Latest L85A2 model

The Brits have gone tacticool and added rails, a light, ACOG and forgrip/bipod to the L85A2 rifle. Photos by kitteh at arfcom.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Brad

    On second look, not so ugly after all.

  • d

    Daniel Defense won the contract to supply the rails for the L85

  • Gutao

    still very ugly/boxy to me.

  • Jason Smith

    That’s a Daniel Defense rail system.

  • Jon

    Good pic, but this is old news. The rail system (by Daniel Defense), gripod and ACOG have been on issue for perhaps two years now. Some early discussion here;

  • Ewan

    That ACOG just looks wrong on a L85. I did not think that the ACOG was in service for units other than SF. Still it is probably more useful and lighter than the old SUSAT. I did hear a while ago about the new flash hider but this is the first time I have seen it. The forgrip rail has been in use for at least a year I think and they have had the LAM type module for at least 4/5 years.

  • Carl

    Looks are irrelevant to a firearm.

    That flash hider – the outlets are offset from center. Is this meant to counter torque from bullet rotation or just make sure the flash hider stays screwed on?

  • jdun1911

    The placement of the gears on the rifle is wrong. There is a much better way.


    The poster said it is a vortex flash hider, but to me it look like ACC Blackout flash hider. For the sake of argument lets said it is a vortex flash hider. Both the Blackout and Vortex are about the same.

    I have a vortex flash hider on one of my 20″ AR. It is the best flash hider in the market. From my own experience it reduce muzzle flash around 95%.

    You are correct to said that it help the flash hider stay on. In fact you do not need any tools to screw the hider on. A few shots it will tighten by itself. It also the main component to reduce the muzzle flash.

    What Smith Enterprise did not mention on the video is going prone. The Vortex is good in almost all situation except prone. It has no close bottom that means that dust will kick up when shooting prone. This translate into blocking the shooter view and in daytime light him up.

    The YHM Phantom Flash Suppressor are much better overall IMO. I own two (5C1 and 5C2). They reduce muzzle flash over 85% and it has a close bottom to prevent dust from picking up. Unlike the Vortex it has to be timed tho (close bottom on the bottom) and need tool to do it.

  • Lance

    Like it but dont the Brits use the SUSAT? Like the Vortex flashider. The pistol grip bipod is nice too.

  • Lipstick on a pig.

  • michael

    I have to say i like it. Though the ACOG does look a bit weird.

  • jdun1911

    The British used SUSAT but it looks like it will be replaced by ACOG.

  • Lance

    Might not the SUSAT is much much ceaper than the ACOG and it might be SAS only use the ACOG verson.

  • The SUSAT has been replaced because the tritium in the sights has begun to dim and because someone in the MoD thought they were too heavy for fighting men to carry. Quite why they didn’t just replace the tritium tubes in the sights is beyond me- despite the continual tales of money shortages for the troops in theatre the MoD seems to spend whatever they want on projects like this (for example, last year they announced the development of a four colour desert camouflage uniform for Afghanistan- even launched it at a press conference- but now we learn that the UK is to adopt a mulitcam pattern uniform instead).

    Perhaps it was cheaper and more efficient to do it this way but I suspect not, particularly since the L85 is supposedly due to be replaced in a few years time- with a weapon which may have its own optic or use a better one than the ACOG.

  • M

    The SUSAT is being officially replaced with an Elcan Spectre variant.