Remington ACR video

This, also “leaked”, video shows the Remington MPD and AAC guys demonstrating the Remington ACR. The computer animations of the rifle are AMAZING!

Defense Review has analyzed the video.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Wow!

  • Most of the computer animation has been up on the ACR website for a couple weeks at least, but not all together. The stuff from the AAC shoot looks good too. I’d love to play around that facility.

  • Gutao

    Wow! (2)

  • SpudGun

    Having just watched all three ‘leaked’ videos, I have to doff my cap to the sales and marketing people from Remington. From the use of computer graphics, to the music, to the action shots of Army dudes running around, it’s a very clever use of a promotional video campaign and I immediately want to run out and buy their products.

    And though the only ‘Operator’ experience I have has to do with telephones, I still want to be part of the ‘dream’.

    On the downside, there are huge expectations for the ACR, so if Remington cock it up in the manufacturing department, no amount of slick video goodness will appease the angry gun buying mobs.

    Please be good.

  • Ernunnos

    I love the final line.

    “Remington Delivers”

    To which I can only respond, “Well, it’s about time somebody did.”

  • WJCilvik

    Slick. So when does the civilian version come out in 7.62X25 and 7.62X39? I love the modular concept they’re employing. One would hope it’d be cheaper than owning an AR upper in every caliber…

  • Jim

    So this is the next great American war rifle.

  • CMathews

    The Remington ACR, a threat to car windows everywhere.

  • Stu C.

    Remington hasn’t delivered anything yet. I’ve been waiting for this since i heard bushmaster was picking it up in 2008 they keep telling us just a little longer, just a little longer. If they don’t launch soon people are gonna take their money elsewhere. I know i will. But here’s to hoping!!

  • Lance

    SWEET!!! I like it. For 5.56 id stay with a M-4/M-16. BUT……. If id goto 6.8mm Id love to try a ACR.

  • Larry

    That is a sexy, sexy carbine. I wish them all the success in the world in pursuing an Army contract. We will all be thankful when the zombies come.

  • KP

    I’m impressed by how little it recoils, it looks even less than my M4gery.

  • Lance

    @ Larry

    Sorry Larry but the Army isnt going to adopt the ACR anytime soon. The H&K 416 and Ruger 5.56 has more promise in that area.

  • JT


    Fred: Could you provide a link to the ACR website?

  • Martin

    Nice, but I won’t be happy until someone makes a .223 / .308 interchangeable system. If they could do this much with this rifle, then take it that final step and make a rifle that can be any calibre with a few part swaps.

  • LurpyGeek

    “The computer animations of the rifle are AMAZING!”

    And the animations are available RIGHT NOW! Too bad the rifle isn’t.

    I was interested in an ACR back in 2007 (when I was told that they would be available in Q2 2008). Waited… waited… Still no rifle. Put my money into an XCR and couldn’t be happier.

    I really like the design and the ACR looks very promising, but I only hope it can live up to the hype that is being pushed for it year after year.

  • The non-moving, forward-mounted charging handle are really slick. The vertically grooved stock removal too. Exactly like my 30 year old Leader Dynamics.

  • Brian

    Somebody please tell me where I can find a gun test that has the following rifles tested:
    Any other piston 5.56 manufactured on a large scale

    There are just so many now. I’d really love to see a test that included as many of these as possible. And using the widest variety of ammo possible.
    This is worse than Beta vs. VHS.

  • Big Jay

    A non-reciprocating bolt handle and no foreward assist, really? C’mon give a fella a live bolt handle. The original Massada had one and they dropped it for the same junk setup that made the CETME and G3 a pain to use.

    All I ever hear about new assault rifles is piston… piston… piston. How about the ability to really rack on and jiggle the bolt handle when it gets stuck. The SIG 556 has the ergonomics of a dust bister but at least it has a bolt mounted charging handle. The SCAR too, only if it stuck out both sides of the weapon at the same time. Heck, the Ruger SR556 with a bolt mounted charging handle would make me dizzy with glee. Remington can keep the ACR.

  • Lance

    Look at Shotgun news as well as this very website.

  • Smashing – Loved the 3D animation! (Going to re-post this on my blog.)

    One thing – The Remington ACR is a version of the MAGPUL/Bushmaster ACR isn’t it?

    Can anyone tell em the differences between the MAGPUL and the Remington – or is it just different names for different markets?


  • jdun1911


    Remington and Bushmaster are own by the same company. Magpul developed the Massada then license the rights to Cerberus (Freedom Group Division). Bushmaster renamed it to the ACR.

