What do we expect to see from Ruger at SHOT Show?

At SHOT ’08 Ruger unveiled the Ruger LCP pistol and in ’09 we saw the new Tactical Mini-14. So what is in store for us this year?

Michael Bane has already gotten his hands on a new Ruger single action …

We took the new Ruger to the range today, and it clocked pretty much rave reviews. It safe to say, I suppose, that the gun is a revolver and it is a single action. A nice gun!

My guess is a Ruger Vaquero chambered in .22 LR. It would be very popular Cowboy Action shooters, with whom the Vaquero is popular.

Caleb spotted a Ruger press release which says that a Mini-30 with 20-round magazines will be available in 2010. What better time to launch it than at SHOT?

The popular Ruger Mini Thirty® rifle is now available with 20-round magazines. Chambered for 7.62×39, the Mini Thirty is an ideal autoloader for deer-sized game. Featuring the reliable action of the Ruger Mini-14® series of rifles first introduced in 1974, the Mini Thirty is simple, rugged and reliable, hallmarks of all Ruger firearms.

Ruger Tactical Mini-14 with 20 round magazine.

It makes perfect sense now that the Mini-14 has factory 20 rounders available.

SaysUncle noticed that a chromed version of the Ruger LCP is listed at Lipseys for $405. This is sure to be at SHOT.

A standard Ruger LCP which was chromed by its owner.

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  • Wuulf

    About fricken time they pulled the Mini-30 back out of the vault and made some more. I guess someone noticed that Springfield has a relative monopoly on that classic design right now.

  • Wes S.

    Lipsey’s is currently advertising an upcoming stainless-steel version of last years’ medium-framed Ruger Flattop Blackhawk in .44 Special, with a 4 5/8″ barrel. It’s being marketed as a TALO exclusive release.


    I’m guessing that’s what Michael Bane is talking about…

  • Matt Groom

    Doesn’t Ruger have to wait to see what everyone else is doing before they know what to copy?

  • Paul

    I hope they make the a Mini-thirty ‘GB’ stainless, 16 inch barrel w/flash hider, and good 20 round mags.

    And make sure the barrel is thicker so to get the best accuracy out of it.

  • Peter

    What Paul said! Unless they redesigned the forend cap/gas port to accept a heavier barrel, it’ll still be as inaccurate as an AK for twice the price.

  • Tim

    I doubt it’ll be a .22. Ruger has done Single Sixes with fixed sights like the Vaquero. I have the 50th Anniversary one like that which I use as an understudy to my .357 Vaqueros.

    Curious to see what it’ll be though!

  • Paul

    Peter, well made AKs are not inaccurate. True not a AR-15, but their main fault is the very poor sights. That and some have receivers that are very thin and thus flex alot on firing.

    I’d expect a heavier barrel Mini-30, with good ammunition, to make solid 2.5 to 3 inch groups at 100 yards. And that is about what the good AKs give.

    If one wants more accuracy, get an AR (I have both AK and AR and like both.) Just wish a good Mini ‘GB’ would be made.

  • Mark Mobley

    Although everyone is speculating Ruger will produce a 1911, I’m hoping for a compact SR9 or an SR45.
    But since they already produce a number of 1911 parts for other manufacturers that platform might make more sense to the beancounters.

  • Phil Wong

    Something that should be dead simple to engineer would be a LCR firing moon-clipped 9X19mm, or at the very least an optional package including a spare, fitted 9mm cylinder/crane, much like what was offered with .357 BlackHawks. Ruger has done the SP101 and Speed-Six in 9mm, why can’t they do the LCR in 9mm?

    Considering the recent ammo troubles, offering a 9mm LCR or LCR cylinder would give LCR shooters a significantly more powerful, and sometimes more readily available, option than .38SPL for practice, training courses, and/or carry.