Colt SCW carbine coming to civilians

One of Colt’s people at Media Day told me that the Colt SCW (Sub Compact Weapon), or at least the short buffer tube and foldable stock, will be coming to a semi-automatic civilian legal rifle.

Colt SCW at Media Day. © Bryan William Jones

The full auto version was on display at SHOT and I had the opportunity to shoot it. Lots of fun 🙂

Stock folded back

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    I don’t think that is going to win over many people from the ACR…

    Although the recent price shocker isn’t helping.

  • Vak

    So… colt is back on the civilian market ?

    (what do you mean, shoot it ? You can try stuff too on SHOT SHOW ?)

    • Vak, Media Day is not an official SHOT event and is held the day before (not official but advertised by the SHOT organizers).

      Colt does sell some stuff on the civil market. more stuff coming in near future. watch the blog for info.

  • Lance

    Id take a regular size A2 or M-4 over a subcompact too small for me.

    A XM-177 is better if you want to go small.

  • Jason

    Hopefully it will be BOTH the complete gun AND the stock/buffer/bolt carrier combo.

    Also, hopefully, my Alabama will pass their pending legislation, allowing SBRs.

  • Whatever

    Are there any pictures out there of the inner workings of Colt’s new ARs? I heard that they had something they called an ‘Advanced Hybrid Carbine’ which uses something they call an ‘Articulating-Link Piston’. I tried searching the Internet for a relevant picture or description but I couldn’t find anything.

  • Mike

    Have they fixed the SCW stock? It dumps the magazine when in the folded and not retracted position with the slightest bump to the stock on the left, as when the shooter transitions to a handgun. The big hinge button hits the ambidextrous magazine release on the left side.

  • I’ve been curious about the insides of that thing since they released it last year or whatever. Hopefully some more info will pop up soon.