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  • Aurélien

    The FR-F2 has been standard sniper rifle for the French Army for the last 40 years of so. The model in the picture is the FR-G2, with the heat shield/barrel shroud, works as heat sink and stops the sun from bending ever so slightly the barrel. Made for Africa at first, now standard.

    The FR-F2 series are one of the few bolt action not working on a Mauser action. They instead use the MAS-36 action, which is very reliable and easy to use. The first FR-F1s werent much more than modified MAS-36s with a shortened handguard and a pistol grip.

    The standard issue SCROME J8 seems to have been replaced by another optical sight here.

    • Aurélien, thanks for the info. I have updated the blog post.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    Yes, it is the FR-F2.

    If you are unfamiliar with non-American weaponry, I recommend Dr. Ezell’s excellent “Small Arms of the World”. It provides an excellent foundation.

    Then you can branch out to Ian Hogg or Jane’s.

    • Shootin’, Janes is far to expensive!!! I could not afford even an edition years out of date.

  • Lance

    The Mas-36 is based on a mauser action.

    • Lance, no it is not. very different.

  • jdun1911

    I remember an article (vanity fare?) two or three years back posted on AR15. The guy claimed that he was a US Special Operator and the reporter like all dumbass reporters (without checking for facts) believed him .

    The guy didn’t have all the marble in the right place and it shows in the reporting. He show one picture calming to be him in Afghanistan. The guy in the picture (one of the best picture I seen in Afghanistan) was all cover up including his face. He was wearing a camo cloth around his body and was carrying a FR-F2. A US Special Operator using a rifle that only the French use will immediately draw some doubts.

    I believe I save the picture but don’t know where I store it.

  • MNW42

    Aurélienon is 100% correct. The Mas 36 is a very different animal from a Mauser. It is rear locking and has a very different magazine with a removable floor plate. My MAS Mle. 36 is a great shooting rifle – especially with the little bit of French surplus ammo I have run through it. They are very solid guns and I love to get my hands on a FR-G1 or G2.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    “Shootin’, Janes is far to expensive!!! I could not afford even an edition years out of date.”


    I have seen Jane’s editions at used book stores and Friends of the Library sales up here north of the Ohio River. I purchased an Ian Hogg book for $1.00 at a Friends of the Library sales a few years ago.

    Gun shows are another good place to look but you will pay more as those dealers know their audience.

    Building a gun library is work, but enjoyable work. Speaking of which, keep up the good work!

    • Shootin’, Looking at Amazon it is damned expensive for out of date editions. I guess used bookstores do not realize the true value, since they are selling to a local audience. I buy guns book and like buying slightly out of date editions (the latest stuff is on this blog anyway!)

  • snmp

    FRF2 and FRG2 is not the same Rifle.

    FRFX action is not a MAS36 action : that the same relation 911 Porche have with Volkswagen Beetle (vintage)

    The FRG2 is low cost vesion DMR build for Air Force with N.O.S. MAS36 action with special Mag + adpatation of the Funiture of the FRF2 (Bipode, Barel, Harmonic compensator, Stock & termal protection/Or wood handguard)

    Photo of FR G2 of French Airforce (phase out with an replacement with HK 417 & Modding HK G3 ) :

    Exmple of HK G3 of French Airforce :

    Photo of FRF2 :

    The Rifle in Photo that look like a FRF2 with the straight Bolt Knob

  • MNW42

    Thanks for the info and links.