AAC at SHOT Show

Advanced Armament Corp does not wait for SHOT to announce new products, so there was nothing on display that we did not already know about. They did have lots of large caliber machine guns fitted with suppressors on display.

Mike Mers wearing the new Country Club Camo 😉

I will blog about the AAC party as soon as I get the pics from the photographers.

Steve Johnson

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  • MrSatyre

    Hmm. I’m seeing the whole Mike Mers look as my next Halloween costume! “Harvard yuppie goes postal!” 😉

  • Steve

    At least Mers finally cut his hair! Goes nicely with the sweater vest… (snicker).

  • Vin

    Holy crap!!.. did Mers get a haircut???? :}~

  • sweater vest tactical?

  • Crabula

    He is sticking his tongue out in the first picture to tease you because what you don’t know is that his sweater vest doubles as a plate carrier.

    Anyone know what the gun on the right side of the M2 is in the second picture. Compared to the M240 and everything else on that table it looks freakishly small.

  • Cmathews


    I was thinking it was some sort of .22.

  • RockStarArtist

    Uhmmmm…. wheres Rachel, the love of my life? Pictures of her and silencers, pictures of her and silencers, pictures of her and silencers….

    • RockStarArtist, she was not on the show floor. I did meet her and she is a really nice girl.

  • RockStarArtist

    Steve, Im a jealous man. Tat’s, Weld’s, Tattoo Artist, Silencer maker… and she wears glasses!!!! Perfection is so rare. <3

    I love how these guys have such a fun punk-rock 'tude. They look like they enjoy their job and take passion with what they do.

  • What’s up with that sweater-vest?