Tasers are now avalible hunting camo?!?!?

For less-lethal hunting? I am confused as you are.

The most likely explanation is that it is simply another color designed to appeal to hunters. I would still make a stylish sidearm for hunters on less-lethal lion hunts in Africa ( in Southern Africa some private game parks offer lion hunting with tranquilizer guns ).

Steve Johnson

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  • Cammo and high visibility orange makes a great combo….


  • Sian

    anticipating catch & release Deer season?

  • Griffin

    Camo and high visibility orange are a common hunting combination. Most animals are colorblind or at least can’t tell that high viz orange is a weird color…

    These are designed for non-lethal animal defense during outdoor activity such as hunting. If I’m out hunting deer and get unwanted attention from a predatory animal it would be nice to not have to shoot it.

  • Well, just imagine it…

    You’re walking back to camp after a good hunt, and the sun is setting. You’re about half a click out, when all of a sudden you hear a snap behind you. You turn around to see the biggest buck you’ve ever laid eyes on with a funny look on its face (y’know) and you realize how alone you are in the woods… You scream but no one hears you, but wait! You reach into your pocket and hit your would-be attacker with 50 000 Volts. Thank god for your trusty camo taser.

    I know I never leave home without it!

  • Well if camo bed sheets make sense I guess this does

  • Lance

    Its for califorina where its illeagle to hunt with guns now you can eat deer alive!!! lol.

  • hahahaha dude not for hunting !!!
    check this out

  • c. Trapp

    Since deer are colorblind this paint scheme is a sensible combination: This way you are supposed to be less likely taken for suitable backstop by other hunters.
    But I really don’t get why one would want to hide his stungun from deer…

  • Dom

    Well, I dunno if I agree that I’d prefer to shoot a troublesome predator with this rather than my hunting arm…I’m not a poacher either, but I would take a poaching citation any day over even the smallest risk of getting chewed on/mauled. Anywhere the potential legal penalties are so fearsome to make that untrue, the law’s gotta change.

    But this would be good for bipedal varmints you come across when hunting sometimes. Like if, say, you wander to the edge of the WMR onto “Bubba’s Mountain…” Some people overreact to trespassing. Others try to rob you, like that jerk who stole my ground blind last year off private property. The hunter can actually be pretty vulnerable, especially if you’re like me and tend to be a lone wolf. For people who hunt in states where CCW/OC doesn’t exist, or have other reasons for not wanting to carry a pistol on their hunt, tasers could be a useful s/d option…and now if you carry it openly, you’re not compromising your camo with a yellowjacket color scheme.

  • J.S.Bridges

    So – the strategy, as I get it, is not to actually KILL dangerous animals that are acting in a “hostile” manner – but to simply even-more-thoroughly p*ss them off…

    Trust me on this one – lions and other big kitties are NOT going to be extensively deterred by this…warthogs, rhinos – can’t imagine they will be impressed…something like an elephant? Would it even NOTICE this???