HERA 1911 Carbine Kit

HERA ARMS, makers of the Glock Carbine Kit, have turned their sights on the M1911 pistol. The Colt Pistol Extension (CPE) turns any mil-sepc 1911 into a .45 carbine.

Installation is simple. All that is involved is removing the grip panels and attaching the CPE in their place.

A stock adapter is available which allows AR-15 stocks to be attached.

In the United States this kit could be legally installed on any 1911 without violating BAFTE rules, as long as no stock or foregrip is attached. As soon as a stock or a foregrip is added, the gun must be registered with the BATFE.

The kit is featured in the current issue of DWJ magazine.

I do not know of any US distributors, but I am sure this will be picked up by US importers soon.

UPDATE: Video of it being used. Thanks to Gutao for the link.

UPDATE: Sven just told me that the 1911 used with the kit needs to be mil-spec. The DWJ magazine reported problems with non-mil-spec sights interfering with the kit.

[ Many thanks to Sven (Defense and Freedom) for emailing me the the info. ]

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  • War Wolf
  • Gutao

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwxaAwu2Jp4 – Video of the carbine being shot (very cool tough)

    • Gutao, thanks for the link.

  • Gutao

    i forgot to ask,can one of those high-capacity double-stack 1911’s used on this carbine?

  • Raph84

    I wish there was a way to make a long barrel carbine version of this for the 1911 or the glock, I know the barrel mechanics preclude that in the current form though :0(

  • RJG

    I’ve seen a freak 16″ barrel for the 1911, does one like this exist for the Glock? If so, I *think* this would make it a legal carbine out of the box.

  • Other Steve

    Spike carries the Glock kit, and I would assume the 1911 at some point soon.

    However,price of host gun + $500 + $200 for the SBR tax stamp, you aren’t getting a longer barrel, attaching a silencer ‘may’ still work but it looks less likely, clearing a fte/ftf/stovepipe looks difficult at best, and your weapon is not immediately available as a pistol any more (screws for 1911, pins for the Glock). Sorry but I’ll pass.

    I think the looks of the glock kit are pretty nice. However, I could not justify the price compared to a dedicated pdw like the B&T MP9/TP9 or if price is less of an issue, the MP5k.

    Now, release a glock kit that gives me a non-tilting lockup with a longer barrel that only uses the glock lower so I can swap back to pistol with relative ease and I’m all in.

  • Very cool, but I’d want to have both a stock and foregrip, and I doubt I can afford the trouble of it.

  • Kurgen99

    Does this provide a more stable platform with a better sight picture and radius, or does this also have a longer barrel in it and add some velocity?

  • Clodboy

    For the low, low cost of 500 dollars you can now convert your Colt into a Nintendo lightgun peripheral. Yay.

    • Vince

      I like it, but I agree. The price point is obscene for what little you get.

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    Yeah, there are negatives, but I still want one.

  • Kyle Huff

    Please explain why this exists.

  • Interesting, but not something I’d consider buying.

  • Cymond

    Raph84, check out the Mech-Tech carbine: http://www.mechtechsys.com/ – click on the CCU button on the left.

    RJG, see Impulse Gun Barrels (Austria) for 16″ Glock barrels: http://www.impulsegunbarrels.com/onlinekatalog-nov03/eng-08-karabinersystem.htm – I have no idea if they’re actually available in the US, and remember that the carbine needs to have a 16″ barrel *and* a total length greater than 26″.

    “In the United States this kit could be legally installed on any 1911 without violating BAFTE rules, as long as no stock or foregrip is attached.” Be wary of constructive intent. I’m not a lawyer, but here’s what I understand. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). If the BATFE can “prove” that you intended to construct a SBR, then it is legally the same as if you actually built it. “Proof” includes having all of the parts with no other legal purpose. Examples: You only have a 1911, HERA kit, M4 buttstock, and no other guns. You could be convicted of constructive intent. Another example: You have a 1911, HERA kit, M4 buttstock, and a (semi-auto) M4. You would have a legal defense because you could argue that the M4 buttstock is for the M4 and that you had absolutely no intent to combine the buttstock with the 1911/HERA. A silencer/suppressor example: you could be convicted for having tools, supplies, and instructions on building a silencer. If you consider how simple basic silencers are, it could be unwise to own any kind of silencer instructions if you also own any kind of tools.

    Side note: why would anyone want to use this without a buttstock or foregrip? It would avoid the SBR tax/registration, but you would merely create an unweildy handgun with a lot of rails. I don’t think this kit comes with any kind of extended barrel. I suspect a longer barrel would be visible from the muzzle end of the carbine.