    Bushmaster intended for the ACR to complete in the military trials. Those trials clause the delay in the civilians side. So instead of Bushmaster making the ACR for civilians, Remington was tasked to do the job.

    I do not believe that Magpul have the capacity to produce a large amount of rifles that is needed if they won the military trials and/or they do not wants to deal with the headache of producing firearms.

    If you don’t have the infrastructure in place your chance of winning any military contracts is slim.

    It has been a long standard in the firearms industry to license your firearms to the big companies if they are interested in it and that’s what Magpul did.

  • jdun1911 – thank you so much for that reply. Makes absolute sense.

    – I also meant to ask, what particular calibre did the military trial the ACR is, 5.56 or one of the 6+ cals?

    Do you think there is a chance that teh US Army will eventually adopt a 6+ cal (or am I opening a whole can of worms in asking this)?

  • Colin

    Big Jay,

    ACR did have a forward assist (at least in this video it did…

    Cant really see them removing it, can you?

  • I agree with SpudGun, the marketing for this rifle are pretty good.
    Nothing really amazing or new about the ACR. But look! CGI sparklies!!

  • This has to be one of the best marketing videos I’ve ever seen- incredible impressive.

    I’m sure these guys could take just about any firearm and make it look like the best thing since sliced bread with skills like these.

    Having said that, the ACR still looks to be a major contender for a future US Army weapon- the quick calibre change in particular is astounding.

  • Clodboy

    Nonono, you guys have it all wrong. The reason for the delays is that they’re still working out the kinks in their heartbeat sensor accesory. 😉

    Seriously though, I believe jdun is right on the money. You win a contract, and the timeframe they give you for producing the first 10,000 rifles will usually be “yesterday”. And seeing as how even large companies like FN or HK have problems meeting deadlines or quality standards with the first run of their products, you can imagine how much faith the government would put into a “mom-and-pop”-business like MagPul.

    Plus, the original name, “Masada” (out of all the battles in the history of Israel, they chose the least awe-inspiring, IMO), was a marketing nightmare. They quickly realized that not every potential customer in the world likes the Israelis, so they put up a disclaimer saying they were “neither Israeli nor Israeli-backed”, which consequently made it look like they were trying to appease the anti-semites.
    ACR, while not terribly creative, was a much more sensible choice for a name.

  • jdun1911


    As far as I know the trail is for the 5.56 caliber. Remington invented the 6.8 so it not a surprise they still want to push it into the mainstream. With that said the 6.8 is DOA.

    Other then the fun switch the Bushmaster and Remington ACR might be different tho.


    The SCAR original contract required to have an universal receiver, ie interchange between 5.56 and 7.68. FN couldn’t do it and the rest is history. In fact it were that easy, it would have already been done. Then again there is a company that invented interchangeable magwell lower receiver for the AR15. This allows the AR15 to be converted into a 7.62 rifle. I believe Cerberus bought them out.

    Magpul have a 7.62 rifle called Massoud. I not sure it have been license yet by any major company. I might be wrong tho.

  • Lance

    To you guys who keep talkiing about the ACR being the new rifle for the army. The Army is NOT replaceing the M-4 it will be upgrading them with a piston and new barrel. The Marines just selected the H&K 416 for its IAR. This website had army articles about this so the ACR wont be adopted soon. Mabie 10 years from now… mabie But all thist US military triles talk is wrong it not going to happen anytime soon. Dont get me wrong I think the ACR is a fine weapon and is a good gun. But the military isnt going to dump the Stoner sysytem anytime soon.

  • Dave B.

    I could be way off base here, but my understanding is that the ACR is going to be manufactured in the Bushmaster factory, but the civilian version will be under the Remington brand name. Much like Remington’s R-15 and R-25 rifles are manufactured by DPMS. They’ll all owned by Cerberus.

  • Destroyer

    ACR in 6.5x39mm Grendel…imagine the possibilities!

  • Brandon

    In My Opinion, the ACR seems like a fine weapon, in testing. But so did the M16 in vietnam. at first. and so do all of these other weapons. but when the weapon gets in the mud and the grime, will it work when you need it to? that is the question. Everyone is going to say, but wait they do those tests now. well it is called a test for a reason. I am not here to rag on the ACR. i would love to see it in our boys hands compared to the M4 or M16’s. Im sure that any weapon would be a step up from those. But we need to ensure that the weapon we do choose, ACR, XM8, HK416, SCAR, whatever, will do the job that we are doing, wherever we are doing it, when we are doing it, every time we need it to so that our boys do not get killed.