Vltor Bren Ten

The Vltor Bren Ten (formally the Fortis pistol) is a clone of the original 10mm Auto Bren Ten. The main differences are, according to the company, tighter tolerances and better magazines (not compatible with original Bren 10 mags).

The pistols will go on sale in May this year. Pricing will range from $1099 (Spec Ops .45 ACP model) to $1299 (Vice 10mm Auto model). Production is limited. They do not expect to produce more than 700 of the Vice model and 500 of the Spec Ops model for sale in 2010.

Vice model. Note that these are branded “Fortis”. Production pistols will be branded “Bren Ten”

Defense Review also has photos of the pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • johnny donuts

    Yeah, they’re the exact same prototypes as LAST YEAR.

    One can only wonder what on earth is going on with this pistol.

  • Very nice.
    One of the few that come close to 1911.
    Hope they make bunches in the years to come.

  • Carl

    It’ll be interesting to see how this stacks up against a 10mm Tanfoglio. Price-wise there is a bit of a difference:

  • pdb

    Carl, the big difference is the Bren will probably run and have decent customer service if it doesn’t. Tanfoglios are wretched balls of fail and EAA is run by a bunch of apathetic sociopaths whose idea of customer service involves strap-ons and KY.

    In my humble opinion, yet direct experience.

  • Veeshir

    Darnit, they’re coming out a month after Buy a Gun Day.

  • DEF

    The most important question: Will Galco have a “Miami Classic” shoulder rig ready for this when it ships? 🙂

  • Carl

    pdb, what is the problem(s) with the Tanfoglio? I havent tried it so I wouldn’t know. But they make what seems to be some pretty high-end race guns. I agree this one seems suspiciously cheap at $470… less than a Glock.

  • Carl

    They could also sell loafers with the Miami Vice pistol. Without socks.

  • Gunfan

    If you want the “original” holster for the Bren Ten you’ll have to order it from Ted Blocker Holsters, at http://www.tedblockerholsters.com.

    Ted Blocker Holsters
    Address: 9438 SW Tigard Street
    Tigard, OR 97223
    Tel # (503) 670-7972
    (800) 650-9742

    It is the Lifeline Shoulder Rig. This was the first shoulder holster worn by Don Johnson while carrying the Bren Ten during the “Miami Vice” televison series.

    I hope this helps


  • Gunfan

    I own a Tanfoglio Witness, and they are a moderately priced reasonably well-fit weapon. For a while they had some problems with consistently heat-treating their slides. This caused some cracking problems. These have been solved with recent models.

    When one replaces the 16-pound recoil spring, with a 20 or 22 pound Wolff recoil spring (as well as the firing pin spring) you can shoot “full-power” 10mm ammunition with no problems. (This refers to ammunition produced by Buffalo Bore and Double Tap ammunition.) If the pistol still has jamming problems, you should replace the magazine recoil springs with Wolff’s 10% “extra power” magazine springs.

    Sometimes the pistol’s barrel ramp will benefit from polishing or a “fluff and buff” treatment. These are about the only problems associated with the Witness “Standard” 10mm Auto.

    The Witness “Stock” pistol has absolutely no jamming problems. Their “Match” pistol doesn’t suffer from them either. The spring replacement(s) would be the only recommendation for either of these handguns.

    I hope that this information is helpful.

  • DaveP.

    I owned an EAA Witness in .45ACP for about four months. It would jam every three shots. Changed ammo (tried 5 different kinds, including military hardball, Cor-Bon +p, and some fairly soft reloads)- jammed every three rounds. Handed it to three different shooters, to make sure the problem wasn’t me- jammed every three rounds. Tried two different magazines- jammed every three rounds. Sent it back to the factory and waited two months…When I got it back, it jammed every three rounds. Sent it back AGAIN…
    Two months later, when I got it back- it jammed every three rounds.
    I finally traded it for a GP-100, which I’ve never had a jam problem with.

  • Carl

    Thx Gunfan, good info.

  • KR

    After two years of waiting, THIS??? A $1300 pistol that they’re only making 1200 of? Who’s making them, the Franklin Mint?

    Then GOK how much for spare mags (and you’d better get all you will ever need when you buy the pistol)!

    Not to mention the joy of trying to actually ORDER the thing!

    Anyone who has been following this on the official blog knows the incredibly poor level of communication from the company, and that there is more information HERE than THERE.It doesn’t seem that they are taking this seriously, so I am seriously wondering whether I should give this any more thought. It’s overpriced, late, limited-run and they haven’t even built TWO of them since last year’s SHOT Show.

  • DaveP, sorry to hear about your problems. Besides several earlier FT models, I own five standard Witnesses – one per caliber offered. All run flawlessly (as do the earlier models). No jams, no stray bullets seeking out the white surfaces of the target 🙂

    Just acquired an AR-24 and am looking into a B10 – my 10mm Witness being perfectly satisfactory (although all I shoot is 135gr bullets – first CorBon, now DoubleTap). I collect inverse-rail guns, so, of course, I NEED a Bren Ten. I believe it will be IRG #18. Nothing like inverse rails!

    Been trying to make contact with Sporting Products LLC for about ten days, now, and all I hear is frogs ‘n’ crickets. Getting so discouraged, I’m starting to fantasize about P210s…….

  • Cory

    Does anyone know if the Bren used on Miami Vice was a “flat top”?

  • Samuel Suggs

    and it never happened):