Blogging resumes tomorrow. Until then you can play guess the gun …

To the concerned reader who took the time to email me and tell me I am lazy: no I am not, just tired.

I have HORDES of fascinating gun stuff to blog and will start again tomorrow.

Until then, lets see if anyone can correctly guess what each of these guns are …

Mystery gun one. (Tip: Ignore the blue thing)
Mystery gun two.
Mystery gun three.

You need to be specific. Saying “SKS” for example is not specific enough. Post your guesses in the comments.

UPDATE: Answers are here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Morten L.

    #1: Rock River Arms Performance Piston System Pistol

  • rusgunnut1

    1st one looks like a sig 556p pistol, 2nd a HK416 PDW, both from shot show, and final looks like a custom pistol grip.

  • norm

    i would say gun one is a DSA arms FAL pistol, gun two is a S&W MP15/22, gun three no idea.

  • James Potts

    Okay, here we go:
    Gun #1: I don’t know what it is but I want it.
    Gun #2: I don’t know what it is but I want it.
    Gun #3: I don’t know what it is but I want it.
    So, did I win? πŸ™‚

  • James Potts

    I take it back..
    Gun #2 has a forward I’d have to say M-16a1

    I still want gun #1!
    And gun #3 is…a revolver, hunting, hell..I dunno.

  • Stuart

    1st: DSA FAL Pistol

    2nd: HK/Umarex 416 .22 LR

    3rd: Some Crude Pistol Grip

  • Donkey Kong

    Gun #1 = Magpul Massoud with FAL-type mag and no buttstock
    Gun #2 = Colt’s civilian-version SCW
    Gun #3 = some fancy wooden-gripped AK variant

  • #1 sure is a SIG, it could also be a SIG 552 or 553, with the stock folded and a 30 rounds mag.

  • Chris

    Gun #3 looks like an AKM pattern weapon with a custom carved pistol grip.

  • Dom

    Steve, this post made me lol pretty hard…the internets are full of weird people, eh?

    I think #3 is a 629.

  • Jesse

    #1 is probably a DSA arms FAL pistol

  • Danny

    I think the third one is a Mateba.

  • They’re guns that, uhhh… shoot bullets! Was I close?

  • Jerome Kavanaugh

    I ain’t sure, but #1 looks like my Kel-Tec PLR-16 when I take off my glasses.

    #2 = something AR… does it matter which one in general?

    #3 = I flat out don’t know- a revolver that’d be uncomfortable in my ham-hocks…

  • Apollo2010

    #1: FAL para?
    #2: erm ?
    #3: no idea!

  • Tux

    Could the last one be Shooting Times/Intermedia Outdoors Rock River Arms LAR-15 with the custom walnut furniture?

  • Matt

    Wow, some a-hole said you’re lazy? Can you spell u-n-g-r-a-t-e-f-u-l?

    Thanks for writing, whenever you do it.

    St Paul

    • Matt, I am quite sure he was joking. But yea, I do get a lot of A-HOLE emails and comments left on the site. So does every blogger.

  • Juan

    #3 RPG-7?

  • AP

    Nice call on the DSA FAL Pistol, straight mag, I agree. Almost looks like a polymer upper in #2? If not, somewhat shiny anodizing like the finish on the 416, agreed. The third one? Fore grip on a Thompson?

    The carpet at that place is giving me brain burn!

  • Steven Pfaffenburger

    Gun #3 Unica 6 or Mateba

  • zach

    1. Sig 556 pistol
    2. AR-15, I can’t tell make and model
    3. looks like a pistol grip off an M1928 Thompson

  • Matt

    #1: Kel-Tec PLR in .308
    #2: Chippawa .22lr AR-15 clone
    #3: One of those crazy Rhino Revolvers that fires from the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top.

  • I’d say the third one is a Mateba. Possibly a custom target rifle grip.

  • Wow, I’m not really sure how someone could accuse you of being lazy. Great stuff from the SHOT Show.

  • Steve! The nerve of some readers. We at NRAblog would never call you lazy. It was lovely to meet you πŸ™‚

    Re: your challenge… We asked one of our museum guys for a second opinion. . .

    #1 some kind of AR/FAL style pistol — LRWC AR ?
    #2 offside of AR lower receiver near charging handle — HK – or LMT ?
    #3 custom grip company’s latest for the AR/AK platforms ?

    • Danielle, LOL, I am sure you get hate mail a lot worse than I do πŸ˜‰

  • Hey, you’re lazy like i need to buy my Sig slim-grips from an Authorized Sig Dealer instead of a Sig Factory Sales store on eBay – but not because we suck and they hate us.

  • Steve Del Cegno

    ar15 somting

  • Welcome back.

  • SKS.

    • FatWhiteMan, LOL, you win.

