The Firearm Blog’s new official Facebook fan page!


All you Facebook addicts can now rest easy: The Firearm Blog is now on Facebook! Links to new blog posts are automatically posted to the “Wall”, thereby ensuring you do not miss a post!

If you are a Facebook user and a fan of the blog, I urge you to “Become a Fan“.

Congrats to Mike for being our first Facebook fan!

The beautiful profile photo is of Kyle’s Les Baer Concept VII sitting beside Winchester Black Talon cartridges.

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  • Fred

    Woot! I’m fan number 12!

    • Steve

      Lucky number 12 😉

  • War Wolf

    Social networking in just not my bag. I’ll stick to my daily visits here.

  • AkuSaru

    I was number 2… no big deal… I’m just saying… 😛

    • Steve

      AkuSaru, I can confirm that you were 😉 Well done!

  • Martin

    That’s a good way to spread the word about the blog, but I’m not keen on Facebook’s political leanings, so I don’t fan anything there. Yes, I’m overly cautious, but I’m not tin-foil hat cautious. LOL

  • Fred

    There’s actually a pretty good spread both ways as far as politics go. The group “Keep Your Laws Off My Guns” is pretty decent. Good pictures to look through if nothing else.