Remington GPC (Gas Piston Carbine)


The Remington GPC was on display for the first time ever today. It makes use of a propriety gas system that is not based on the Bushmaster piston or the piston system of any other company (the company has been careful to avoid using patented technology).

Remington GPC

The GPC will be Remington’s entry into the DoD M4 upgrade competition, while the Remington ACR is the entry into the next-gen carbine competition. The company has got all bases covered!

I was unfortunately not allowed to disassemble the gas system.

Piston can be seen through handguard.

The good news is that Remington plan on selling a semi-automatic version of this rifle to civilians. Either complete rifles or uppers will be offered. Don’t expect them before the 2nd quarter of next year.

Note the angler shaped receiver. This us just for looks. The bolt is monolithic but dimensions are not different.

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