The most expensive gun at SHOT

It is sold as part of a four gun match set. The set sells for $420,000! It is made by Italian firm Perazzi. I am pretty sure this was the most expensive production consumer gun at SHOT Show.

Steve Johnson

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  • rubbershotgun

    did that chick come with the guns?

    • She was a really helpful, not a booth chick. I did not get her name.

  • AP

    someone is giving the Beretta girls a run for their money!

  • And one of the better looking booth-chicks!

  • Rex

    Did they license it to Bushmaster or something?

  • Rick

    If the lady comes with the set it isn’t as bad a price.

  • Scott

    Will she deliver it to my house?

  • Sian

    Competition shotguns are No Joke. I’ve seen lovely hand-engraved trap guns going for high-5 low-6 digits. There seems to be no upper limit on what people will pay for these.

  • me

    For $420,000 dollars, I would hope she was part of the matching set. I love shooting, but not enough to dump $100,000 grand a gun. BTW what do you shoot out of a shotty that expensive, gold plated shot?

    • me, diamond shot. Harder than steel. Great penetration.

  • Todd

    I bet I could get her for less than $420k and she’d be a lot more fun over the long term. 😉

  • Jesse

    My skeet gun is a Baikal over under that I spend $300 on. Back when I used to shoot skeet every week I’d do as good or better than the guys that spend $3000 on their gun. I see no point in spending that kind of money on an over under. I mean god for that much I can buy a Hummer with the .50 on it.

  • AntiCitizenOne

    Dude, I don’t see a shotgun set anywhere – you trying to scam us Steve?

    • AntiCitizenOne, errr, on the table behind the lady.

  • lacowboy

    The charming lady is a famous Italian model who is at the SHOT Show every year for Perazzi. Sorry but I don’t recall her name.
    I’ve been to many shows and she is usually the loveliest woman in the room.

  • Sian

    Me, Steve,

    Actually they shoot the cheapest target ammo they can find. It’s true.
    No, I don’t understand it either.

  • Allen

    I wonder what the mark up on a $420,000 shotgun is? $419,200? Give me $12,000 and a month off work and I could find (or have built) 5 shotguns that would shoot just as well if not better. Waaaaite…I forgot…this is one of those guns that you’re not supposed to shoot. This is like a car you don’t drive, a wife you don’t kiss, an itch you don’t scratch or the proverbial zit you don’t pop. For $420,000, not only should you get the girl, it should include her sister too, with full unlimited lifetime warranties.