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  • I like it!

  • Jeff

    I’m a fan too! I wonder how the backstraps compare to the original design. Will the original be in the middle of the three backstraps?

    I may have to get a 23 or 22. 🙂

  • Jason Smith

    This looks exactly like the RTF3 texture that was shown on the same promotional sheet at the RTF2 grip.

    Hopefully both RTF2 and RTF3 will be options on this new version the way RTF1 and RTF2 are options on the current Gen 3 guns.

    The crescent serrations work better than the straight ones. I’ll take performance over looks any day of the week.

  • Jim

    I’m still a huge fan of the RTF (any of them that I have handled) and upgraded innards would still be nice. I wonder if Glock would be kind enough to offer serrations on the slide to the fore of the chamber. I like to rack my G-23 by grasping the slide in that area. Or would that be some sort of inconvenience for retention or unholstering the weapon?

  • Carl

    I agree with commenter Andy on Say Uncle; kind of looks like an edited picture.
    If the stock mag release is that much bigger this will probably mean a lot of upgrades from production class shooters.
    If they dropped the new serrations because of looks over function, then shame on Glock 🙁

  • Carl

    The RTF is quite abrasive, I hear. If you are going to carry under clothing you might want to stay away from it. Or at least be aware of it.

  • Jim

    I’ve carried my G-23 for months and an RTF G-23 for almost a week. The texture doesn’t bother me at all, but then again, my pistol stays pretty firmly in the IWB holster I use.

  • Carl

    A lot of people frown on grabbing the front of the slide because it brings your hand and arm too close to the dangerous end of the pistol.

    They probably have a point, although I understand why people do it; it seems to be the only way you can get a really good leverage on the slide while still being able to clearly inspect the chamber.

    Otherwise you need to pinch the rear of the slide with only your index finger and thumb, which isn’t a very strong grip.

    The problem with RTF as I’ve heard is that it wears through clothes.

  • Jim

    Simply rack it with my four fingers and the palm of my hand. When I do it this way, it gives me a very firm grip. But when I rack this way from the back of the slide in this manner and if my hand is seated as it should, the palm of my hand gets caught against the knuckle of my thumb. I would link you some pictures if my camera wasn’t on the fritz.

  • War Wolf

    Any word on that .22 Glock you mentioned Steve?

    • War, no word. I don’t expect to hear anything for a while.

  • Kevin

    Does anyone know if the glock 21 will be available in the gen 4 configuration. I only carry a .45 on duty and I want to be in on this gen 4 stuff too.

  • Carl

    Kevin, the generation upgrades have always been across the entire range. I don’t see why this one would be different.

    This makes me wonder though, will the compact and subcompact models have the backstraps as well?