New Ruger SR9C Compact

Ruger is set to announce the new compact version of their SR9 pistol. The press released was leaked online (Well done Richard!). The pistol features a short 3.5″ barrel, is chambered in 9mm and its standard magazine holds 10 rounds (17 round high-cap available). I will update the blog as soon as Ruger officially announces it and photos are published.

SR9c Compact Pistol. Photo from Shooting Wire

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is proud to announce the Ruger SR9c compact pistol, the first extension in the SR9 striker-fired pistol family.

The SR9 is one of the slimmest and most ergonomic 9mm pistols on the market today, and the compact model offers an even smaller, more concealable option, ideal for discreet carry.

“The SR9c compact pistol is a welcome addition to the SR9 line, giving customers a very comfortable carry option in this reliable, 9mm platform,” said Mike Fifer, President & CEO. “Incorporating the best features the full-sized SR9 has to offer, the SR9c gives Ruger a strong entry into the compact 9mm field. It feels great in your hand and it’s a lot of fun to shoot.”

The SR9c compact pistol weighs in at 24 oz. and features an overall length of 6.875”, a height of 5.00”, and the same slim 1.27” grip width as the full-sized SR9. It comes with two magazines that provide options in both capacity and grip size. The standard magazine holds 10 rounds and features a flat bottom butt plate; a finger grip extension floor plate is also included. The second magazine features a grip adapter and holds 17 rounds, instantly transforming the smaller, compact grip into a full-sized 9mm grip. The 3.50” barreled pistol features an integral accessory rail that accommodates most lights and lasers.

The SR9c compact pistol utilizes the same adjustable, high-visibility 3-Dot sight system as its full-sized predecessor, setting it apart from many compact pistols that rely on fixed sights. New serrations are located on the front portion of the slide, making it easier to both manipulate the slide and to press check the chamber. The SR9c is available with a glass-filled nylon frame and through-hardened slide in either a brushed stainless or blackened finish. State compliant variations are available where necessary and ship with two 10-round magazines.

Just like the original, full-sized SR9, the SR9c is loaded with modern safety features like a 1911-style ambidextrous manual safety, internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, plus a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.


A stainless and black model will be available …

Caliber 9mm Luger
Slide Finish Nitrodox Pro Black / Stainless
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds or 17 rounds
Slide Material Alloy Steel
Length 6.85″
Height 4.61″
Width 1.27″
Grooves 6
Barrel Length 3.50″
Twist 1|10″ RH
MSRP (Price) $525.00
Availability 15 Jan 2010

Steve Johnson

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  • SheepNutz

    “same slim 1.27” grip width as the full-sized SR9.”

    I was hoping for something way skinnier, along the lines of a 9mm LCP to compete with the Kel-Tec PF-9 and Taurus 709 Slim. I’m in the market for a pocketable 9, and it looks like I’ll still be leaning toward the Kel-Tec.

  • Meh. Was Ruger selling that many that they saw a niche for a compact model of the SR9?

  • jason

    I think this is a miss if it’s all Ruger has of interest in 9mm at the SHOT show. What I wanted was a PF9 clone like they did with the P3AT. Not a 1.27″ WIDE 24oz chop down.

  • Josh

    Future blog update: Ruger set to Recall SR9C. After thousands of the model have been sold to the general public, Ruger has decided to keep the streak of releasing pistols and then recalling them alive (See SR9 and LCP) after one accidentally goes off when a tactical shooter pulled the trigger. But don’t worry, Ruger will be sure to fix the problem and send the gun back to you fully functional for its true intention; a boat anchor.
    All kidding aside, I am sure it is going to be a great pistol.

  • Tony

    You know, I don’t know whether it is impressive that someone at Ruger understands which part of the gun is the most difficult to conceal, or disappointing that so few other companies do.

    Now, if people would only figure out why those ski jump rear sights weren’t such a hot idea… :p

  • Other Steve


    It’s larger and heavier than a glock 19 in every aspect. Except for barrel length where this is .5″ shorter. The short mag holds 10 vs the glock’s 15.

    Uh… Awesome?

    I get that a glock is not for everyone, I do get that. But, what does this offer that the P229, Glock19, P99, and any number of other pistols already offer at similar or smaller size?

  • carter
  • zach

    I think until someone comes out with a revolutionary, I mean not just a sight change in grip dimensions, the world of compact pistols is virtually exhausted at this point. Pretty much every company that makes pistols has at least three compact models .Sig Sauer, H&K, Glock, Colt, FN, S&W, Kimber, Taurus, Ruger, etc. just to name a few. So if I’m in the market looking for a compact pistol I already have enough guns to consider.

