it has been and remains, are professional firearms users, tactical firearms enthusiasts, target and competition shooters, and recreational shooters who value high quality, performance firearms.

Lastly, replacement bbls, buttstocks, forends, and caliber conv kits will be offered. We are setting up our accessory/spares program, and will release more info on this as we get closer to the offering.

The cheaper Basic model of Bushmaster ACR at SHOT Show ’10

He then went on to say …

  1. They do not accept a std AR Bbl. However, spare bbls will be offered.
  2. We did show the A-TAC Camo version at Shot, it will follow shortly after the release of the Enhanced ACR.
  3. We will be offering the 6.8, 7.62×39, and 6.5.
  4. No other trigger option avail..this one is pretty sweet.
  5. Enhanced model does not go with an additional hgd, will go with the 3 rail only. Basic hgd will be offered separately.

I wonder why they dropped AR-15 barrel and trigger group compatibility. It was one of the major features touted by Magpul back in the day.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    Modern Warfare 2 Players Do Not Require AR Compatibility. This has become a FANBOY product.

  • Big Daddy

    That weapon looks like something I would want to carry. I have followed it’s development and I think unlike many other companies who tried to get their product out as fast as possible Remington did it right. They worked out all the bugs and are going to field a fully developed system.

    I ask; why all the time and effort to produce a rifle like this. There are so many on the market, they could have just did some mods to an AR-15 and called it a day. Sold a bunch and made a nice profit. So in my mind something else is going on.

    First the ability to change caliber so easily. Second the system itself and use of the latest materials and techniques. The system looks like it will lend itself to full auto fire very easily.

    Are we looking at the next rifle for the U.S.Army? This would be great for SOF who want to easily change calibers and barrel length. Plus again it allows the army to use one rifle for many different tactical situations. Short barrel for drivers and other confined personnel, mid length for use as a carbine and longer barrels for full size rifles and squad marksmen. Even later a SAW type version with a quick barrel change?????

    When I read about the Army wanting an upgrade to the M-4 in so many ways that to me opened the door for this rifle to be tested and accepted. They already paid off Colt by letting them build other weapons for us. My gut just said the timing is right. The effort and time was put in to make this weapon work correctly. The SCAR and HK416 have come up short, but this baby looks like it hit all the marks.

    So I just a have this gut feeling that is the next rifle for the U.S.Army. Too bad it will probably be in 5.56mm, but wait….if by any chance in the future the Army changes it’s mind and goes 6.8mm guess what….easy conversion. It makes so much sense that the Army probably will not do that and keep using the M-16/M-4 until they all just fall apart.

  • Screw you Bushmaster. COD MW2 is about as far as your weapon will ever get in terms of success.

  • Not accepting AR barrels is not a smart move on their part. That was a major selling point in my mind.
    It’s sounding more and more like they are simply rushing it to market. I guess it’s just more reason for me to wait a year or two more (grudgingly) and see if the price comes down to a reasonable level and for the weight and barrel/trigger group issues to smooth out.

  • Burst

    Some nice corporate spinelessness there, especially considering the game in question has an MA rating.

    I find it odd that they’re not selling the model Magpul debuted:
    Collapsible stock/ Long handguard.

  • jdun1911

    Here the thing, Bushmaster damaged Magpul reputations and it shows in the AR15 forums. In a way they deserve it because their marketing reps was getting on my nerves.


    It is a rip off to shell that much money on a 5.56 rifle, IMO. For that much I rather upgrade to a good 7.62 auto or bolt action rifle.

    Bushmaster cut a lot of corners with the ACR and then price it up. For example, the barrel is not chrome lined. Stock can’t be folded in the basic model. Weight a crap load for both versions. Even at 7lbs (military) is way too much for a 5.56 carbine that is mostly made out of plastic. etc.

    Bushmaster use proprietary barrel and triggers groups to increase their profit margin, yet made no improvements to the system when they did it.

    Good luck selling the ACR with that price tag to anyone. Not in this economy where the current real unemployment rate is 17.3%(U-6 data) and Law Enforcement agencies are scaling back and close for business.


  • subase

    Not much of an improvement over the AR-15 especially with the advent of reliable gas piston conversions. It is a few years too late, too expensive and too heavy. Not to mention i hear it has more recoil, isn’t a gas piston system supposed to have less?

    As a cheaper version of the scar though it still compares nicely.

