Masterpiece Arms .460 Rowland

Masterpiece Arms are now selling their MPA (Mac-10 clone) carbines and pistols chambered in the .460 Rowland cartridge.

.460 Rowland 16″ barreled carbine.

The .460 Rowland was originally developed a decade ago as a magnum power cartridge suitable for the 1911 pistol. It is about 10% more powerful than the 10mm Auto. I have not seen evidence of the .44 Magnum performance claimed.

This video entertaining video demonstrates the .460 MPA guns. It is worth watching, if only to see the concrete block wall dismantled 🙂

.460 Rowland 6″ barreled pistol

Prices start at $579 for the pistol and $853 for the carbine.

[Hat Tip: Tactical Life]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    That’s got to be the most economically priced .460 Rowland ever built. I don’t think anyone has ever chambered that round in a production gun, so congrats to Masterpiece Arms for being the first.

  • Martin

    That seems like the perfect weapon for fighting off the coming zombie hoards, pending the availability of ammo.

  • Griffin

    That Rowland is such a ham. I’ve always found his videos highly amusing.

    In the first 30 seconds alone he uses his 1911 to point at the gun in his left hand or crosses the barrel with his left arm three times (or at least appears to, certainly he’s waving that gun around pretty haphazardly).

    Add to that all the other funny moments including his playing up the kick of the 44 magnum, his overuse of superlatives “a really important gun” “much much more powerful” etc, his characteristic constant head swagger, and of course his classic power demonstrations based on shooting water jugs or cinder block walls which are always a hoot to watch.

    His ongoing .460 Rowland proselytizing has been enjoyable to watch over the years, with much of his arguments for it being somehow related to the lack of overall recoil in comparison to equal or less powerful rounds – even though he typically demonstrates the recoil difference using non-muzzle braked/ported guns for the non-Rowland rounds then uses ported muzzles for the Rowland rounds. Add to that other non-mentioned possible factors (what the heck is a “standard” 45acp round, what weight is he using, how hot is the load, is it an fmj, jhp, etc?) and his attempts to smoothly sell how much better the .460 Rowland is, in every way, to a 44 magnum and a 45acp become very chuckle inducing.

    I can’t disagree with general theory though. As someone who carries around an XD with 13+1 rounds of 45ACP +P JHP as his daily carry CCW the idea of a bigger/more powerful round that is equally easy to handle is inarguably sexy to me.

  • Vitor

    Put a 10″ inch barrel on it and I think the .46 Rowland will be able to do the job across 200 yards while being compact enough. The perfect PDW.

  • Lance

    Yeah but the problum is that its a Open bolt design that the ATF forced to be closed bolt. So it dosnt have the performence it could.

  • Lance

    I Do like the change of caliber from 9mm to .460 cal though.

  • Komrad

    The MAC- 10 came in .45ACP and 9mm and the MAC-11 came in .380ACP. This cartridge seems interesting but it seems a bit redundant with .45 +p and .50 GI floating around.

  • Geoff H

    Very entertaining video. The carbine looks like it would be fun, but I’d rather have the 9mm version. I can’t really see needing that firepower in the .460 version. The Keltec SUB-2000 would probably be plenty for me anyway at a lower price to boot.

  • SpudGun

    An expensive pistol round in a MAC 10 – what’s not to like? Oh wait.

  • Don

    What makes a semi-auto mac 10 any better than a regular pistol with an extended mag?


  • Kyle Huff

    While it is technically concrete, cinder blocks aren’t a very challenging target. Fill those up with cement and see how it goes.

  • zach

    Here’s something I noticed. Comparing the recoil of a .44 mag revolver to a .460 rowland MAC-10 type platform, how is this accurate? a MAC-10 type gun will obviously handle different then a .44 magnum, and this is also assuming the viewer thinks that a ruger blackhawk and a MAC-10 are both used for the same purpose. I do think its a good design but he should have used a revolver chambered in .460 rowland to test that. Also did this guy ever take a range safety test?

  • Clint

    “I have not seen evidence of the .44 Magnum performance claimed. “

    In a 5-6” inch bbl gun, the rowland shoots 185 gr bullets at 44 magnum velocities. Since the 44 mag does it’s thing with 240 gr bullets the rowland is really just a POSER cartridge in this regard. Now, if it was sold as a “super-fied” version of the 45 super, then it might be worth something.

