Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911 !!!

Magnum Research is manufacturing a 1911 which will go on sale next year! Two sized model will be on offer.

Magnum Research has entered the 1911 segment of the handgun market with its first two offerings, a full-size (5.055” barrel) and semi-compact (4.33” barrel) Desert Eagle® 1911 pistol. Both models feature enhanced beavertail safety, skeletonized trigger and hammer, crisp trigger, extended safety lever, beveled magazine well, tightly tolerance frame and slide for enhanced accuracy.

I believe that these pistols will be manufactured in the United States, not imported from Israel.

Model 1911 “G” Full-Size
Caliber .45 ACP
Length 8.625″
Barrel Length| 5″
Height 5.25″
Width 1.28″
Finish Black Oxide
Weight Empty 2.261 lbs
Magazine 7+1 Rounds
Trigger Single Action
Safety Grip Safety, Extended Thumb Safety
Sights Fixed
MSRP $799
Available 2010

[ Many thanks to the reader who for emailed me the info. ]

UPDATE: The pistols are manufacutred by BUL, Israel. Thanks to Spyros for the info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Rex

    I would assume this coincides with the new Charles Daly 1911’s that they’ve been working with the Israelis on. I don’t think their out yet, but I doubt it’s just happenstance…they’re probably the same firearm. Talk about a resurgence, everybody is making a 1911! (No complaints here…)

    • Steve

      This is the Charles Daly design. Prob. the only place you’ll see it as KBI went belly up.

  • Entropy

    Aww, until I read the specs of the pistol I thought it was going to be chambered in the Desert Eagle calibres. After all, that is what Magnum Research is known for.

  • Don

    That advertisement really irritates me.

    It is more than a bit presumptuous to claim that the legendary Browning 1911 design would need to “earn” the silly marketing name of a company that largely deals in novelty items. I can’t think of a better way to turn off 1911 fans.

    Also, as far as pre-customized 1911s are concerned, Colt, Kimber, Para, Springfield, S&W, Sig Sauer, Taurus, etc, etc… have been doing this forever, and many models are available at this price point.

    Also, eagles prefer not to live in the desert. Their natural habitat is mountains or plains.


    • Don, LOL, I did think it would irritate a few 1911 fans 😉

      It should really be the other way arounds. After 100 years DE is finally a 1911.

  • CMathewa

    I had the distinct pleasure of owning a Jericho .45 acp for a while. That thing was an absolute pleasure to shoot. Magnum Research does a damn fine job with big bore pistols, I hope this one is no different.

  • Al T.

    wow. Yet another 1911….

  • Empty Walls

    Seriously, what the fuck?

    The Desert Eagle was designed in 1979, why the fuck did it say that it took 100 years for the 1911 to become a Desert Eagle?

    Seriously, fuck you.

    ‘Proud heritage of the Desert Eagle’
    Yeah, because 30 years is WAYYY better than 100.

    Please, die in a fire.

  • Strelok

    That old junk is unworthy of the Deagle brand name.

  • Boom Bum


  • Hojo

    This is pathetic. The 1911 is a classic, beautiful firearm with a much, much longer and illustrious history than the Desert Eagle. Saying that the 1911 had to earn the desert eagle name is disgusting.

  • Anon

    An almost pattern cut 1911 with now industry standard parts, but with the name Desert Eagle slapped on. A failure in every sense. Now if it was in .50AE…

  • JB

    I don’t really know how to feel about Magnum Research putting a horse into the 1911 race. When I think “Magnum Research”, I think of a company that has staked its name and reputation on a pistol that is all hype and no substance. The Desert Eagle name carries with it a degree of connotative baggage that I don’t like being associated with a proven workhorse like the 1911.

    Not to pass judgment on the product of this unholy union, but the fact remains that seeing “DESERT EAGLE 1911 G” on the side of a gun makes me cringe.

  • Another 1911? Couldin’t they make it in 9mm or something?

  • 15Q

    I am so mad, words cannot express my anger

  • DaveP.

    …So in other words, it’s not in a ‘super’ caliber such as .50 GI or .460 Rowland or .45 Super… it doesn’t even have styling cues that evoke the original Deagle… it’s a minor-brand 1911, just like all of the other minor-brand 1911’s; it just has “Desert Eagle” rollermarked on the side instead of “Charles Daley” (or whomever). What was the point of this exercise?

    What a waste. What a shame.

  • I love the real Desert Eagle (although I dislike that it’s in all kinds of games and action movies, but whatever), it’s a good handgun for us guys with 11″ hands. It’s fun to shoot, and surprisingly accurate and if you get it in the right chambering you can reload for it at reasonable prices. I’ve never tried the Jericho but I’ve only heard good things from owners, so I’ll look forward to seeing where this goes. However the 1911 market is very crowded, and there are a lot of good options available. I wonder if they’ll come out with a .50 AE version…

  • Lance

    SWeet but still to expensive for me!!

  • jdun1911

    Do you know why almost every firearm manufactures produce 1911? Because it makes money. Sooner or later almost all gun owners will own a 1911 at one time or another.

    Yeah I agree that the advertisement is in bad taste. The 1911 has earn it reputation in the many wars that the US have fought over the past 100 years. The Desert Eagle brand is associated with the game kiddies that have little or no understanding of firearm history.

  • Michael

    Is this a BUL or an Armscor made for Tanfoglio then shipped to Israel?

  • Carl

    Here’s how a 1911 looks in a magnum caliber:

    And lol @ offended 1911 elitists.

  • Entropy

    That’s something that irks me about this. I’m not a particular 1911 fan myself, but for Magnum Research to print their name on the slide adds nothing to this gun. It’s yet another 1911 made by yet another company, and this one has nothing new to offer the design other than a vague association with a completely different handgun.

    Why? Why are they even bothering to do this? There are more than enough 1911s out there made by other well-established and well-renowned companies, as others have said. Do they think people will buy this because it’s like a Deagle? It’s not… it’s just another 1911 but this time with added pretentiousness engraved on the slide.

  • DaveP

    Steve, maybe you should send this comment thread to the Magnum Research marketing gerbils. I think they could do with having their reality dosage upped a little.

    • DaveP, LOL, I do not think they are targeting existing 1911 fans.