  • Burner

    Reminds me of an imperial blaster from Star Wars 🙂

  • Greetings from Texas,
    OK, dumb question time here. Could this not be used if the 1911 had a 16 inch barrel installed? Both the barrel and a shoulder stock are sold by Sportsman Guide. Will this unit not accept a 1911 with the long barrel?
    I know I’m probably missing something major. Give the country boy a hand here somebody.

    • Arthur, I guess it could be used with a 16″ barrel.

  • Alright, just reread Cymond’s post and we seem to be on the same page. I understand the “intent” monster under the bed. That’s why I don’t have a 10.5 inch barrel for my simi thompson until I get the SBR paperwork approved. I guess my question still stands.
    This thing looks way cool. More than a Star Wars Blaster. This looks like something Mal or Jayne would have on SERENITY.

  • rusgunnut1

    looks very much like this:
    Fab defense carbine kit for glock and sig pro (?)

  • I predict success for this unit since it has the minimum required number of tacticool rails for 2009.

  • Kurgen99

    What is it good for other than looking taticool? Is there any added function here?

    • Kurgen99, it is a .45 carbine. Easier to aim.

  • Thomas

    @Steve / Arthur


    at 1.04 there is a 16″ version. There is also the possibility to cover that barrel with a extended front tube. So that should be 100% legal. I think i saw 16″ barrels for around 70$ in the US. Its also in the gallery: http://www.hera-arms.de/cpe.php

  • For anyone interested in the Hera-Arm Colt Pistol Extension (CPE) and the Glock Carbine Conversion (GCC), LAN World, Inc. is distributing them. Check out http://www.LANWorldInc.com for details!!

  • Ed

    How do you clean the pistol with the CPE? Do you have to remove the gun from the stock, or does the top of the unit open up somehow? I see that as a major drawback if you have to dissamble the thing every time you need to clean the gun. Sooner or later those grip extensions are going to crack, or the screw threads are going to get stripped.

  • Gym

    I just don’t understand the purpose of these pistol carbine conversions. You aren’t goig to carry it, so it goes to the range and back. For home defense, I have either a dozen pistols or a rifle or shotgun. Theis is just a new way of making money, I buy a lot of crazy things, but after 38 years of carrying every day, I see no use for this. Either stick to a piatol, or a rifle, a pistol trying to be more than a pistol falls short of both.

    • Vince

      Just put it in the trunk of your car with a box of ammo and an extra mag or two. Now, if the Es hits the Eff you’ll be better prepared… kinda… OR you could do it just because IT’S FREAKIN’ COOL AND FUN!!!

  • MibZ

    I first saw a product like this for airsoft 1911 style pistols…which for airsoft is actually a pretty cool idea, because you could take your average 1911 gas pistol (which can fire around 500 fps on the first round of new gas) and make it into a rifle, giving you something similar to the power of a $300 AEG for $140 plus the price of your pistol, mags, and gas.

    Still not extremely practical, but I will say it is pretty cool.

    For airsoft.

  • Daniel

    For the life of me, I cannot see how this has any use at all. For civilian carry, its useless. For professional carry, there are a bajillion purpose-built carbines out there that would do the job better. For the cost of this and a good 1911, you could have a solid AR.

    • yes buy an AR the “Honda” of guns you buy one pretty cheap then spend a fortune rebuilding it how you want it……. keep in mind a well made 1911 is normally priced a good deal higher then an AR and is much easier to find right now but with most things you get what you pay for

      • Vince

        LMFAO!!! That’s the best comparison I’ve heard! I work around cars and I’m “new” to firearms. I can’t tell you how many people come in spending INSANE amounts of money on their Hondas!

  • Robert

    Why do people put bigger engines in cars/trucks?.Or lift kits and 30 plus inch mudders on them in the city?how about t.v’s and dvd players in the head rest’s.DOES it improve the performance.HELL NO!.To hold a pistol on a rifle config improves accuracy.Longer barrel improves distance as well as accuracy.Now lets talk about Accesories which everyone over does anyway.Where can you put most of the stuff people choose to wiegh down thier arms with on a pistol.Lets also mention ALL pistols can be made full auto.(OH FEAR THE ATF RULES, LAWS AND OPPRESSIVE REGULATIONS).Now I would put a longer barrel,A 460 ROLAND conversion to be sure.Now I have a twice the power of a .44 magnum, twice the range(200 yards), with half the recoil.Urban CQB at its best.surpress it,and its A MARKET EATING VIABLE OPTION.Military,Law enforcement and most of all a WE THE PEOPLE must have.Know your weapon,or your enemy will

  • lean

    is that available in the Philippines?
    can it handle a hi-capacity 1911?

  • Secundius

    Question: Has a price been established yet, or is it one of these wait a see TBA deals.

  • RV

    Now this is a solution looking for a problem.