KRISS in .40 S&W later this year

The entire KRISS line is going to be available in .40 S&W later this year. Additionally, lower receivers will be sold so that a .45 model can be converted to .40 S&W. Like the .45 version, it also uses Glock magazines.

The photo below of the prototype .40 S&W submachine gun model. I had to promise them I would make is clear it is a prototype and that the finish on the lower is rough and not what will be seen on the production version.

Steve Johnson

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  • d

    9mm next please

  • @d
    i really wonder how far the kriss model will go…

    i can understand trying to tame the .45 in full auto, but the mp5 in 9mm is damn near tack driving (with training) at CQC ranges.

    i’ve fired a 10mm mp5 in FA and i can def. see a use for the KRISS model.

    in .40? sure, why not…. but 9mm? i’d think there would be a limit to the physics benefit.

    disclaimer: i’ve never fired a kriss in semi or FA, so i’m just going from the mp5 POV.

  • bullzebub

    ive never really seen the point of these in semi auto… it adds waay to much bulk just to reduce barrel climb ….
    full auto… thats another thing.

  • Eddy A

    whats the deal with registering the lowers as an SBR? Do you have to have the barrel chopped yourself or will they sell you a short barreled upper?

  • jdun1911

    OMG the damn thing has a grip pod.

  • Carl

    With 9mm at least they’d have access to original Glock 33 round magazines without having to cobble them together with extensions.

  • Carl

    I’d like to see an impartial side by side test between this and some other SMGs in the same caliber. For instance, is it really more stable during full auto than an UMP40 or 45?

  • HK_WSU

    jdun1911 – The grip pod is there for those that want to snipe with an SMG…I guess. Pretty odd though as I think the magazine would prevent the legs from fully extending out.

  • Travis

    Why not 10mm? That would be even easier than 40, as its the same size at 45, same mag extensions for glock mags and such. Yes, 40 has really dominated the good old 10mm since intro, but its still a great round. And in this sort of recoil eliminating system, a perfect match.

  • zach

    Carl brings up a good point, you wouldn’t have to spend extra on essentially custom magazines, you just buy the 33 rounders for the Glock 18. But 9mm out of an smg is really tame, so it would be like a .22 in the vector.

    @Carl yes it is more controllable then the UMP, at least in .45 never seen it compared to the .40 version. Although I would probably still use the UMP because its not as bulky and its more reliable, from what I’ve heard in another post the super v system runs dirty

  • zach

    What if they made a KRISS in bullpup? look at the gun the bulky bolt system shoves the barrel farther up the gun, sacrificing length and accuracy. So if you made it bullpup… then you would sacrifice the folding stock PDW aspect but for a SWAT operator not looking to conceal it under a coat it would be a huge benefit. plus more rail space for mounting stuff.

  • Carl

    If it’s really more controllable than competing SMGs they should shoot some video of such a test and put it up on Youtube.
    Just empty a bunch of magazines in a single burst and show the targets. This is a no-brainer. If it really is better, that is.

  • Carl

    Zach, if the magazine was behind the grip the barrel would have to sit higher, resulting in muzzle climb like a normal firearm.

    By the way, looking at the image above, the barrel only sits lower relative to the grip. Relative to the stock it’s not that low. And most of the recoil forces are transmitted by the stock, I would guess.

  • zach

    When I said up the gun I phrased it wrong, I meant forward.

  • Redchrome

    Some of the original designs for the Kriss system were indeed bullpup-ish. I think I saw them on Magpul’s site at one point. I suspect that the recoil-redirection system does not work as well on a bullpup as a conventional layout; but I don’t really understand the force vectors well enough yet.

    At any rate; I’m waiting to see what more people say about customer service from TDI. It’s not been good news so far.

  • After going back through the archives, and knowing that this comment will likely not even be noticed, I am still compelled to say:

    That thing is pretty much the definition of Butt Ugly.

  • RudeBoy

    I have a Kriss. I thought the recoil dampening technology was cool, but the real reason I wanted it was to have a pistol and carbine in the same caliber. The Kriss uses Glock 21 mags so not only do I have one ammo type but also one magazine type to carry (the 30 rounder is a hoot in the 21). All said I like the Kriss. I dont really have any complaints other than cost. Pricey stuff.

  • Mike R.

    Wonder how powerful it’d be like if it were to be chambered in .460 Rowland… dang that’d be one helluva machine cannon haha.

  • Praxis

    Why the Kriss isn’t made in 10mm, I have no idea. Guides in Alaska don’t carry 45s for defense against bears… they carry 10mm..

    Think about it… a weapon like the Kriss throwing the equivalent of .44 magnum energy downrange full outo…

    It’s a no brainer