A-Tacs Camo

The new A-Tacs camo scheme was debuted at SHOT. It was lighter in color than I expected.

Bushmaster rifle.

Remington / Bushmaster plan on selling guns which use the A-TAC camo.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    It’s no good, I can clearly see both the mannequin and the rifle – send it back.

    Is this the ACU digital stuff they made blurry so it looks like camo? Next question, why not just buy traditional non-digital camo? As always, I be confoosed.

  • Interesting. I’d like to see it actually in use in various surroundings.

  • Lance

    The military is not considering this pattern for any use. Must be for Police and security sales only.

  • p1choco

    I want to see some pictures of this camo in real world environments just to see who effective it might be. It also reminds me of the Gore Tex Optifade camo. Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time trying to focus on the helmet?

  • Thomas

    well its ok

    its kide of ugly

    i like the woodland acu the best

  • I love how they did the sling in camo, but not the carry handle or the barrel…

  • Destroyer

    bulldog mirage is the best…

  • lance you are actually wrong this is being field tested by seals and other tier 3 groups so please get your facts right it is in prototype mode for SF groups