  • I really like the idea behind the ACR, and I’ll keep an eye on it as far as sales and performance go. I just can’t see myself paying that much for one. For the price of the enhanced I could buy 6.8 upper for my AR, an M1A, and an ACOG, and probabaly still have a little cash left over.

    I hope they make their money on it, but it’s hard for me to see that happening.

  • Canthros

    Per the same guy in the same thread (scroll down a bit here), the ACR will be compatible with AR FCG parts:

    “- The ACR has a single stage trigger. Replacement parts: std AR hammer, trigger, disco, and aftermarket triggers are usable.”

    I think the response about there being “No other trigger option” has to do with the stock configuration, i.e. Bushmaster is only offering it with one trigger group.

  • Jim

    First off, I did not know lubricity was even a word. Silly me.

    But I was disappointed in the caliber offerings. I’m sure someone will bitch enough (or just modify it) to get a 5.56 version. But 7.62×39? I know it is cheap and available, but I’m not a fan of the round. If they made the offering in a 7.62×51 flavor, I’d be a bit more interested.

    I’d like to see a bullpup version of this.

    Even though MW2 is a very sweet game, I’m not sure why there is such a hype over the ACR. Hell, I wish Chey-Tac would be raking in the publicity or hype for the “Intervention” rifle…Maybe it’d bring the prices down so I could buy one 😀

  • eq3

    So no standard AR barrels, or triggers, pure greed. No technical reason they couldn’t have done both, the prototypes did and they were two of the most promising features. The price is a huge insult to the shooting community. Plenty of other manufacturers producing guns as, or more difficult to manufacture in the 1500 to 1700 price range. DSA FNs, RA XCR, Ruger 556, Steyr AUG A3, PTR 91 etc,, how much can molded plastic cost? Development costs are an issue, but this seems to be designed to sell to the military here and overseas and the lucrative contracts that would bring. They picked a price point to make it comparable to the HK 416, SCAR etc. They have essentially turned their back on civilian sales. HK and FN were never horribly concerned about civ sales of their assault rifles, but Bushmaster/Remington have always catered to the shooting public, until now. I’ll be spending my money elsewhere as i expect most people will. All the hype from magpul and then bushmaster pointed at the public and this is the payoff, no wonder everyone is disappointed.

  • DavidR

    The whole ACR debacle is fascinating. Take a fantastic concept (Masada) and run it through the wringer of a high-profile gun manufacturer with a checkered history of QC (Bushmaster) and we end up with a product that a.) appears to have emasculated most of the Masada’s major design features (AR-bbl/parks backwards-compatibility, light weight, folding stock) and then went on to b.) price itself straight into the cost-prohibitive range, discouraging many of the all-important “early adopters”.

    Even more confusing is that the ar15.com thread cited by Steve is full of quotes from Bushmaster stating and restating that the first release version of the ACR is **not optimized** and will change as production/design kinks are worked out I mean, Wow! Talk about adding insult to injury!!

  • Other Steve

    They have flat out misjudged the market. They saw the SCAR go for 5k on gunbroker, they saw the Obama-Rush, they saw the ammo shortage, and said “we want ours”.

    Now they’ve broken the golden rule of the internet. Never-Ever-Ever get on a forum as a company representative to defend your product.

    They are trapped in an emotional argument. The ACR is in fact tits! It’s a great looking gun, the features are very attractive, and the quoted $1500 price is too good to pass up. Magpul did a fantastic job in creating an emotional bond to a 3 year vaporware product. Real people saved real money on something that has been unreal for years. Good for them! Now, the real world cometh….

    Instead of breaking people into the price, weight, and limited available features, Bushmaster is silent. Assumes the this emotional connection knows no bounds, that regardless the price that people will be so glad it’s now available all logic and reason will be set aside. Early Adopter Fever will run rampant… Yea… Amazingly in the worst economy of our lives it has not.

    Now they are in damage control and they don’t seem to have learned anything yet. In their official first post about the product they pretty much say a new version is coming that is lighter, cheaper, and will have more available accessories. They say in plain English “It’s not our fault it sucks, it will get better, you don’t want to buy this yet.”

