Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Received the new Magpul AFG, and MS2 sling. Also picked up a Phase5Tactical EBR battery assist. Gerbers new strap cutter, and finally had a good friend get my EOD Breacher Bar ( edged and polished for me.

  • Richard K

    I am giving 2 guns this year. The wifey gets a Remington mod. 597 semi auto .22 LR complete with scope and PINK CAMO STOCK. The oldest som scores a nagant revolver and a box of ammo.

  • Nooky

    This little baby.

    But it is not finished yet :(((

    It’s a custom made swiss Sig stgw 57 with shorter barrel,picatinny rail,grip from the Sig 550, and new stock (mine will be a magpull CTR). I’m so impatient !

  • Marsh

    I got a sword for when my Glock runs out of ammo.

  • Gifts I gave: Surefire flashlights, Sog knife, Peltor electric earmuffs, 511 fleece jackets and shirts, leatherman wave, and a couple of gerber folders, Wilderness Belt, and ammo.

  • MGH

    When I come to guns/gear for Christmas, I have to treat myself. This year it was new sights (Dawson/Warren), a new Chrono, and some reloading components.

  • I’m giving my 21-year-old son a Taurus 94 (.22) to help him develop trigger-finger strength and get in some cheap practice before he enters the police academy.

  • Rex

    I got a brandy new MSAR STG-E4. It is awesome.

  • Jim

    Got myself several hundred rounds of ammo. Only right winger in a family of Dems, so I have a feeling “santa” isn’t a 2nd amendment fan.

  • Jim

    I got the rest of everything I need to do some reloading. I also got my sister a couple of pairs of wool socks. Conveniently enough, the socks fit nicely into a 100 round value-pack box of Winchester .40sw and so I shoved them in and wrapped up the box…does that count?

  • scurvy

    I gave myself 2000 rds of .40S&W. Gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

  • Tom

    I sent my older brother a copy of AGI’s video on customizing Glocks. He’s been considering buying a compact and getting his carry permit after owning a full sized model for a year or two now.

    I bought myself a Magpul UBR stock for my primary AR, after almost a year waiting for them to be in stock.

  • RP-in-TX

    I went to print something on my wife’s PC about 3 weeks ago and she had the K-VAR web site up, so I have a feeling I’m getting some parts for a project gun.

    My wife is pretty awesome about gifts. She once gave me a Benelli for Valentine’s Day.

  • CMathewa

    Dad got a great deal on a WASR-10 and gave that to me. I was also given a SOG Powerlock multitool by the misses. A good buddy of mine is an avid shooter of his 8mm Mauser so I bought him a couple of boxes of ammo for it.

  • I got a Center point 3-9X32 scope for my .22, and (If the check comes,) A R870 20 GA.

  • Andy

    A Benelli for Valentine’s? That ones a keeper.

    I got myself a Sig 522. It’s super fun.

  • Sgt King

    This year, we went kinda crazy on firearms.

    For myself, with my re-enlistment bonus:
    18″ 5.56 AR
    18″ 6.5 Grendel AR
    11.5″ 6.8SPC SBR AR
    HK USP .40
    Springfield TRP 1911

    For the wife:
    Taurus PT140 MilPro
    Mossberg 500A

    For my younger brother:
    Glock 30
    DPMS 18″ .308 AR

    Think that covers most of it, there’s a bunch of accessories in there.

  • Matt Huss

    I received a Sig 226 Equinox 40 Cal. It ts a beautiful gun. I can’t wait to shoot. Thanks Baby!

  • Jacki Skelton

    My new handgun, s Springfield Armory XDM 9mm 3.8″ handgun. Can’t wait to get the rest of the gear tomorrow.

  • Justin Grigg

    Didn’t get any actual firearms for christmas… but did get some accessories.
    3.5 connector for my glock
    decal grips
    tons of 9mm
    and a good bit of 5.56
    lots of targets

  • CY

    My 12 year old daughter received a Remington 870 express compact. 20 Guage, realtree camo stocks. She wanted pink camo, but she has a birthday in a few months. Maybe a pink .22 for that.

  • El Duderino

    Out of a very extensive list of accessories on my Christmas list, just a set of Caldwell shooting bags for me. Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of post-Xmas shopping this year…

  • This year, I got my older brother a 75 round mag for his AK, and my wife got me a 90 rounder for my AR! The 90 rounder makes the rifle awkward to hold, but I haven’s fired it yet. I can’t wait. Ever since I became a gun nut, I’ve told my wife that she only needs to buy me rounds and mags from now until my trigger finger falls off! lol

    Merry Christmas, all.