  • KP

    I want a new HiPower. where’s the HiPower following? 🙂

  • David

    >Implying the 1911 is inferior to the Desert Eagle.

  • Beaumont

    Guys, one of the great things about capitalism is that you can name your product pretty much any…thing…you…want…to.

    How about some anger over serious subjects instead?

  • Josh

    I was pretty disgusted when I saw this also. Thank God Desert Eagle is finally producing a 1911. The firearm community can now take the 1911 design seriously now that Desert Eagle is on board! What a pants load. I thought Desert Eagles were only for movies and drug dealers too much cash and too little brains.

  • Brian

    I’d rather see a big Star of David than the big ‘ol Deagle on the side. And make it a 10mm. Might as well go big, that’s what they’re known for.

  • Dirty

    Another 1911 to leave on the shelves.

  • K. Ellis

    Here is cope of the email I sent the folks at Desert Eagle/Magnum Research.

    As an avid fan of the 1911 and someone who has carried them for defensive for close to a decade, I would ask you to modify your 1911 ad.

    The 1911 has served military personnel, members of law enforcement, and private citizens with distinction for nearly a century. They have seen combat in the trenches during the 1st World War, the 2nd World War, and continue to be the side arm of choice among some of the most elite soldiers of the US Armed Forces to this day. Even today a 1911 can be found in the holsters of some of the most Elite law enforcement Special Weapons teams here in the US.

    So when you ad states, “It took nearly a 100 years for the 1911 to earn the name Desert Eagle.” Among devoted proponents of the 1911 we know the ad should read, “It took Desert Eagle nearly 30 years to earn the right to make the 1911.”

    To be frank, your ad angers myself and many other 1911 owners and fans. Which I believe marks the ad as a failure.

  • Don

    After a brief internet survey of all things Desert Eagle I am beginning to understand where this 1911 advertisement is coming from. I am also really beginning to hate what this brand and particularly the DE model stands for in pop-culture. Hyperbole, posturing, boastfulness, ignorance.

    Novelty is a good enough reason to own a DE as far as I’m concerned (I’d like to get one in .44 mag to compliment the 6 other firearms I have in that caliber), but what’s with all the “personality”.

    They put the damn things in a ton of video games and movies and anodize tiger stripes on them and people think that they’re some paragon of firearm combat, defense, and being a big scary bad-ass. In reality the winners in those categories should be the 1911 in .45acp, the DA revolver in .38 special and the High Standard integrally suppressed in .22lr… in that order.


  • Marisa Kirasame

    I wonder when they’ll make a Desert Eagle Five seveN.

  • Lance

    Hope not 57N is a horribel design.

  • Wuulf

    Please, Oh Please, Spare me yet another company taking a tried, true, time tested design and doing nothing to update it but saying that they are making it better.

    I’ve had the pleasure of shooting an original issue 1911. And I do mean original. I’ve also seen, closeup, the ‘quality’ of workmanship that goes into Desert Eagle guns. I highly doubt that any of the local guns shops in my area would even special order one of these things.

    Who’s next on the 1911 bandwagon, Hi-point?

  • Spyros

    It’s not made in the US, it is made by BUL in Israel.

    It was going to be sold by Charles Daly as the G4. CD say they specced it (which is well-documented, since they relied heavily on input from members of their internet forum to do so), and then BUL decided to sell it elsewhere.

    CD are understandably quite upset by this…

    • Spyros, thanks for the info.

  • Spyros

    Thanks, well – CD’s internet forum is down now – interesting!

    Still, a Google search on “Charles Daly G4” will provide plenty of links to the story, if anyone is interested.

  • JAY S.


  • BluegrazzGuy

    It looks like this is the gun Charles Daly had been developing, using Bul as manufacturer. Look at post 73 at

    • BluegrazzGuy, that is very unfair.

  • BluegrazzGuy

    “BluegrazzGuy, that is very unfair.”
    Just relating what CD is saying. Personally, I don’t have a dog in the fight. I don’t own any Charles Daly or Desert Eagle guns of any type.

  • IZinterrogator

    Nice of them to come out with a very non-standard compact barrel length so no existing 4″ or 4.25″ holster will work.

  • Matt

    Frankly? It’s a 1911 clone at a cheap price, sure the ad might stick in a few craws but it’s a good thing.

    Taurus has produced a low price and feature ladened 1911 for a few years, STI began building their Spartan pistols VIA Armscor in the Philippines, and Armscor also I understand produces Auto-Ordnances 1911 Custom, to continue it would seem that Charles Daly produces a decent 1911 at a reduced rate, and with the inclusion of countless lower priced guns in the 1911 Pattern flooding the market it will force some of the larger manufacturers to cut their prices (hopefully not corners) and provide more offerings at a decent rate (with the current rate of gun sales since the last election please don’t tell me that they’re screaming for money)

    Already Para has released the GI and hopefully it starts a trend of more affordable and entry level handguns on the market. THIS IS A GOOD THING.

    Do I care about the brand name on the gun? No, not really, not at all in point of fact it’s a gun, so long as the frame and slide are at the right level of rockwell hardness and the thing goes bang whenever I pull the trigger? Well, frankly I wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn if the Name Prada was engraved on the slide. As for putting out a 1911 in 50AE? For one…stupid, the damn gun would literally take such a beating from the pressure that it would have as many gremlins as the Bren Ten of Infamy and Legend….please recall that the Desert Eagle also use a gas operated mechanism, so the recoil would be hell on wheels in the relatively light framed 1911…Hogue grips and Inuit mittens wouldn’t tame that badboy…as for other “Desert Eagle” Calibers? .357 and .44 Mags are primarily revolver bullets, rim cartridges, there was a time when a limited number of 1911’s were produced for a semi-rimmed .455 cartridge during the second world war and the original .38 Auto (now known as the .38 Super) was primarily intended to be a semi-rimmed case. Besides, I find a revolver a far better and much more practical package for my .357’s and it has the dual purpose of accepting .38 Special Ammo.

    Still, much ado is often made about a lot of nothing. So the gun says Desert Eagle and it isn’t an oversized and impractical monstrosity or a CZ-75 Clone dressed up to look like the previously mentioned Monstrosity…Oddly I never heard cries or the rattle of pitchforks and torches over them developing the Baby Eagle and essentially cloning the CZ line of pistols…and the ugly anger over a piece of marketing really baffles me…like it somehow robs the 1911 of some form of purity. Personally John Moses Browning is dead, long dead, may he rest in putrification and while I respect his designs I never personally knew the man so I can’t offer him the shocking loyalty that some purists seem to sum up, for all I know he could have been an unbearable prick.

