Remington 870 shotgun 10,000,000th commemorative edition

This year, the Remington Arms Company stands honored to roll out the 10,000,000th Model 870 shotgun, and would like to thank the millions of shooters and hunters, and great men and women who serve our country in military and law enforcement for making this proud moment possible. For the past 51+ years, you and the industry we serve have helped make the Model 870 the most trusted shotgun ever produced.

You can register to win one of ten commemorative edition shotguns over at Remington’s “10,000,000″ website.

Steve Johnson

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  • That’s a whole lot of shotguns!!

  • Matt Groom

    Ten Million?! That’s simply amazing. Congrats to Remington, but I still like the Mossberg 500 better.

  • Flighterdoc

    Ten million shotguns and all they can come up with is a cheesy plastic case?

    WTF? They don’t have a craftsman who can make a fitted wooden case? Or a phone number of such a person?

    Thats not right.

    • Flighterdoc, good point!

  • I wonder if they “hand built” them or had the assembly line do the honors.

  • rubbershotgun

    it seems that they will be giving away 870 wingmaster shotguns. which seems a little odd considering that the 870 express is by far the bulk of their 870 sales.

    perhaps it shows that remington does in fact know shame.

  • CMathews

    Clearly that is their HSLD prototype case that can be kicked out of the space station and navigate it’s way to the battlefield. That would be fitting to put the 10,000,000th shotgun in, not some cheap plastic pos. A beautiful hardwood case with some gold or “ivory” inlays with some scrimshaw work would be nice.

  • Tom Stone

    Thanks Steve,but when I got the email confirming my entry I found out it is a “commerative 870”, not a commemorative 870.Do NFA rules apply?

    • Tom, NFA rules will always apply. Heh (spelling).

  • Carl

    So why would anyone buy a pump shotgun today when semi autos are available?

  • Jax

    Pumps are much less likely to jam.

  • glenn boss

    Current Remington 870’s in 20, 28 gauge and 410 bore are not manufactured with shell eject springs. All gauges used to have those eject springs. Without the eject springs, the pump is not as jam free as they used to be. Too bad. Currently, only the 12 and 16 gauge have them.

  • Very educative blog post!!