H&K P30 in .40 S&W to debut at SHOT

Earlier this year an H&K employee said in an interview that Heckler & Koch would launch a H&K P30 pistol chambered in .40 S&W in the fourth quarter. So far the pistol has not been seen.

H&K P30 (9mm model)

H&K enthusiasts have confirmed that a .40 S&W P30S/LS and P30/L will be launched at SHOT Show.


Confirmed! Bubs Gun Shop is listing the pistols.

There are three .40 S&W models. All have 15 round magazines. Price is $831.

[ Many thanks to a reader for emailing me this infomation. ]

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  • Be a stunner if H&K unveiled a new customer service policy at SHOT, one in which the customer was regarded with something other than indifference.

  • Loki7154

    Dunno about other people’s experiences, but mine has been nothing but helpful and polite when dealing with HK’s customer service. I’m sure there are horror stories, but I’ve not had the personal experience (or seen any data) to support the contention that HK treats its customers with indifference…

    But such things should NEVER get in the way of a fun meme, I suppose…

  • Data? Where might one find such data?