  • Carl

    I don’t understand why Ruger feels that this pistol needs a manual safety. Most other striker-fired pistols seem to do just fine without them.

    And the slide sticks out too far behind the grip.

  • GmanAZ

    I was also hoping for something along the lines of a PF-9 or Walther PPS type weapon. Bummer…just another oversized subcompact.

  • Nill

    People seem to be confusing width measurements here.

    1.27′ is actually the OVERALL WIDTH including protrusions like the safety and slide release.

    The slide is only 0.92″ wide and the maximum grip width is the same as a Glock’s 1.18″ but the enhanced contouring and ergonomics make it thinner even thinner over much of its surface.

  • Ben

    There’s nothing revolutionary about the SR9s, but for the money they’re decent range guns and offer something a little more refined than the Kel-Tec pistols and something domestically-produced in the Taurus price range. The SR9c will offer an American-made subcompact (not pocket pistol) at a price which should land around $100 less than S&W, Glock, and Springfield’s guns and significantly cheaper than comparable Walthers and Sigs. IMO, they should drop the 17-round magazine and adapter (trying to compete with the silly XDM compact concept isn’t going to make them any money), ship it with fixed sights and two 10-round mags.

  • David

    How much did they pay Metallica for use of the term “Blackend”?

    Metallica – Blackened (song starts about 2:45)

  • davester

    This pistol is more compact than a Glock 19, while offering a longer barrel than the baby glock and a better grip. It also has the ability to accept the magazines of it’s full-sized cousin, which I really like. Rather large for a “pocket-pistol”, but certainly a more concealable option than the SR-9. I think (having never shot the compact but having shot the SR-9 a lot) that the SR-9c will offer similar capabilities to the Glock, S&W, Springfield, etc but cost about $100 less.

  • Mike N

    I like where they are coming from with the shorter grip (the hardest part to conceal), but I would like to see if my finger would hang off the bottom. For me, the Glock 19 is perfect in this regard. I’m not sure I like losing 5 rounds to the Glock since this pistol is actually slightly wider than the Glock. Time will tell.

  • Nill

    As mentioned earlier, the SR-9 and SR-9c are only ‘wider’ than a Glock if you’re measuring the ambi-safety controls.
    The vast majority of the gun is actually thinner.

  • Glockking

    i have the full size sr9 and love it. it hard to conceal esp in the summer so this is a good idea everyone who has shot my sr9 even my 74 year old grandma. this wouldnt replace my glock 36 as my carry gun but i think it a good gun.

  • Cymond

    I’m not a fan of Ruger autoloading centerfire handguns, but I agree with the idea of the added 17 round magazine. This allows the owner to carry a better reload (17 vs 10) and/or makes the gun better as a home defense pistol. Remember, not everyone can afford a lot of guns and some places make people jump through hoops just to buy a gun at all. For some people, 1 gun must serve multiple purposes. The 17 round magazine gives it some versatility.

  • Rob

    I own an SR9 and have fired several GLOCKs. I don’t know where folks get their info. The SR9 is THINNER than the comparible GLOCK and easier to conceal. The SR9c was not an attempt to be any thinner, because they did not need to do this – so it is exactly the same as the full sized Sr9. If the SR9c fires as well as the full sized SR9, then it will easily be a popular gun.

    I’ll get one for sure.

  • Michael

    I have the SR9 and I love the way it shoots. Deadly accurate, pretty light, and fires my reload without issue. I hope this compact does as well.

  • Mike N

    Rob, the dimensions listed by both manufacturers state that the Glock is thinner. However, having now handled both, the SR9 is thinner for sure in ways that matter.

  • Justin

    I own an SR9 and several Glocks (two 26’s,27,36,23). The SR9 is thinner than all of my Glocks. The SR9 is a great shooting gun and I can’t wait to get my hands on a SR9c. Someone who posted before me seemed to think that a thumb safety on a striker fired pistol was a dumb idea by the manufacturer because other guns did just fine without them. Well I’m here to tell you that the thumb safety on a striker fired pistol is just what the doctor ordered in my house. My wife refuses to carry any of our Glocks in her purse with a round in the chamber. No matter how many times I assured her the gun would not discharge. She simply felt uncomfortable with the Glock. She worried that she might discharge the pistol reaching into her purse to get something out (even with the gun in a seperate part of her purse).She always wanted a thumb safety. Long story short she will carry a larger heavier gun with a round chambered (the SR9) before carrying a Glock. The new SR9c will give her the same mag capacity as her Glock 26 with a thumb safety. I know she will buy the SR9c and yes I’m sure she is a niche in the market….. but at least Ruger is filling the niche.. And I’m sure a thumb safety would appeal to someone with small children also…… Just my thoughts

  • I think this gun is great. I was seriously surprised at the trigger, one of the better ones on the market.