    Nor can I work up the web animosity to curse anyone (even if I think everyone is being a bit quick on their literary shooting irons here) such forums are a place to express ideas and I do understand the camp that hates the add, to them it robs their favored design of its purity and legacy (I do wonder how such a young company could make such a claim and then I just plan to blame a time warp and find someone Fluent in nerd to explain it all to me) Frankly it’s a gun, what’s etched in the slide or slapped in some silly add is hardly relevant…should it go bang every time without fail, should it stay true, and should you be so unfortunate as to come under fire that it saves your life…these things are by far the most important factors. After all what’s in a name?

    On a final note of this rather long note I quote another post here Strelokon 23 Dec 2009 at 5:04 am link comment
    That old junk is unworthy of the Deagle brand name

    Old yes? Junk? Well when you consider that the 1911 series has been there and done that so many times that it has the t-shirt, members jacket, baseball hat, and the cheap gold watch that comes with seeing the elephant and slipping it a little tongue. I’d like to ask exactly when and where the Desert Eagle line has proven its mettle to such an extent. The pistol has perhaps the best trigger on any combat automatic that I’ve had the pleasure and in some cases displeasure of shooting, when carried cocked and locked the mere snick of the hammer brings it into instant action…it sits well in the hand, takes a host of aftermarket modifications, and it still to this day serves in many armed forces, special units, and target shooters. So, with such a stunning list of accomplishments I fail to see how it’s unworthy of the Desert Eagle name? As I stated earlier even the Baby Eagle stems from the CZ-75 which is kissing cousins at the very least with the Browning Hi-Power, albeit I find the SA version of the CZ to be a vast improvement over the BHP, it is still based on the Browning design, and the CZ serves with more militaries than any other current handguns to include Glocks. So please, enlighten me on what makes such a paradigm old and unworthy junk?

  • Matt

    One last note….of course the Desert Eagle makes you a badass…why I worked with a 33 year old man who hadn’t been on a date in eleven years who had the personality of an Earthwrom…he owned a Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum, the chrome model (he swore the pawn shop owner who took him for two grand swore it was a one of a kind special order finish) yes, clearly, this is the sort of man we look up to and respect, a warrior…this factory floor Leonidas is clearly the badass of all time…and of course the Desert Eagle is the bestest best gun ever made! Why, dozens of Tactical Teds, Mall Rangers, and Gun Store Ninjas would not lie! These range warriors who go dressed in 5.11 clothing to the range with drop leg holsters and tactical lights in mid-day, these purveyors of gadgets and gizmos…a pursuit of such intensity that my gun rags are stuffed to the brim with ads convincing me that with this gun and this bullet, and that type of holster, with THESE laser grips (Yes Crimson Trace I’m thinking of you) will make me Chuck Norris and I will soon be a Delta Force/SAS/Dev6 operator of epic proportions, to such an extent that women will swoon…I will look like the models in these adds quite often…tan young men with great hair and nicely manicured hands (yes owning such gear will make your nails look instantly better)

    Hype, pure hype and nothing but the hype…like the people screaming about how they’ll just score headshots in any situation or how they need that XD-M with 19 rounds in the mag…why? Do they plan to miss a lot? In the a typical self defense situation you’d be hard pressed to empty a five shot Charter Arms revolver much less 19 rounds of 9x19mm into one target (please, let the caliber jokes/war commence) I want to know how these people claiming that they’ll just get perfect shot placement plan on getting their target to stand PERFECTLY still…it’s why they pin the word Tactical on everything…perhaps Magnum Research could track down that Pesky kidd from the Dell advertisements and get him to do Youtube ads for them, “Dude, you’re getting a Desert Eagle!”

    Also, I failed to note on the rancor of the people yelling about Desert Eagle’s boastful ad (okay almost all their ads are boastful this one more than others) Well, they aren’t the only people to imply that they’ve made the perfect 1911 and that all others are obsolete and that we the shooting community at large can lett loose our trusses and a long hissing sigh of relief that will sound like high pressure steam escaping a pinhole in an empy room lined with cedar….Taurus, Kimber, Springfield, Smith and Wesson, Ed Brown, RRA, Wilson, Nighthawk Customs, Para, Sig, and numerous manufacturers have gone out of their way to let us know that until they made the 1911 we were just living in the dark ages….frankly the last “improvement to the 1911 of note was the double stack mags or Para and those are so “popular” that I’ve yet to encounter one outside of a gun case. The 80’s series firing pin safety is not in my mind an improvement and also why would anyone want to improve on a proven and reliable design? I don’t see anyone with the stones to enter the Louvre and touch up the Mona Lisa because they felt that old Leo just got her wrong. You might put on better sights, a longer safety, newer and heavier springs, however any outright improvements are non-existant as far as I know….

  • Donavan

    LOL, why are you guys pissed? Everyone makes 1911s and AR-15s. If your a gun company and you don’t want to miss out on the latest craze you do whats marketable. Its called modern enterprise. If all you aspire to in life is a trailer and a job at the local gas station then I see how this move by MR is not something you can rap your brain around……………..

  • ProudInUSA

    I would not buy anything made by Bul or Magnum research safer what they have done.
    Not to mention that the Desert Eagle is a classic pimp gun that my 7 year old thinks is the best (cos his buddies tell him so! )
    Buying a Desert Eagle 1911 is like buying Japanese Scotch!

  • moses

    Saw one of these at a dealer show today. Nice looking gun and very smooth operation. Can’t wait to see how it shoots but i assume much like any other 1911 style in this price range.

  • sal

    i wonder who pissed in that matt guys breakfast haha what a douche

  • Rowland

    I see Magnum Research is trying to get a share of the tool market.

  • Tyson Chandler

    I’m sorry, I don’t see what is so great about this gun at that price point. There is just nothing very interesting about it, and yes the ad text is a piss off!

