Tactical Facial Armor


MTek sell an interesting facial armor system called the FAST G3. It is designed to overcome some of the limitations of flip-up riot-style face armor. Thier premium FAST G3A (pictured above) weights 1.5 lbs and provides protection at least as good as the Army Combat Helmet and USMC Light Weight Helmet. The price is $549.99!

[ Many thanks to Paul for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Brad

    I wonder how a helmet balances with that weight added?

  • Griffin

    what next full body power armor…

  • primo capo

    I’m very surprised of this device…
    on the firm site , it’s showed another model of facial protection, the fast g3c for rifleman…
    very cool… but I not sure that it can be a good idea…
    in http://defensetech.org/2006/02/06/facial-armor-rears-its-ugly-head/ the discussion is based on the problems caused by the covering of the face and the lack of transpiration, respiration and communication…
    from other part, soldiers with a shark’s jaws painted on the mask can become a nightmare for enemies…

  • afbed
  • Carl

    I’m surprised why they haven’t developed something like a motorcycle style full-head and face helmet yet. What is behind your face is very precious and I for one wouldn’t want to go where bullets fly with it completely uncovered like most soldiers still do…

  • Phil

    So much for a cheek weld?

  • SpudGun

    Nothing says ‘hearts and minds’ like covering your face with a mask. And like primo capo has mentioned, I bet there would be a fair bit of customization which I’m sure would further endear you to the indiginous population. 😉

  • dg

    And I thought wearing a paintball mask in 95 degree weather was hot, what would wearing that thing in Iraq do to you. Im guessing your face will shrink from the heat and if the enemy cant see you im sure they will smell you from a mile away with that kind of sweat. I for one would probably never wear this useless piece of armor. Good for Riot cops maybe, has almost no military application though.

  • A cheek weld, with the gunsight optic a full 5″ (or whatever, at least 2″) above the bore’s axis? This thing might HELP your cheek weld, these days. Put a little depression on the rifle’s butt, and add a magnet to the mask which mates to a magnet on the chin piece . . . instant cheek weld, no training required!

    Once again we have a case of life imitating art (in this case, science fiction). Does nobody remember the Storm Trooper? More to the case in point, how about the Master Chief helmet?

    From Google Image Search:

    We will eventually end up with a full body suit of armor capable of level IV protection, which a man can actually wear while moving about and performing routine duties. This is another baby step.

  • Lance

    Too expensive! And The mask would kill in high heat areas like the desert.

  • army helo crew chiefs and gunners are already wearing this type of face mask in theater. It helps with debris protection.

  • Mount

    What does G.I. Joe have to say about Cobra infiltrating our armed forces?

  • primo capo
  • Patrick

    Wow, looking more and more like Storm Troopers from Star Wars.
    I think all freedom fighters are soon to be dead