  • I love the gun…I honestly think it has one of the best handgun triggers out right now

  • Greg

    I think this will be a big seller for Ruger. Well done.

  • I just got my sr9c and its ok i dont like the pin’s in it they come out to easy . also at the very end under the barrell the plastic part goes in and out ughhh …im not sure if its worth 465.00

  • Danielle

    I am a particularly smaller sized woman (size 4 or XS all over and weighing in at less than 130) with small hands (my ring finger size is about a 5 or 4 3/4). I am also a fairly good shooter. I hang around my dad enough to know how to carry myself well and hold my own at DU shotgun sporting competitions. I am also 30 and I carry a fabulous bag. Now with that all being said, I am looking for a way to protect myself with a handgun. I have a 125 lb. rott, and 3 black labs but if someone gets past the four of them and comes at me I need to know I can hold my own. So I started looking around. I have looked at everything and shot lots of things and I have impressive targets to prove it. I was sold on the Keltec P11 because the PF9 was too sissy and too skinny for me. I need something with something substantial that I can grab on to and shoot it. The P11 seemed great at a cheap price. If I wanted to upgrade, then I could go with the Glock 26 or Glock 27. Every gun store I go to expresses their distaste with the Keltec. I have been told, as of two days ago, that the Keltec has the possibility of exploding because it says so in the manual. The Glock only has a year warranty. So because of that reason, the Glock is out as well. However, the Ruger that was delivered to my gun man when I was standing there is a Ruger SR9c and it has a lifetime warranty and it is made in the USA. But, don’t confuse that by me saying that the other two are not because they are, what I am saying is that is a good thing. The problem with the Keltec is that, yes, I believe it has a good warranty but it will always be at the shop and not on your person protecting you. I have heard that the Glock goes to the shop as well. So what good is it to me to spend 250 for a Keltec or 450 to 500 for my Glock when the possibility of the one exploding if I put in just normal ammo or my Glock being fixed. Not good enough answers to me, that’s for sure. Now, what I have settled on is the Ruger SR9c or a Sig compact or subcompact (i.e. P250 series).

    My conclusion is to go to your local gun range and rent one. Not sit on here ranting and raving about how one is cheaper than the other or skinnier than the other. If the price is too high, then I guess you will be saving a little bit longer for a better gun. You get what you pay for. And, if the gun is too big for you, then I guess you will be finding creative ways to cover and conceal because I know I will be. And, if I can do it under what I wear, then there should be no problem for anyone else. And, don’t forget to read your manual, especially if you go by a Keltec. Shops I have been to or that I have called will not even carry them due to what the manual says. I, myself, can’t wait to make my decision and buy this for myself. Be educated and take some tactical classes. Don’t just buy it and automatically think you know what you are doing because otherwise you could shoot your toe off like the trained professional on the news who thought there was an intruder in his room when it was really his own foot and he shot himself.

    Be careful out there. It’s a big, big world.

  • Jim

    I went to my local shop Friday morning looking for a nice used semi auto. To my surprise, they had several sr9c’s on display, one stainless and two black. Having been interested in the full size Sr9 ,I’d figured I’d take a look see for myself at Rugers newest offering. The sr9c sat deep in my hand with all mechanisms where they needed to be for me. The slide and magazine was very stiff as expected on a brand new gun. The visual/tactial “loaded” button that pops up on top of the sr9c is kind of hokey though. The adjustable sights interested me alot, as i own the lcp already. The sight sits a bit high, but i do not think it will snag for you ccw folks out there. Take down was easy, my salesman had it stripped and reassembled in about 2 minutes with no tools. It took me slightly longer and I found it to be a bit tougher than a Glock but nothing short of really easy. Ruger does a good job in my opinion of lubing the guns down very well, but they do require extra cleaning the first go around. I honestly must say this gun felt like it was made for my hand specifically, especially with the interchangeable back strap as well. I was also impressed with the extended magazine option. This gun is a winner, and I cannot wait to pick it up Monday and get some rounds through it. I expect it to shoot like the sr9 with a better trigger(better than the Glock in my opinion), so I will report back on my assessment and what I fed through my new range gun. Thanks! Oh I chose the stainless, and it was $419 in northern Illinois, (GAT Guns).