  • StupidAnnoysMe

    Seriously? Are all of you 5? You do realize (for the people who have a problem) that there is no “true 1911” anymore? Its just a gun design for Christ’s sake. And a proven one at that. Is it hurting you guys that M.R. put out one of its own? I mean hell, Hi-Standard did a model and no one cried about it, and its a pretty junky model. If you don’t like it, then don’t be a patron and buy it. I will though. Everyone needs to get over the fact that this design is going to draw companies in. Oh Booo ****in Whoooo.

  • Wow….

    Look at all the HATE from the 1911 crowd.

    You people disgust me.

    The 1911 is 100 year old technology, and I am in no hurry to have one.

    The Jericho 941 is a far superior firearm in accuracy and reliability in an out of the box under $1000 weapon.

    I would not expect any die hard 1911 types to be interested in the Magnum Research offering, so why not just move along and skip the bashing?

    There have been many groundbreaking advancements in science and technology since the early 1900’s, so unless that’s where you live, you may want to open your minds a little more…

  • Spyros

    “groundbreaking advancements in science and technology”?

    Really? Wow – you mean that the MRI 1911 will have those? Neat!

    So it won’t have a MIM sear, hammer, disconnector and slide stop?

    Have another look at the posts above. Nobody complained about MRI selling a 1911. The objection was with the ad, and specifically the insinuation that the MRI version is somehow a ‘superior’ incarnation of the design. If fact, the text of the ad seems to suggest that slapping “Magnum Research” on the slide, is in itself an accomplishment for this 100 year old design.

    I’m glad you like your Jericho. I have a couple of friends who have them, and both of them swear by their pistols. I have other friends that love their Glocks and XDs, too. Why shouldn’t they? They are reliable, trouble-free, combat-accurate pistols. I’m a 1911 guy, and make no apologies for it. This, despite the fact that I’ve fired several times more shots through Glocks and XDs, without ever finding much to dislike about them. Perhaps I’m narrow minded, as you say.

    The point is that Auto Ordnance, Hi-Standard, Armscor and many others, have made affordable 1911s (some of them much more affordable than MRI’s) and no-one minds. Because they didn’t mis-represent their products and/or proclaim that they invented something ‘cool’ called ‘a wheel’.

    I don’t care what manufacturer’s name is written on a 1911-style pistol, or where it’s made. I’m definitely not a “if it’s not a Colt it’s a copy” kinda guy, either. I just don’t like people who dangle flashy, sparkly things in front of my face, trying to impress me.

  • Hedonistic

    They saw an overcrowded market stamped a big price tag on an entry level gun and said ME TOO ME TOO LOOK AT ME louder than most. I have no problem with that. Just don’t insult one of the greatest handguns ever conceived while slapping lipstick on a cheap version of it and pretend you overpriced pimped out designer label approach is a favor to us. Its like having some guys name a “designer” printed in six inch letters on a $10 shirt with a $30 price tag if you buy that marketing approach and this pistol make sure your next shirt says Douchebag.

  • eddism

    I like Magnum Research firearms. Smooth and accurate as any other precision firearm ive fired. As for the model 1911, I never had a new one.
    So, I’m going to buy a new MR DE1911 and run it and record its performance and post it on TFF. Milestone markers, ammo, seasonal condition, etal.

    I have a HiPoint C9 that I do this with. To date it has performed flawlessly. And have cycled 1200 rounds. And the 1911 is larger and heavier then the C9. And has more moving parts. And costs 5 times more new.

    But, I have always wanted a new 1911. But, dont want to pay a LesBear price. I only want a new (truck gun) shooter. One that if it gets scratched I won’t lose my mind over and get depressed and stressed.

    I’m sure if it malfunctions, Magnum Research would happily fix it or replace it free of charge for the testimonial.

  • David MacGillis

    Wow.. the vitriol here is …

    I have a .44 DE… Everyone knows they only accept some ammunition – They aren’t a “novelty” by any stretch once you understand the physics..

    A DE 1911 is a great thing. Fantastic. I’ll probably buy one just to put it next to my MKVII Desert Eagle.

  • Seth

    This is crap because the Desert Eagle is crap. Them saying that the 1911 has earned their brand name is a disgrace to the 1911 pistol, if anything it should say that Desert Eagle has finally earned the 1911 style, but even that would be a lie. I would rather buy a Glock than one of these P.O.S. Deagles.

  • 45acp

    Is it based on a series70 or a series80?

  • Deagle11

    Just picked up one of these badboys after deciding to give it a look based on my great experience with the micro eagle. After looking at a Kimber Custom II and Para GI, I decided on the Deagle because it had a better trigger and slide action than the other two. It also had a better finish to boot. Who cares what the ad said. The important thing is the gun itself. Why get all pissed off about a clever marketing statement that simply tries to covey a message of quality? It got everyone on this board talking. Just go check one out for yourself. It truly is a quality 1911 and fit the bill for me.

  • Dustin

    Face it. Everyone and their dog is going to be coming out with 1911’s in the next year if they are not already making them just because next year is the centennial anniversary for the design. What does that hurt? I am waiting for the market to get flooded with them all and the prices go through the floor.

  • Lone_Wolf

    I’m a 1911 fan-A-tic, respect that gun so much. Bit offended with what DE claims. 1911 is a product of blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers. It is written in history, it is our heritage! Damn! Lets boycott this product!

  • OK, to straight things up a bit, Desert Eagle IS NOT a Magnum Research gun, it is a an IWI/IMI “Jeircho 941” model, prob one of the best quality pistols out there and for sure one of the best .45ACP ever build, as per the “1911”, it is made by BUL Transmark, a custom shop from Tel Aviv Israel that actually made what you guys know as Kimber…….their M series pistols are considered as the top competition pistols in the world and they are specializing in poly frames…. I personally hate the use of the “Desert Eagle” name as a gimmick name used by locals to market “Israeli made guns or knock of of them” like the “UZI” brand, its a joke! and a “down grade” to the Israeli pistol builders who truly built some of the best firearms out there or as I like t say ” Combat Proven”.

  • Spyros

    “…as per the “1911″, it is made by BUL Transmark, a custom shop from Tel Aviv Israel that actually made what you guys know as Kimber…”

    Not exactly, they made the Polymer-framed Kimber pistols, until the deal was out and BUL started offering them to Charles Daly, but all this was some time ago now. Some of CD’s early M-5s had Kimber-like sights, a ‘relic’ of the older partnership.

