Best Music Video Ever

This has got to be the best music video ever produced by an Australian!

From the artist’s website

If you spend five minutes talking with Steve you will realise he is not a man who stands for cruelty or violence, quite the opposite actually. “I really wanted this album to help us reflect on the good aspects of gun ownership and remind us that guns are a part of our Australian heritage. Both my dad and my grandfather owned guns and never had any trouble”, he says, but then cheekily adds, “and as my first single says – ‘I ain’t gonna shoot anyone, and no one shoots at me, cos I’ve got a gun’”.

The scenes featuring RPG’s and captured American weapons were filmed in Cambodia. Cambodia and Vietnam have long been on my list of countries to visit because of the abundance of weaponry available for tourists to play with.

Observant readers will note the use of pump action rifles and lack of semi-autos in the Australian scenes. Australians are banned from owning semi-auto long arms and so pump action rifles are popular, although I have been told by readers that the government is looking at restricting pump action rifle imports.

The MP3 of the song can be purchased online.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SoloTwo

    Is it just me or isn’t the video showing up with Firefox?

    • SoloTwo, try now. I think I have fixed it.

  • That’s pretty fantastic!

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Fantastic Video! I would love to get a CD of this.

  • Vak

    Absolutely awesome.

  • Carl

    Too bad he doesn’t like gun safety as much as guns…

  • primo capo

    it’s an really escalation!
    for next videoclip i suppose that he shot with a tank’s gun or a new jersey’s cannon!

  • Bill Rushmore

    My new theme song!

    I never thought I would say this but I now want to visit Cambodia. Who could pass up a chance to shoot a recoilless rifle at an old clunker!

  • Big Daddy

    I’m a musician and I like guns too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred Johnson

    Steve, that is just another reason I visit your blog everyday!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • XxleoxX

    i love this song!!!!

  • Jim

    Now added to Youtube favorite, commencing Facebook status update…

  • Geoff H

    That was fun! Too bad Australia has such backward thinking on gun restrictions. I’m afraid that is where we are headed here in the U.S.

  • “No one shoots at me cuz I’ve got guns.” I like the way he thinks!!

  • KBCraig

    When it comes to full power rifles, that SMLE will lay down accurate aimed fire just as fast as any semi-auto.

  • Brad

    It’s a Christmas miracle! Great fun. And how cool is it to see live B-40 (RPG-2) rounds fired?

  • michael

    All aussie shooters out there get behind Steve and buy his cd either from his web site or ITUNES and remember every sale he will donate $2.00 to the The Shooters Party so they can continue the fight for Australian Gun owners.

  • Cambodia is an awesome place. I went to the same place outside of Phnom Penh as Steve and tried out the RPG-2:

    Certainly the most fun $200 I’ve spent.

  • Alex

    OK, how do I set up a trip to Cambodia that features firing all of these guns?

    • Alex, visit your travel agent 😉 I don’t think you can pre-book RPGs.

  • gunny

    Now I like music. Don’t own a gun.Where can I get a copy of this song? Can you email me a MP3 copy of it? PLEASE!!!!!
    Gunny USMC (Retired)

  • RB

    Doesn’t show up in Firefox or Safari.

  • I think this guy should take over from Wayne LePierre at the NRA! I just LOVE this song and the sentiments he expresses!

  • So many trigger fails.

  • Brian P.

    You know, for some reason, I get the idea that he likes guns. I can’t quite put my finger on it….

  • Kellhound

    There is even a Spanish Z-70, there in Cambodia (seen at 02:08).