  • 955 guy

    Puchased one of these at a local gun show for a good price from what I see posted! I own to a Springfield XD 9 that I love, but it is a little hard to conceal – so for that reason alone I have been eyeing the XD 9 sub, but my hands didn’t fit it very well, and was horrible with the Glock. The mag extension on the 10 round magazine fit my hand quite well (XXL gloves can be a little snug and ring finger is like a 12.5) for a compact weapon. No ftf’s or ffe’s with 500 rounds downrange. No complaints here and feel good carrying this on me. What good is a carry weapon that I can’t hold to shoot?

  • LongJohn

    I have an SR9c (and an SR9). Like ’em both. Like the “c” better. Better trigger, more accurate, smaller form but still very good grip. Better for me than the size of the Glock 26 which grip felt like I was holding a sawed-off handle. Interesting how just a touch more room can make such a difference in feel.

  • TheBitterTruth

    As others have said, I’m holding out for a slim single-stack 9mm offering from Ruger. This gun is just not significantly dimensionally smaller than my Glock 19 to justify a purchase.
    I would also like to add that aesthetically, the SR9C is a much cooler-looking gun than it’s older brother, especially with those serrations on the front of the slide.

  • jordan

    i am in the market for a concealable gun, but i refuse to buy a gun that does not fit in my hand, as in reach the end of my palm, but also would like a gun with some kick behind it…does anyone here think the sr9c falls in that category. thanks

  • had a sr9 sold it because of horrible trigger and mag.release getting stuck,and front sight falling off after 100 rds.just bought sr9c love it trigger is great,very accurate,only problem is pins working there way out after 200 rds.pushed then back in and keeping eye on them,hope front site stays on lol

  • Erin

    LOVE IT!
    I got my boyfriend to buy me this gun two weeks ago. I have pretty small hands, but that is no longer a problem with this gun. The Ruger SR9C is the perfect size, and I have a blast taking it to the range! Its a little pup with a big attitude! Oh and did I mention SEXY

  • Julio

    Only put about 300 rounds through mine so far. I like the feel of the gun in hand. The grip is a little small for my hand with the flush magazine in but not horrible. I like the pinky magazine extension floorplate.

    The only comments I have are that the edges are a little sharp. A little “used bar of soap” kind of feel to the edges of the slide at the groove lines would probably be welcomed.

    Price at the pump… $449 Not bad.

    I like the shorter slide vs the longer slide. Given the fact that you can use the full size magazines of the standard SR9 in this firearm, I can see some folks passing on the larger frame and going the route of the compact.

    This firearm is about the same size as a Glock 26. It’s a little slimmer in the grip, frame and slide… which is a welcome plus for CCW users.

    For defensive use, I am not a fan of manual, external safety devices. If I am going to carry a firearm for defense, I want a “dangerous” gun with the most “dangerous” ammunition available. I don’t want a politician or anti-firearm person, or political correctness to design my gun for me…thank you very much.

    The manual safety is a bit small for my taste. I can operate them with larger hands, but I still would like to see a little more ‘beef’ to them in the right place so I can flip them on or off a bit easier if I have to have them there. I’d much rather they weren’t there.

    Can we have a Trijicon sight option? That’d be nice. I am tired of having to change sights on defensive use firearms to something I like. If so, let’s have sights with a different color front sight post. It makes things easier in the dark to come up on the front sight.

    It’s a little snappy, but not unreasonable, in the recoil department. Very shootable and very controllable. It’s a very nice option at the price point.

    The grip extension for the standard size magazine (17 rounds) is nice. It’d be nicer if it stayed put. I can see carrying two magazines in a mag pouch on your belt with the grip extension sliding down as you run or walk. I’d want it to stay put at the bottom of the magazine. Perhaps a little clip or something like that to keep it in place would have been a nice idea or if the extension wrapped under the back lip of the magazine floor plate…

    Oh and where can we get a few extra of those extensions?

    I will say that I absolutely love the feel of the full size magazine with the grip extension and the way that feels with the smaller slide size. I really like that configuration… a lot.

    Overall, the SR9C seems poised to be another winner in the Ruger lineup. I really can see people passing on the full size offering SR9 in favor of the compact.