    I’m in Greece, and here BUL M-5 pistols have a decent following in IPSC. I would not say that they’re regarded as high-quality products, to be honest, mainly because some internal parts seem to be prone to damage. But it’s really nice to see a person with one of these finish a match in front of guys with STI-based guns, costing 3-4 times more…

  • I have to admit that is a very boastful ad,not to mention arrogant.But I sure would like to cut a few targets with though!!!

  • DM

    I think I understand why everyone is jacked about the ad, but it’s the sidearm that counts, quality, features, reliability and price just to name a few. Try to chill and focus on positive aspects if you can.

  • Why would you never buy a BUL? case they are prob one of the best quality pistol manufactures ? cause their M series is considered as one of the best competition pistols in the world? cause your “Made in the USA” Kimber was actually made by them originally? cause you get a pro level or custom level shop 1911 for not much more than a made in the Philipis? or Turkey? and is made in an awful place with no exp or reputation for quality firearms like Israel? dont get me wrong, the ad is stupid! and I’m sick of the usage of “Desert Eagle” for everything especially a line of “Israeli made guns” that were never sold in Israel and were made for Rambo & other cartoon heroes…

  • Spyros

    Unless I’m very much mistaken (and I have been in the past), the fire control components and some other parts in a BUL M5 (hammer, sear, disconnector, firing pin stop and slide stop) are all Metal Injection Molded parts. With decent quality control in the factory, this isn’t a problem, BUT, I’m having a little trouble accepting that guns with such components can be considered to be “custop shop” quality (and yes, I know Kimber sells ‘custom shop’ guns with MIM parts, and I have a problem with that, too). But as I’ve already written, M5s are priced right, as decent and affordable alternatives to much more expensive offerings from STI and others.

    As far as the new 1911 offering is concerned, it seems there have been some interesting developments in the last few months: MRI has been bought/taken over by… Kahr Arms! Now, they already sell an affordable 1911 in the US, made by another company they took over some time ago: Auto-Ordnance. So, this old topic might get interesting…

    Also, since Charles Daly’s demise, the M5 was left without a US importer, but the new ownership might change that.

  • mike

    ok first off has anybody handeled this pistol or are youall just a bunch of cry babies. second this is a very well made gun with a lot of features that you would have to pay the big coin to have added to a colt. third colt caved to the clinton admin. and for along time would not sell to the legal public. forth any gun i have shot or handled from desert eagle had outstanding quality and very good acurusy. this is america if you don’t want one don’t buy one but STOP CRYING

  • DM

    Mike you hit the nail on the head!! Great comment!!!! Enough said.

  • TONY

    somebody listens to Serj Tankian dont know bout yall but that pistol gave me a pistol

  • TONY

    I Agree

  • narcosis

    seriously if you boycott this 1911 then your just not going to have the best 1911 on the market imo. who cares about the ad its just an ad, its not like every company on the planet has never said they are the best.

  • DM

    I look at many of the comments about this sidearm. I thought they would be about the performance and features the DE has to offer. But many of the comments are total opinions that have nothing to do with the experience they have with this firearm. As far as I can tell most of these people have not even picked up a 1911 or a Desert Eagle 1911! I could be wrong about this, but not likely.
    Each person puts their money down and makes a purchase for the firearm that is best for them. Don’t you think it would be hard to make one sidearm that fits all individuals? Every firearm produced has features that work best in different situations. So I guess you carry 50 guns on you or make your choice that fits you and the majority of self defence scenarios you may encounter.

  • Roy

    I have to laugh at some of the comments. Yea there main purpose was to make a 1911 style gun, then market it and then sale it. There marketing dept came through, they are getting the PR they hope for. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, everyone is taking a look at it. And if 5 million guys look at this gun, and only say 500,000 like it and buy it, the marketing did there job. I am a retired Marine of 30 years and in two different wars and yes I carried a .45 If this is what the military issued at the time I would have been carrying a desert eagle.

  • walt

    empty walls—hope your gun is not as dirty as your mouth

  • Ray

    Actually I kind of like the looks and feel of the DE 45. I really like the idea of if the SHTF that I may use a Israeli made weapon to fend off or end a problem with a Taliban type. Especially if dipped in bacon grease.

  • DM

    Looks like an excellent side arm. I ordered one from a website the other night. The next morning they were sold out. A couple days later they got more in and they are sold out again. They were $650 to the door. Not bad for a side arm with as many quality features as this. I can’t wait until mine comes off the truck. I will give a detailed report when it arrives.

  • Brian

    First off, I will admit, I am a huge fan of the model 1911 handguns, especially Springfield’s versions. I’ve yet to buy one of my own, though, because I can’t afford one yet. Seeing a 1911 at a more affordable price is appealing to me. However, I’m not about to jump onto the MRI bandwagon just yet. Their ad here is very frustrating to me too. For them to claim that the 1911 has “earned” the Desert Eagle name is utterly ridiculous; asinine. At the same time, I can understand why they’d say this. It’s marketing. They’re not going to downplay themselves, saying they’ve earned the right to make the 1911. That would be stupid. All we can do is accept it for what it is: a disrespectful ad for a gun with a proven design. I am undecided on whether or not I will get one. Personally, I’m thinking of saving up for Springfield’s Mil-Spec or Operator. If I find that MRI’s 1911 is worth the money though, then I may get one. I can’t say for sure yet. Hopefully, regardless of the ad, this is a good gun. Hopefully.

  • DM

    I picked up my DE 1911 G. I will say it is a very well built gun. The slide action and trigger pull are very smooth. The features for the price blow away the competition. The fit and finish is so well put together you would have a hard time finding a better 1911. The ad says what it is. This 1911 has earned the Desert Eagle name and vice versa. Very true ad and I don’t think anything wrong is stated or intended, just fact!

  • I own a Desert Eagle 1911 that I bought a little over a month ago. It is by far the nicest 1911 I have ever owned and I’ve owned several. It has a much nicer fit and finish than the Remington, and much tighter and more accurate than the Springfield. I keep hearing that it’s just a copy of the Colt 1911, but the Colt was just the first copy of John Brownings design,and have no real claim on the design themselves. 1911’s come in all levels of quality and every flavor you can imagine,and no company can claim originality. This is one of the best made!

