Remington GPC (Gas Piston Carbine)

The Remington GPC was on display for the first time ever today. It makes use of a propriety gas system that is not based on the Bushmaster piston or the piston system of any other company (the company has been careful to avoid using patented technology).

Remington GPC

The GPC will be Remington’s entry into the DoD M4 upgrade competition, while the Remington ACR is the entry into the next-gen carbine competition. The company has got all bases covered!

I was unfortunately not allowed to disassemble the gas system.

Piston can be seen through handguard.

The good news is that Remington plan on selling a semi-automatic version of this rifle to civilians. Either complete rifles or uppers will be offered. Don’t expect them before the 2nd quarter of next year.

Note the angler shaped receiver. This us just for looks. The bolt is monolithic but dimensions are not different.

Steve Johnson

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  • AAC says it’s based on the ACR gas system on their blog.

    • Fred, I forgot about that, it was inspired by their gas system.

  • ezgoingkev

    “Note the angler shaped receiver.”

    Isn’t an angler a fisherman?

    I believe the word you were looking for was “angular”.

  • SpudGun

    ‘(the company has been careful to avoid using patented technology)’ – well, that is a first.

    Next two questions – is this just a piston Bushmaster in Remington clothes or a completely new product and will it have anything ‘funky’ taken from the ACR R&D?

    I do like the monolithic rail and futuristic forearm though, so hopefully this will be priced a few thousand lower then the ACR.

  • Vitor

    Hey Steve, did Colt showed it’s M5 piston carbine?

    • Vitor, I was at Colt briefly, but will be visiting again. I did not see a M5

  • Armageddon Rex

    With the ever increasing number of piston AR rifles and uppers I’d really like to see an updated review comparing the Remington piston upper vs. Bushmaster, vs. Stag, vs. POF, etc.

    I’m sure there are trade offs and of course different prices for each.

    At the moment, most of the information out there seems to be hype from manufacturers, or fluffing from reviewers and gun periodicals.

    I’ll not hold my breath, and with the lack of much unbiased information, I guess I’ll put off buying a piston upper or three ’till I hear from people I know who own one and have significant experience with it.

  • ezgoingkev, thanks.

  • Lance

    I like the idea of takeing the best internal features of the ACR and put them into a M-4. Since the Army isnt going to buy new rifle to get ride of the M-4 might as well put the newist systems into a M-4 then. but I read in a army time article they might not requre a piston on M-4A2s.

    Agree Steve???

  • Other Steve

    “Don’t expect them before the 2nd quarter of next year.”

    Like June 2011? Because if that’s the case I don’t want to see or hear a single thing about it until it’s shipping. The ACR fiasco has completely put me off of all things Freedom Group.

  • Lance

    The only problem with this GPC is that it dosnt seem to accept too many GI parts. Thsi would put it at a disadvantage aginst the HK 416 and Ruger SR-556 and Colt monolithic Carbine.

    Agree with my current and other comment, Jdun1911??

  • jdun1911

    I have no clue to what kind of action is in the GPC but if Fred post was right then it is a modified AR18 action in an AR15. The ACR like the G36 used a modified ar18 action.

    It could be base on the Taiwanese T65 rifle which is a piston AR that first saw production in the mid ’70s and is still currently used by the Taiwanese force. It has been said it used a modified AR18 action but when I look at the pictures it is nowhere close to the AR18 action. I would be very interest to see the internal of the GPC.

    One thing is for sure, the GPC will be heavy due to the monolithic rail. As long as the lower internals are the same as the standard AR15 lowers and it looks like it, it should not be a problem. Most non-conversion pistons upper aren’t interchangeable with standard DI uppers, well the majority of the upper parts.

    I doubt the M4 will be replace anytime soon for the simple fact that the AR receiver (lower and upper) can last forever, theoretically. The US military have A1 lower and upper receivers that is still in use.

    All this new small arms completions is the same old stuff that the US military have been doing since forever. With the same results, it gets nowhere. Busy work.

  • harm

    Out of curiosity what rail system is that on the fore-end of this one? I like that smooth adaptable look.

  • jdun1911


    It is a monolithic rail (upper receiver + handguard rail combine, ie one piece) that was design by Remington for their GPC only.

  • Komrad

    How many piston ARs are there now? Ruger SR-556, Remington GPC, Bushmaster, Stag, H&K, and don’t forget Barrett’s REC7 in 6.8 SPC. What we need more than more is more variety. BArrett’s REC7 is the only piston AR in anything other than 5.56mm that I know of.

  • jdun1911

    A lot if you count foreign military that has adapted the AR in piston form since the 70’s. With that said the evolution of the AR must continue in both piston and DI because it is the only rifle in the world military that’s worth a damn.

  • Lance

    100% with you Jdun1911. I think both DI and GP versons must be tested side by side theres many who say a piston isnt needed to make a AR cleaner. Well see.

  • 5grp120

    What do yall think of the Barrett Rec7? Rumor is they are changing rail system to DD omega quad system over the ARMS SIR system. 5.56 and 6.8 roll outs on the way of the new build.

    I hear word that its a challenge to even crank out 200 rec7’s a month since they are basically buying all the parts from vendors to rebrand as a Barrett.
    Are these overpriced rifles even a realistic contender? I dont see that much inovation coming out of a company that seems to “go it alone”. I do notice that other major players are working together , teaming to secure new business.

    Guess some folks are meant to go the way of the dinosaur. Any comments on that?

  • Lance

    No Iread a few articles and talked to some who know some solders buying REC 7 uppers and bring them over seas with them. There is much intrest in GPCs.

  • Buck Adams

    I don’t foresee the army going away from the m4 for a long time. I think now they pay an appropriate price for them while Colt had been over-inflating the price for a couple of decades. I like the idea of the Remington piston carbine here but it most likely won’t ever materialize as an army weapon. The marines may be sneaking their M4s out the backdoor and replacing it with the IAR H&K416. I know it’s supposedly a SAW replacement but I have a hunch somebody high in rank is going to do some sneaky paperwork shuffling to gitter dun.