  • Azriel

    Criticisms usually come out as bashing and profanity because people are dissatisfied with something. The pricing for the ACR is at a level that makes it practically impossible for the individuals in the market range that BFI is aiming for to purchase it. I find it comical that BFI believes that, with the prices they set on it, they will get more than the bare minimum of this weapon sold. I admit that I still do want one, but I will wait until the price comes down into the price range of the real American consumer.

  • Zach

    I’m not buying it.

    Let me clarify: I’m not buying the load of fantastic silliness (trying to keep my word choice “G” here) that is being spouted by the Shrubmaster rep, nor am I buying an ACR if it is more $1500, and it sure sounds like the laughable initial MSRP is being defended. Great, Shrubmaster. Sell your guns to videogame junkies who barely know which end the bullet comes out of but have lots of disposable cash (and I do mean disposable), and say bye-bye to the market of genuine shooting hobbyists and professionals who want quality and a reasonable price. Reasonable does not have to be cheap – just reasonable. Half the gun is molded plastic, and I’ll bet your fancy coatings are nitriding, which is CHEAPER than hard chrome as commonly used on $900 ARs and $450 AKs.

    So, Shrubmaster, go watch Adolf in the Downfall satire telling what he thinks of the ACR price. I hope you have an Airsoft version in the works, because that will be your best seller.

  • LurpyGeek

    So many of the statements in this response are “that will be available later… that will be available at additional cost… the enhanced reduced weight version will be available later.”

    If that’s the case, why would anyone want to buy one right now? Why not wait until the truly finished product is released. Some of the enhanced parts might be able to be retrofitted (at additional cost) but I’m not quite sure how more than a full pound will be “retrofitted” off the rifle for the enhanced version.

  • Larry

    The more I find out about the ACR the less I want to buy it.

    Would I drop the insane amount for this rifle. . . sure. Will I? Probably not given all that I’ve heard about it. Now I know you won’t please everyone but some basic things like chrome lined barrel are well basic.

    Maybe I’ll get a HK 416. . .

  • Beaumont

    Does Cerebus actually understand how the marketplace works? Or is something else going on, unrelated to principles of good design and marketing? Silly me, I would have thought that fielding a product at a price point your customers were willing to pay was the way capitalism works.

    But, as a previous poster alluded, the market may not matter. DoD is not terribly concerned with price points. Civilians are.

  • Matt Groom

    I KNEW IT!!!! I knew they would change the barrel design and internals just enough to where they wouldn’t be compatible with AR components! I F-ING KNEW IT! They have literally dropped the only feature of the design I liked. That was the only thing that separated it from the SCAR and the XCR, and they wouldn’t be able to charge these outrageous prices for different barrels if they were standard AR components. This is no accident, and Bushmaster, Remington, and Cerberus have RUINED this design, just like they ruined the 6.8 SPC.

    Fortunately for those of us who live in the world of reality, and not video games, the XCR is still available for those of us who want a next-gen semi-auto rifle, and the RFB is available for those of us who want more power. If you paid dealer price on the RFB and the XCR, you could get BOTH for less than an ACR. Seriously.

  • Every since the first demo by Magpul I had my heart set on this rifle….but after seeing the price tag and really comparing it against everything on the market.

    Why would I be so stupid to buy such a rifle?

    I can get full custom from JP Rifles, LWRC, or Spike’s Tactical for that price plus throw in some change towards an ACOG. Plus the awesome part about the AR15 platform is interchangeability of parts….so why would you go with a one off? And pay through the nose for it?

  • Big Daddy

    So you are all saying it’s an overpriced POS?

    Then why did they bother?

    Are they that stupid?

    If you guys are correct then they are.

  • DavidR

    Woops. Wait. Looks like things are in flux in that ar15.com thread. Seems that the original Bushmaster statement “No other trigger option avail” only referred to factory options and that indeed, AR trigger groups can be substituted. There also appears to be some confusion as to whether or not “They do not accept a std AR Bbl.” is an accurate statement since the early AAC Bushmaster ACR *did* in fact use a standard AR bbl.

  • Well there has been some conjecture as to whether Jarrod actually knows all the specs (he I believe) has now reversed himself on the AR trigger saying they do not come standard, but will work in the gun. He claimed he was checking with the engineers on some of the other questions, but he hasn’t responded since… so take that for what it is worth.

    Apparently he is taking calls however :
    Jarrod McDevitt
    Ext# .223
    Bushmaster Firearms International, L.L.C
    Made With Pride In The U.S.A.