    Ruger’s recent offerings of the LCR, LCP, SR9 and 556 have all been real success stories. Personally, I enjoy carrying the LCP and LCR on a regular basis and have no issue relying on any of them for defensive purposes. I’m quite certain the SR9c will be no exception.

  • HazmatIA

    Just picked up the black version last night. Will run a few dozen rounds through her tonight, if light permits. I’ve been looking for a CCW for about 3 months now. I’ve tried out Glock, Sig, Sgfd, Walther & CZ (along with the LCP)…and this one just STUCK with me immediately. Felt right in my hand and the price was acceptable…$449.

    Time will tell if it works for what I want, but I believe I’ll have no issues with it or selling it to replace, if I find it necessary. I’ve always loved Ruger anyway, but this if the first handgun from them for me…

    Now…on to a useful holster. Any suggestions would be appreciated…

  • Seth Martin

    I bought my blackened srpc for $359. Great price! But the first magazine I put through it, it double-fired twice, and jammed. May be a falty gun from the factory…but honestly Im pissed! I go to buy a gun, then find out I might have to send it back to the factory, leaving me empty handed for possibly 5 weeks! Ughh! Im in the Army and I rely on my weapons! This is def something I have reconsidered!

  • i own a full size sr9 and love it….i bought the sr9c and love that aswell!

  • Saul

    So I’ll through in my two cents on why I chose the SR9c.

    I’m Left handed so I love the ambidextrous magazine release and external safety controls.
    I was looking for a sub compact but I didn’t want to give up round capacity. this met both of those requirements for me with its small frame size and its extended 17+1 magazine capacity option over the standard 10+1. I have small hands (my friends won’t let me forget) and the narrow frame felt good in my hands.
    I am used to pistols with the 3 dot sights (military Beretta 9 & Sig 229 with night sights), another plus for me and the added windage and elevation adjustments was a bonus.
    The fact that it fires the 9mm instead of a 40 or 45 is bad or good depending on the typical arguments for or against each caliber. The positives are numerous for instance 9mm has less of a snap in its recoil compared to the 40, easier to reacquire the target after each shot.
    I wanted larger capacity in a small frame. Not easily achieved in a 40 or 45. Easier for my wife to handle another plus. And as for the debate whether the 9mm is an adequate defense round, It has been and still is used by many NATO armies and still some law enforcement agencies (for what I’ve read). And with today’s technology in 3rd generation hollow points I feel confident it can do the job. I wouldn’t want to get shot by a 9mm!
    I had read that the trigger on the full size was heavy and left much to be desired, but Ruger went out of their way to address that problem on this model as well as new SR9s. This was another plus that went into the decision making process.
    This is my first personal firearm so I really didn’t know what company to go with. Like most people I had a limited budget that I was willing and able to spend on a hand gun. I was looking at Taurus because they were reasonably priced. The dilemma for me was that the reputation reports were very mixed from love to hate on the reliability aspect of Taurus so that kept me hesitant plus the lack of ambidextrous controls discouraged me from purchasing a Taurus.
    But nearly every person who I asked advise for a good quality gun at a lower price range, they all said Ruger. So when I stumbled upon this SR9c at the gun show I couldn’t say no.
    I was luck to find the blackened SR9c at the Gun Show on the table for $375. After tax tag and tidal it came out to $401.25. Again not too bad.
    It isn’t the stainless that I would have liked to get but I just couldn’t pass up the great price.

    Question. I have noticed that the full sized SR9 has the word stainless written on the slide of the black model. Is the black model of the SR9c stainless also? Or did Ruger make this one different?

  • Kyle

    In response to your question Saul, the SR9c blackened model does not have the stainless slide. That was something that Ruger opted not to include on this model.

    As for my impression with this gun, I have only had a chance to take the SR9c to the range once and put 150 shells thru it thus far. I have had no issues with misfiring.

    Out of the box, the gun shoots a little low (for me at least) so the adjustable sites on the back end are great. This being said, I find that the gun itself is very accurate. The groupings were very tight just a little below where I wanted them to be.

    As for the length of the gun, I have a medium sized hand and my pinky hangs over the bottom of the compact clip. The thumb extention was a great piece that will be excellent for concealed carry or when firing with one hand. But for range/2 hand use, it is impractical and gets in the way… then again, that is where the extended 17 clip comes in handy.

