Wiselite Arms Sterling SMG-styled pistol

Michael spotted a company manufacturing semi-auto Sterling SMG-styled pistols! Wiseland Lite is selling them for $450. They are available chambered in 7.62x25mm or 9mm.

7.62x25mm model
9mm model

UPDATE: It was pointed out in the comments that Wiseland Lite require you to supply a Sterling kit.

Steve Johnson

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  • James

    actually, Wiseland Arms is selling the service of building it on your supplied Sterling kit..

    • James, ahh thanks for the info.

  • Does anyone know what ever became of Sterling Arms?

    Last I heard they had made an air-rifle for the British market and were working on a semi-auto pistol…But they seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet now.

  • I was just looking at a version of this at Century Arms. I need one. I don’t know hwy I need one, but I just know I need one.

  • Tony

    …Okay. But why?

  • Matt Groom

    I saw this on JG Sales website a few weeks ago and I thought it was super cool. Didn’t know that they were building them in 9mm too!

  • Marshall Mathers

    I think your picture captions are off. There are three pics and the captions are under picture #2 and #3. The problem is that by the magazine, #1 looks to be the odd man out and #2 and #3 look to be the same gun.
    I just thought you may want the correction…

  • HK_USP_45

    I’m a little confused — are you sure you buy the actual gun from them, or do they just build kits that you purchased else where? You say they “are manufacturing” them and “selling” them, but the website says they build your kit, that you send them.

  • Lance

    Looks like a “micro machine Sterling” SMG, too small.

  • N0mad

    It’s wiselite arms.. not wiseland. Love your blog btw.

    • N0mad, thanks for the correction!

  • Bandito762

    Isn’t that the base for the stormtrooper blaster in Star Wars?

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This looks like fun. Is anyone doing the simi M3A1 right now? Last I heard the guy that developed it had production rights up for sale.

  • Komrad

    It’s completely possible. They used a C96 Mauser Broomhandle for Han’s blaster and I think the used modified firearms for some of the other weapons too.

  • I found out what happened to the British Sterling Company (if it’s of interest) – apparently they went bust in 1988, selling their rights to their air rifle to the American Benjamin company.

    Bandito762 is not far off the mark – but it was teh full sized Sterling SMG (L2A1) that was the basis for the storm trooper’s blaster in Star Wars. (Another weapon modified for use in Star Wars was the German MG42.)

    Sterling also made a very good licensed version of the AR18, as well as the range of ‘micro-SMGs’. I can find no information about the semi-auto pistols that they were working on about the time of the company’s demise.

  • Cymond

    After some digging around, I discovered that the pre-built models on Gunbroker and JG Sales are sold by Century Arms, but that Wiselite is the actual builder of the Century guns. The 9mm pistol is not currently a production model, but is available as a custom build if you supply the sten kit. The 7.62×25 model uses a heavy modified Sten magazine that is straight, not curved. Wiselite is the only known supplier for the modified mags, and charges $30 for the service of exchanging a functional 9mm magazine for a pre-modded 7.62×25 magazine.

    Personally, I’m tempted by the 2nd model carbine in the Century catalog. It has a full length barrel shroud and sight radius.

  • Charlie

    One advantage of a side-mounted magazine on the Sterling smg is that it can be maneuvered easier to shoot through windows, slits, and gun ports in military vehicles and when firing from the prone position on the ground. It is much lower to the ground without the magazine contacting the ground in a “conventional” magazine bottom-fed set-up.

  • Bisnaut

    Anyone ever notice that this is the same weapon as the E-11 Storm Trooper Blaster from Star Wars?

  • I purchased the wiselite stirling 3 weeks ago.I heard alot of negative comments about it so I will tell you what I experienced.The first was that some guys were hitting 12 inches low at 50 yards.Well all I can say is you can’t shoot!!! At 50 yards I kept a 4 inch grouping,at 30 years 2 inch grouping,at 100 4 to 6 inch grouping.The other was a jamming issue.Right out of the box I put 100 rounds through it not one jam.I fired winchester plinker ammo.This gun is deadly accurate!!!! It has very little kickback unless you fire really fast it will climb a little.I plan on buying a second just to hold onto for the future.I paid 500 with tax for it and am really happy with mine.It is a great weapon.I let a buddy of mine shoot it he was so impressed he ordered one the next week.