Glock Gen4 has new recoil spring system

SayUncle confirms changes to the recoil system

The Gen 4 uses a double captive recoil system ala the G26/27/33. To accommodate this, the area in the frame below the recoil rod is more cut out. This reduces perceived recoil. It also should take care of the problem of malfunctions caused by limp-wristing the grip. And should eliminate reported failures to eject when a weapon light is mounted.


Steve Johnson

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  • Any word yet on when the 4th Generation G17C will be available?

  • Sounds good. I was going to get a Glock, but I’m going to wait for the 4th gen now.

  • MG

    I didn’t know a flashlight attachment would cause FTE. Is this common?

  • Mike

    What about those of us who shoot with a lighter recoil spring (ie 15lbs). Will the new 2 part recoil rod have the same effect (less perceived recoil) as a current 15 lb spring or will a replacment be available? (OEM or Aftermarket) Thanks for any info you all have come across. -Mike

  • Big-FED

    Handled one of the Gen 4 guns at our shop when our new Glock rep stopped by to introduce himself. My first observation was that the slide is much harder to cycle than previous gens. We do Concealed Handgun License courses and the Glock 19 is our primary pistol. People of ALL stature and physical abilities seem to be able to work the slide on the 19 easier than almost any other semi-auto, especially the Models 26/27/33 which many find very hard to grasp and cycle BECAUSE of the stiffer spring system.

    I predict the new spring system WILL adversely affect the ability of MANY people to reliably operate the slide, including police officers and actually cause a drop in sales. Since it appears that the recoil spring system is NOT backwards compatible, I think this change will have a negative affect on Glock sales.