    The thumb safety works perfectly for me and what I look for in a gun. I am personally not a fan of the glock-like trigger. It was an additional safety feature but I am not concerned about dropping my gun while it is chambered, so I will be looking to swap that in the future. Also, the indicator on the top of the gun showing that a shell is chambered seems sort of excessive since the manual itself even states not to trust it or your memory (as with any gun). I think the gun would have been fine without it.

  • Julio

    Quick update…

    After a second trip to the range (I put my guns through a lot of rounds before I carry a firearm for defense)… I’ve had a number of what seem to be light primer strikes. The primers are dented, but the rounds didn’t go off.

    I’ve seen a few others report this online now, especially with Winchester White Box 115 gr. ammunition. At first I thought it was the ammo but it happened with Federal 9mm as well so I’m fairly certain it’s the gun.

    I’ve also done the pencil test down the barrel and it didn’t move a bit.

    Looks like the SR9c is going to take a trip back to Ruger for some repair work….

    Then I’m going to decide if I scrap it and go with my initial gut and trade it in on a Glock 26 and basically forget I went this round with Ruger.

    For me, if you can’t rely on the weapon, you can’t rely on it.

    Shame really… I really like the gun and I really wanted to fall in love with it for daily carry. Now I’m concerned and once it’s repaired I’ll have a decision to make.

    And here’s my concern… is this a design problem or is it a manufacturing failure or a fluke. Others are reporting the problem as well.

    Makes me wonder and I’m not exactly ready to bet my life on it.

  • Julio

    Update 2

    I called Ruger last Monday. They indicated that they are having issues with light primer strikes on the firearm and that I needed to send it in to them for service.

    The firearm arrived at Ruger 7 days ago (Tuesday) and I will be calling for an update as to repair status on the firearm.

    They said they try to turn them in around 10 days when I initially called. Let’s see.

    —–outcome pending——

  • Julio

    Update 3

    Received the firearm back from Ruger today. Looks like 9 days door to door.

    Looks like from the paperwork included they replaced the Striker Assembly in the firearm.

    It indicates they test fired 40 rounds without malfunction.

    I fired 40 rounds without malfunction the first time around as well.

    What sucks is that I didn’t start having a problem until around 400 rounds through the gun. What that means is that I have to spend another $300 in ammunition (cost of around 1000 rounds of target / range ammo) to ensure that I’m confident in this firearm… enough so to bet my life on it.

    So far, my instincts tell me to run to a Glock 26 for the purpose intended and don’t look back and that this was a fun jaunt into the possibilies of other brands and options but that Glock pistols work. They work consistently and they are reliable.

    So adding in the initial cost plus the first rounds of ammo… total investment in this gun looks like $700 so far and I still don’t know if it works properly.

    Next range session should be this weekend so we’ll see if this firearm holds up to expectations or if it malfunctions.

  • Just bought a SR9C , traded in a Kahr for it. Best trade I’ve ever made. The Kahr was a disaster, wouldn’t feed half the time. The Ruger takes anything I put in it. It has a great trigger, good sights and a higher capacity. Whats not to like.I can live with the width knowing I can trust my life to it, not like the Kahr.

  • Julio

    Final update on the Ruger SR9c

    I sold it at the gun show this weekend.

    Sold all the magazines and everything that went along with it.

    Your mileage may vary.

    I’m still super happy with my LCP and LCR. I opted to pick up a Glock 26 in OD frame. No hiccups in the first 300 rounds…. as it should be.

  • I have the SR9C for conceal carry. It has a better trigger than the SR9 (my Dad had one) and better mag release.

    I picked the SR9C over the XD due to the external thumb safety. I’m a 1911 fan so carrying cocked and locked just feels more natural to me than the other striker fires out there (IE XD and Glock). I’m also not a fan of the Glock. I have shot several, but just did not like them.

  • Adam fields

    I just bought the two tone SR9C last night for 449. I was in the market for a good range gun. The SR9C is perfect for me. I have medium-large sized hands that grip this pistol perfectly. My decision here also came at the behest of my girlfriend. She wants to learn to shoot, and think this weapon is perfect for a first time shooter. Especially for smaller hands. The only complaint I have is when the slide is locked back, you have to pull it back before you release it cause, the release switch requires ALOT of pressure to push down. Which will become easier with time. No biggie. It’ll just hurt the heck out of your thumb, unless you have very strong hands. LOL. I think it’s a good looking gun that is very comfortable to hold. It’s snappy but little recoil, great finish, and an easy load. I just wouldn’t shoot it out of the box though. Make sure it’s clean and oiled before squeezing some rounds off. Enjoy!

