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  • Dave

    What’s the deal at :47? He fires and it recoils but he’s holding the charging handle? Also, Mr. Close Eyes.

  • War Wolf

    I wonder why he has to manually eject his spent shells from that Auto-5? The Slo-Mo on those Casio cameras is truly outstanding. The newest ones solved their low light performance problems and now you can get good results in room light and not just bright sunny outdoor settings.

  • Ryan

    Why aren’t the empty shells ejecting on their own?

    • Maybe he was using target rounds that could not cycle the gun.

  • I don’t know anything about the Browning, but why does he have to keep manually ejecting an auto loader?

  • zach

    He probably had the gun set for high-brass. You can set the Auto-5 for high or low-brass by moving their friction rings. If you set them for high, they usually have problems cycling with low-brass shells.