Bushmaster ACR Photos

Yesterday I blogged about Jesse James receiving the first consumer ACR rifle. He has had the rifle photographed and posted the photos on ar15.com. Ignore all Spike’s Tactical logos, they were added to the photos and are not on the actual gun.

Bushmaster ACR
Left Side. Note “multi-caliber”.
Right side
The lower
Lower and fire control group.
Pistol Grip
Gas Block
Under the rail.
Gen-4 Rail.
Barrel and pistol
Upper and bolts

Jesse says …

  1. Mid length gas system, 16″ barrel, m4 profile, AAC break for m42000 Can. New ratchet and lock design.
  2. Gen-4 Rail system with removable pic rail sections. Rail moves a little in rear if twisted. (See Shoot Photos)
  3. Came with both the new style folder with spring lock and the fixed stock.
  4. New style gas block, no bayo lug,
  5. Gun is Black.
  6. All kinds of Q/D options on both sides of the rifle.
  7. Charging handle can be flipped left or right, up or down.
  8. Great fit and function, and is very easy to figure out. Rear upper pin hangs slightly when in out position.
  9. Trigger is 100% better than SCAR and is very crisp. (Looks to be a standard AR style, might be wrong though)

It is great to finally see what is, almost certainly, the final civilian version of the Bushmaster ACR.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Bill Lester

    Now let’s get some serious trigger time behind these carbines to see if they live up to all the hype and anticipation. I hope they do on a several levels.

  • Jono

    Just a Little note, you said Pistol not piston On the second to last image

    • Jono, thanks. I will fix that.

  • mark

    Wait, so what is the serialed part on the ACR? Is it the upper, lower, trigger group or other?

  • Vitor

    If someone can provide mirror/proxy of ar15.com, I would be very grateful.

  • Big Daddy

    OK listen up DOD, test this weapon in 6.8mm and if it passes all your tests start getting them to our guys who are fighting. This looks a lot better than the SCAR and the HK models.

  • JMD

    In point 7 you mention the charging handle. Um….where is it actually? Would you mind pointing that out? Also, do you know what the reason is for not including a bayonet lug?

  • Oh t hats just a video game rifle, its not real

  • Vitor

    Muito obrigado, Steve!! =D

  • CMathews

    I like that the Magpul symbol is still on the pistol grip. Very nice photography too.

  • jdun1911


    The serial part is on the upper receiver. It will be the only part that the ATF require to be FFL. All other parts can be mail to your home including the lower.

    The ACR is an upgraded AR18 so it make sense to put it on the upper receiver just like the AR18.

    I think they over did it on the front sling mount, tho. It’s the barrel free floating?

  • SoManyToys

    So the upper carries the serial like HKs. No choices with the hand grip. Seems slightly less “rivety/screwy” a finish than the FN SCAR . I could be wrong though Not too sure about this.

  • d

    @ JMD

    in the very first pic the charging handle is the little nub behind the front sight above the handguards. It is a forward charging handle so it doesn’t interfere with optics mounts and the best thing, its non reciprocating during fire.

  • subby

    I heard on a youtube comments page that the ACR has strong recoil, is that true? Can anyone confirm/deny such reports?

    • subby, I have not heard that.

  • Vitor

    Subby, youtube comments are full of nonsense, I thought this was universally known. But if you were in youtube already, why didn’t watch the ACR videos to check the recoil?



    What my eyes see, specially in the 2nd video, is a beautiful lack of recoil.

  • What our men in uniform need is a bullpup. The 5.56mm round is very effective if it hits flesh at speeds in excess of 2600 feet per second, especially with the M855 round. The short barrels of the M-4 and similar don’t do that very far from the muzzle. A longer barrel would give that high velocity to a significantly greater range.

    The M-43 round of the AK does less damage than the 5.56mm round, and less than the old .30/40 Krag (same velocity, with the Krag shooting a 220grain bullet.).

  • jdun1911

    Fighting a war isn’t like playing video games. Bullpup isn’t suited for countries that goes to war. It is suited for game kiddie tho.


    The ACR should have more felt recoil then a standard DI AR because of the overhead pistol. However the recoil will still be much less then a standard 308 rifle.

  • Vitor

    Hey jdnu1911,

    The review I saw from the Robison XCR (a piston gun), the author wrote that the XCR had a NOTICIABLE smaller recoil than a M4, even though the guns weighted basically the same. It seems to be quite misleading to claim that DI always has less recoil than Piston.

    I found the review:


    “One thing that struck me immediately on starting this test was the soft recoil of the XCR. Again, I don’t know how it happens, whether it is the shape of the stock, the gas system or what, but this is one soft-shooting rifle. I know, someone reading this is asking, “It’s a .223; how hard can it kick?” Shooting a similar-weight M4 and the XCR one after the other, the difference is noticeable, and not just slightly.”

  • Zach

    I hope they sell in the $1500.00 dollar range.

  • jdun1911

    It is impossible for a piston with an op-rod to have less recoil then a piston without a op-rod (AR15) if all things are equal (weight, ammo, muzzle/flash brake, etc).