  • mert

    I find Jarrod’s terse responses and overall attitude on the ar15.com forum to be shocking. Bushmaster has made a lot of bad moves so far and squabbling with potential customers is not going to help them sell guns.

  • zach

    Yeah I thought the whole concept of the ACR was to be as modular as possible, and I think making a very vital part not compatible with the standard rifle for the US military and countless police dept’s would not make sense at all. So I’m hoping this is simply an error on that employee’s part. It’s still a great weapon though, although I have to say I liked Magpul’s initial version better, non-chrome lined barrels bother me, unless of course its some revolutionary new coating that is better then everything else but is kept secret.
    @Ermac, you don’t know that, there was a time when the M-16 was touted as a flimsy plastic rifle that would never see success, and look where it is now. Please don’t start an off-topic AR-15 vs. Everything else thats piston or bigger then 5.56 debate I was simply using that as an example

  • rotncore

    I understand why everyone in the US is upset that this doesn’t have more commonality with the AR platform, but as a Canadian this is good news, as it increases the likelihood that this won’t be classified as an AR variant, and with a long barrel this can be deemed unrestricted (able to be used off of approved ranges, no transport paperwork, and maybe soon, unregistered). If that happens, I’ll run to the store to buy one…maybe 2!

  • Jim

    rotncore why is the AR-15 platform banned in CA?

  • Destroyer

    all the ridicule and nobody has even seen the rifle yet…I suggest the bashers at least wait until they reach firearms stores and stop referring the ACR to COD4 (which proves they have something to do with the COD4 effect).

    I have a friend that swears he’s buying one…and ill review it as soon as I take it on the range.

    • Destroyer, please read the comments policy. Insulting other commenters is not allowed.

  • William

    Here’s how I feel: This gentleman gives satisfactory explanations for everything mentioned, I get it. But what I am most interested in is this: Tell us why you did not make the rifle that you set out to make? The equivalent would be along the lines of Toyota (or whoever) spending two years telling people about a $20,000 sports car that was going to revolutionize sports cars, and then they release it and it doesn’t revolutionize sports and it costs $40,000.

  • zach

    What about remingtons ACR? I don’t know much about it, and i was wondering how it compared with Bushmaster’s ACR. or if the only similarity is name.

  • jdun1911

    The project has been mismanaged from the getgo. Both Bushmaster and Magpul share the blame.

    Magpul on the AR15 forum keep giving the illusion that the ACR was sub $1500. They also said that they are working close with Bushmaster on the improvements of the ACR. Both of which we found out are untrue.

    Bushmaster for being Bushmaster. They have very poor marketing skills and even poorer execution.

    The ACR like the SCAR is an upgraded version of the G36 which is an upgraded version of the AR18.

    The ACR has already been reviewed many times in magazine. The current SWAT magazine has a review on the new version from what someone posted on AR15, IIRC. Many people have shot the ACR in older and never versions. The specifications of the ACR are on the web. All the relevant information is out there so I don’t see if shooting it makes it any different.

  • jdun1911


    I’ve figured that Remington would be the main suppliers of ACR to the civilians market and LEA. While Bushmaster will try to get the military contracts. Well I was wrong.

    Bushmaster by the looks of it will produce the civilian ACR and try to get the military contracts. While Remington will go for the LEA end. Even that I’m not sure. Lots of head fakes going on.

    Consumers that are buying the ACR when it comes out will probably get an inferior version when they update it in a year or two. I would not be surprise that the Remington and Bushmaster version will be different. It’s one big mess.

  • calamaridog

    I got to handle the ACR at the SHOT show and it is pretty cool. I’d love to try one out some time.

    I got to handle the FN SCAR too. I’d really like to OWN one.

  • Are we surprised? This is the same company that wants 3k for an AR because it has a monolithic upper rail and a UBR stock from the factory. I was all over this thing when it was sub $1500. Basically 3k for a 1/9 twist, non chromed barrel? What am I paying $3k for. Its like the Heckler and Koch thing. S&W, Sig, and Glock can bring a polymer pistol to the market for under $600, why can’t H&K? What does this rifle offer for the price? For that much I can just call up one of the respected name AR makers, have them put together a piston upper for me, drop it on my current lower, and buy a metric fck ton of magazines and ammo.

