SIG P226 and P229 E2 pistols

SIG has updated the P226 and P229 line and added new E2 ( e-squared ) Enhanced Ergonomics models.

The E2 Enhanced Ergonomics P226 & P229 build on the successful components that have made the P226 & P229 the choice of armed professionals world-wide. The newly designed one-piece modular grip with improved texture reduces area in the back strap and overall circumference, providing a better fit over a wider range of hand sizes.

The E2 P226 and P229 are available in 9mm Luger/Parabellium, with Nitron finish and night sights. Both have a MSRP of $1149.

Steve Johnson

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  • Long Time SIG/Sauer Lover

    More Exeter made junk……….

  • Jimbo

    Looks good… but still $1100? I’d rather have myself an M4 for that price. Anyhow, what’s the nitro finish? And is the ergo model really necessary?

  • Mark

    That improved E2 grip remind me the failed Colt All Amercian 2000.

  • Nitron is the Sig finish, it’s a coating, not a chemical bluing. It’s black, and the finish on my 2022’s slide looks pretty good actually.

    The key market for the new ones looks to me to be people looking for smaller grips. They’ve got smaller grip radiuses and options for short reach triggers, and one of the persistant complaints of the 226 is that it’s got a big grip.

  • Stan

    Long Time SIG/Sauer Lover why do you feel that it will be junk? Curious?

  • Long Time SIG/Sauer Lover

    Stan, ever since Exeter began manufacturing and/or subcontracting out parts, subassemblies, and complete guns here in the U.S. quality has gone way down, bling has gone way up, and the U.S. initiated design changes, in particular the stainless steel slides, are chewing up the aluminum frames that were designed for use with the older folded carbon steel slides. SIG/Sauer in Germany still makes the good stuff, but Exeter refuses to import it. Gone are the days where SIG/Sauer’s Teutonic goodness was common here in the U.S.

    Exeter, fire your marketing hacks, close down your U.S. manufacturing operations, and just import the good stuff from Germany like you used to do. Exeter is destroying the once proud SIG/Sauer name. For tons of healthy discussion on this topic look on the net for a famous SIG/Sauer forum where this topic comes up quite often.

  • snmp

    Sauer gun (do not call them SIG) sound have some problems of quality control in germany many complaint about bad blueing of SP2022 (French contract for internal security force), many police departement in switzerland switch to HK & Glock

  • Dave R

    It makes me shrug when I see some of these myopic, narrow-mindedness views where people can dismiss things which they have yet to see. Not to mention how these same misguided people confuse old technology as classics. Contrary to some popular belief, digital is better than analog, Old Chevys do eventually die, and most of those under 35 have never watched Steve McQueen in Bullitt (as sad as that may seem).

    Sig Sauer is doing proper marketing but can’t win with the misguided traditionalists:

    – They went with milled stainless slides back in 90’s because their German stamped and rolled steel slides had to be upgraded to support the increasing popularity of more potent calibers as often demanded by LE, and military. Not to mention stainless is more corrosion resistant than carbon steel so they answered the call of people, including mil spec, who complained that P226’s were susceptible to rust.

    – They increased their workforce to meet increasing demand and to address accusations of declining QC.

    – They started offering more variations and special editions. Some of the Sig purists complain but, really, Beretta and many other firearm companies do the same thing so Sig Sauer is just following market trends to stay competitive.

    – People still hark on QC problems but these same people probably complain about Beretta problems that happened 20 years ago. Let it go already! Not to mention that virtually most of the P226’s/P229’s issued to U.S. govt contracts are probably Exeter made ones.

    – The market complained that Sig Sauer grips were too big and they started losing large govt contracts to H&K so they finally answered the call and made significant changes to the P226/P229 in the E-sqaured but purists are still complaining with absurd criticisms. Face it. The E2 is a good and a necessary evolution in the P226.

    Sig Sauer Exeter is answering the call so give them a break! BTW, it’s 2010 now folks.

  • Andy

    I am actually excited about the E2. I have always loved the P226/P228/P229, but could never get over that stupid curved lump over the decocker. It’s impossible to shoot thumbs high with them.

    On the flip side, $1100 for a slightly revised P226? Yeah, the SRT and night sights are nice, but that’s a little high for me. I can buy 2 Glocks for that.

