Arsenal’s Short Barreled Rifles

These SBRs were popular with SHOT attendees, especially the AKS-74U style rifle (top).

The Arsenal girls

They also had commemorative AK-47s built to celebrate Gen. Kalashnikov’s 90th birthday.

Signed by Kalashnikov himself

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    I so want a 5.45mm AK-74U but arnt they expensive and they require a $200 tax stamp. Just too spendy.

  • Bill Lester

    An Arsenal shorty will likely be my next AK purchase. I’m leaning towards another 5.56mm. It could be used as a car gun in times of potential trouble, since in my home state of Pennsylvania it’s illegal to carry a loaded rifle but not an SBR. The state considers them “other weapons” and covered by a CCW permit. Strange, huh?

  • Vak

    Lance : the extra 200$ will be compensated by the cheap price of the ammo.

  • Cymond

    5.45×39 is usually cheap because it is corrosive surplus. I don’t think I’d want to put corrosive ammo through such a pricey gun. I shoot corrosive through my Mosin-Nagant, but not through anything else. The Mosin-Nagant is cheap, plentiful, and very easy to clean thoroughly due to simple internals. Cleaning every tiny bit of an AK could be a bit tedious.

  • Bryan Spiegel

    Corrosive ammo isnt all that hard to clean, just need some windex or other ammonia solution to flood out the salts, and then you can clean up once you get home. An AK action should be no problem.