  • Copperhead

    If you were to extend your argument, it would become clear that it is impossible to have different recoil with the same velocity and mass of projectile (assuming there are no reaction based recoil reduction systems, eg: muzzle brake.) But even for 2 types of guns of the same mass, many of the components will have different masses. This would result in a large difference in felt recoil, as opposed to the energy with which the gun recoils (which is strictly dependent on energy imparted to the projectile, by newton’s III law)

    There are no doubt differences in design between ACR and M4 that could account for the difference in felt recoil. The adjustable gas system alone could account for a large difference, assuming it was tuned to the right level.

    I would, however, be interested in hearing your argument as to why a piston gun MUST have equal or greater recoil. (This may be true of an DI M4 v. Piston M4, but even in those cases, I could think of ways to decrease felt recoil)

    • Copperhead, yes, felt recoil and actual recoil are different things. And since we all perceive recoil differently it makes comparisons hard.

      For example, do a lot of .22 LR target shooting and you will perceive the recoil. Then do some buckshot through a shotgun and come back to the .22. You will swear it has no recoil πŸ™‚

  • BenC


    I called bushmaster yesterday and asked if the release dates were real and how much. The gentleman I spoke to was real enthusiastic and helpfull. Apparently they’re going into full production in Janaury and we could start palacing orders as soon as then. The price, unfortunately he said they would be just over the $2000 mark. I don’t know if thats there official retail number not to undercut there distributors or not.

  • Oto

    So how soon in jan can we place orders, its already the 3rd?

  • D

    gotta wait till shot show, Drake from Magpul said on BARF.com that they will be releasing more details. My guess is Remmy/Bushy/Magpul will have a huge booth for ACR

  • BenC

    Check out the bushmaster web site. They have a 5+ day countdown running.

  • destroyer

    “What our men in uniform need is a bullpup. The 5.56mm round is very effective if it hits flesh at speeds in excess of 2600 feet per second, especially with the M855 round. The short barrels of the M-4 and similar don’t do that very far from the muzzle. A longer barrel would give that high velocity to a significantly greater range.”

    No. Bullpups are flawed weapons systems with characteristics that require drastic measures to overcome. First of all, they are back heavy…which contradicts the fundamentals of marksmanship by having a rifle that is balanced enough to control the recoil (which isn’t controlled when the thing drops backwards after each shot). Second of all, the trigger pull is characteristically bad for bullpups…enough said. Third, bullpups have a problem with their ejection ports, which are unsuitable for left handed shooters (though this has been remedied by the Tavor, F2000, and Microtech AUG). Finally, bullpups are a safety risk. the parts that explode occasionally in a rifle are all located back towards the operator’s face. Given that there are more viable conventional designs such as the FN SCAR, Remington ACR, gas piston AR15 upper, or XM8 (which was sadly canceled).

    Counter insurgency operations in vietnam, mogadishu, and iraq/Afghanistan have proven that the 5.56x45mm round is too anemic causing too little hydrostatic shock. At ranges beyond 300m, the round drifts unpredictably. The solution for the 5.56’s shortcomings is the 6.5x39mm grendel, which provides the beautiful bridge between the 5.56 and 7.62 NATO. The only solution is not a longer barrel, but the standardization of the 6.5 grendel to rifles and machine guns.

    “The M-43 round of the AK does less damage than the 5.56mm round, and less than the old .30/40 Krag (same velocity, with the Krag shooting a 220grain bullet.)”

    you mean the 7.62x39mm round??? no (lol), the 7.62x39mm round is low velocity and clumsy, though inflicts more hydrostatic shock than the 5.56mm round. Consider the fact that russian special forces (alfa and OMON) are diverting to older AK47s that fire the 7.62 round from the AK74s that fire the 5.45mm round (which was developed from the US 5.56mm and apparently suffered the same stopping power problems)

    Commenting on the ACR, i believe this rifle is the appropriate contender to replace the M16/m4 series. Chamber it for the 6.5x39mm grendel and you will have a beautiful assault rifle. Kudos to magpul for designing such an effective KISS design (Keep it stupid simple!!!!)

  • TJ100

    Why is everyone so hot on the 6.5 grendel round? It seems harder to find than the 6.8 spc that I’ve been shooting for around three years now. Although it shoots a bigger round, I can assure you that 115 grain Barnes Triple Shocks can do incredible things. They sure ripped up the deer I’ve shot with it so far. All 6 have been single shots, 3 each with my 20″ AR rifle and my 16″ AR carbine. The furthest was just over 200 yards and oddly enough was with the carbine. I’m hunting the North and shoot mature animals-so don’t tell me it’s because I’m shooting small animals. I’m hunting for meat, the smallest was 165lbs gutted, the biggest 225 without entrails. The furthest any of them went was 40 yards from impact. People say that after 400 meters it tails off sharply. I would suggest moving up to a 308 in AR form if reaching that far anyways, personally I switch to a 300 win mag bolt gun. I also heard Bushy’s price is more along the lines of $2700 for this thing. I’d rather buy a Robinson XCR and have a bunch of $ left for ammo thank you.

  • Destroyer

    TJ100, its because it has a potential to replace the 5.56 and 7.62 NATO rounds (making up for the weaknesses of both rounds while keeping superior ballistics than both). The 6.5 is superior to the 6.8 though it has always irritated me how the army has been flirting with the inferior round of the two. I guess production is day and nights difference in size between remington and alexander arms.

  • tyler


    • Masoo2

      Elcan SpecterDR 1-4 I think