  • DJ

    I too was hoping for a MUCH smaller plinker gun, like the LCP, only in 9mm. Were already PLENTY of compact 9’s on the market, so not sure what this one brings.
    Still will keep fingers crossed they will see need and niche for the LCP…in 9mm.

  • livefree

    Just made the switch from the Taurus slim. Love the gun. 100rds of winchester at a tactical practice for CC. Accurate to 15yds one or 2 hand. Very managable recoil. Nice trigger. I do not use the safety. It is a DAO with a trigger safety. Every time I put on the safety I do not take it off when I pull it. It fits in my crossbreed that I had for my taurus slim. With the 17rd mag it feels like a full size. The slide release is smaller than I like but no trouble with release. Had to do it with my non dominant hand as we practice with 2, dom and nondom hands.
    hate the breakdown: Ruger must like the multiple step process.

  • Cleaning the machining residue and cutting “oil” out of the striker channel is
    a must do with both the SR-9 and SR-9C. I’ve found CRC Silicone Lube in the
    aerosol can with the “soda straw” attachment works well when accompanied with manual manipulation of the striker. Holding down the magazine safety and the striker block simultaneously, gets tricky but it will allow you to see if
    the firing pin protrudes past the breach block. The silicone also provides a
    bit of dry lubricant to the striker which does not gum up or attract dirt. With
    the pistol held vertical, a short pencil inserted in the barrel, will be launched by the force of the firing pin striking it, if the striker channel is clear & clean.
    A high quality grease should also be applied to the slide rails,and barrel at all
    points of contact to minimize wear and assure smooth function. Pistols unlike
    MRE’s don’t come ready to eat, they need preparation.

  • Roger

    I had a Kel-tec P11 9mm couldn’t wait to get rid of it. poor trigger excessive recoil. The SR9c was too big and clunky didnt like that trigger either. Really liked to Taurus PT709 9mm only holds 6+1 but is small tight and has a great trigger. Check it out!

  • The Glock Hump in the grip does not fit my hand very well and I think this is the reason I don’t shoot good groups with a Glock. Glock has removed the hump in the Gen 4 designs, unfortunately Glock also changed the recoil spring and that has been causing some problems (I had been eying the Gen 4).
    The SR9C adjustable rear sight and front side serrations is what caught my attention. I really really like both these options. The SR9C has an external safety and a built in Glock Like trigger safety. So I have an option to use the external safety or carry the SR9C like a Glock (without the external safety engaged). I like this option. It is thin enough for me to conceal carry. I noticed the SR9C had longer slide rails than the Glock 26 or 19. I am not sure if I like the magazine disconnect safety of the SR9C. I am on the fence on this. I would like to know if this magazine disconnect safety can be removed without harming the function of the pistol. I know I do not like the Load Chamber Indicator. It is HUGE. I wonder how this Indicator will affect holsters. I may have to get one. I have never owned a 9mm before. I am trying to decide on my first 9mm. This may be the ticket.

  • Michigan George

    I have had my SR9C for about 2 months…put 400 rounds of mixed ammo through it with not one hitch. The gun is excellent…I have a Sig P229 that is a great gun…the SR9C in my hands is more accurate….2″ groups at 21 feet all day long. The recoil is very good and it is fun to shoot. This gun has become my regular carry weapon…it is easy to conceal IWB..and in colder jacket weather I use the Ruger Fobus Paddle holster (from thier website @ $24.29). At $405 this is a no-brainer….GREAT GUN.

  • Rocco

    I am writing to let everyone know that as of today, Dec.4th, 2010 I have been thru my second SR9C (9mm) since I bought the first one on Oct.4th, 2010.
    Upon visiting the range with the first model the problems presented… included a firing pin issue and a trigger reset issue. At the range both the Range Master and the Gun Smith tried to assess the problem to no avail – so I took the unit back where I bought it and explained the concerns. Not a problem we’ll get you a new one.

    A week ago I recieved the new model and couldn”t wait to get to the range and see how many rounds I could get through without incident. Well, in that attempt and after 150 rounds and not more than 200 rounds the unit presented the following issues: trigger reset issue that took between two and three minutes to resolve; on three seperate occassions the unit fired double rounds as if it was in automatic fire mode and wiyhout my finger on thr trigger (big “safety issue) and last but not least the unit presented itself as completing the 17 round clip when in fact it still had 3 shells left in the clip.
    I am now presented with making a decision as to whether I will keep on being the test dummy, or move on to maybe a Glock. I did notify the store which I will visit today and I also notfied Ruger and they want me to send them the unit so yhey can assess these concerns which they claim are new to them and of much concern. These mishaps have caused me a great deal of concern on a emotional level and although I trust that Ruger stands by their product, I am concerned, since this model is what I depend on in the event of a incident which could cost me my life.
    In closing, I hope that this comment will help others and also help Ruger find and fix these concerns so that all others can enjoy the products they buy.