  • PQ208

    I purchased my second Sig recently, the P226 E2. Love it! It’s extremely accurate, very reliable and meets all my expectations after the first 1,000 rounds.

    My first Sig is a P239, feel the same about that gun after 10,000+ rounds.

    Admittedly, I’m a Sig fan, own a several brands of pistols and always get the Sigs for carrying or IDPA shooting.

    The MRSP may be $1,100 but are selling for less at the dealers.

  • kenner

    PQ208, I’m also thinking of buying a Sig 229 E2, I have a HK P30 that I love except I ride the slide release lever, I also did the same with most Sig pistols, how does the E2 pistol work in regard to riding the slide release lever, I might sell my HK P30 and pick up the new E2.


  • Average Joe

    I am considering both the SIG P226 E2 and the HK P30L, both 9mm. I have never handled the HK, but I have “sort of handled” The SIG at a gun show. It was so tied up with “safety” and theft proofing cables that I really did not have the opportunity to handle it or dry fired it as I would have liked. I did notice, however, that the E2 grip has a very rough texture. I don’t know what my hand will be like after squeezing off 200 rd a day over the weekend with that grip.

    Any comments on either of these pistols will be appreciated.

  • William

    The main flaw with the H&K is it is not supposed to be fired with +P+ ammunition where as high pressure Ammo does’nt phase the SIG SAUER P226 E2

  • Average Joe

    William, the +P+ isn’t really a concern of mine with either pistol. The biggest concern of the P226 E2 is the WEIGHT as compared to the HK P30L, and the roughness of the P226 grip surface texture.

    If I had no intention of CCW with this buy, it might be different – but the HK is so much lighter. As much as the E2 treatment does improve ergonomics for shooters like me with smallish hands, the P30 series does that even better and without the roughness of the P228 SIG.

    That said . . . when I can own one of each . . . I will!

  • PQ208

    My P226 E2 with 3,000+ rounds expended; it is officially now my favorite. It performs better than I can shoot. =)

    I like the (rough) grip, it provides excellent control while firing and honestly haven’t notice it irritating my hands. The most I’ve shot in one setting is about 400-500 rounds over about an 8 hour period at a combat accuracy course.

    Also purchased the .22 conversion, I’m impressed with it’s performance so far.

    Plan to purchase a P229 E2 for winter carry, outfitted with the LaserMax laser.

    Kenner – If I understand your question correctly, the slide release is pretty much the same on all Sig’s, so if it’s been a problem in the past, the E2 will probably behave similarly.

  • Average Joe

    PQ208, what about the weight of the 226 E2 for concealed carry?

  • 1st Sig

    Received my 1st Sig, P226 E2 9mm a few weeks ago and shooting better with it at each outing. Took a bit getting used to the military style sites, thought it was my old eyes at first. After going through several different manufacturers of ammo,~1500 rounds, all works well no misfires or problems of any kind. Some new and many bulk reloads.
    This gun is the only double stack magazine I could get my girly-man hands around and correctly engage trigger. The really good thing is that if you are diligent and shop around, you will definitely do better than MSRP.

  • Mortimer

    Average Joeon 12 Aug 2010 at 12:15 am link comment
    PQ208, what about the weight of the 226 E2 for concealed carry?

    The frame is aluminum alloy so it’s pretty light. Not that much noticeably heavier than full sized H&K polymer pistol. With it’s redesigned grips, it seems less bulky (whether real or perceived) than the regular P226, and definitely less bulky then say a Beretta 92.

    Trigger action is like buttah’.

    However, the P226 is full sized and probably not the best bet for CC. It’s best suited for the range, competitive shooting, or a good law enforcement gun.

  • Joe Nobody

    I have a new P226 so I sent an older German made P226 to Sig and had it retrofitted to E2 for a couple of hundred dollars and I love it. Qualified with it and it is now my off duty carry weapon of choice.

  • jkenhimer

    Purchased a new Sig 226 e2 in .40 in November ’10. Complete disappointment. I first noted that the magazine wasn’t flush against the butt as with other 226’s i’ve owned. When I fired the e2, the slide failed to lock back on the empty magazine EVERY time, on all three magazines supplied with the pistol. Approximately 45 rounds into the session, the trigger and hammer would not communicate in the single action mode. I pulled and pulled but the hammer would not fall. I decocked, double actioned, and it fired again in double action and single action (but the slide would still never lock back on the empty mag). I would guess the mag release assembly was manufactured and/or installed incorrectly. What happened to quality control with Sig? $1,100.00 for crap. Got rid of it that same day.

