High capacity magazines for mouse guns

Promag is manufacturing 10 and 15 round magazines for the sub-compact Kel-Tec P3AT & Ruger LCP

The 10 rounders cost about $32 and the 20 rounders are going for $35, although you may be able to find them cheaper at other sources.

And now, before you ask “why?”, I say “Why Not? :)”.

[ Many thanks to the reader who sent this in ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Just got myself the Ruger LCP for carry. Do you think this mag will print? Also, I wonder why they went with the finger extension. In all seriousness, I need this! (Now I just have to convince my wife that we need this!)

  • Pete

    Oh promag, is there any magazine you won’t increase capacity by a ridiculous amount?

  • Matt Groom

    (Gafawing loudly)
    You gotta be kidding me!
    What? No P32 15 rounder? Madness!

  • Freiheit

    Haha. Once again, you need a “because we can” tag!

    I think it’d be smart to have that as a backup magazine for concealed carry. As Boris said – “Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If nothing else you can always hit him with it.”

    • Freiheit, you are right. I have added it 🙂

  • Don

    While I typically am pretty conservative and practical in my tastes, I have to admit that this is totally awesome.

    Currently my favorite auto for carry is a stainless pt145 generation 3 millennium pro from Taurus. 10 rounds of .45 acp which in a pinch will fit in your pocket. It is definitely not a mousegun, but more of a ratgun of sorts. I’ve been trying since I got it to find a 30+ round mag for it, just for fun!.


  • I love how they still have the pinky rest… for people with REALLY big hands.

  • AB

    So much extra brass to police up. Anyone got a broom?

  • Joe

    These seem outlandish, making a mousegun unpleasant to carry/conceal. Consider that for some people a mousegun is all they have, and when sleeping at night, you want 15 rounds, not 6.
    Or, some carry these extended mags as their reload. They carry easier by themselves when not in the gun, and by the time you’ve fired all 7 rounds of 380 you have, why reload with another 6 when you can have twice that many?

  • gunslinger

    Anyone have any pics of these is the particular handgun? I’d really like to see how far they stick out.

  • SpudGun

    That’s all well and good, but when are Promag going to come out with that 100 round drum mag for my Remington 700?

  • Mad Saint Jack

    I’ve had bad luck with pro-mag. I’d like to know if others have had problems?

  • Someone

    Why not? Because everything that ProMag makes is utter crap.

    If this were made by the weapon manufacturer or one of the few quality aftermarket handgun magazine manufacturers it would be worth checking out.

  • I’d only ask “why” because I’ve had so many non-functional ProMag magazines.

  • B Woodman

    “Are you happy to see me, or is that a mouse-gun-magazine in your pocket?”

  • MrSatyre

    Ha! Doesn’t touch my 30-round magazines for my Glock 23C! Zombies beware! Bwa-hahahahahahaha! I haven’t actually used any of ’em yet, tho’, but considering what I paid for them, they’re probably crap. They were a bee-atch to load, too.

  • Lance

    IDK Its like a 30rd mag for a Glock 17 or Beretta M92FS. Yeah you can shoot alot but its way to big heavy and bulky for anything out of range shooting. A 15 or 17rd mag is more practicle in my opion.

  • Komrad

    I don’t think this is a because we can but a because we should. Think on low cap mag in the gun and one or two of these as backup. If the SHTF while you’re out of town you have enough ammo to last a while.

  • DRod

    They’re shit. I have the 10rnd magazine for my LCP and I totally regret buying it.

  • LawrenceHusby

    I think a BIGGER magazine is an important issue. If I had it I would not probably keep another gun (full size pistol) for home defense. It would be very simple. When bedtime comes you just switch mags. My only concern is like many said above the quality of these mags. Remember you are trusting your life to this gun. We as LCP owners should send a request to Ruger for extra capacity mags on the same factory quality. What do you guys think?

  • LawrenceHusby

    Does anyone has a picture of the gun with the 10 or 15 rd. mag in?

  • Marv

    Since my wife who was a very light sleeper passed.I got comfortable w/a snubnose loaded with .357 under the pillow. I am somewhat deaf in one ear so the noise inside my home won’t bother me too much but the flames and noise would scare any intruder. My new GF is a light sleeper and a shooter who loves 357 rounds so we just
    get by with a 357 snubbie for her and the Ruger LCP which bites like a snake for me.The LCP is not a range gun it’s under 10 ounces w/out ammo .When I clear the gun at the range I wear shooting gloves to lessen the recoil. I hope adrenaline kicks in if I need to discharge the weapon w/o shooting gloves. Marv C Deerfield Beach,FL

  • HI

  • robert

    Does anyone make an extended magazine to fit the Taurus TCP .380?

  • Aaron Sheffield

    That’s just ignorant.


    Just bought a ruger 9rc want to now if and where I could find a 15 round clip for it

    • jeff

      Use ruger 17rd sr 9 mags w adapter sleeve both by ruger

  • Jim Owens

    Been carrying for 60 yrs. Owned 100s of long and short guns.
    Spent way too much that should gone to 401k.
    Am now down to one mouse (Ruger LCP). Which with 6 rd mag with extention gets half of my third finger on the grip.
    I got a Promag 15 which only accepts 14 and the top 4 cycle sometimes. Good stress test for the little gun and lots of fun but I would’nt count on it for a first responder.
    With a partially disabled right hand and a stupid left I’m fussey about fit. I think an 8rd mag would work good even 7.
    Can someone tell me where to get an 8 or 7 for this sweet little pistol?
    Cheers, Jim

  • agenth2

    I would buy several 7 or 8 round clips for my LCP. The extra length would be perfect for getting my third finger on the grip and provide a significant improvment in control when firing the weapon. 10 rounds afects concealment, 7-8 woulb be perfect.

  • turdlicous

    i want a 15 or more mag for a tcp