  • Rocco

    Sorry for the typo’s in my comment….

  • Rocco,
    thanks for the information. I was thinking about getting one of these for myself this Christmas. Maybe a Glock 19 instead as they are already have proven reliability. FYI: I could not find anywhere on the internet a recall on the SR9C. Currently I am using a Ruger SP101 .357 magnum as my conceal carry. Easy enough in winter, but I will want something less thick for summer.

  • Rocco

    I really thought I had a perfect carry with the Ruger SR9c but being the test dummy inside a 2 month period from Oct 4th-Dec.4th, 2010 I believe it is time to move on. I recently posted a comment for you guys to view knowing that a lot of us were using this model as a carry unit.

    I since found another unit that I believe will serve me well that I want to share with all of you..Springfield XD/M 9MM Compact. you might want to go to their site .. you might find your carry as well.

  • Pitt

    I had the fullsize SR9. I sold it. Bad move on my part. I have carried Glocks for years, but after getting my Ruger SR9, I didn’t carry my Glock for 6mos.
    I’ve looked at the compact SR9, but I think I am going to go with the full size again. It will be my CCW, IDPA, and nightstand gun.

    I love the safety. I carried my Glocks in condition 3 because I could never get comfortable with carrying a light trigger gun in an IWB holster. The Glock is very unforgiving of any kind of brainfart and if cops can get Glock Leg, they any of us can get it. I like the extra step that SR9’s safety requires. Its like a physical reminder for safety. YMMV.

    The SR9 series is a great addition to the Ruger weapons line up.

  • Mr. T.

    Hey I just bought a used SR9c for $240. It looks and feels great anyway. Does it have any problems with the internals? Just curious.

  • Pitt

    Mr. T.,
    The SR9c has no internal issues that I know of. One of the earlier posters, Rocco, claimed to have 2 of these guns go down on him, but I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t like these guns.

    I have spent the last 2 wks trying to find a Ruger SR9 with the black slide. No one seems to have one. I may have to go with the SR9c just to get the blackened slide. While I would prefer the bigger gun (with front cocking serrations- Ruger take note please), beggars can’t be choosers and I really hate carrying my Glock 19 when I could have another SR9/SR9c.

    BTW, $240 is a fantastic price to find that gun used. You got a real steal.

  • Dad

    Trying to find the logic in some of these comments. I have not heard of any issues with the Sr9c, perhaps one of these guys got a lemon; it happens with all guns…………….even Blocks. As for the guy who went back to the glock complaining about the ruger having probelms after X amount of rounds vs X amount of rounds for his Glock; the numbers don’t seem to jive?? I’m not saying that the Glock is bad or the Ruger is “all of that”, I am simply saying that some folks never seem to be able to like more than one thing.

    Seems like more of a Ford vs Chevy pissing match that an actual debate about the merits of this or that. Personally, I’ll take the Dodge

  • Michigan George

    Just a quick update from my earlier post from Nov.24th….I have now put another 500rounds thru the SR9c with not one issue…none, zip, nada. The trigger was always great but the more I shoot the gun the better it gets. Very smooth and accurate. I have put the Sig in the safe and now carry the SR9c all the time. I have a buddy that has a glock. Last time we were at the range he shot my Ruger…he is now a believer….and looking for a good deal on the SR9c. I highly recommend the SR9c.

  • neckduster

    Got my src a week ago yes slide is stiff at first left action locked it open over night and it is better now. I must use mag loader to load rounds spring is stiff. The more that I shoot it the more that I like it. Shot a hundred rounds last time out without any problems. Great pistol.

  • santino

    put my sig357 away for awhile.took the sr9c out of the box and cleaned it.went to the range and put 150 rds thru it and it was flawless.dont like the 17rd mag,but the 10rd mag is great.$398 shipped…first 100 rds were usa ammo fmj 115gr.fired once brass,no 50rds were 147gr jhp new usa ammo….great ccw carry i hope,will know soon.wish you all good luck with your choice…..