  • PQ208

    I own three Sigs now, P239, P226 E2 and P220 Carry Equinox, honestly, all have been operating flawlessly since day one. At this point the P239 has 15,000 rounds through it, P226 E2 5,000 and P220 2,000. Said all of that to say; since I haven’t had any issues with the Sigs, don’t have any experience with their customer service, but I sure would have given that a try before getting rid of it.

    Just recently purchased another high end ($1,000+) sub-compact pistol, I won’t mention the brand at the moment (not a Sig) but it’s on it’s way back to the factory because of some problems.. This particular company on the front end seem very concerned and anxious to diagnose and correct the problem(s).

    Being an owner of a manufacturing company, I feel it’s only fair to give them a chance to make good on their reputation. After all, irrespective of it’s made in Europe or USA, it’s still humans creating this neat stuff so every once in awhile something drops through the cracks.

  • chris

    Just a personal comment on the grip texture on the P226 E2. At first touch it feels rough, undeniable. But it doesn’t abrade the skin…. its hit that fine line between being annoying and being just textured enough to sit firmly in your hand, no slip. A long day firing hundreds of rounds makes no impression on my hand and I have fairly soft (non manual labour) hands. The reduced dimensions on the grip makes the P226 E2 just sit inside my hand as if it was meant to be there, the texture of the grips means there is no slide and no sweat! I love these grips, even if they are unusual!

  • Average Joe

    I found that the mad release paddle on the HK P30L chews up my trigger finger – and I’m not the only one who has that problem [Massad Ayoob being just one of the others]. Apparently, it’s ok for some people but not all people. I shot the P226 E2, the Beretta 92 FS Inox, and the Beretta PX4, all 9mm, at the same range side by side. The SIG just didn’t cut the mustard for me as well as the others – just a personal thing. So I focused on shooting the 92FS Inox.

    It occurred to me the first DA shot wasn’t as good as the SA following shots, so I shot it again in DA by de-cocking each time. After having serious problems with that, I shot it SA. While SA works well, DA doesn’t. Yes, I know I can train for that – but hey, I’m not a pro and I’m looking at nye on to 70 years on this planet. I’ll next focus on Smith & Wesson M&P9 full size – and the question there is do I want it with or without the thumb safety. I guess that’s for another thread.

  • Big Shark

    In my opinion I agree that the quality is not in their current products, did have a P229 many years a go but sold it, big mistake. Just bought a new P229 and it is the only gun I have ever owned where the slide and frame are not flush fitting at the rear, the rear of the slide sits about a 1/16 of a inch forward of the frame rails at the rear. The slide is so far forward I worry that the hammer may not strike the firing pin with sufficient force to ignite a primer that may be made a a harder material than what they tested the gun with. I would not trust my life on the gun firing when called upon. Then where they installed the front sight in the dovetail the finish is scraped off the flat surface. I contacted them and they said the slide was within their specifications, what a surprise since we are in the age of CNC machining where most companies have tolerances in the thousands of an inch, not the measurements on a carpenters folding ruler.

  • CCWHusker

    I just purchased my third Sig, a 226 in .40 Smith with the new grip. The other two(a 228 and an earlier 226R in .40) had to go away after some personal mistakes/operator headspace and timing issues. I now know that those weapons shot fine, because I completely redid how I shoot with a little help from Big Brother, The Old Man, and a 1911 (a Colt thank you) and now I put a whole mag in the small box on a TQ-15 at 7yds with a fast enough rate of fire to get yelled at by the guys at a West Phoenix indoor range… I digress. My latest Sig is as fine a piece as my 1911, my previous Sigs (both German made), both of the Sigs my brother (He didn’t want or need another one, but got it anyway) has had as duty weapons, and even my Dad’s Kimber TLE II. I’m happy with my NH Sig in every way; fit, finish, feel, and performance. I am supremely confident that if the situation comes… I’ll be more than ready to finish it with either my Sig or my Colt. Just my FNG $.02 worth.

  • dchambless

    Have a question if anyone can answer which magazines fits the sig sauer elite e2?