  • DM

    Very accurate comment Robert. Its about time we get more fact than fiction on this blog!

  • Went shooting yesterday with my DE1911. Completely destroyed several cans of skunked beer at range. It was so easy that I got bored and started looking for smaller targets.

  • Brian

    Robert, that’s quite a claim! I’m glad to hear it’s well-made, but which Springfield model are you referring to? All of them? Springfield makes, what, 6 or 7 different models of 1911s? And have you handled a Kimber? I’ve heard that Kimbers are, hands down, the best 1911s out there. I’m wondering how MRI’s 1911 compares to the Kimbers.

  • I would say that there are way better options out there than Kimber(Wilson Combat, Les Bear, and Sig Sauer) to name a few….actually the MR is made in Israel by BUL who in part were “responsible” for a lot of Kimbers, PARA’s etc…..and yes, I handled every SA out there, and I would have to agree with Roberts comment…..for the money & some, it is prob the best 1911 out there…

  • Robert Moody

    I don’t remember the model springfield(friends gun)but was a full size gov. style. Didn’t mean to dis it, just think the DE was a tighter fit overall. Yes I have handled and fired a Kimber,and they’re really nice. I’d say they run pretty close for fit, but the DE wins for accuracy.(in my humble opinion) Went shooting again yesterday. Pop bottles at 30 yards. Cheap Russian Tulamo. 3 out of 5 average. Prob. better with good ammo.

  • Brian

    Hmm…I looked at Sig Sauer’s models, and there are a couple I like. I’ll have to look up Wilson Combat and Les Bear, though. I’ve never heard of those.

    And Robert, looking back at my comment, I can see it looks like I may have sounded like I was offended. I wasn’t, though, so it’s quite alright. I’m just excited to hear that MRI’s 1911 performed as well as you said. I was also curious to know if you had handled other 1911s so that I could know how it compares to others. As far as Springfield goes, I was just wondering which model you were referring too, because it seems some of their models are better than the others. As for me, I’ve been thinking about getting Kimber’s Custom II Desert Warrior model.

  • Robert Moody

    You know, if you’ve got three g’s to throw, You just aren’t going to do better than Les Baer. Hand built right here in Iowa by a company that has built one hell of a rep on their 1911’s.Very good.very expensive. Kimber is good. Not as expensive. Ask yourself,”what am I going to do with this gun” . Compete? Les Baer! Hands down. Carry a three thousand dollar gun camping in the rain? NO! That’s a Rock Islands job. Rocks are cheap enough to be practically disposable. Not right up on the kimber you mentioned, but guessing about 1400 dollars. Seems a good middle.
    P.S. I have been using Wilson Combat mags for a while now and I find them flawless.If their guns are as good as their mags, might be a good choice.

  • Brian

    Yeah…that sounds way overpriced. I mean, yeah, the Kimber I was looking at costs just over $1400, but I consider even that to be pretty damn expensive. I am not looking into competitive shooting. I just want something that is both practical and good. The Wilson Combat models seem extremely overpriced too. After looking at what both Les Baer and Wilson Combat have to offer for the price, I think I’ll go with Kimber when I get my 1911. Either that, or I’ll get something cheaper as an “entry level” 1911.

  • Robert Moody

    The Les Baer is the absolute top of the line, but out of my price range as well. I guess the point I’ve been trying to make is that with the DE 1911, you’re getting that $1400 gun for $650 or so. It really is a bargain.
    A really important point is that you don’t cheap out on the mags. Lots of people spend thousands on their 1911’s, and then try to feed them with $5 mil-surp crap. Get good mags and they’ll pay for themselves in reliability. Even Kimbers come with cheap mags. The DE comes with ACT mags, which so far have worked really well. I personally haven’t had a single fail to feed. The DE also has a properly throated chamber and a feed ramp polished smooth as silk. Haven’t seen that on any other gun,regardless of price.

  • Brian

    Well, I don’t doubt that Les Baer is as as good as you say. I’m just saying that they don’t seem to be worth that money. I’d have to see and feel the difference for myself to really determine that, though. As for the DE 1911 being as good as “that $1400 gun”, that sound like a bit of a stretch…. I mean, despite the criticisms they get for their .50 AE Desert Eagle handguns, I’ve heard that their guns really are very well-built. But even with that, to say that you’re getting a $1400 gun for $650, or even $800, for that matter, sounds like an exaggeration.

    I will say, though, that I’ll keep the DE 1911 in consideration for my first 1911 handgun, especially since it’s fairly cheap and has gotten such good reviews. My only complaint with it, so far, is the big “DESERT EAGLE 1911 G” stamp on the slide. That looks very unattractive, the way they put it there in such big print.

  • Robert Moody

    Granted the “Billboard” down the side of the slide is not the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen on a gun. I have owned several 1911’s (one a full blown race gun)and fired dozens more. I would not trade my DE for any of them.

  • Brian

    Haha, yeah, that seems like a pretty good way to put it. Hopefully, they’ll change that, but I kind of doubt they will. Anyway, after some thinking about it, with all of the praise I’m hearing about this gun, I have decided that I will make this my first 1911. I believe there’s a gun and pawn shop nearby that sells these, so that’ll make things easier. Now, I just need to get the money for it. Thanks for the advice!

  • DM

    You are making a great choice on your first 1911. I must say that this is the best 1911 I have ever owned. I handled many different versions and owned many different brands. My Colts including my Combat Elite are now for sale at my local firearm store. As Robert puts it ” I wouldn’t trade my DE for any of them”, I still like them but with the Desert Eagle I don’t need them. For the money I spent on the DE I have just about a fully custom 1911 out of the box. For my use I don’t need to have any custom work performed on it. I did say just about because a 1911 has almost no limit on upgrades and others who have different uses or ideas may want to upgrade it. If this side arm was around years ago I could have saved time and money on 1911’s and custom work and parts. Even so, not many have the fit that the DE has. I own only one other 1911 now and it is a Thompson PKZSE. I have just to have a military type .45 to have fun with and being brand new is a great feature. I grew up shooting US army 1911’s and they are fun as well as great for home defence. But for all out carry, home defence and target plinking the DE is the ticket. You can’t go wrong. If you purchase a DE1911G you are a lucky man. When you are checking out 1911’s at your local store, rack the slide a few times on each model. Also cock the hammer and work the thumb safety a few times, feel the precision. Press down on the barrel at the ejection port and feel how tight the barrel sits. Try the crisp, smooth trigger pull, the hammer falls almost by surprise. Check all of the features and compare them to the other 1911’s on display. The way the slide actions back and forward I find to be super. Now these are my opinions and just that. I’m not the 1911 or any other guru so take every comment on this blog with a grain of salt. The large Desert Eagle on the slide is not an issue because I don’t think it affects the performance of the side arm one way or another. Do You? Good luck, great choice Brian and all others laying your money down on the Desert Eagle. At the time of this writing, for the money you won’t find a better 1911. You will not be sorry. You have my word.