    Overall, I’ll leave it at 45 Super for 1911 type guns and if I what a bigger bang, I’ll go with the 44 magnum. The rowland is too much for too little. 45 Super will launch a 185 gr projectile at a max of 1400 fps , 460 rowland max is at 1500 fps . 260 gr bullets are going 1000 fps in the super vs 1148 in the rowland. I am not seeing any point. There is nothing the rowland does the 45 super won’t.

    A smart guy would bring back the 44 automag.


    BTW, is this the same Johnny that bragged about how his creation speed along at “half of 3000 fps” ??
    That’s more than a little intellectually dishonest.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable firing the .460 Rowland in a straight blowback design.

  • Theodore

    The .460 tossed a 185 gr bullet at 1573 fps, vs the .44 Mag tossing a 240 gr at 1237 fps. 1016 ft/lbs vs 815 ft/lbs; even if the .44 was throwing a 300 gr at that velocity (1018 ft/lbs), it would still be essentially a wash. Hence the claim of .44 Magnum power.

  • Matthew Marchini

    Do ya get ma point here? is it that hard to understand? haha

  • John

    you can see that he’s letting the revolver kick up like that on purpose. If you know what you’re doing, a .44 Magnum wont give you much trouble, especially out of a long barrel.

  • John Poland

    The 460 ammo is available from Bullalo Bore in 230 gr. JHP at 1350 FPS & 931 Ft.Lbs energy from a 5&1/2″ barrel . And 255 gr. FN at 1300 FPS with 957 Ft.Lbs. energy. Both are equal to hot loaded 44 mag ammo.

  • Andrew

    Any one know where i could get a a 44 mag with a 30 round clip? Or 50gi for 400? Even if it isnt as good as a 44, where am i gonna get a 10mm? Plus, for reloading it uses all the same equipment as the ubiquitous 40acp. Its just a longer round, same diameter and shape. Same clips. Got an extended 45acp clip? No problem! I wouldnt carry one for defense against humans, unless the reliablity and need proved it self. I live in Oregon, and when your hiking through thickets with bear and cougar shit every where. you’ll understand the importance of having a customizable semi auto, thats cheap reliable and “supposedly” powerful enough to create hydrostatic shock powerful enough to drop a bear/cougar/wolf. I love how the carbine, unlike many other pistol carbines, is actually pistol length in the frame, yet completely customizable. If laws weren’t so stingy about gunsmithing, you could easily swap this system between carbine and pistol without any real modification. Shoot from the hip if a bears charging you. Or bust out the red dot to a bear or dog charging your friend or child.

  • Gunrunner

    Pity it is not in 10mm. Then you could use the power, flat trajectory and wide selection of bullet weights of the 10mm, still have the ammo fit into a grease gun magazine and still have the same ammo on your hip, yet use the 10mm’s extra power that is developed in a 16 inch barrel, something the 45 ACP will not do. With Grease gun Mags, 35 rounds with stock follower (40 if your trim it slightly).

    For example: Using Double Tap 165g 10mm (my carry load) it comes out of the barrel of my Witness at 1400 but out of a carbine at 1650 and 900ftps and has more than the 350 ftps of the 45 ACP hardball out to 350 yards!

    I would buy a 10mm version in a heartbeat. Perfect Urban Carbine.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Ok this commet is 2 years old but…. 460 Rowland out preforms 10mm in every way, 460 Rowland 185 gr JHP 1,560 ft/s 1,000 ft·lbf
      10mm 180 gr 1,300 ft/s 676 ft·lbf
      The added benefit is you can shoot 45acp out of a 460 Rowland.

  • T. Roosevelt

    Anyone on here have any idea how I could go about converting my .45 Master Piece Arms into a .460 like this?

    I’ve got a .45 side cocker carbine and I love it. It’s a reliable and accurate weapon that I keep in my truck when going around the farm. I don’t have to be delicate with it and it serves me exactly as I need it. There are coyotes about in these parts and I would absolutely love to have that extra fire power in my MPA