    I was so into this thing when it was the Masada, and under 1500. But to spend the prices they want from a company whose ARs I’ve heard described as “decent if you want a sporting gun”? Sigh. I wonder if the Remington version is a better rifle, or just being sent thought Remington for military contacts.

  • rotncore

    Jim: Not banned, but in a different license class that restricts what you can do with them (paper punching only – no hunting or shooting in the bush, at approved ranges only, paperwork needed to transport). Why? Likely because they looked scary to someone making a law? Our gun laws are fairly nonsensical, several guns are banned or otherwise restricted by name.

  • Koup

    Bushmaster/Remington/Magpul could have done a vastly better job of setting a price expectation, but I can see $2600 for a very modular gas piston. There are several high-quality piston designs that retail for about $2000. And, just because it is plastic does not mean it is super cheap to make; the investment necessary to create new production processes can justify a higher-than-$1500 price.

    BUT several aspects of the ACR seem intentionally cheap (and, again, not because it is plastic). A 1/9 twist seems like a ploy to encourage buyers to buy an upgrade barrel to get 1/7. Why not? It is easy to do as a user-level upgrade. Same with the stock. To get a telescoping stock you pay a little less than $400 for the “enhanced” version, and all indications are that you don’t even get the old A-frame stock bundled in. Same with the 3-rail handguard.

    And the weight. That speaks for itself.

    I think Bushmaster will sell a lot of ACRs, but only when the price goes down, they hit revision 2, and they reward customers by not being cheap with the bundled parts at the price points they target. Once the ACR is in user’s hands and years of hype are replaced by years of hand-on experience, the ACR will improve. Until then, I, like many others, will let markets work, by making myself truly heard by putting my money on something else.

  • Walt

    For the price you will be able to buy an MR556 which is a proven platform. For far less you can buy the SIG 516…if I was in the market for another AR I’d go that route.

  • Maigo

    Yeah… but… how is not using AR parts price saving? Different parts means different production runs. That means more down time and higher cost, more storage space and larger inventories. You don’t need to reinvent what works, the point was to fix the stuff that didn’t work. And thanks for the non-ergo grip, good call.

    Next we’ll find out they use super conducting magnets instead of locking lugs.

  • KP

    The biggest disapointment is the changes Bushmaster has made to make it more proprietary (like the barrel). The only explanation is that they’re trying to milk it for all the money they can.

    “5th Pricing: To make this weapon combat ready, and suitable for LE application and Civilian sales, it went thru revision after revision after revision. The ACR is not an inexpensive rifle to produce, it is of the highest quality and we are utilizing the most advanced materials available. The $1500 Retail price tag was not realistic. I know we all wanted to produce and offer this weapon for under $2k, but when the cost roll up is done, and all the pricing is tiered the realistic $’s are what we are showing.”
    Bullshit. When Bushmaster got in on the project it was already a functioning rifle. The tiny revisions that Bushmaster made doubled the expected MSRP? The initial R&D was already all done by Magpul, and then they’re sharing the work load with Remington and this incurs a massive R&D overhead to Bushmaster?? From the looks of it they’ve hardly done anything to the design except things like the non-AR15-compatible barrel to force you to buy after-market parts from them. Bushmaster’s response is incredible. They think they have the golden goose egg and expected everyone to be begging them to buy it. I hope they loose the contract and Remington handles the rest.

  • Big Daddy

    Yeah the grip and lower receiver smells of H&K stuff, it looks like an MP5. It does look uncomfortable. I tried a G3 when I was stationed in Germany and the grip pinched my hand, I did not like that rifle at all. I carried it on an excersise….terrible weapon. It also sounds strange when you shoot it, like blam, blam, blam.

    I think a great idea from Magpul may have turned out into a total POS that will never sell. They had a very good concept that was taken over and ruined.

    The whole idea was compatibility with the M-4/M-16 and improvements to take it into the next generation.

  • subase

    Magpul was either stupid or greedy. And now probably flushed some choice AR innovations that could have become standard down the toilet.

  • John K.

    I’ll reverse judgement on the ACR for now but I will say this: worst damage control, ever.

  • John K.

    Uh, “reserve”. Sorry about that.

  • bozo texino

    I unlocked the ACR on mw2 today. it’s really good, i got a 7 kill streak the first time i used it.

  • Mike

    If they were going to use proprietary parts, like barrels, trigger groups, etc., perhaps BFI should have slapped a piston upper on the CARBON-15 lower and fitted it with Magpul accessories!

