DS Arms B&T TP9 Pistol

American Rifleman has published an article about the TP9 pistol

For testing, we tried the pistol out with a combination of FMJ ammunition as well as some defensive hollow-point loadings. The pistol was extremely pleasant to shoot, due in no small part to its weight and size combined with its mild 9 mm Luger chambering. Over the course of several hundred rounds, there was a single failure-to-extract malfunction. Apart from that, the testing procedure was uneventful.

Although the TP9 exhibited good mechanical accuracy, the trigger pull was heavy and exhibited some unpleasant stacking before breaking. However, accuracy was still quite good, with it showing a preference for the lighter bullet weights.

A TP9 holsted.

I love the TP9 design. Only thing the above pistol is missing is a rock-n-roll1 switch and a foregrip.

  1. aka. Full Auto 

Steve Johnson

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  • primo capo

    nice ! very nice!
    in italy is impossible to buy a firearm of this kind…
    the politics believe that be a klindom blaster… very very bad!

  • Just tried it this saturday. Very fun gun. I found the trigger excellent, light and very direct on the TP-9 I tried. One thing I didn’t like was the little slaps the shoulder stock give with recoil. It was very light, but it was also -10° C (14° F) and my cheek was very sensitive.

  • Tahoe

    Having shot one with “rock-n-roll switch and foregrip”, I wasn’t terribly impressed with it. Granted, it was the smallest full-auto weapon I’d ever handled, but it just wasn’t a natural shooter. It would definitely take some time to get used to. The charging handle seemed difficult enough to manipulate that in an emergency it could be a problem.

    • Tahoe, you lucky guy! Interesting comment, thanks.

  • Carl

    I really like the original SMG version of this. Although I haven’t seen it in person, the rotating barrel delay system seems interesting.

    It’s a shame our governments generally deny us the right to own the full auto version.

  • jdun1911

    I wouldn’t mind getting a TP9 if the price was lower. At the current price point I doubt they will sell that many.

  • Cymond

    B&T does make a model with a ‘fun switch’, vertical foregrip, and folding stock. We just can’t have them in the US. http://www.brugger-thomet.ch/en/manufacturing/firearms/mp9.php?navanchor=2110013

    The price for a semi-auto pistol version is about $1100. It’s high but not unreachable. That’s about 1.5x-2x the cost of a common handgun, but compare it to something similar in size/style. A MAC pistol is about $500, and Uzi pistols start at $1100. The MAC design is of debatable quality (it has some die-hard fans), and the Uzi pistol isn’t currently imported.

    I don’t know if it has any practical use, but I’d love to play with it!

    • Cymond, thats awesome!

  • Cymond

    Most of these overly-large handguns have their roots in some kind of submachinegun, like my previous examples of the Uzi and MAC pistols. I find it interesting that the TP-9 pistol retains the cut out in the receiver to accept a stock. I once saw a TP-9 on gunbroker that was registered as a SBR and had the folding stock attached. I’m not really sure how one would handle the NFA-required engraving on one of these. Of course, registering it as a SBR would also allow you to add a vertical foregrip.

    For that matter, the Brugger-Thomet bought the TMP design from Steyr and modified it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_TMP. Currently, there is a Post-May Dealer Sample TMP on gunbroker.

  • Jason in Iowa

    Yes, BUT… (cue music) anything it can do, my Glock 17 can do better, me and my Glock can shoot better than you…
    Mind you, I prefer my old S&W wheelguns, but I’m just sayin’…

  • Andy in Connecticut

    It actually looks carryable. The pics of them by themselves impart a sense of largeness. But seeing it on someone’s hip… I’m impressed.

    And it’s very strange. The fact that I can’t get one in FA doesn’t overwhelm me with suck.

    I’d absolutely consider one but I would have to shoot it first.

  • Michael

    “Jason In Iowa” said what I think every time I see one of these big semi auto-only pistols. As submachine guns, their larger size is justified, but I don’t see any point in having one of these or a semi-auto MAC or semi-auto Uzi other than the fact that it looks cool and any of your friends who aren’t gun experts will assume it’s full auto until you tell them otherwise. If I had to defend myself with a semi-auto 9mm, I’d take a Glock 17 with a 33-round mag instead of this one. As for the full auto TMP, I think it looks awesome with the angled foregrip and I also love the shape of the pistol grip.