  • Brian

    Thanks, DM, I will take your advice and try those things when I stop by my local store. And no, of course I don’t believe that the large print “DESERT EAGLE 1911G” on the side affects its performance. I just think that, aesthetically, it looks horrible. I know form follows function, but I still like to have good form, if possible. However, it’s not so much of a problem that it’ll put me off from buying one. As long as it is a good, well-built, reliable gun, I’ll be happy.

  • DM

    Your very welcome Brian, I never thought for a second you felt the large DE on the side affected the performance. I was just trying to add some humor to the comment! You can find many useful comments on this blog. Just to name a few Moody and Maccabee Arms have it together. Many more are on this site but time and space limits me from listing all of them. Sorry if I missed some but you know who you are.

    I’m sure as soon as you work the DE you will be an owner.
    Good luck.

  • Brian

    Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t catch the joke there. Anyway, I’ll be sure to hang around the blog and read up on some other things.

    And we’ll see. If it’s as good as you and some of the others here say it is, then I’m sure you’re right. 😉

  • DM

    No need to apologize. The joke was very small. I am looking to add a wheel gun to my collection next. We had a bear loose in our neighborhood a year or so ago and I’m looking for something I can grab quick to control a bad situation at close range if need be. I wouldn’t want to be capping off 30-06 or Ak rounds around residential homes even if there is some room between houses. I guess the Desert Eagle might work but a .44 mag and .44 special seem to be a few of the back pack choices in Alaska. And a choice of some people in Texas that run across wild boars. A .44 should perform well in a last resort back against the wall scenario.
    In our situation the animal control officers were able to tranquilize the bear and relocate him to an area he would be happy in. It was a good result because I didn’t want to see a lost confused bear killed out of fear and panic. The bear was about 100 miles + or so away from his area so I would say he was quite lost.

  • Brian

    Ah, yeah, I’d imagine you’d need some pretty powerful guns against bears and such. What’s a “wheel gun”, though? I’ve never heard of that.

  • DM

    A wheel gun is another name for a revolver!!

  • Brian

    Oh! Haha, my bad! I’ve honestly never heard a revolver by that name before. Well, I’d love to add a “wheel gun” to my collection sometime too. I’d love to get my hands on a Colt Python. I hear those things are awesome. It just makes me wonder, if they’re so awesome, then why doesn’t Colt make them anymore?

  • DM

    That is a good question and I do like Colt revolvers. They made one called the Colt Trooper .357. It was super cool. I never heard anyone complain about a Python but even used they can command a high price.
    Try a Smith or Ruger. I like some of the Taurus models but I read mixed reviews. Remember if you buy a light weight model likea titanium one the recoil can be brutal depending on the caliber. Best of luck.

  • Brian

    I’ve actually never seen any other Colt revolvers I like aside from the Python. I like revolvers with a more modern appeal. Also, I have been looking at S&W revolvers. I was just looking at some yesterday. Their new Model 460XVR looks really nice, but I don’t think I need a revolver that big. I’m thinking about, most likely, a .44 Magnum revolver, at most. Anything more than that would probably be impractical for me.

    Also, I think I will stick to the stainless steel models, because I’ve heard before that the weight helps reduce the felt recoil. Anyway, thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to take a look at the Rugers too, but I’m not so sure about Taurus. I’ll have to think about it.

  • DM

    Hey Brian, don’t forget about the DE 1911! I just bought a Smith 29 Classic .44 for different situations. But if had to choose one to carry and defend myself it would be the 1911. But that is what fits me the best. Other people have other side arms that fit them best. If you pop off a .44 in your house at night your ears will ring for days and the muzzle flash will blind you for a follow up shot!

  • Brian

    Haha, I haven’t, don’t worry. There are a lot of guns I want to get, eventually, including some rifles and shotguns. Hell, it’d be a dream to get my hands on an HK GMG. Anyway, I think I’d carry a 1911 for defense too. I’ve loved that thing ever since I learned about it. I just have a soft spot for revolvers, though, just because of the style. Plus, I’ve heard that revolvers are very reliable handguns. As for the .44 leaving my ear ringing and such, I wouldn’t doubt it. We have a Ruger handgun in 9mm, and that thing left my ears ringing for a few minutes.

  • DM

    Very well, you know what time it is!

  • Brian

    Time for me to get a job! Hahaha! I put in a couple more applications today. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start making some gun money soon. 😉

  • DM

    At least you are informed.

  • Brian

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about guns lately. If you had asked me 8 months ago, I wouldn’t have even been able to say what a slide is, let alone a firing pin, frame, etc.

    Oh, and I take back what I said about Taurus. I looked at some of their revolvers, and I really like some of them.

  • happyDE1911gunowner

    If you have not bought one of the DE 1911 then you really need to leave it alone. Everyone I know has some brand of 1911 from Colt, Springfield, Kimber ect and everyone that has been in contact with my DE has had nothing but good to say about DE. God Bless all 1911’s. Shocked that some dumb a** on here has not tried to bring Glock into this.

  • Matt

    Why does MR continue to make the same mistakes. They call this the Desert Eagle 1911- but they don’t say WHERE the pistol was manufactured. It took some hunting to validate- yes it was on this site, but even the author here got it wrong at first…

    MR should just state the gun is ISRAELI! Advertise that fact– A better advertisement for this gun would be “1911- 100 Years of Excellence- Now Made in a Country of 4 million surrounded by 400 Million who have sworn to kill them!” What BETTER ad for a Gun!