  • William

    1. Looks like an assault rifle-based pistol, with a straight (not curved) magazine. Potentially a 7.62 pistol?

    2. AR-style receivers with an odd pin behind the take-down pin, a hollow takedown pin, odd forging shapes, odd charging handle, odd machining into the receiver for what looks like ambidextrous latch catches for the charging handle, and at the far right side what looks like a slope leading up to a taller than normal upper receiver. MR556 or MR762?

    3. First idea was some type of Thompson sub, but I’m really not sure…

    Those are my best guess’s, other idea is that 2 could be a Sig 516

  • XxleoxX

    first i would say is some kind of FAL “pistol”,second could be an HK MP7 or an AR-style rifle,and the third…some pistol grip shotgun,i dont expect to win with my extremely general answers lol

  • Spiff

    I think the first is a machine pistol, perhaps a Beretta,
    the second appears to be an AR-15, the third seems to be the grip of a Dan Wesson revolver.

  • SpudGun

    Yeah! Steve’s back! Everyone act natural and don’t mention the party.

    Let’s see, guess the gun…

    I’m not even going to attempt #1 and #2 as everyone and their brother is making an M4-gery at the moment.

    #3 I think might be one of those Chupachups Upside Down Revolvers

    What do I win? I hope it’s an ACR, I could sell it on GunBroker and buy my own island with the cash.

  • Fred Johnson

    #3 is the DPMS AR with wood butt stock, pistol grip, and fore end.

  • A Ron

    1: Tec-9 πŸ˜‰
    2: Umarex/ Walther .22LR AR clone
    3: Chiappa Rhino

  • sadlerbw

    #1 – DSA’s pistol version of the FAL
    #2 – One of the plastic .22 AR’s. I’m thinking the Umarex one that looks like an HK 416.
    #3 – The DPMS AR with wooden furniture.

    Am I close?

    • sadlerbw, very good!

  • Kurby

    #1 SIG P556 Pistol

    #2 ?

    #3 Rock River Arms AR15 wood furniture

  • CMathews

    1 saiga 12ga pistol
    2 composite ar15 of some sort
    3 I’m going out on a limb and guessing a classic version of the Taurus judge with a wood grip

  • Bora

    some form of AR-18 in pistol configuration.

  • Bora

    I meant the first picture, sorry for the double post :/

  • D.Bajer

    #1 Short-barreled DSA FAL- 8″ if I recall correctly. With sling (the blue bit gives it away as a SHOT item)

    #2 Charging handle and forward assist of an AR-15 pattern weapon…Sig 516? (Non-rounded rear takedown pin is the only hint I see)

    #3 Wood AR furniture?

  • Adam

    I just assumed you were still hungover from
    AAC’s after party.

    • Adam, it was a first-day party, not really an afterparty … which was part of the problem πŸ˜‰

  • Eddy A

    @James lololol I’m with you

    My guesses:
    1.)RRA piston pistol
    2.)M&P15/22 (or other plastic AR .22)
    3.)rubber band gun

  • Mystery Gun #1 is the new TDI Vector KRISS (or whatever it’s called now) pistol.

    Mystery Gun #2 is some sort of .22LR “AR-15” clone. Maybe one of the HK416 clones made by (I think) Umarex?

    Mystery Gun #3… one of the new Chiappa (sp?) Rhino models?

  • Elvis

    I was about to guess the DSArms FAL!!!

  • destroyer

    1.) Sig P556 Pistol with a single point sling
    2.) Bushmaster Carbon 15 variant (hard to tell when the charging handle is the only thing viewed)
    3.) S&W revolver (I thought it was a thompson submachine gun, but their pistol grip is more rounded)

  • Henri

    #1: intratec TEC-9

    #2: Colt M-16/M-4

    #3: Owen submachine gun ???

  • Flakt

    first looks like a 9A91.

  • 1. DSA FAL Pistol
    2. Umarex .22lr HK416 D
    3. DPMS AR w/ wood furniture.


  • James Versluys

    Is the third one the gun Harrison Ford used in lade Runner?

    What? Quit looking at me like that.

  • zach

    But whatever AR that is it appears to have a fixed M16-style stock

  • David

    This is all you can come up with in five days and after a trip to Shot Show?

    What a misuse of web space.

  • icEr

    1. Some AR-pistol variant
    2. Umarex HK .22lr AR
    3. No clue

  • Scott

    The Top one is the Uramex H&K 416 pistol

    Center is the H&K MR556

    Bottom is the Armi Chiappa Rhino

  • rusty

    #1 Sig 556p
    #2 Remington GPC(Gas Piston Carbine)
    #3 S&W .357 w/ F/S wood grip

  • Donkey Kong

    Come to think of it, the first one does resemble a DSA SA58 FAL OSW with the stock either folded or without a buttstock. Don’t think it’s a Sig ’cause the mag looks too straight. But why is it so “white”?.. Urban camo scheme?

    Any chance of Gun #3 being a Colt Python?..

    • Answers have been posted.

  • Destroyer

    wow…hahaha. i was way off!