  • DaMan

    i still think the gun looks freakin awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. However, his point about 1500 wasn’t realistic. shit if they made it under 2k or even msrp 2k they would have been fine. they just got greedy like the rest of the market after they saw that ppl were buying LWRCs(overrated btw) for 2600+ and other guns. Now they are gavlenizing their biggest market, hardcore gun nerds. On the other hand all this bitching could be for not since my fs2000 is msrp at 2400+ and i got mine for less then 1800 after taxes then i got a free c-more sight.


    I wonder how this will all pan out? I’ve never seen a product with more anticipation to come to market. And then receive a 98% rejection rate due to Ignorant decisions on barrel twist and base pricing, not to mention the fire control is smaller than my girlfriends G-spot, both are almost impossible to manipulate under intense stimulation.

    Last thing I wanna do is Buy an overpriced rifle, and then have to buy more shit that should have been on there in the first place.

    Not to mention QUALITY CONTROL on there puppys? IS IT THERE??

    You guys can buy em new. ILL buy used one from some gamer fag, and won’t feel bad for breaking it or melting it. (God only knows they will have every single part itemized for aftermarket sales)

    This should be interesting to say the least.

  • Mike

    This is just all the more proof that Magpul shouldn’t have done business with Bushmaster. I was skeptical of it to begin with, but now it’s clear that Bushmaster has completely fucked up the civilian ACR release. We were told we’d be getting AR barrels, AR triggers, and reasonable prices. We got none of this. It seems like the ACR is just taking the route of the Robarms XCR: a turd polished really nicely and put in a pretty dress.

    I for one won’t be buying any of the Bushmaster ACRs. Perhaps if Remington offers their version, but I’ll be staying far and away from Bushmaster. I learned from my experience (and stupidity) after I bought a Carbon-15. I’ll deal with other companies, thank you very much.

  • DaMan

    i saw the vids from shotshow. this guy seems really shiffty. also why and the hell haven’t the magpul guys talked about this thing at all. it is their design right?

  • DaMan

    also for 3k it should have both forgrips and stocks

  • wannabe

    For $3K, I should get the courtesy of a reach-around.

  • cruft

    the owner of bushmaster is cerberus. the same people that drove chrysler into bankrupcy. they, before chrysler, would buy a company, sell off the assets, make huge FEES, and get out of town. now they just bought barnes bullets. do you really believe they have any concern for us?

  • Dave

    what can you tell me about the B.F.I Bullpup M 17S 223 cal. Is it a good weapon and why was it discontinued ?

  • spence

    i was all for this when magpul launced it as the masada back in the day, now i dont really care. it’s still not in the gun shops yet the robinson arms xcr is, and guess what, they won the patents so who knows if well ever see the acr in its current form on the market, bushmaster just keeps putting a nastier taste in my mouth, i wont buy their ar’s and i wont buy their acr…by choice and now by law.

  • Clay

    This is a great rifle!! Bushmaster/magpul put alot of time and effort into the overall design. if you dont like it, oh well, dont buy one. go buy a Piston AR and watch the bolt-carrier eat a hole thru your buffer tube. This type of ignorant product bashing is typical with all new products. I agree that the AR platform is great, but its also about 50 yrs old. its time for something better to come along and replace it. if you cant deal with change, go join all those other guys who think the M1 GARAND is the only rifle worth owning. ive put quite a bit of time behind an ACR and have nothing but good things to say. If you dont like it, go shoot one. you WILL change ur mind.

  • Bought one….love it, zero malfunctions, more modular then anything out there.

  • Tom

    I have an ACR and I am in the military. Given the chance I would reach for my ACR before an M4. I read on here that somebody “heard” that it has more recoil than an M4. Not true…for one its a different type of recoil, and two…man up and get behind the weapon. There are definitely things Bushmaster could have done better don’t get me wrong. My biggest complaint is that I am still waiting on my caliber and barrel conversions…it’s been close to 2 years guy…com’on! My next complaint is that I had to buy the folding stock separately…Nobody wants the standard stock…it was never meant to be a precision configuration. Give what the masses want…A FOLDING STOCK ON THE BASIC ACR THAT I BUY. That’s really about it. I think it’s a good concept and I’m glad that they moved the charging handle forward and kept it non-reciprocating. One thing that the SCAR lacks.