    It is the same problem MR has with their other guns– particularly the “Baby Eagles”- WHAT A STUPID NAME!!! (And I own 2). Putting the name “Baby” in front of ANY gun name is stupid. Call the gun what it is: The Israeli Jericho 941– the standard carry weapon of the Israeli Defense Forces.

    The vast majority of American gun owners– wether they support Israel or not– at least respect the fact that the Israeli’s make incredible weapons… you have to when you are outnumbered 400 to one or so.

    Magnum Research would be MUCH better served by advertising WHO made the weapons they sell, rather than the “name” Magnum Research attachs to it.

    • Dominic

      I am not pro-Israel at all, but I love their firearms. Galils, Uzis, and the original Desert Eagle are all great. I just picked up a DE 1911 from a coworker who needed the money to repair a vehicle. I actually got to go shooting with him before and shot this very same weapon last year. I went to the range yesterday and I am very pleased. It is the first 1911 I’ve owned. I’ve actually conceal-carried it, and it wasn’t too bad, despite the length. It is thinner than my Springfield XD, and doesn’t feel much heavier

    • Christian


      I understand what you are saying, however have you seen one in person? or held one? It clearly states on the handgun itself that they are made in is Israel.


    • DM

      My DE is stamped Made in Israel. It is an excellent side arm. Very tight tolerances. I have decided to sell my DE and go back to the basic GI type 1911. Just a basic 1911A1 with GI style nomenclature and easy to break down. If your in the elements and your side arm lands in the elements, you need a basic well tested .45. I found the Girsan MC1911 delivers the goods. Combat survival shooting reliability has taken front seat over target shooting for me.

    • Notch


      Rant Shield

      Now dude don’t be hating Magnum Research ALSO made the Deagle not just IMI.
      They designed the gun TOGETHER. Don’t you know anything? and don’t be hating on the Jericho!

  • Robert Moody

    I just ran across this forum again, so I thought I’d give you guys an update.I am now around 1000 rounds, and have not had any problems at all. No failures of any kind. I’ve been plinking empty shotgun hulls at 10 yards for the most part. I also pounded the crap out of a 12X12 cardboard box at 100 yards. I’d like to say I hit it every time, but I didn’t. Most of the time though.

  • Nickolaus

    I bought a Desert Eagle 1911G when they first came out and I love it, My dad has a Dan Wesson 1911, and a CZ 1911 and he loves my DE. All of my friends and his all want to shoot it. I have put in over 1500 rounds and have never had a missfire at all. The only problem I am having now is that I want to put night sights on it and I cannot find any sights for it. I have spent hours online trying to find out what ones work. I contacted Magnum Research and they told me that ones that fit a Kimber Cusom II would fit but i tried a set and they did not. I am stuck. If anyone knows what kind I can get or give me part number or something I would appreciate it greatly thank you.

  • i own a DE 1911 G and i love it!!!!

  • I just bought a desert eagle 1911 but it has a ramped barrel. i saw the earlier version of DE 1911 with a standard barrel. when was the ramped introduced?

  • I just bought a desert eagle 1911 but it has a ramped barrel. i saw the earlier version of DE 1911 with a standard barrel. when was the ramped introduced? pls help me find the info. tnx.

    • DM

      I purchased my DE191G in 2011, but I don’t know the production date. My DE does not have a ramped barrel. I read the ramped barrel can be very good. If you get some work done on the barrel (throating) I would suggest getting a different barrel so as to keep your ramp barrel pristine. I would email DE customer service to find out when the ramped barrel was introduced. They were quite helpful to me when I had questions before my purchase.

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  • Atilla D. Hun

    DE is great 1911 I guess but which of the two the 2 you can suggest is the best: G 5″ or the C 4.25″? Thanks

  • Hugh Jorgan

    I just purchased a Desert Eagle 1911G (online) after handling one at my local gun shop. Upon receiving it I was very impressed with the initial fit and finish. Coloration was even with no dark (dye) spots, muzzle-to-bushing fit, slide-to-frame fit, and barrel-to-frame fit all had excellent tolerances. Lockup was solid, slide action was smooth and the trigger was crisp with minimal take-up and zero overtravel. Safety switch was firm but not overly stiff…might be a little too loose for a lock-n-load carry weapon, but great for a race gun plinking targets at the range. The one test this pistol failed was magazine load/eject.

    Both of the included magazines stick in this gun while loading and ejecting (one a bit worse than the other). I guess I cant really complain considering the gun was only $600…but still unacceptable in my opinion. I dont know if its the a flaw in the frame or in the magazines themselves, but I’m going to try a Wilson Combat 47D magazine and see if it works any better. If the aftermarket mag doesn’t solve the problem this gun is going back to Magnum Research!! Or I may just eat the cost and have a local pistolsmith solve the problem so I’m not without my weapon for six weeks…depends on the cost to fix.

    Other than that ONE small annoyance, its a GREAT gun…probably the best bang for your buck 1911 (with the Ruger SR1911 coming in at a close second).

  • mitsuman

    I purchased a 1911 DE1911GR just 2 weeks ago. I took it to the range and shot over 100 rounds. It has a 8 round mag, but it only held 7 without having it racked back before insertion. It also got stuck on the firing pin stop when attempting to take it apart to clean. They sent me 1 prepaid label overnight to work on it. They sent it back telling me they removed a burr and made adjustments where necessary. (I inspected it thoroughly and saw no burr before I sent it out) They polished it so much they opened up the play until it rattled. I am so upset for spending so much on this ruined gun words cannot describe. Word of caution. If you have problems with it, fix it yourself. It really did start off as a really nice gun before they destroyed it.

  • Hugh Jorgan


    The Wilson Combat 47D mags worked FLAWLESSLY…so the problem WAS NOT with the gun, it was with the stock DE magazines. Still not happy about that, but I am happy that the gun (in my opinion) is PERFECT!! I just shot with it two days ago for my CHL range qualification, and my groupings were so tight and dead center, the Range master said I had already qualified halfway through the shoot!! In fact, as he advanced my target to the 15-yard mark he said “You’ve already passed…lets see a Lethal Weapon smiley face”.

    Attached photo shows my attempt…and although I wasn’t able to pull off officer Martin Riggs’ (Mel Gibson) accuracy…I felt like a “lethal weapon” when I saw the other participants targets (some who barely kept it on paper!!