    -J. Thomas Hunter

  • My brother received a SIG P250 in 45ACP from his wife for Christmas. So my sister gave him a holster and I gave him a double magazine pouch. Of course neither fit since nothing on the planet is labeled correctly for a SIG P250 in 45ACP.

  • LurpyGeek

    MagPul AFG.

  • Jeff m

    I bought myself an m11 smg, my wife bought herself a new kitchen in retaliation, best Xmas ever.

  • Mount

    I got an Outers cleaning kit, a holster for my CZ-52, and a rear sight for me M1 Carbine that only had a scope mount. To treat myself I got a PPSH-41. The only gun related things I gave out were Magpull magazines.

  • J Fulkerson

    Got myself the new SIG 238 – the 1911 style 380. Shoots great!

  • Got myself a new Eotech XPS-2 for the AR..

  • Billy K.

    Got me a Ruger LCP. It’s freaking sweet and I won’t be lugging my Glock 22 around much longer!

  • Flounder

    Got a Glock 20SF from my Dad.

  • JoeG

    I gave the wife a new G26, and lots of ammo. Took her to the range, and she gives me a run for my money.

    She gave me a new (and fully loaded) MAC90 (Kommiefornia or it would have been an actual AK) to play with.

    It was a good year.

  • JoeG

    Oh, and I almost forgot, gave a good friend a SOG Tomahawk too!

  • David

    I gave my nephews a Marlin .22 LR 981T bolt action rifle, which has a tube magazine because kids would lose detachable mags and so they don’t get all “spray and pray” with a semi-auto. Got my best friend a boresnake for his .40 cal Glock, gave his kid a reloading manual. I gave myself a Chrony Beta paid for out of the black budget and a box of Hornady 158 gr .357 XTPs. I also got the Red Dawn commemorative edition. (That movie, as well as No County for Old Men, was shot in my wife’s hometown of Las Vegas NM). My son (who shot my M1903A3 for a guest blog post) got a new zoom lens and is looking forward to hunter education, squirrel hunting, fly fishing and photo safaris with me this year when I’m out hunting. Not bad for a liberal Democrat, I’d say.

  • clamp

    My Kahr PM9 I ordered in Oct. arrived. Received gift cards to Academy, useful for various and sundry items.

    I also received a box of 9mm and 2 boxes of .223 from my in-laws. The best part of that gift is the story that came with it.

    My Step-Father-in-law “SFIL” (divorce and remarriage always make great relatives) went to Dick’s to pick up the ammo. He is 60 years old and served in the army in Vietnam where he carried a M-60 for the first part of his tour and then got the joy of being a rifleman for the remainder. He is about 6 foot 3 ,with white hair, and has a thick Tennessee accent.

    After getting the 9mm from the kid behind the counter the following exchange took place regarding the .223.

    Clerk: Anything else I can get you?

    SFIL: I need some .223. Now why is that box $9.99 and that box over there [pointing] $23.00?

    Clerk: Oh sir, these are full metal jacket [referring to the $9.99 box] they are just target loads. These over here [indicating the $23.00 box] now they are soft points. You’d use these for hunting. You wouldn’t use that FMJ stuff for hunting.

    SFIL: Oh really? Back in 1965 I shot about 45,000 rounds of that full metal jacket stuff and I assure you…I was hunting.

  • Vaarok

    I got invited to Christmas dinner at the local gunshopowners house. I’m good friends with him and his son, and his wife wanted more warm bodies at the table. I think they also wanted to see how their daughter and I would get along.

    I got ham and baklava, and sitting around the gunroom after the meal, I found a Vz-58 mag that Junior sold me for five bucks.

    Good Christmas, but not as good as Christmas Eve, where I baked pies, then fried up a sirloin tip steak and ate it while watching starwars.

  • Got my dad’s SIG 210 which he used as an officer. 😀

  • AJ

    Gave my fiance an engraved Sig Sauer P232 It says in latin on the slide “A token of my love to protect you in life.”

    I received a Trigger Happy Mfg. TH-15 (AR-15) flattop with Simmons 6.5-20x50mm glass….